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Jetwing St. Andrews entrance

Where we stayed: Jetwing St. Andrews, Nuwara Eliya, Sri Lanka

I couldn't wait to write the review for this hotel when we arrived in cool Nuwara Eliya after that scenic but rather challenging train ride from Colombo. I know I'll have so much to say and because I don't (more of can't) really blog while on the road, my Moleskine diary is filled with notes about this hotel. So glad I finally got the time to publish the review and share these photos has … [Read More...]

Expat Life

private beach view from villa

Precious time in paradise

As working parents, my husband and I juggle too many things at the same time so once a year, we hit that point where we tell ourselves we need to get off the rat wheel. We need time to decompress. … [Read More...]


That one thing to remember on Iftar

I had a major Ramadan related faux pas last night at Iftar. You would think - 8th Ramadan in the UAE, nothing could go wrong. Culture, tradition, special events, I should've covered all the bases in … [Read More...]

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Everything Dubai

Disney on Ice Dubai

Disney on Ice comes to Dubai!

If you live in Dubai, you could not miss the huge billboard of Disney On Ice Rockin Ever After in Sheikh Zayed Road. It has been promoted and advertised extensively for months and then finally, it was … [Read More...]

Mall of the world

Mall of the World diorama

We were at the Emirates Towers a few days ago to dine at The Noodle House (see the review here and enter the contest to win a 3-course dinner for two) and saw an interesting diorama of the proposed, … [Read More...]

island restaurant

In Dubai, you can eat for less

My husband "discovered" this restaurant some years back while wandering around the vicinity while we wait for our turn to vaccinate Benjamin at a government health clinic in Qusais area. He was … [Read More...]

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Meet up with Michael Hodson, travel blogger

Traveling. Writing. Writing while traveling. Traveling to write something. I’d really love to do that. I mean, that would be the best way to live my life, for me. I am passionate to do both until the day I die, so to speak. So naturally, I stalk travel blogs and do a lot of arm […]

Grace in Bangkok palace 2011

Blogger Outreach: Travel edition

Just right after I wrote about blogger outreach a couple of days ago, this landed in my inbox: “Hello. We’re looking for expat bloggers living in Dubai to blog about our airline client. Our client will fly the selected bloggers to a city in Asia and they will have to blog about their experiences.  Can you send us your […]

blogger outreach

Blogger Outreach: is it worth it?

Lately, I’ve seen more and more companies in Dubai catching up with what is called: blogger outreach. Blogger outreach is simply defined as the authentic pairing of your business with bloggers who create quality, engaging content about YOU! A blogger outreach campaign can be an opportunity to spread the word about your brand across numerous sites.  […]

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Everything Japan

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what to pack to Maldives

What to pack? Maldives edition

I must admit, in my years of travel, I've never been so nervous about packing than when the time we were headed to the Maldives. Why? Because there is nothing in the island except for the resort … [Read More...]

private beach view from villa

Precious time in paradise

As working parents, my husband and I juggle too many things at the same time so once a year, we hit that point where we tell ourselves we need to get off the rat wheel. We need time to decompress. … [Read More...]

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What’s cookin

Thai cooking class

Gourmet Cooking Class at Benjarong

Sometime last week, I got a random email saying I've won a place in a cooking class at Benjarong Thai Restaurant in Dusit Thani Hotel. I've been to a cooking class before, at Amita's Cooking School in … [Read More...]

Almond flour chocolate cake

Almond flour Chocolate Cake

We had a lovely weekend last week and I thought, what better way to celebrate it but by baking a chocolate cake. Because even if you're watching your diet, there are times that you just need a … [Read More...]

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Personal Stuff

kids and ramadan

A little update on the kids

Small update on the kids. Ramadan, which started more than two weeks ago, has dramatically changed the way Benjamin rolls with regards to his nap time. He used to sleep at around 12 noon and wake up … [Read More...]

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looking forward to insanity

How to survive your first round of Insanity

I survived Insanity! Not the mental insanity but Insanity the workout program. During its release, it was dubbed as the hardest workout ever put on DVD. I think it still is! Do a Google search and all articles will tell you it is not easy. But it works so more and more people who want […]

insanity image

Insanity Workout: Finished!

I lived to tell the tale. Today, I am officially an Insanity graduate! Sweaty high fives all around, please! It seems it was just yesterday I finished Month 1 of Insanity and now, I’ve completed the last 4 weeks. For those of you who don’t know what Insanity is, it is a Beach Body workout DVD […]

working on a new me

Insanity: Month 1 complete!

It’s funny how this post comes after a chocolate cake post but hey, a chocolate treat once in a while helped me retain my sanity…while doing Insanity.  Sorry for the lack of updates. Work has been really hectic and I’m a bit exhausted and can’t think or do anything than dinner and bed time by […]

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Yas Waterworld Abu Dhabi

A day at Yas Waterworld, Abu Dhabi

We finally got around to visiting Yas Waterworld in Abu Dhabi last weekend! We love water parks but this latest one in the UAE is far from us. It's in another emirate and about two hours drive from … [Read More...]

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