No more labor ban for UAE expat workers from January 2011

dubai expat labor ban

Expat workers in the UAE get three year employment contracts and visa. While some are happily working to finish, renew their contracts and go on working for the same company, there are expats who have left their jobs due to varying reasons such as poor working conditions, salary is different from what they are promised, terminated, etc. Residency here is tied to having a job so it’s already a burden not having a means to support yourself or your family, it’s worse when on top of that, you get a labor ban.

Labor/employment ban: is a six-month ban that prohibits an expat from being issued a new employment permit by his/her new employer. No employment permit = not allowed to work. The ban can be lifted by paying a hefty fee and transfer from one sponsorship to another. It also requires an NOC (No Objection Certificate) from the previous employer. No NOC = no transfer of sponsorship = no work.

I thought that was a very backward scheme and deters the UAE from hiring qualified expats who are already here but have been automatically ‘banned’ by the Ministry of Labor. Good news is, that labor ban could be a thing of the past from January 2011.

Hani Al Hameli, Secretary-General of the Dubai Economic Council (DEC) said

The new law will enhance labour flexibility and hence sustain economic growth. The new rules permit a worker to move from one company to another. They also ensure the private sector has motivated and skilled workers which means more flexibility and breaking the deadlock in the market towards an innovative and productive environment.

Also, current expats subjected to the six-month ban can now be issued new work permits from January even if they have not served the full six months ban.

BUT, there’s no fresh policy change without the vagueness and confusion. As mentioned in one news article,

Sponsors cannot force employees to continue to work for them if the workers do not wish to do so. If workers have quit before the completion of two years then they will NOT be issued labour cards until the two-year period is over.

I am in the understanding that without a labour card, it is illegal to work here. So does the new policy on ban lift only mean that expats who want to stay here better serve for two years (before switching jobs) to be on the safe side? Expats who have not completed two years but wish to change their jobs right now are still waiting for clarity.




    • Grace says

      Sadly, this applies to them too that’s why the new policy still needs to be improved. But I believe the UAE is getting there, after getting a bit of pressure from outside.

      • says

        Hi, i have a problem, i am a housemaid from australian family, they renew my visa last april 2012, sad to say they decided to go back home for good ( Australia ) If i cannot find another employer they will cancelled my visa and maybe i will go home ( philippines ) I want to know if i have a band? because i didnt finish my 2 year contract, although its not my fault, its their fault because they also break their contract from their company. Please help answer me soon! thanks

        • says

          i working 4year olredy becos my first visa is 3year contaract and than i renew may visa now 1 year olready now get another company offar latter i can join the company pls infome me thank u

  1. hannah says

    How about employyes with limited contract and wish to change job after 1 year, what are tne consequeces if they do that, do the employee will have 1 year labor ban? Kindly clarify this concerns

  2. katherine says

    hi,,i just wanna ask if its possible to pay my ban to be lifted,,i resign last november 2010,,i only finish18 months in my 3 years contract,,,,,

  3. rithesh says

    I resigned in last january 2011 and labour court put me a ban of 1 year coz i broke my contract due to my bad health…and the new labour law rule of no ban came to effect in 2011 january…. nw i just wnt knw tht i can come dubai for employment i already finished my ban 6 months…nw i have job offers in dubai so i just want to knw tht i cn come dubai for employment.

  4. sujith says

    just now i have joined a new company in i am having another offer with better salary in UAE it possible to change the company without having any ban.

  5. allan says

    ive been workin in uae government company for 8 months and i i want to resign….(i have 3 years contract) will i get any ban? and can i still work to other company but i dont have to go out from the country 1st?

    • Grace says

      I think you can only have no ban if you have worked for the same company for two years straight. Otherwise, you have to check with your HR.

  6. chloegirl says

    hi! i just started in my work about 1 month now. im still on tourist now. my company said my employment visa is already on-going processing in the ministry of labor. i want to resign because i got hired in a gov’t own airlines. my question are:

    1.can they still pull-out or cancel my application in the ministry of labor?
    2.if my employment visa will come out but i will not use it, instead i will go home to my country, will i get an AUTOMATIC 6 months ban from the labor?
    3.can my new employer lift the labor ban if they are a gov’t owned company?

  7. Manoj Rao says

    Dear Sir,
    My Company had given me Cacellation letter. No Ban,
    but it is written that – No Work permit will be issued till 6
    months from Cancellation date. so, can i come to uae with
    in 1 or 2 months. Is there any way like that or any
    procedures. pls reply….
    Thanking you.

  8. maria says

    i am working as family lady driver in a local family.i want to resign and work in a company but my employer asking me to pay 8thousand for what he spent for my agency fee 2 years ago.i am working with them 2years half now.should i pay so they will release me ? do i need realease paper or NOC from them?

  9. maria says

    hello..just want to ask is it true that the uae labor law for expats doesn’t apply to domestic workers such as maids,agricultural workers and family drivers?

    • des says

      Hi i just have one question.if my visa apply in abu dhabi and my company wants to relocate me in dubai branch is that possible?

  10. RAJA says

    hello,,, i am working from sharjah one of the manufacture company 3 year contract, 20 month finished. now i have another company job offer i like change my job this company. this company free zone oil manufacture. any problem my visa ban ???????????

    please replay me………….

  11. Sagar says

    Dear Sir/Ma’am
    I just started to work from June 2011 and I got terminated from my company before 2 years contract finished .I want to work in another company and I got the job in new company.I would like to ask you ,do I have a ban in this condition or not ? I am so worried about to go back home.I am a poor guy and I have to look after my family and I have lots of responsibilities toward my family.It is possible or not please kindly reply me I would really appreciate …

    Very Respectfully

    Thank you

  12. says

    hi my name is jacky i work in my com.on dec.17 2011 and my store manyger will terminated me,im working almost 2 years that is 22months,and i still have a visa for the same visa are not yet cancelled but my labour card is cancelled already,wat do u think i have a labour van or no?????pls answer thank u.

  13. says

    hi my name is jacky,i work on my com.on dec.17 2009 im working almost 2years,that is 22months,and i still have visa on my same visa is not yet cancelled but my labour card are already cancelled,wat do u think i have a labour ban or no?pls answer thank u.

  14. says

    hi this is jacky.i want to ask if i have a labour ban?im working on dec.17 2009 on my com.that is almost 2years,i stop working on oct 16.2011 but my labour card is cancelled already,but my visa is not yet cancelled,im asking to our p.r.o if i have ban?he answer that he didnt give me a ban,but im not sure for that thats why im asking.

  15. Zakir says

    Assalamu Alaikum….!!!

    I was suspended by my company and I’m afraid they will ban me or not. I already spent 27 months in my company. they suspend three guys with me for the stock short. please reply me they can ban us or not. if they can ban us which kind of ban they will be able to put and able to lifted my self or a employee……??

    Waiting for your kind reply.


  16. says

    sir/mad.plz help me…befor i have visa house driver in alain(UAE) then my arbab make tameem on my visa i was already in UAE nd not finish my visa……i dont know his make tameem but whn i come airport for come my country so whn check imaigration counter my pasport so he say me u have tameem on ur visa then i live 13 days in lockup….then he do my visa cancel nd take just my eyes print nd deport me on my country(PAK) ,,,,now already finish 6 month nd i want come back on visit visa in UAE….so plz tell my can i go or not …..coz in UAE i dont have my any person plz my email id nd my cell num 00923009795205 Faheem u send me just 1 text so i ll call u…..thx alot for reply plzzzz

  17. kagawad says

    I worked 1 yr and 1 month with unlimited contract in UAE. I resigned september 2011. I’m planning to comeback again to UAE ? or can i work again with my old company..? Do i get ban?

    • elmer says

      We have same situation my friend,,could you please share me,what’s update or there’s a 6 months ban or no ban at all….can you please send me this email if you dont mind ,,…thank you in advance



    • betty says

      you resigned / and where are you now. whats your job?
      pls. check your passport,
      is your passport’s with you?
      if your passport has a marked with rsidence visa.
      i think its ok for u to work to another employer.
      and it is depend on your work.. if your work is DH, you cant apply for another job. you just may aply for the same kind of job. but in different employer. ask your employer for NOC. so that. you can work to another emploer

  19. lonely girl says

    Good Day,

    Can some one make me an advice, I am working in a freezone for almost 8 months and already finished my 1 month notice, ,after 1month of complaining in the authorities, my company dont want allow me to work in other company,and they will just give my passport on the day of my flight, they offer me to come back but I didnt want because they are not good,If I will not leave this country they said they will me put me a life time Ban,Please could anyone help me as I am a poor and really upset now I need to work for the sake of my family, Thank you

  20. Andlie says

    Good day to everyone, im working in my company for almost 6 months,now i want to change job, coz my company is not good. Is my company will give me ban? Thank you

  21. rirajan says

    Dear Sir/Ma?am
    I just started to work from dec 2010 and I got terminated from my company before 2 years contract finished and the last termination date was on 29th dec 2011 and the company told me to continue for 1 week to finish my project .I want to work in another company and I got the job in new company and they are waiting for my reply of my ban .I would like to ask you ,do I have a ban in this condition or not ? can i avoid ban by paying money to government I am so worried about to go back home. I have lots of responsibilities toward my family.It is possible or not please kindly reply me I would really appreciate ?

    Very Respectfully

  22. Sanjay kumar says

    Hi sir/madam I am working as a security guard in dubai world security,i get new job in same position but i finished 1ly 19 month so they put me ban 4 1 iam in my home country nepal.iam waiting 4 visa which is provide by my new company… They can open ban or not? Plz help me

  23. dukes says

    I worked more than 2 years in my previous company,with 3 years limited contract, do I get labour ban? If I will have, there are any possible ways to lift the ban?

    Can somebody advise/help me…! Tnx!

    • Grace says

      The ban will depend of your company asked for it. It can be lifted by paying a fee. Ask immigration or Ministry if Labor in Qusais.

      • cheery says

        i had work in other company for 4years and i transfer to other company and i finish 1year now so what should be my status if i resign and find another job?

  24. biju says

    im working for 2 years in my company, my contract is unlimited and 3 years, is there any ban if i move in other company??

    • LIJU says

      biju.. if ur contract is unlimited..then nothing to worry, after finish 2 year u can work with out ban..

  25. says

    sir/mad.plz help me?befor i have visa house driver in alain(UAE) then my arbab make tameem on my visa i was already in UAE nd not finish my visa??i dont know his make tameem but whn i come airport for come my country so whn check imaigration counter my pasport so he say me u have tameem on ur visa then i live 13 days in lockup?.then he do my visa cancel nd take just my eyes print nd deport me on my country(PAK) ,,,,now already finish 6 month nd i want come back on visit visa in UAE?.so plz tell my can i go or not ?..coz in UAE i dont have my any person plz my email id nd my cell num 00923009795205 Faheem u send me just 1 text so i ll call u?..thx alot for reply plzzzz

  26. Myles says

    Is there any way to apply a visa in DMCC that i will not be needing an NOC. My previous company is under DMCC too.

  27. Chubb says

    i worked 5 months in my company with 2 years contract i want to resign. is there a ban? do i need to pay something? kindly reply. thank you.

  28. Paul says

    Ms. Grace,

    I have limited contract (3yrs-Dubai visa) on my current employer and i want to resign now after 1 yr and 3 mos.
    So, i spoke to a call center agent from MOL, he said i will have a BAN since i did not finished or atleast worked for 2 yrs in the company…Do you think i can PAY the ban?If yes, how much is it?

    Any related issues or experience in paying the ban, pls let me know…

    Thank you

  29. jahon says

    Dear sir or madam.
    I am working with company and I have unlimited contract. I want to change my company because of bad condition. I want to change and I don’t want to get ban. is that possible?

    Thank you

  30. Amjad says

    Dear Sir,
    I was on mission visa with company for six months and i have already complete it on 28th of Dec 2011, could you please let me know, that i will be ban for six months ?

  31. elmer says

    I have been working for 11 months in 3 years unlimited contract in Abu Dhabi i was resigned last July 27,2011,because i got job here in Kuwait…Now i have plan to go back to UAE because my family are there…Now im more than 6 months since i leave in UAE….my new employer can issue a working visa for me?…Please anyone can help me..please send here…thank you..

  32. rachell says

    my name is rachell i got a 1 year ban with a stamp on my labour card cancellation. is it possible than i can work again in dubai with this ban stamp?

  33. Nabeel says

    I am working in UAE and I get new Offer from a company and i give resign from my previous company now my previous company not canceling my visa ..i have more then one month that i give resign so what i can do now?

  34. Arif says

    I am working in a company on unlimited contract with visa of Computer Engineer. I have completed my one year in this company now i get a better job offer almost double salary. can somebuddy please guide me how can i change my job in this situation i know my employer will not give me any NOC. is there any other chance ?

  35. Shelly says

    Hello everyone,have a great day! I am working in a house,i finish my visa this coming june 6 i want to know if i can transper to onother employer and what should i do

    • Grace says

      Of course you can transfer to another employer once you finish your contract but be sure to tell your current employer at least a month before.

      If your current employer has no objection with you not renewing your contract with them anymore, then you can start looking for another employer and once you are hired, your new employer can transfer sponsorship.

      • rose says

        Hi good day! same thing as above,i work with my current employer for 7 years as a housemaid and i plan to transfer in a company once i finished my new contract with them,do i need an NOC in order to transfer my visa?Please help,thanks!

  36. mheg says

    i work in a printing press company, im only 1 month here but i want to resign because i don’t happy and also because of small salary.. what will i do? they will ban me and what else they will do for me? please reply

  37. JM says

    Hello, I have one question I am under unlimited contract, I already completed 1 year last March and I tendered my resignation and will be completing my notice period this coming April 3.. my question is Am I obliged to pay visa expenses or other expenses to my company? but the way I am not awitching work but going back to my home country.. please help me…

  38. azhar says

    hi i m working in a company for last 2 years my labour card completing 2 years on 03-05-2012 and my contract completing 2 years on 23-05-2012, since my contract period is 3 years ending on 23-05-2013, my questions are as below
    1) is there any ban frm mol if i canceled my visa before 23-05-2012,
    2) since my contract is limited so employer can put ban of a year , how can it be removed ?

    • qurban says


  39. lilia dumaoal varquez says

    i want to ask if i have ban here if they cancel my visa,my contract is 2 years and i finist only 11 months,do i hve change to work here if i hve still 1 months to stay here,i dont want to go home in philippines i want to search other job here in 1 month?pls call me in my phone 0502378437

  40. Melissa says

    I am from Canada and i want to know if, I resign from my hospitality job in Abu Dhabi after 4 months of being with the company will i get a ban? If I were to get a ban and wanted it lifted how much money does it take to do just that? I have a job offer from another company as well. I also have been with this company for 4 months and still do not have a labour card or know if I have a visa. They have said I do have a visa already but they keep my passport from me so I have never seen it. Should I even be working if I dont have a labour card? what should I do?

    • Grace says

      If they are saying you already have a visa, you should have a copy of it AND you should be carrying your labor card if your passport is kept by your company.

      Regarding the ban, I can’t tell for sure – it’s better to inquire at the Ministry of Labor for official matters like this. Likely, if you have a ban though, it can be lifted by paying some amount or if the salary of your next job is above a certain amount or your obtained education is post graduate and above.

  41. sheh says

    im working in dubai 1year and 4month but my company told me to find a new job they cancel my visa my new employer not process my visa now i have automatic labour ban what can i do to its possible to lift my ban and how can i know how many month is my ban

    • Grace says

      You have an automatic ban? A labor ban is mostly 6 months. Please check with the Ministry of Labor on how to lift this ban by paying or anything.

      • sheh says

        thank you for your reply when can i xtart counting my ban the first day of my cancellation or after i exit in uae

  42. venus says

    Dear Sir / Ma’am,
    i just want to asked if i have ban or i have to pay in the labor? i worked from the company for 4 months and i want to transfer to another company since my visa still not transfer to my passport. i finished my medical 2 months ago, please advice me in my situation…thanks

  43. Rahman says


    I signed the intent letter in the month of August ,2011. I visited UAE on Tourist Visa in the month of November 2011 and exit UAE after one week due to family emergency. Later they denied Work visa and in the month of December,2011 the company applied active labour card in my name. Now, I have singed fresh intent letter with the new Employer and they are unable to process work visa due active labour card in my name. I doesn?t have the details of labour card. I tried to contact the previous employer and they are not disclosing any thing nor they are cancelling the active labour card. My query is have they impose ban on me and the active labour card will get cancel automatically after six months from the date of my Exit from or from date it is applied. How to know the status. Could you please clarify?

    • UAE PRO says


      Deportation means life long ban.if that is the case you can’t enter UAE life long.

      I’m no rude but know the rules.



    dear sir/mad. My visa exp. On 2nd march-2012. my father heard atteck on 1st march 2012. I m going to india on 1st march and my father death on 2nd march. Now my visa time is exp. Sir now my new visa time band or not band. Now im here in india. Pls reaply me sir. Thx jayanti shiyani


  45. cristy says

    need some help pls,
    i left sharjah u.a.e last october 2011, i have contract 3years, but i finish only 1 year so they told me i have ban 6 months, now
    i finish my 6 months ban already.. im planning to go this month in dubai because there is a job offer 4 me.. but they r asking 4 my cancellation copy, but i dont have it with me… my question is where i can get my cancellation copy??? plsssss reply soon to my message… thank u so much & may god bless u more…

    • UAE PRO says

      Good Day!
      As i have been dealing this kinda issue on day to day basis in my Present company,I can suggest you that where ya can find your cancellation copy!

      When your previous visa was cancelled,you must have received a copy of it(UAE govt. Stampped paper) from your PRO or your company owner.If not,then kindly contact your previous company owner or PRO,because that cancellation paper is used to get back the bank guarantee amount from the bank,after the employee leaves the country.


  46. yzaa says

    hi good day madam,
    just want to ask i am in limited contract, i am working 3 years now in this company, and last may 7,2012 is last day of my labour visa, and my national ID will end on may 26, 2012,
    i dont want to renew my contract anymore i just want to go back home this may 15, they told me that they will give me a ban if i will not stay untill next month…what is my right? thank u so much

  47. hussain lakhani says

    Dear Friends,
    i am working with unlimited contract with the company, and almost finished one year, but willing to change the job, so whats the procedure and what kind of bans the ministry will put on me,
    please help me,

  48. rikaz says

    ive been working 4 a company for almost 24 months and i i want to resign?.(i have 3 years contract) will i get any ban? can i change the company ?pls reply meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • xxx says

      see…uae laws in this aspect are uncertain….As per strict law if you have not finished 2 years, an automatic ban will be there for 6 months…..but as you have completed nearly 2 years chances are very low….moreover if ur existing company gives you noc…no issues at all….and if ur new job should be offering good salary also…if u r a graduate u should get minimum 12000 from ur new company….

  49. md shahid says

    hi sir@ madam b4 i was working a foodstuff co. I had comlited my visa i m not sure it was lim or unlimited contract but 3 yrs compted, now i m working with onother food co. And almost 1 yrs coplited my last co.objecting me throw mol can i get prob about our new job or company pls reply me immedeitly bcos i need my current job thans with regard

  50. nazeer says

    I have been working in abudhabi for 1year still continue but I want to serch other job in other company is it possible to come back with in 15 days to join that company
    please advise me

  51. reji menon says

    Hello Guys…

    I am Currently working in a firm in Abu dhabi for AED 3000 salary…. i have got a new job in Abu dhabi itself…and my new salary is 13000…But i have not completed 2 years in my existing company…..Now finished only 1 year 6 months..My company will not give me the noc…Will there be a 6 months ban for me….if so can it be lifted…

    Please please advise….

    Hello Guys…

    I am Currently working in a firm in Abu dhabi for AED 3900 salary…. i have got a new job in Abu dhabi itself…and my new salary is 13000…But i have not completed 2 years in my existing company..i have all my post graduate attested certificates with me…Now finished i ve only 1 year 6 months..My company will not give me the noc…Will there be a 6 months ban for me….if so can it be lifted…

    Please please advise….

  52. aditya says

    Hi my name is Aditya.I am working with a private sector company in Abudhabi on unlimited contract and finished 2.5 years with current company.My contract expires by August 2012.Presently I got offer from another company.I would like to know if there will be any ban if I resign from my current company.

  53. reji says

    Hii Aditya, as you have already completed 2 years, no question of ban….You can easily jump after giving one month notice(as per your offer letter)……Here laws are uncertain…We cant predict exactly…However, Ban is applicable only for those who have not completed 2 years…..

  54. siraj thankappan says

    Dear Grace,
    Please help me.. My wife was working in a clinic for 3 months. She was in Husband’s visa. But they made a labor card / contract for 2 years. She got a new offer from another company. Now she resigned. We paid some money to the current company for their expenses. & they agreed to give NOC also. But in the labor cancellation form it mentioned that “a new labor car will not be issued for next 6 months”. Is this any problem.. The New company is ready to give employment visa. Is there any problem will come for the new visa & Labor card. Please give me aome suggestions. We are totaly tensed… Pls…

    • Grace says

      I’m sorry I am not in any position to give legal advice. Please check with the Ministry of Labor for more clarity.

      • says

        Hi ms. Grace, i forgot to asked last week my visa is newly renewed just last april, 2012 but because my current employer are leaving the country next week june 22 2012 and i didnt find anybody to transfer my visa so therefore they have to cancell it. When it is already cancelled can i still have the 28 days to stay in the country? bcoz im still trying to look other employer, or if not should i have a ban? bcoz its 2 yrs visa and just 2 months they cancelled ( just example ) pls reply… thx

        • UAE PRO says

          According to the new MOL rules,if one person has served more than 2 years in the same company then he/she has no ban at all.However,when your visa cancellation would be done,the auto generated cancellation(Immigration) papers will show 6 months ban and 1 month grace period.However,you can switch new employer and when the new employer will apply your visa,that 6 months ban will be automatically nullified.


  55. Philip says

    Wow. I looked through all these questions to you about bans and dealing with them, losing jobs and not being able to work for another company… What worries me most is your employer holds your passport?

    All this concerns me as I make my decision to come to Dubai and work my butt off for a few years… I have put up with bad employers for as much as 5 years but nobody ever held that kind of controlling, slavery-type power over me. The numbers of people making these posts alarms me as well.

    I have many friends who have great qualifications but I do not know yet if I want to begin telling them about Dubai. Is it as scary as it looks here?

  56. Shameer says

    just now i have joined a new company in i am having another offer with better salary in UAE it possible to change the company without having any ban.

    • UAE PRO says

      Hi Shameer,
      Your information is incomplete.Please let me know whether you been working in Free zone or mainland?

      Sorry for bugging you


  57. to Ms Grace says

    ive been working 4 a company for almost 24 months and i i want to resign?.(i have 3 years contract) will i get any ban? can i change the company ?pls reply meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

    • UAE PRO says

      you have 3 years of work contract and as mentioned above you have already completed 2 years with your present employer.Now even if you resign,you dont have to face any labour ban.Because now there is no 3 years work contract and the new amendment came in Dec-2010 which abolished the 3 year contract system.


  58. anila says


  59. bet says


    last 2005 sept. I entered dubai, and worked in abudhabi up to feb 2006..
    my lady employer, tried to hit me on my face and her finger nails touched my upper breast near my neck and got scratches
    I run to owwa abudhabi. And told them what happened.
    I decided to go home to phils. and the immigration stamped my passport 1 year ban to uae..
    somebody told me., if the airport immigration eye scanned me b4 my exit from uae. I will not allow forever going back to UAE..

    I want to apply again this time.

    Will the UAE government allow me to work again in UAE?
    its me Bet,(phils)

    • LIJU says

      helo bet, do u have copy of ur labour card or emirates identity something? u should call 800665, this is the number ministry of labour, they can help u…hope this usefull information..

  60. prem kumar oli says

    Hello sir
    My name is prem kumar oli I am working with km retail llc br
    I have 3 years visa but I finish only 2 years and I want to change my job so I want to know I have ban or not.

  61. LIJU says

    800665. This is the number of ministry and labour, who has doubt about their contract, ban or anything, call them directly they can give u clear information, english, arabic and hindi languages are available, u have to give them your labour card number, hope this is helpful for my friends….

  62. orlydomingo says

    Hi! I just want to know if there is a labor law that if your already 22 months in your company you can resign with benefits? what notification i need to do? thank you and have a nice day ahead.

  63. reji says

    hey as per law available from sites it is strictly 2 years which u need to complete to avoid a ban….that is the strict sense of law….Not applicable always.. I ll tell you my case…i have completed 19 months and i expected a ban…But wallah no ban was imposed on me…i have joined my new company within 15 days of my cancellation…So proceed and good luck

  64. west says

    Hi there , i have been working in the same company for 7 years , now since i renew my visa in the some company is only 7 months i wanna know if i have ban in that case thank you….

  65. says

    hi,i just want to ask it is possible if the company can go to the ministry of labour and file their own policy regarding for the rules of ban.or the ministry of labour will implement for all,the company instead.

  66. hanish sangtani says

    hiii i had compleatede 20 months in an llc i had left my job i m a post graduate i had got a six month ban and also got a job old employer is not giving me noc so how to lift this 6 month ban please help me out mr pro

  67. nazer says


    iam working in company 4 year six month , now i got another job can u explaint me i have 6 month ban or not . thanks nazer

  68. Arshad760 says

    I am working in the a company from last 9 month my contract is limited for 2 years ,if i want to leave the company and want to join an other , what will happen
    i can change or not
    and if ban then how much ?
    please tell thanks

  69. Afroz says

    Could you please help me for my querry.
    I have Abu dhabi visa and been working in the company from last 10 months.My wife is under my sponsership working in Dubai.
    Now I got a better offer in Dubai and I resigned from current company.My last day is 13th of september.
    My current company will cancel my labour card and visa. can I still hold my wife visa in immigration by paying AED5000 even after my current company cancel my visa.
    Plz help.

  70. ali says

    Dear pro

    I’m a civil engineer in july I went to dubai to search for a job and got a offer letter from a company and then they told me to exist as I was on a visit visa I also provided them with all my documents required for visa application but now I’m not getting proper feed back from the employer regarding my visa status last time I called they told me that there’s a problem with company trade liscene that’s why visa is in pending now its been over a month now since I left dubai please reply what should I do

  71. Ruwais Mohamed says

    i m ruwais, presently i m working in a computer shop in sharjah.
    it is a two years of visa and now 18 months finished. now this time we r moving very slowly there r no business in the shop, so my boss decide to close the shop and he will proving me a noc for anther job, at the time i got the job but they r telling to me i have ban. how i have ban? i have a noc know.

  72. meg says

    Dear Ms. Grace,
    I worked in a company for 4 years.I finished the first contract (3 yrs), but for the 2nd contract I only finished 11 months. I resigned because of my health problem.Do I have a ban from MOL? Can I still apply in free zone even if I have a ban? Please help me.

  73. says

    Have a good day

    my name is megie and am workinn in hospitality and i compliet 3 years already and i renew my visa before 3 month and i got other job now and i want cancel my visa. my qeustion is
    1. if i cancel my visa still ty ll ban me or not
    2. my new employer is privet company and if ty apply my visa ll come out? cuz am from ethiopian and there is some issue about visa

    • alhadi maru says

      Hi Megie,

      What happened to you last time? Did you get your visa? I am facing the same issue. Please advice me.

      Best regards,

      Alhadi Maru

  74. Hanna says

    Hi to everyone!!!
    I am a filipina nanny working with an Egyptian family,i came here in Abudhabi last May 4,2012..but i found out that i am not happy with them..i want to search or apply for a new job not as a nanny but to a clerical works..i am planning to tell this matter to my present employer before 1yr. since the visa is a yearly basis but the contract is this possible for me?pls give me some advice on what should i do..thanks and more power..

  75. harry says

    hi, i resigned in my previous employer, i worked there for only 4months,.i resigned because of their contract violation, my previous company was government so i dont have a ban right? then i have my new employer my visa was on going process but now i have new offer letter from new company, i want this new company coz the salary is good. do i have a ban? im not starting at work yet.. do i have a ban? pls answer visa is cancelled..

  76. Moises R. Mendoza Jr. says

    Hi to everyone i have problem i join for my previous company for 2 months only because my salary is not enough to support my family so he cancel my visa.Do i have a band? And now i have new company its good for me but until now my offer letter is not ready and i have a overstay already. I need your help regarding this matter,what im gonna do. thnks.

    • Grace says

      Sorry to say but I believe you have an automatic ban. Unless your new company is based on a free zone (Jebel Ali, DAFZA or Media/Internet City), they cannot sponsor you an employment visa.

      Add to that you mentioned that you have overstayed already…you need to exit the UAE or else pay fines.

  77. rajesh says

    i am in probation period.
    joined two months back.
    i have masters degree.
    my basic salary is AED 10 K and total salary is 35000+ house.
    will there be a ban on resignation without notice during probation period if the employer wants.

  78. phanie says

    i am a maid here in dubai, before my sponsor is the head of the family (sir), after 3months they devorce. but i continued working for the family (madam and kids), after my visa expired, my madam applied for my visa, and i read that the contract is two years, but my visa is 1yr ,it will expire on dec. 8 2012, and i dont want to stay with them anymore, i find a job, they want to take me back from the philippines. i ask my madam to send me back home since i stayed here for more than 2 yrs, but 1yr visa from si, 1yr visa from madam. now my question is, DO I HAVE A BAN? because the new employer told me to go home for vacation since i did’t see my family for more than 2 yrs. and she wants me back here in february. PLEASE HELP ME.

  79. Ram Kumar says

    I’am from Nepal ,Before 9 month ago i came in UAE For working as cashier in supermarket. But when i came here my job is cleaner. they laying me.
    I don’t like this work but i did that because that is my problem. Now i get 700 salary for 12 hour food no allowance no overtime but every day we work from 5:30 am to 6:00 pm . Now my 9th month is going on . Now i get some good jobs in dubai so i want to change company . I don’t know about UAE law and band . How can to change company and when to can change . Plz give me sugisition . I wait your advise .
    And email me

  80. rachel salazar says

    my company terminated me after completing my probation period and now I have a normal ban from labour and its written there no entry till june 23 2013.i just want to check if I can still apply in DMCC freezone area? tnx

  81. sheng says

    im a skilled worker cut and sew(dressmaker) but my visa is housemaid for 2 yrs…im now 7 months working here.. i want to leave my work now bcoz salary is low. but im afraid and dont know how to do it.. is it possible to transfer in other work? i heard about the labour banned, i dont want to hve that.for all the concern plz answer me…

  82. rene panganiban says

    i have finished my contract(visa stamp in my passport) last february 19 2013, but just now (march 14 2013)they cancelled my visa… how many days should i stay here using my grace period? is my grace period will start after the cancellation of my visa or after i finished my contract(visa stamp in my passport)? please let me know… thanks

  83. sherath says

    sir i have a joined a company in alain as sales representative a week back. i have not yet finished my medical check up. the company i work for has created a contract paper which said that if i leave the job before i finish my contract then i have to pay 10000 dhms as its visa and other charges. and i would not be able to work in any other similar type of company for another 2 yrs and i have signed on it. now my question is there any rule in labour law that i have to pay the money if i leave within 6 months or within 2 yrs. is this paper valid. and whether they can only ban me from working in same type of company. can i work in some other position in another company.

  84. ali says

    i have a problem about my new job actually i finsihed here 4years 6months same company know i get better job so let me know i get the any labour ban or not

  85. Suman kafle says

    I was worker in super market since 2006 janury to 2011may,i make my emirates id as well,i came my country on vaccation but my visa have still reamining 7 month to finished.i came my contry on vaccation then i didn’t get back that’s why i would like to ask that ban for me will be how long it will be.

  86. habeeb says


    Iam work sharjha 3year contrcat but work 30month2011 december come to india but no cancel now new combany go no proplem

  87. maria says

    Hello, I am just new in Dubai and I want to ask some advice from everybody who has more working experience and know UAE labour laws. I am connected with my current and first company for 4 months now, I am not happy anymore with them because they didn’t follow our first agreement on the commission and salary that first they offered. I want to resign from this company but I have a limited contract. Can anyone help me please on how can I legally resign and apply for a new employer? Thank you.

  88. Aguilar April Vida says

    I’m April .from Phillipine.I have a van for 1 years in U A E . how can I pay if I want back in Dubai?


    I am working in a decor company with two years contract and i finish my contract on 13 august 2013 untill know i don’t have visa (Dubai) when i ask to my G.M he always say next month or next week and i have four months salary dues please give me suggestion what i have to do. Now labour office will except my complain or not.and of course he law will ask where you was since 10 months.
    Please i need your help.

  90. Hyder Padiyath says


    I am working for a company as Electronics Engineer from 2005 and by this october I will complete 9 years with this same company. My contract is valid till oct 2015.I would like to change my job to another company due to present work atmospehere before Dec 2014. In my labor contract (limited) there is clause that I am not suppose to work on similar field or not possible to start my own business of same kind for another 2 year once I leave present company or completion of contract.

    Please advise. Do I get a ban if I join another company having similar activity.I am working for almost 9 years now and I cant switch my proffession just because of this clause.

  91. ziaullah says

    my name is ziaullah i am from pakistan i was empolyee al yaqdha company in abudhabi as A/C supervisor my company cancield my visa when i was on leave on pakistan now i am face life time ban on me how can lift ban on me i wan to work in uae please help me tell any lawer contect no for help me my no is 00923218477153

  92. ahmad says

    I am working with a contracting company as a site engineer. my employer gave me a lobour (painting worker) visa and offered a salary of worker (2000 only) but he wrote site engineer in my contract. he forces me to work for more than 11 hours daily with no over time. also he is not giving my salary on time. he also compels me to live with labours in a dirty camp. please tell me is there any way out to change my employer with out having ban as i am under two years limited contract category!! i have already got salary offer of 12k

  93. charie says

    Dear sir,
    I worked in the Company for 5 years now- just renewed my contract..dO I have a ban if I will not finished my third contract. and do I have to pay for the company?

  94. says

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    and truths as they unfold each episode? Both of them raised
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  95. asim ali says

    i engr. asim ali work with a contracting company as a civil engineer but my employer gave me a foreman role just to stay on site and force labor to do more work, not one that fit i actually applied for. i have been sponsored to al anamel al tahabia bldg cont co llc company having a trading licence of Sharjah, UAE but since march 2015 they put me with Armada bldg cont co llc, Ajman and that is a complete risk just for me to work with another company without any proper sponsorship. from the beginning i am forced to work without over time and have provided no medical insurance and no company accommodation.
    i have also been forced to live with labors in rest time too and without provision any shelter or office.
    recently in the month of October when they late our September salary then i did a strike along with all labors for two days and our demand was to provide a salary(because we have to pay our room rent expenditure, food expenditure and we have our family to whom we send money for their needs).
    after the two days strike they put salary of all labors in bank but not mine and called me in office they first took my Sharjah municipality card and then they took my all driving file documents that were ready for submission and finally told me to leave this country without cancellation and from October 17th you are been terminated and you should go to your country as we will not provide any salary in future you go to your own country and come back after the completion period of your visa we will then cancel you.

    now what i do sir, i really need your help.
    thank you!

  96. Lovely Musa says

    Hi I wanna’ ask what is the difference between “HOUSE WIFE” profession ( Sharjah Resident) and “HOUSEWIFE/Not Allowed To Work” profession (Dubai Resident) both are on husband visa.

  97. says

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  98. Enos says


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