#blogtalk week 12

When the last #blogtalk post started with an APOLOGY, this post will start with a very big THANK YOU! for participating in the twitter chat last week! I am so glad to be able to do it again and we had some lovely exchange of blogging ideas, which this twitter chat is all about

So another week, another #blogtalk!

TOPIC: Increasing your traffic, RSS and Google ranking with comments

Commenting on other blogs and websites is a fantastic way to grow your traffic, subscribers and Google rankings if you do it in a clever and methodical way. I learned it on the first few weeks/months of blogging.

I set aside time to comment on other blogs and saw my traffic increase as well as I ‘met’ other bloggers who became loyal subscribers.

Do you have any helpful comment strategy to share? Let’s hear it from you, UAE bloggers!

When: 15th January 2013, 3-4pm Dubai Time

Where: #blogtalk on Twitter

How: To participate, use the tag #blogtalk during the chat hour and follow host @sandierpastures

Easiest way to join a TWITTER PARTY: TweetChat.com

Simply head to TweetChat on January 15th at 3-4pm Dubai Time and you’re all set! Once you’re logged in using your twitter account, you can type in the chat box on the site and it automatically adds the party hashtag “#blogtalk” to each tweet.

Resource: How To Participate in a Twitter Chat/Party (with video to show you how to use TweetChat)

See you there!




  1. says

    I missed your last blogtalk and will probably miss the one tomorrow too (working). So here’s my contribution in advance!

    I hired a marketing guy once who taught me all about methodical commenting on blogs where the audience is the audience I am hoping to attract. So I diligently went off to find all these blogs. It was okay at first yet to continue the process was time-consuming and impractical. After all my main job was providing psychotherapy, not commenting on blogs.

    Later, speaking to other bloggers I discovered that many have a “circle” of bloggers who all comment on each others blogs which means that there’s always activity going on and they all grow their readership together.

    I’m a marketing person’s nightmare as I don’t have the time to spend following sensible strategies. So with fun being my primary driver, now I just stick to blogs I enjoy reading – any tips on how to enjoy methodical commenting? :)

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