The Carnival of Weekend Wanderings, Edition #2

Welcome to the second edition of the Carnival of Weekend Wanderings! What did you do last weekend? I hope this fortnightly blog carnival can inspire bloggers to get writing about their weekend getaways, adventures or even staycations!

Let’s check out the entries this week!

Starting off with a concert! Wow, considering that I’ve not seen a concert in about 4 years and the band playing is one of my favorites, I’m quite envious of Nada of Undefined Declarations who had a Valentine’s night out with One Republic! Oh my, if I were there, I’d surely just stop and stare!

Love dogs? See a parade of cute doggies at Photos from the Dubai Pet Show 2013 posted by Happy Witchie.

Back at home…

Sandy of Ginger and Scotch got busy at the kitchen reviewing an Emirati cookbook Sarareed (by Chef Khulood Atiq) and made Moadam Rubyan or Soaked Prawns.

Sarah of The Hedonista takes us South, deep South of Sri Lanka in Where’s your slice of South West Sri Lanka? Part 2. Where to stay, what you’ll love (AND hate!) plus places to eat, etc. Brace up for some armchair traveling – the photos will take you there!

FOOD! FOOD! Devina Devicha reviews this Dubai-Kenyan-Indian-British (what?) grill joint Flames Grill & Curry in Get fired up for Flames Grill and Curry in JLT. Don’t blame me if you end up hungry after seeing the pics!

Who would have thought skiing is possible here? Check out MannahattaMamma as she presents Skiing…in the Alps…and inside? to show the world that the metropolitan city that is Dubai is full of possibilities.

Fancy arm chair traveling to Norway? Sharmila takes us her last part of the Norway cruise and shares the story of Akershus Fortress. No more details, go visit and read for yourself!

Think Dubai has been foggy lately? Well, not only Dubai! Nadia Masood writes about The Day Taj Mahal Disappeared, sharing amazing photos of the city of Agra, India enveloped in eerie white veil of thick fog.

Sheila A. Scarborough presents The stars at night are big and bright in Texas at the McDonald Observatory posted at Perceptive Travel Blog, saying, “The “Star Parties” at McDonald Observatory fill up fast, especially on weekends, but plan ahead and you can probably get in. It’s a long way from Dubai to West Texas, though!”

Our last carnival stop takes us back home to Dubai…

Kero takes us to the Venice of the Middle East with Lunch at Left Bank, Madinat Jumeirah posted at Kero’s Celebration. Madinat Jumeirah is one of my favorite places in Dubai. If you see the photos, you’ll know why.


That concludes our 2nd carnival edition. Thank you all for your submissions! Please spread the word about the carnival on your blog or on Twitter so we can get more people to participate next time. I, for one, would love to read more!

Next edition is up on March 7, 2013 and you have now until the 6th of March to write and send me your ‘weekend wanderings’ posts through this article submission form.

(If in case the Blog Carnival site is down, please submit your article link to my email address: sandierpastures at gmail dot com)




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