Why I love being a mom: Around the world in 80 clicks

I haven’t done memes in a long time and I used to do it in a weekly basis. My friend Robin from Around the Island has tagged me with a new meme that’s been circulating around and will circulate until it reaches to every corner of the world. Presenting, Around the World in 80 clicks!

This meme was started by Catherine of Her Bad Mother and David of It’s Not Lecture. The idea is for moms around the world to share five things that they love about being a mom.


Whenever I take my daughter for the first time to restaurants I frequent with my husband during lunch or dinner dates, they would always say, “I didn’t know you have a kid already!” Uhm, hello? Look at these hips!

So yeah, one thing I love being a mom is that I have the excuse to be fat have wide hips. Not.



  • I love being a mom because it allows me to be a better person.

Suddenly, the world stopped revolving around myself and I focus more on how to create a healthy, compassionate and bright individual. Having a child/being a mother is like being presented with a blank slate ready to be painted with all the rich colors and it’s all up to me – a huge responsibility yet a delight to undertake. Gone are the days of grab and go breakfasts, whatchamacallit lunches and shortcut dinners. I became a better person.

  • I love my mommy routine.

The (almost) fixed bed times, the bed time stories that go with it, the hugs, kisses and snuggles. I like the early morning routines even on weekends because of her. Sure I was distressed during the first few months and looked like a zoombie from Michael Jackson’s Thriller video but looking on the positive side, it gives me the opportunity to see the serenity of the outside world, while everyone is still asleep, to welcome glorious sunshines. I could never have seen and appreciated early mornings when I was single and in bed until 10 am.

  • It’s all about the WHY’s and lessons of love and forgiveness.

I love to answer all the why’s that are hurled at me in the frequency of 60 times per hour. I love interviews and she brilliantly provides the questions. I am fulfilled.

Then I discovered the meaning of unconditional love.

I can reprimand her with any bad behavior (very rare) or get unreasonably cross because of PMS early in the day but when that day is done, I get all the lovin’ 100%, no questions asked. Sometimes I wish adults can be like children, 100% forgiving and loving without expecting anything in return.

I still have a lot to learn.

  • I love to see the world through her eyes, where everything is new, fresh and interesting.

 “Why does it rain, mom?”

 “Why do we say I love you to each other?” 

“Mom, do angels really have wings? Are their wings made of feather or fur?”

Gee, I have never thought about that but yes, I gave her thoughtful answers. In another year or so, I can join Ms. Universe, give the smartest, quirkest of answers and win the crown. I am 150% sure of that.

  • Lastly, motherhood taught and shown me the highest form of love. The love that surpasses any love I can give for any other person on the face of the Earth.

It’s amazing how suddenly when I found out that I am with child that my urge to take care, love and protect the unknown being inside me instantly kicked in even before the pink line in the pee stick became fully visible.


Being a mom is not all rosy moments filled with adorable coos and wet kisses everyday. My journey into motherhood, with anyone else is filled with ups and downs starting with a labor that couldn’t seem to end. Forty hours (4-0) later, I was holding this small baby in my arms and nothing else matters. Yes, that’s a lyric to a cheesy song but you get the point.

Don’t you just love this meme? Because I do and I could go on and on writing the things I love about being a mom. Being wordy is a behavior imprinted into my DNA after I gave birth. But no, I’ll keep the ball rolling and tag these 5 fabulous moms from different parts of the globe and see what they have to say:

 How about you? What do you love about being a mom?




  1. says

    Thanks for the tag–I really hadn’t thought of the routine aspect of it but you’re right. Having a child really does regulate you on a routine and that’s kind of nice.

    And of course I agree with the forgiveness and other things you mentioned, you’re completely right.

    Michelle at Scribbits last blog post..Alaskan Bore Tides

    • Grace says

      Thanks for stopping by! The routine part – I see my single friend’s routine (most of them anyway) as irregular and unhealthy and I am glad that mine is in place. After all, early to bed and early to rise, makes a man (woman) healthy, wealthy and wise, right?

  2. says

    You said: I love to see the world through her eyes, where everything is new, fresh and interesting.

    And that is one of the reasons why I love being a mom! That and all the hugs, kisses, and laughs.

    • Grace says

      When Pristine ask me questions that I thought were mundane, she opens the door of new possibilities and makes me appreciate the little things around me. Thank God for little children!

  3. says

    :) I love this and since you are asking me SO nicely I’ll do it.
    Being a mom is truly the best thing. I can see that you love every moment of it. Not by what you write but by the photos you share. The love and happiness in her eyes

    Melanys last blog post..Small cry

    • Grace says

      I should’ve tagged a lot of moms reading my blog!! If you feel like doing it, please do – I look forward to your answers!

  4. says

    I’m not a mom yet but this was so nice to read. I am subscribed to a blog where the person complains about their kids on an almost daily basis. My mom has a blog and I would be crushed if so much of it was spent complaining about me. Thank you for this positive blog :)

    • Grace says

      Thanks for the note. I think motherhood is beyond all those complaints and the mommy blog you are subscribed to just don’t know how to express the happiness and very good at focusing on the negative. I hope she appreciate life’s best profession and life’s miracle (being a mom!)

  5. says

    she looks so sweet & adorable with that fairy costume. love it!

    “Lastly, motherhood taught and shown me the highest form of love. The love that surpasses any love I can give for any other person on the face of the Earth.”

    I believe in you when you say this. I can feel it with the way mama cares for us. When you become a mother, you become selfless. not everyone though, but I know you are one of the selfless ones.

    roses last blog post..why do you pass it on?

  6. says

    I love how you mention unconditional love from your kid’s side. People always say that you love your children unconditionally, but actually they love you back (well until they are teenagers anyway)

  7. says

    Hi, Grace,
    I loved reading what YOU LOVE about being a mom. That was so good. I have been online a lot this morning, but later on I would like to visit the ladies who you tagged. You really have friends all over the globe. :)

    Joyce T.s last blog post..Sucia Island Update

  8. says

    lovely post!
    one of the reasons I love being a mom is that – motherhood (parenthood) broadens your ability to love, and play, and discover, and rediscover, and to be patient, and to be understanding, … and yes – your #1 reason, you become a better person.

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