#blogtalk week 14 – OPEN FORUM!

Thank you all for the wonderful participation last week. It’s always great when people come and join the conversations. Our topic last week was how and when to promote blogs and I learned something: that you can actually schedule status posts on Facebook!


I really did not know that! Thank you @GeordieArmani for that piece of info!

TOPIC: NONE / anything you want to ask, talk about with regards to blogging!

I’ve decided to add a twist to #blogtalk by making the last Tuesday of the month to be an OPEN FORUM – you get to choose the topic, you get to ask questions! Anything under the blogging sun!

When: 29th January 2013, 8-9pm Dubai Time ->> ALSO, NEW TIME SLOT!

Where: #blogtalk on Twitter

How: To participate, use the tag #blogtalk during the chat hour and follow host @sandierpastures

Easiest way to join a TWITTER PARTY: TweetChat.com

Simply head to TweetChat on January 29th at 8-9 pm Dubai Time and you’re all set! Once you’re logged in using your twitter account, you can type in the chat box on the site and it automatically adds the party hashtag “#blogtalk” to each tweet.

Resource: How To Participate in a Twitter Chat/Party (with video to show you how to use TweetChat)

See you there!




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