Introducing – The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings

During one of the #blogtalk sessions, blog carnival was brought up as one of the means of driving traffic to your blog. I’ve been participating in blog carnivals when I started blogging in 2007 right after landing in Dubai. And yes, the hype is true – this blog gained spikes of traffic on carnival days, whether I am hosting or just submitting entries.

I loved the Carnival of Cities initiated by one of my favorite bloggers Sheila Scarborough. I even hosted the Carnival of Cities a few times.

I also met a lot of lovely bloggers whom I’m still ‘bloggy friends’ with until now. Most bloggers here in the UAE are not aware of so I thought, why not start a new carnival and create a community/make bloggy friends again?


“The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings” will be a publication of posts once every two weeks about your weekend answering the simple questions:

Where did you go? What did you do?

I know so many people go out and have fun on weekends – you might want to share a gem of a restaurant you just discovered or an off beaten track, your fabulous beach trip, staycation or even a shopping sale. Let’s hear it and share to other bloggers!

Share you weekend story and don’t forget to post pictures!

A blog carnival is a themed, periodic collection of permalinks to other blog posts. Participating bloggers publish a post related to the blog carnival topic on their own blogs then send the link to that post to the blog carnival host. On the date of the blog carnival, the host publishes a post on his or her own blog that includes links to the participants’ submitted posts thereby driving traffic to the participants’ blogs.


    1. Write about your fun weekend in your blog. Post those awesome pics!
    2. Once you’ve registered in the Blog Carnival main website, submit the permalink of your carnival post using the article submission form (deadline of submission is every Tuesday at 10pm Dubai time, that is GMT +4)

*** If the Blog Carnival site is down, you can submit your posts to my email address: sandierpastures at gmail dot com. ***

That’s it!

The Blog Carnival site now requires you to set up a free login account before submitting a post. This is bit of an inconvenience but it helps cut down a number of spam submissions.

I look forward to compiling and reading your blog posts. The carnival post will be published every other Thursday. Get writing! (or submit an existing post!)

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    • Grace says

      No need to crank up a whole new post if you’re busy! An old, existing post will do! Looking forward to your submission!

  1. says

    This is a really fantastic idea, so fantastic that I already sent a few of my posts. :) Should the weekend be spent in Dubai only? Or outside of the UAE is also acceptable? If not acceptable, please ignore the ones that I sent then. :p


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