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Secret Santa

My Secret Santa is awesome

I've read about UAE Secret Santa in the local paper that more than 100 UAE residents have signed up for it. Strangers being paired, one is a Secret Santa who buys a gift for his/her Santee. Wouldn't it be fun? I will be someone's Secret Santa while I am a Santee to someone. Get it? Participants are required to make a wish list and I did list some of my favorite things. A wish is a wish … [Read More...]

Expat Life

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Everything Dubai


Dubai tram and metro woes

Most times, I am that type of person that would just brush off things in favor of peace. I am an INFJ and I hate conflicts. I don't like debates and debacles and I'd rather spend my energy writing … [Read More...]

Dubai Tram

Finally, the Dubai Tram is here

November 11, 2014 and Dubai had another very important milestone! The long awaited Dubai Tram is now operational. Residents and tourists can use the trams to get around Dubai Marina, Jumeirah Beach … [Read More...]

Disney on Ice Dubai

Disney on Ice comes to Dubai!

If you live in Dubai, you could not miss the huge billboard of Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After in Sheikh Zayed Road. It has been promoted and advertised extensively for months and then finally, it was … [Read More...]

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Meet up with Michael Hodson, travel blogger

Traveling. Writing. Writing while traveling. Traveling to write something. I’d really love to do that. I mean, that would be the best way to live my life, for me. I am passionate to do both until the day I die, so to speak. So naturally, I stalk travel blogs and do a lot of arm […]

Grace in Bangkok palace 2011

Blogger Outreach: Travel edition

Just right after I wrote about blogger outreach a couple of days ago, this landed in my inbox: “Hello. We’re looking for expat bloggers living in Dubai to blog about our airline client. Our client will fly the selected bloggers to a city in Asia and they will have to blog about their experiences.  Can you send us your […]

blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach: is it worth it?

Lately, I’ve seen more and more companies in Dubai catching up with what is called: blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is simply defined as the authentic pairing of your business with bloggers who create quality, engaging content about YOU! A blogger outreach campaign can be an opportunity to spread the word about your brand across numerous sites.  […]

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Everything Japan

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At Sulaymaniye mosque

It’s been a year since Istanbul

About a year ago, by some sheer luck, I was whisked to Istanbul, Turkey. That destination that always tops every traveler's bucket list, Istanbul is ranked the world's most popular travel destination, … [Read More...]

Pristine and tea plantation

Road trip from Nuwara Eliya to Kandy

I've been meaning to write about Nuwara Eliya, that charming town located in a mountainous area in Sri Lanka right after we came back from our trip last July (wow, that really sounds like a long time … [Read More...]

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What’s cookin

Thai cooking class

Gourmet Cooking Class at Benjarong

Sometime last week, I got a random email saying I've won a place in a cooking class at Benjarong Thai Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel. I've been to a cooking class before, at Amita's Cooking School in … [Read More...]

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Personal Stuff

Secret Santa

My Secret Santa is awesome

I've read about UAE Secret Santa in the local paper that more than 100 UAE residents have signed up for it. Strangers being paired, one is a Secret Santa who buys a gift for his/her Santee. … [Read More...]

Benjamin no train ride

Dubai winter time is park time

A couple of weekends ago, this happened. We went to the Ripe Food & Craft Market at Zabeel Park. Everyone's talking about it and it's like the "go to" event every Friday when winter starts in … [Read More...]


Thoughts on turning 38

One rainy day in 1996, my father came home with an unusual glow in his face. He looked like he wanted to tell me something but couldn't. It's the first time he'd acted like that and it felt weird. He … [Read More...]

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week 9 and 10

#GraceGetFit Week 9 &10: Falling off the wagon

Did you see that coming? If there’s something I learned this year, especially the last 10 weeks, it’s that I know why it is very easy for people to jump into the fitness wagon – you know, an overcrowded gym a the new year roll in and then only half the crowd by February.  I […]

week 8

#GraceGetFit Week 8: The difference one year makes

It’s my birthday today. I feel like one whole year just flew by. Last year, I wasn’t doing anything exercise or diet wise. My fitness life was zero. I had zero motivation and used breastfeeding as an excuse to eat anything. Mindless eating and inactivity – it shows in my body and in my face. […]


#GraceGetFit Week 4 and 5: Cardio is not enough

Holy smokes, what has happened to my fitness posts? They are all in my head and have yet to escape through my fingers and onto the keyboard. In case you are wondering what has happened in the fitness front, I am still doing my 14 week fitness challenge. Here’s a wrap up of Weeks 4 […]

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Oktoberfest in Dubai!

What do you do when October ushers in? Some prepare the Halloween costumes, some prepare the good food and good beer! At JW Marriott's German flagship restaurant Hofbräuhaus, it's a month long … [Read More...]

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