and finally, RAIN!!

The band of clouds last week finally gave in and the skies opened up, leaving UAE residents scrambling for shelter yesterday. After almost eight months of dryness, the grounds have finally tasted rain!


cloudy sky in Dubai – – very unusual!

The last rain, as far as I remember, was the time we transfered to our apartment after temporary residing in the company guesthouse like nomads. The date was March 24, 2007.


fluffy cirrus clouds like sheep fur wool!

But of course, it is not rain like what rain would be in Japan or in the Philippines but it was enough to tell my daughter that this is still earth – – that the clouds mean that it does rain here too.




  1. Mom not Mum says

    Awesome pictures. I had to laugh the other day as listening to the radio the announcer joked about England being in a drought and the weatherman went on to say if we don’t get rain in x amount of days we will in fact be in a drought. Not any sort of drought I’ve ever encountered I’m sure. LOL

  2. says

    Beautiful pictures – thanks for sharing them. I live in the Land of Rain (Oregon, USA). We’ve just entered what is typically our 8 months of rain. Contrary to popular views, we don’t usually get rain every day during that period: just most days. The newscasters talk about “sunbreaks” through the rain: a world of difference, I’m sure.

  3. Grace says

    Hi Mom not Mum – (I need to know your name! :-) )

    No rain in x days and they call it a drought? Hmmm, I wonder if the word “drought” can be applicable in the desert too.

  4. Grace says

    Hi Christine – Is it still warm in AZ now? When was the last time it rained? I would love to send rain over there but not now since I haven’t seen the actual rain (I was inside the office only notified by my mom by phone!) yet. The temp here in Dubai is getting cooler which I am very happy about.

  5. Grace says

    Hi Kailani – The new theme will stay longer maybe after a few tweaks. Glad to know it rained there too and overnight!? The Dubai rain after 8 months lasted approximately 10 minutes, lol!

  6. says

    Beautiful clouds! Now, Rob says Oregon is the Land of Rain, but let me clarify: only on his side of the mountain! I used to live on his side of the mountain, and indeed, you get waterlogged over there in what we Oregonians call “the valley.” But I’m in what’s called the High Desert of Oregon, and in the summer, it dry and desert-like, but in the winter we get piles and piles of snow – but yet hardly any rain and even in the snow the sky is blue. I kid you not!

    So happy for your rain!

    jennifer in OR’s last blog post..What We Really Did

  7. Grace says

    Hi Jen – that’s one clarification there! I guess Oregon is big and the weather is different in each part. Glad it doesn’t rain too much in your side of Oregon but then again, when it is summer and everything turns desert-like, we can’t help but wish for some rain.

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