roundabouts and driving

Roundabouts – do you just hate them or I mean HATE them?

From where I got my driving license and practiced my driving, there are NO roundabouts. We had proper traffic signal lights, that’s it. No complications, few accidents. When we went to the UK last year, I thought that roundabouts was just really weird. Pardon me English lads and gals, it’s just that I am not used to it. The British call it ‘natural’ traffic light. No need to wait if there’s no car on the road, you can just proceed. I have some other opinion about it.


Simply stated, a roundabout is a transportation management tool that moves traffic through an intersection without the aid of traffic signals.Tips on how to drive on a roundabout can be found here which I read 100x a day.

I know people who are used to driving in places with roundabouts will laugh at me and how I make a big deal out of this trivial driving matter. But trivial it is not!! and I have to get myself used to it here in Dubai. Last Friday, I drove just around the neighborhood and approaching the roundabout is like going inside a horror house! The next thing I knew, I was not breathing properly.

Oh, and I have to add, that we drive on the RIGHT here (like in the UK) and all my life I used to drive on the LEFT. Wish me lots of luck!!




  1. bingkat says

    Hey! Did you change your theme? Skin? Whatever?…I was shocked opening your page…i thought i opened the wrong site…but i know this is Sandier Pastures. I was used to the old one but this is cute…

  2. says

    I feel for you! I had exactly the same experience moving here. Roundabouts and driving on the other side of the road! Scary! But once you get used to looking to the right always, it helps! Also remember that you as the driver should always be in the middle of the road – the passenger on the outside. Helpful in parking lots where your tendency is to revert to what comes natural. Good luck! At least you have a car now…that must make you all much happier to have some freedom!

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