New rule for Filipinos traveling to Dubai

I would like to thank the Philippine Consulate in Dubai for giving me something to write today. Sadly, it won’t be anything but a rant.

So a cousin who lives in the Philippines want to come visit me in Dubai. I got her visa and plane tickets but was informed through hearsay* (there has been no official circular whatsoever) that there is a new policy for Filipinos traveling to Dubai on Tourist/Visit Visas: a document called “Affidavit of Support and Guarantee” containing the personal details of the sponsoring family member here in Dubai and declarations like “I guarantee that the subject (visitor) shall not be in any way or manner whatsoever a public burden in the UAE”, etc has to be notarized at the Philippine Consulate as this is a requirement at the Phillipine Immigration counters at the airport prior to departure.

Simply put, the new rule means: No notarization? (Even with an official visa issued by the UAE Immigration + plane tickets) Your butt stays put in the Philippines.

Unless maybe you agree to some “under the table” transaction which is a regular scene there.

The number of days to get that notarization: Ten working days, with a fee of 100 dhs (US$27). The amount won’t hurt much but the nuissance of going to the embassy and waiting for that ten working days is not a joke. I arrived at the consulate at 6:30 am because I was told people practically “camp” out there at the crack of dawn. I was already the 10th in the queue. There were countless others who have lined up for passport renewal, etc. The embassy does NOT open until 8:30 am but if you come at 8:30, expect to spend the rest of your day there until they close at 3 pm.

When I was finally called in after two hours of standing in the line, my documents were rejected because the first line in the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee, says “I, _____, of legal age, Filipino citizen…”

I am not a Filipino citizen anymore after acquiring Japanese citizenship through naturalization in 2003. I asked them to just cross out the “Filipino” part and just accept the document because regardless of the citizenship I am holding, I am a legal sponsor but was told, “This is not your embassy anymore. You have to go to the Japanese consulate to authenticate your signature and to ask for a document that certifies your nationality. Then you come back to us.”

What serious bullshit. They mean to say that non-Filipinos who want to sponsor relatives or friends living in the Philippines to come to Dubai need to go through an extra round of paper work that will cost them their time, money and sanity – the Japanese embassy doesn’t have a clue what the Philippine embassy requires, neither do they understand the need for it. Just for the record, the said document or the notarization is NOT required by the UAE goverment.

As a common sense and I bet in any international law, once a visa to the country of destination is issued, the traveller is cleared of all the requirement and has passed eligibility for entry. What the hell is the notarization hullabaloo of the “Affidavit of Support and Guarantee” for!? Oh, I get it, additional income stream for the Philippine government. Then just take the money and spare the people suffering outside your embassy gates hours before you even open. In the desert heat!

Please let’s not start with the debate that it’s with a good intention – to curb “human trafficking” that’s why the visa sponsor has to make a personal appearance at the consulate office. If the Philippine government is serious in preventing entry of would be unfortunate victims of human trafficking, I suggest they start cracking down on employment agencies shrouded with lies – sending women abroad, promising them good jobs while they end up as slaves in the Middle East, some going back home in wooden boxes. Totally heartbreaking.

AND? In all this circus, I heard there’s this miracle person called “THE FIXER”. He/she charges triple the amount at 300 dhs (US$81) but guarantees that you won’t have to be absent from your work, queue outside the embassy at dawn to submit your documents and queue again to get it after ten working days. Smooth operator, huh.

So what if a real human trafficker hires the efficient service of THE FIXER? Then so much for that “good intention”.

You can download the PDF version of the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee here.

* This new rule was reported in one of the UAE newspapers, Khaleej Times last September 20, 1010.


UPDATE: Unjustified offloading of Filipino travelers to Dubai have been getting attention in the UAE lately, as posted in UAE newspaper Gulf News. Please read my recent blog post about this as there is information as to where to file your complaints if you have been victimized by corrupt airport officials.




  1. says

    That ‘Affidavit of Support and Guarantee’ was also a requirement when I got my family to visit me in Japan. For that affidavit, I, as the sponsor, had to show them bank statement too, along with other statements! But this affidavit doesn’t have an actual format, so I suggest don’t put too much details.

    “once a visa to the country of destination is issued, the traveler is cleared of all the requirement and has passed eligibility for entry.” –> this maybe true for other nationalities, but for Filipinos, those with ‘Tourist Visa’ visiting families, that affidavit is required to be able to depart first where ever they are going. I am betting, this is the Philippines effort to discourage illegal immigration of Filipinos in other countries, and other reasons.

    Good luck!
    .-= Charlotte | Life’s a Charm!´s last blog ..Looking Through A Child?s Eyes =-.

    • MaClaudz says

      Indeed there is a lot of b*******t in there… Even those who were inside the immigration did not even got their share of help. someone even informed me that there was a dead body on the national jail of dubai, but the philippine embassy did not do anything. Fixers are real… Even right before you leave Philippines, inside the airport some officers will be asking you a lot of questions regarding the supporting papers you have stating that you and the one who sponsor you is a close relative, etc., etc…. Some pinoys even payed 10-30k (philippine money) in order to go out from the country easily without any further questions. Our government are just sleeping on this issues while some filipinos are giving up their best to work abroad to help their families.

  2. Grace says

    Well, there is a fixed format here in Dubai and you have to fill it all up. That one in Japan, yes I know that because I had that document when my family visited me in Japan too.

    BUT, we were not required to notarize that said document at the embassy of the Phils in Japan, right? Imagine…Dubai Immigration issues hundreds if not thousands of visit/tourist visas per day…the same number will turn up at the Phil consulate gate every single morning…

    There’s only ONE person handling this procedure at the consulate!!

  3. Grace says

    I do not oppose to signing this Affidavit of Support – what irks me is the unnecessary NOTARIZATION process, as if it does any good!

  4. says

    It seems a little lame to me that the country you are leaving requires a statement of sponsorship. I can understand that people coming into a country are required to state where they are staying (to avoid illegal immigration and other things), but for the country you left??? Why should they care? Unless of course they a) don’t want you to leave, as in China and others, or b) want to be absolutely sure you come back. But why? Makes no sense whatsoever!

    • Terry Quiaem says

      yes, damn crazy. Its the receiving country who needs the affidavit of support. not the country your leaving. does not make any sense at all

  5. says

    Grace that sort of red tape is crazy. The problem with stuff like that is that it makes no sense and yet one is powerless to do anything about it. Once again the good guys get penalized and the bad ones can easily find a way around it. If it makes you feel any better. The last time I renewed my Canadian passport here in Canada, I waited for 8 hours outside and then more than 2 months for my passport. That was when our neighbours to the south decided that Canadians had to show passports not drivers licences or citizenship papers.
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  6. says

    seriously? My brother and his family is based in abu Dhabi naman. He’s even inviting my mom to come over so she can finally meet her apo.

    If I’m not mistaken, this kind of affidavit is even implemented in other countries like the US. And true, this is also the govt’s way of curbing human trafficking or even immigration dilemmas…

    Good intentions, yes but I think the Philippine government should first address overseas employment problems.
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    • Grace says

      Yes, this affidavit is implemented in other countries PRIOR to getting a visa, not after. And even if they want it as supporting documents, they should not implement such things as notarization.

      If they insist on the notarization, they should at least be aware of the capacity of work they’ll be facing. There’s only ONE person handling this kind of process at the consulate in Dubai! (that’s why it will take ten working days to get the document notarized)

      Who knows after a few days/weeks, it will take a month na!

      BTW, they said that the consulate in Abu Dhabi is more relaxed (have fewer people asking for notarization) so it won’t take that long.

    • marchella says


      Kabayan, pwede mag-ask?
      ano ba ang mga kailanganing requirements para maka pasa ka sa immigration?
      my tourist visa kc ako at ang sponsor ay ang dhabian & tyravel tourism. a bit confusing skin kc nd ko alam kung si “dhabian & travel tourism” ba ang sponsor ko or ung name na nakasulat na arabic words na hindi ko mabasa…

      sana mareplyan moko sa aking mga katanungan…

  7. says

    Another bullshit of those so called smartass policymakers. Anyhow, it is always easy to write than to implement besides they’re not the one who suffers.

    Like going home is always a burden with all those paperworks to accomplish and going back is more difficult even if you have a valid papers, BTW, they now hire an interpreter and you need to have their clearance first before checking in if your ticket is bound to ME region which is totally nonsense on my case because there is an English translation.

    Suggestion, If UAE does not give a damn on that piece of crap why not let your cousin go for a shorter trip like Hongkong or Singapore and tell the immigration officer that she’s on holiday ‘coz they’r rules are a bit relax to that destination and from there she could catch a plane going to DXB.
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  8. Yam says

    Hi! I’m supposed to fly to Dubai on Fri but my Dad had to move my flight two days later due to this new requirement. Apparently rush/expedite processing exists at the consulate, but whoever’s processing this authorization and notarization cannot go on overtime because of the deluge of affidavits. Duh what do they expect?
    I do agree that the Phil. govt should start with the illegal recruiters who scam many innocent Filipinos.
    Just FYI another name they call authentication and notarization is “Red Ribbon” because there will literally be a red ribbon attached to the authenticated and notarized document. The same thing is required for documents such as birth certificate, marriage cert, university diploma w/c can be authenticated at the DFA here in Manila.

    This will be an extra long comment but when I read “Just for the record, the said document or the notarization is NOT required by the UAE goverment.” I was reminded of stories from my Dad and other Pinoys re the UAE visa. Upon application of the sponsor they can just send the copy to the traveler and the traveler can pick up from a counter at the Dubai airport. Unfortunately some immigration officers here take advantage of innocent Filipinos and say they cannot board their flight w/o the original copy of the visa. They say they want to avoid fake visas. Good point, but some of them say this to get “lagay” and if you don’t give them $$ they really won’t allow you to pass. This has happened to my uncle’s friend who had no choice but to cough up $100 so he can be allowed to leave. *evil moneymaking ways*

    • says

      hello where are u now?the affidavit of support is still required? did your dad got affidavit of support before u flight to dubai?please answer me..coz im planning to go visa is already finish..ill wait for ur answer..thank you

  9. says

    Any policy should be made public and the public must be informed ahead of time, at least before it’s implemented. If a policy was not released earlier but was implemented immediately, it’s problematic. This is how I see this policy…I can’t even call it a policy for now coz it lacks the needed structure, sigh…
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  10. yass says


    I woud like to know the process on how to obtain the Affidavit of Sponsorship from the Philippine Consulate in Dubai? what are the requirements po na dapat e submit?

    • Grace says

      Requirements to obtain the Affidavit of Sponsorship:

      1. The Affidavit form, filled-up and duly signed by the sponsor.

      2. Copy of the original visa.

      3. Passport copy of sponsor and the sponsored person.

      4. 100 dhs


      Good luck!

      • Jerome says

        hi grace,, just want to ask if residence visa’s are also required for that affidavit of support etc. i already have my wifes visa,, sponsoring as a husband visa.. hope for you reply soon.. thanks

        • Grace says

          No one’s really answering that stupid consulate phone. Our neighbor sponsored her parents to come to Dubai with residence permit – there was no affidavit of support. Initially, that document is only for tourist visas so I don’t think kailangan yun…but please don’t take my word on that coz these crazy people could change their minds without informing the public.

          As far as I know, hindi kailangan ng affidavit of support ang resident permit holders.

          • Mary Anne says

            Hi. I work here in Dubai. I have just applied for a long term visit visa for my husband and a residence visa for my daughter. Para lang safe, i’m planning of filing an affidavit of support for both my husband and daughter, even if husband ko lang naman ang naka-visit visa. Some of my friends suggest na sa Phil Consulate sa Abu Dhabi daw ako magfile kasi mas mabilis daw dun at 5days lang makukuha na ang attested na affidavit. Is it true? Where exactly in Abu Dhabi? Sinusubukan ko din tawagan ang number ng Phil Embassy sa Abu Dhabi, pero wala, zero din! kung hindi busy, walang sumasagot…

      • marj says

        Hi! Ask KO LNG po.. Ang mga fixer po ba eh legal parin ang documents na in I issue NLA? Fiance KO po kase ang vinisahan KO.

  11. kate says

    It was my flight yesterday in Terminal 1 going to Hongkong then New Delhi to see my boyfriend and all his family as well. I was been there for one month as Tourist visa also but that time I came from Qatar I was been working there that time.

    But sad to say I missed my flight due to some reason. I went through the immigration counter as my final step before boarding the plane. The counter ask me for a letter of invitation from the person I know in India. I never thought that they will still ask this because before you get a visa in embassy of the country you wish to go, all documents should be submitted, right? And you cannot get a visa if your not elligible for it.

    The lady in the counter told me to go to the lady who was sitting near the x-ray machine for final check before you enter the plane. So I went to her and told that the lady in the counter told me to ask you what doc I will need and a form to sign. She said letter of invitation so I ask the staff to get it in my luggage. They helped me to get it and went again in the counter showing that letter that’s already been notarized. I ask if no more problem she said ok so I was about to go put all my hand carry in xray machine when the lady whom I ask for form called me. She said where’s the letter I am asking. So I appologize for not coming back to her and I explained that I ask the lady in the counter if I need to go back to you and she said its ok so why I just go straight.

    She looked at that letter and said its invalid. It should be notarized in Phil embassy in India and should be sent to me the original. What is that? Yes I agree that this policy should be implemented first in embassy before you get a visa not AFTER and in time where you are already in the airport. Our system is really totally ****.

    She also ask so many things like how much money I have she said its not enough so I answered her so why I have a guarantor right? And you know how unprofessional this lady is? When I was filling up the form using her pen she told me that hey your using my pen..What an attitude?

    I just answered her sorry. Even my past employment she was asking. She asked for a certificate of employment from my past work and I found one and she said again this is invalid because your not working there anymore.

    I feel so harassed and I didn’t control myself to cry in front of her because what we spend for everything is too much then now it end up in nothing. I hope the Phil government should fix first all those workers who are already in abroad suffering from their employer even they have a valid visa and everything for working but still experiencing inhuman treatment.

    I am starting to hate this country which I know I should not. Everything here is difficult, everything is waste of money. But the gov can’t do nothing they are just good for corruption!!!!!

  12. zen says

    What will you expect in our country?You cannot move without money even you show them all the valid documents.They dont pity on those people try to sell all their properties,take loans even with a higher interest just to try their luck in other country since our government cannot help us.They dont think but they just think for their ownself.Like me just now,Im flying to Hongkong as a tourist sponsored by my previous employer but did not allow me.For me its okey but I pity those other guys who did not allow them to go in.I saw 1 guy almost faiting going to collapse because he loan his house and lot just to find his luck in Singapore but they deny him and also one lady I think going crazy because she keep on repeating what she is saying.Today there’s a lot of us did not allow here in Clark Pampanga…naaawa talaga ako sa kanila..kawawang kawawa dahil narinig ko yong mgahinaing nila.Hindi kaya may gustong ipahiwatig ang mga immigration officer kaya lang di namin ma gets yong bang lagay lalo na pasko?nasanay na kasi sila sa paipit sa passport.Ay kung ganyan lang tayong mga ofw nagpapakahirap pero iba ang nakikinabang sa pinagpapaguran natin.Kung alam nila sana na dugot pawis ang puhunan natin.Idalangin nalang natin na sana yong mga taong ganon lalo na yong mga tao sa immigration na pagpalain sila ng Dios.

  13. mig says

    perahan na talaga ang labanan maging sa pinas man o sa dubai, kahit complete ang documents mo kailangan pa rin na may kaakibat na pera para doon sa mga mukhang pera. nakakalungkot talaga lalo na kapwa pinoy ang kanilang tinitira.

      • nice says

        tama ka po kayo! gravvvvvvvvvvvvvvvv na tlaga sana po magbago na sila, maawa naman sila sa kapwa pinoy . kapal ng mga ***** tinuturingan pa namn sila mga prof tapos ganyan ginagawa nila walang lagay di makaalis. may visa na nga dami pa hinahanap. ang masakit na ok na tinatakan na me ng departure hinarang pa di pa me pinatuloy!!!!!!!!!!!! luha ang inabot ko sa laki ng hirap ng auntie ko , gastos, pagod! anu ang silbi ng visa na yan kung di pala pwede makaalis dapat sinabi kaagad na di pwede umalis para di aksaya pera, pagod etc!!!!!!!!!!!nakakatrauma nangyayari tinatakan na passport ng departure tapos di pala tuloy!!!!!!!!!!!! huhuhu wala sa ayos!god bless phils na lang!

  14. philip says

    need ur advice.
    i am a filipino and presently working in qatar and i want to go to dubai for vacation.
    i will apply my visa through travel agency in dubai. do i still need this affidavit?

    • Grace says

      No. Only the Philippine Immigration wants that affidavit so when you are traveling to Dubai from any port except Manila/Cebu, you don’t need that document at all. Even Dubai Immigration don’t care about that Affidavit of Support!

  15. Nitro says

    Question lang po! If you have this “affidavit or red ribbon” thing e hindi kana tatanungin sa immigration ng pilipinas? Pls I need po your answers thanks.

  16. Louiela says

    I was supposed to fly to Dubai last July but the immigration lady never allowed me to board the plane because according to her, I made two serious violations.
    1. The affidavit of support is not authenticated at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai
    2. I got split tickets – my return ticket was booked a day after the other.

    I told them the return ticket was booked late because it was paid by my Lola from Hawaii so I could save a little more for shopping. But the immigration lady never bought that. And so I had my return ticket canceled and now has to book one new ticket (back and forth). The thing is, I have to pay additional charges for it.

    With me at the immigration lady’s cubicle is another Pinay (sponsored by her mom) who has authenticated documents and valid visa. But she was never allowed to leave too because she got split tickets (return ticket was booked a week after).

    Just crap.

    Was there even a memorandum passed for these? Was the public properly informed of these requirements to avoid delays/hassles and additional charges? Or, did they even inform the public about this new requirements and/or changes and the date of the implementation for these? Do they even have the legal grounds to take back our right to travel?

  17. Louiela says

    Not just on the same day, but on the same booking reference. Meaning, you should book one ticket na back and forth na.

    They suspect na “dummy ticket” daw yung pabalik (the issuing agent could cancel it anytime) that’s why it was booked separately. This is only an allegation that’s why they asked a lot of documents from me to prove that I am still coming back (since I’m on a tourist visa). They asked for a certificate of employment (that I am currently employed since I assured them I am coming back since I am employed here), a copy of my approved vacation leave, company ID too. Then they made me fill-up something declaring how much pocket money I got for the travel. They didn’t check the money though. Still, I didn’t made it though, as well as the other Pinay.

    • Nitro says

      Aok and maybe they asked you so much question is because your visa is not authenticated right? and one thing they want from you that is “lagay” they’re so pathetic! Anyway are you in dubai right now? Thanks for answering

  18. jharry says

    my fiancee wants me to visit him there at dubai this september my visa is now processing there..can you please tell me the requirements that i should bring at the fiancee told me that he will send me the copy of the affidavit of support and it is already authenticated there in dubai..aside from that affidavit ano pa po ba ang kailangan kong ipakita sa immigration? thanks.

    • Grace says

      Basic requirements would be: (1) Original tourist visa (2) Two way ticket (3) Affidavit of support authenticated at the Phil Consulate in Dubai.

      But then there are travelers carrying these and were still denied to board their flights. “Additional requirements” would include ATM card, credit card, show money, birth certificates (yours and your sponsor), etc short, bribe money! Good luck!

      • ella says

        thanks Grace for answering those comments….im searching on net what are the basic requirements to show in airport coz i applied visa for my sister. while reading ur comments i saw ur 3 basic requirements. hope she will meet all the things they will ask.
        thanks and God bless you!

  19. lea says

    ask ko sana if pwede mag sponsor ang friend ng father ko sa redribbon ko kasi dpa resident ang father k dubai

  20. Aiysha says

    Like Jharry, ano pa and documents na kelangan sa Philippine Immigration once they are coming to Dubai if they have already the visa and two way ticket to avoid hassles and delays.

    • Grace says

      You need to carry a document called Affidavit of Support – filled up by your sponsor here in Dubai and authenticated (red ribbon) at the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai too.

      • kristine yagyagann says

        hi po.. ung affidavit of support po ba kelangan sa dubai gawin?? hnd ba pwedeng d2 na lang sa pilipinas ipagawa?

        • Grace says

          Yes it has to be authenticated (red ribbon) at the Philippine Consulate in Dubai, along with the copy of your original Dubai visa.

      • Grace says

        Basic requirements at the airport: your passport, affidavit of support notarized at the Phil consulate in Dubai (red ribbon), two way ticket. Better you bring your own birth certificates and your sponsor to prove relationship.

        Always better to be safe than sorry – bring everything you can so they can’t hold you for any reason. When are you coming?

        • Des says

          not sure yet grace. My cousin will apply my visa this saturday in dubai..My anxiety level was increased upon reading this page. :(

        • maileen says

          Hi po. tnks god i found this so bothered kasi. Im flying on Aug 16 to dubai.and i dont have any idea.kasi po my visa and ticket are already done. i got my flyt details already. but since yung nag process ng visa and ticket ko not my relatives. paano po yan? meaning wlang nag sponsor sakin,yet i have visa from travel agency which kakilala na niya in dubai.matagal na kasi cya du un.shes a close frnd lang. ano po ba kailangan pra hindi ma hold. i got my leave letter approved in my company. i got my id. my passbook. and kailangan po ba my affidavit parin po? hmm so worried. :(

        • nice says

          hello grace! have a nice day to you! i am so happy that i have found this site it helps a lot to kapwa pinoy who plan to visits their families and friends in dubai. thank you very much for the time and effort for the informations!

          god bless you!

    • Grace says

      Some people I know have been asked this, if you declare that you are working in the Phils. Other immig officials don’t ask. If you have one, better take it with you, just in case.

    • Grace says

      I don’t know – it depends on the immigration officer’s mood. If you have, better bring it with you just in case.

  21. Julian says

    I use to live and work in UAE, I worked for an airline and made the greatest mistake of my life to resign, then I went to Doha which was a dry and lame place and I left after a year. My friends in DXB wanted me to go to DXB again at maghanap ng trabajo. Ang problema ko is wala akong kamag-anak sa UAE na pwde magsponsor ng visa. As I work in travel, I understand ung dillema about sa split ticketing dahil may duda talaga na “dummy” ang return, so what I would recommend is to get a flight late evening or very early morning so these Immigration officials cant check with airline. (actually di naman talaga sila nagchechek). Also, purchase a RT ticket in one PNR (one record) and when you are settled in UAE, refund the return portion or rebook the return as usually rebookable yun after one year (ask the airline or travel agency to give you a changeable tkt valid for one year, and ask them if the fare will allow you to refund the unused portion of ticket, ie the return). Also if you want to get the refund in UAE, then book the tkt in UAE and send sa email nyo.
    I had one Pinay passenger before who had tried 3x to go to airport but was denied by immig counter sa NAIA (she was going to Qatar on visit visa). She was irritated na and when immig officer asked her why will you visit Doha, without batting an eyelash, she said “maghahanap ako ng trabaho!” un, tinatakan ng immig officer ung bpass nya haha. And now, she is working in an airline sa Doha. NAKIKIALAM kasi yang mga immig officers na yan eh alam naman nila na allowed naman ng GCC governments na magconvert ng tourist/visit visa to working visa, so ano paki-alam nila?

    • maileen says

      tnks sa info on visit visa din.kaso im so worried kasi as tourist ako and no relatives na nag process sakin.only frnd.connecting ung ticket q to hongkong-uae. wat i want to knw if under go parin ba aq ng same question in hongkong? sana not mking difficult for me, ;( so stress na eh…sana hndi masayang yung money ko,,tsk

  22. grace says

    Hi grace! Would just like to clarify this AOS requirement. Is this also required if I am sponsoring my husband to come to Dubai on VISIT VISA? I mean, we already have authenticated marriage certificate and of course, as the spouse, I will literally support my husband. Do you know anyone whose spouse came on visit visa but was also required to present the AOS? Thanks for your help. Appreciate your inputs.


    • Grace says

      The posting at the embassy says AOS is required for all visit/tourist visa holders, regardless of the relationship between the sponsor and sponsored person…

  23. Apple says

    Hi.. ask ko lang if it’s true na mahirap kumuha ng visit visa ang 22 year old??? Because i sponsored my cousin whom that age and hindi ma approve yun visa nya kasi she’s still young pa daw.. is there any other option para ma approve yun visa na… Thanks..

    • Grace says

      My sister born on August 1989 had her visa approved last May (when she was still 21). The travel agency I used to apply in her behalf (along with the plane tickets) already warned me that there are instances the visa might not be approved because of her young age.

      But luckily, my sister’s visa was approved..however 2 other applicants both born in 1989 weren’t. I guess it depends on luck and the immigration officer’s mood!

      You can try applying again if you don’t mind the fees that will incur..if a visa won’t be approved you will get your refund, though not full. Good luck!

      • lanie says

        Hello po Miss Grace, my kapatid po kasi aq sa qatar, gusto nya aqng kunin, ano po kaya ung pinaka madaling option ng visa para makalusot aq doon?
        ano-ano kaya ung mga requirements na dapat kong ihanda,
        may nabasa rin po aqng advise na pwede daw dumaan ng hongkong then deretso na sa qatar, no need na daw ung visa ever dahil maxado na raw kurakot ang lahat.
        Legal kaya un?? di kaya magka problema sa qatar pag andon na aq?? pls. rply po,,

        • Grace says

          I don’t know the visa policies in Qatar but most likely, it’s the same as here in Dubai. Better ask your relative to ask a travel agent there in Qatar as to the proper requirements.

          • says

            ANN june 6/06/2012 at 10:20 pm Hi,miss grace!ask ko lang kung ok lang na mag sponsor sa akin ung cousin ko sa dubai,but she is my third cousin!den she is new in dubai!and miss grace wat is the documents i need to show in immigration? waiting for ur reply..tnx.

    • Grace says

      First, there is no such thing as “fiancee visa”. You will still apply for a tourist visa for your boyfriend and write “fiancee” as relation in the Affidavit of Support document.

  24. Pinoy Ako says

    I don’t understand instead of helping our countrymen as Filipino it seems that we are also victimized by our own country officials. We ask help from them because our Government trust them that they will help us in behalf of our Government but they just want a simplier job. Some of our kababayan are in the jail because of false accusation but our embassy nevermind about them. What are the embassy can do for us? If ever God will ask me in what country I will choose I will not choose Philippines because the Government are corrupt and the embassy are the extend business of the persons managing on it. I hope the Aquino Administration will notice about this foolishness in our embassies.

  25. Mars says

    Hi! I have worked to Abu Dhabi for 6months with a mission visa. The Visa expired and my employer is processing my freezone employment visa. I’m now in the Philippines and waiting for my visa. I have heard that I have to go through PDOS and OWWA that will cost me a lot of money and time. Can I go to Hongkong for a tour then I’ll do my exit their using my emploment visa going to Abu Dhabi. Thanks

  26. weng says

    hello..can anyone could give me an idea about my plan applying visit visa going to japan… working as domestic helper here in lebanon.(I have my grandmother and cousins who is willing to invite me).is it possible to apply in lebanon japanese embassy for a visit visa due to kind of my work??

  27. jason says

    hello grace, pag meron kana visit visa/tourist visa for dubai all documents is complete already, now ito tanong ko, kailangan paba ung NBI clearance sa philippine immigration?kasi napakatagal ngayon kumuha ng nbi, kailangan mo pa kumuha ng schedule, gaya ko pumunta ako nbi oct 17,2011 tapos binigyan ako schedule this coming nov 4 para kumuha clearance, so what if ma HIT ka?so another days na nman to wait..anyway my point is need pba ung nbi clearance sa immigration dito sa pinas?

  28. dobie crow says

    yan nga ang problem sa ating mga kababayan gustong pumunta dito sa UAE pero di naman makatuloy , di lang nila alam ng nasa position na ang gastos kung hindi matuloy …

    • des says

      hi te grace.. I was just wondering if I have to tell the immigration officer in NAIA that I’m a nurse since my visa says my prof is “sales representative”. I asked the agency about it and they said “all visa in my age has the same title of sales rep”.

  29. jason says

    hi grace good day!
    i have now my visit visa, ito tanong i have to change my philippine pocket money into dollar before departing at the airport? or is it ok if ung phil money ko dun na sa dubai ko ipa change into dirham.. reply pls..


  30. says

    gud pm,andito po ako sa bahrain as husband visa,ung aswa ko po nepale at dun rin kmi ngpksal sa nepal,ngaun uuwi kami ng pinas para mgbakasyon,itatanung ko lng po kung ano requirement sa immigration pgblik sa bahrain?kelangan ko pa ba aunthenticatecate ung marriages certificate nmin sa pinas eh kinasal kami sa nepal?

  31. says

    dito po ako sa bahrain as husband visa,ung asawa ko po nepale,kinasal kami sa nepal,ngayon first time namin uuwi ng pinas,ask ko lng po kung ano requirements sa immigration?,kelangan ko pa ba authenticate ung marriages certificate nmin sa pinas kahit na doon kami kinasal sa nepal?please po i need your help…thank you

  32. Rodel says

    Hi Grace,
    It’s nice finding your site as it may help me about my problem. I am here in Dubai and I opt getting my spouse here. My problem is, we are just 2 months married and can’t get an authenticated marriage certificate at NSO as we need to wait for 6 months. I need to get her here soon as her employer is waiting for her. Our problem is, how about if the immigration will ask her about a proof that I am her spouse? Does an unauthenticated marriage contract be fine? Nakaprocess pa lang kasi ang marriage contract namin sa NSO at di naman kami makapag antay hanggang 6 months. Grabe naman sa atin!

  33. Rodel says

    Des if you will be in an employment visa, the immigration officer will i think not be asking you about your work here anymore. Anong pakialam nila? Kung magtatanong sila, grabe na ang pagiging pakialamera nila. To tell you guys, I came here in Dubai last June of 2006 and I paid an immigration officer just not to be offloaded. Sa ngayon, mas tumindi ang sitwasyon and I really can’t imagine why the Philippine government is not acting about this. Bakit may lagayan?

    • des says

      kuya Rodel I’m already in dubai..thanks sa lahat ng info ate grace. It wasn’t as hard as I expected. Ok lng po yung immigration officers basta complete yung papers nyo base on my experience at sa mga nakasama ko sa byahe who were also first timers.

      • cassyen04 says

        hello ms. des..anu puh ba ang mga complete requirements n sinsbi..xe ang aus sa nababasa tlgang mhigpit sa immigration..anu ba ung mga hinhanap nila..??

        • des says

          in my case affidavit of support, birth certificate, visa and plane ticket lng.make sure back and forth ung ticket mo. ok lng ung immigration officer basta complete yung papers mo and you have to prove to them that your sponsor is really your relative by showing your birth certificates.

      • madel says

        hi des, ask ko lang sana wat mga requirements dinala mo? in my case kc magvvisit visa ako …plan ko pa lang magpunta ng dubai…

  34. kei says

    hello ate des and and ate grace, thank you sa mga info, im planning to work in dubai, paano po kaya ang gagawin ko? wala pa po ako makitang pwedeng magsponsor sakin sa mga relatives ko. ano po ang pwedeng next step ko?

    • Grace says

      You need to have someone apply for a visa on your behalf here in Dubai. Most especially, because you need the document “Affidavit of Support” to be signed by a relative and attested at the consulate here.

      Otherwise, you can apply through agencies for work. Some Dubai based companies are hiring from the Philippines through agencies.

      Good luck.

  35. eia says

    hello grace,,,ask ko lng po kung talagang nererequire s phil immigration ang show money..para sa mga visit or tourist visa?mga magkano nmn dw po kaya,,its my firstime n mvisit sa one thng pa po,,frnd ko lng ung nginvite sakin so do i have a chance na makalusot s immgrtion,,so waiting nko s mga papers frm dubai at lyt ko na nxmnth but im still confusing at konteng nervous kc i knw mrmi prn nadedeny inspite s mga ginastos ng ibng kbbyn ntng mgtry mgvisit s dubai…thnks a lot more power,,sna mareply nio ako as soon as possible kc onw eek nlng flyt ko na po…

    • cassyen04 says

      te eia yan din puh ang problem ko about immgiration officer..mybe next month n rin ang alis ko im just waiting for my visa and affidavit..kinakabahan din ako bka mdeny sa dme ng ngssbi n mrmeng ng ndedeny upon entering to dubai..

      • eia says


        • Grace says

          Hello Eia, are you in Dubai already? If you have successfully passed through NAIA freely, please share your experience so many people will benefit from your information. Thanks!

  36. says

    i had visa to india and all my tigns i paid tax and imigration feee there this a guy beggar keep askign me if anythign in my fill out form is true i said yes but wn i got to interview she keep askign so embarassing question and asing for affidavit of indian consulate in india i didnt reliz they may be askign for under the table tahts why he kep helpign ans sayign he will help thre is in the word he gave me his number and all that and so kkeep replyign my txt iwas tense depressed i didnt realise he maybe lookign for under the table coz the litraly fulled me in bck and intrview der w/c is plac full of crap im sure meron sila pinahihiwatig anyone had succesful did under the table in phil immigration ? pls reply po tnx

  37. eia says

    hi grace,,its me eia..remember sumulat ako sau last mnth,,nung dec2 dpt ang flight ko..but it was so upset kc po na oofload ako.s counter ng immgration ask nung guy officer kung kaano ano ko ung sponsor,,i said it was my relative,,then he ask wht kind of relative i answered distant,,then he stand up and he pas my papers to those officer at the back of the counter,,dun ung may form n u need to fill up then aftr inintervew ako,,they asking lot of question ,,in short they don’t believe he is my distant relative..they asking unnecessary questions which wla nmn connection.and one thng is sa visa ko there was stated as sales representative as my position.hinanapan dn ako ng company id,leave of absence at company they offload me..i was so upset and embarass…i spend lot of money bcause i came from province then the most painful for me that day is my birthday…they said if i produce all these document then they will pass me by..i dnt knw wht to do knw since he is not my relative..shall i still pursue?pls advice me grace,,,thanks…

  38. rein says

    same wt my sister.. but shes already in dubai now but b4 that she also encounter a lots of trouble b4 her flyt. she offload after she pass the immigration and her passport had a stamp already but this 2 crooks from the immigration had stop her b4 entering the gate of cathay pacific asking some papers again and unneccessay questions which she confused, coz she only hv to wait for her flyte and this 2 guys says her papers is invalid and lead her to the office until she missed her flyt. to make the story short she paid ” under the table ” to this immigration people worth 17,000 it happen last feb 2, 2011. and my friend is also pay 40,000 under the table last nov. 17, 2011 for her to pass the immigration for the 2nd time coz she also offload week before, her problem is the sponsor its her sister who sponsored her but they dont hv same family name as they are not yet married.. IMMIGRATION PEOPLE ARE ALL CROOKS!!!

  39. sillygal says

    hi ask ko lang po.. if its possible for me to be sponsored by my cousin pero sa middle name lang ung pareho sa amin. tapos ang sabi nya is she cant use her company name since i was not listed on her dependents :( hows that? is she able to still provide me AOS? and dapat po bang i have my visit visa muna and an airfare bago sya mag apply nun? thanks po sa sasagot

  40. isha says

    hi i just want to some questions bout the requirements need by the immigration officers before they allow to go to holding a visit visa,already had an affidavit of support..what else should i prepare before my flight on just really nervous about it..first cousin q po ung kukuha skin dun..and she say na need ko ng iba pang supporting papers..tenkyu..

  41. tess says

    pare-parehas ang problem,naoofload din kapatid ko,kapatid ko pa mismo,kaya ang naisip ko na gawin ay umuwi saglit kunin ko lng sya,kumpleto nman ang papers nya…ano pb ang kulang???PERA!!!

  42. madel says

    hi po sa inyo…ako po si madel, i’ve learned about the offload thing that’s happening in manila at the immigrations desk, so curious lang po ako, meron rin po ba kayong reklamong natatanggapsa mga subscribers nyo if dito sa mactan cebu ang flight to dubai? nasa cebu po kc ako, and i’m planning to go to dubai with a visit visa of which ang boyfriend ko po ang magpaprocess sakin..boyfriend ko po ang sponsor ko, allowed po ba yun? if yes po, ano pa po ang mga additional requirements na dapat namin iprepare? sa ngayon po kc inaayos ko pa po yung school documents, working at training certificates ko…ive already mentioned to my bf na rin about that affidavit of support..can you give me some advice about my case? please po……bothered na rin po kc ako, gusto ko tlgang matuloy sa dubai…thanks po, hope to hear your reply ASAP…

    • Grace says

      I’ve heard that yes, whatever the situation and whether you are travelling or not, the immigration desk will look for the AOS. Good luck!

  43. Julian says

    Hello grace/all,

    nagwork na ako sa UAE nang 3.5 years. umalis ako last march 2009. plano ko sana magvisit visa at maghanap ng trabaho.
    wala akong kamag-anak sa UAE, though madami ako mga kaibigan naman since nagtrabajo ako diyan.
    nagsaliksik ako online at may mga agencies dyan na nagoofer ng UAE visa, sabi ko wala ako kamag-anak dyan so sino ang pipirma ng AOS? sabi nila magagawan daw ng paraan yun. tanong ko lang, may paraan po ba sa ganito? kasi AED2.5k ang ask nila sakin to process lahat kasama ang ticket. sayang naman kung harangin ako ng mga impakto at corrupt na immigration officers here.



  44. annie says

    may mga agency na sila ang maghahanap ng kaapelido mo para sa AOS mo ganyan ginawa nila sa kakilala ko na nagvisit visa dito..

    • Jef says

      ah ganun po ba ms. annie

      medyo mahirap yata dahil baka wala akong kaapelyido dyan. unique ang apellido namin eh. Pwde ba Middle Name?
      kasi comon ung middle name ko.

      • annie says

        di pwede un.. pwede naman may mag sponsor sa inyo na kamag anak nyo kahit wala sila sa UAE.. ang case kasi nung bf ng friend ko wala sya kamag anak dito sa UAE sa Europe ung mga relatives nya so nagtanong sya sa immigration dyan sa pinas pwede khit nasa ibang country ang magsponsor kelangan attested ng consulate/embassy ung affidavit of support na kung saan country nandun yung magsponsor s u.. so yung AOS attested somewhere in europe.. yung ang pinresent nya sa immigration nung nagpunta sya dito sa UAE

    • Grace says

      Total nonsense. This just takes out the original purpose of the AOS. The government should have known this rule will just be rigged and this will only become another of their ‘income generating scheme’!

      • Leah says

        I am much and fully aware that it will be very difficult to get a non-relative from the Philippines, But still, I am hoping to have my boyfriend here in Dubai. Its not easy coz its gonna be a gumble kase nasa military siya and i dont want him to leave his job for nothing kaya until now we cannot finalize kung paano kami magsisimula o magpplano para sa aming dalawa. Sad to say, wala din syang relatives dito who could possibly help us.

        Is there anyone here who can give us the best instruction. I would really appreciate it. Thanks in advance po..

  45. jam says

    Patanong naman po.. me inapplayan po akong work sa Abu Dhabi(Direct Hired po ako), ngayun po gusto ko sanang malaman kung ano ung mga documents na hahanapin sakin ng phil immigration sa airport pag alis ko sa pinas at UAE immgiration pag dating ko sa UAE aiport kung visit visa or working visa ang dala ko?

    • Grace says

      First of all, congratulations on the job!

      Basically, the immigration people at the airport won’t allow “direct hiring” not unless the company who hired you goes through the loops at the POLO (OWWA) office here in the UAE. Now, most companies do not do that because it is time consuming, not to mention, added cost for them.

      To answer your question, they would need a copy of your labor contract authenticated at POLO office, and God knows what else!

  46. enina says

    hi ms grace..
    I am about to go to dubai this february 2012 under a visit visa. i’ve got my fiance’s sister as my sponsor. what problems/ questions i might get asked at the Phil. immigration and Dubai immigration and what documents would they want me to produce? what are my chances of getting through or getting offloaded? Please send me a reply as soon as possible..i badly need it, i feel so worried after reading the previous comments….thank you so much! BTW, very helpful site..really helps! –enina

    • Grace says

      Do you have the Affidavit of Support document that is authenticated (red ribbon sealed) by the Philippine consulate here in Dubai?

      The immigration officials at NAIA would want to see that and then, question you about your relation with the one who signed the AOS. I see that it is your fiance’s sister who sponsored you. I don’t know what sort of proof documents you might be asked. These people are bent on offloading travelers if you can’t prove relationship through birth certificates.

      I don’t want to scare you, just give you a rough view of what you might expect.

      I hope you can pass through freely. Whatever happens, do NOT pay! You are free to travel as you are not on the NBI criminal list, bear that in mind. You have the right to travel, have the correct documents especially the proper visa to enter the UAE. They have no right to offload you.

      You will not have any problem with the immigration here in Dubai – it’s only when leaving Manila that all headaches arise!

  47. says

    Hi Grace,

    Thank’s for this site, it’s very helpful…BTW just wanted to ask i’m currently here in Thailand working, i have a complete documents stated that i’m currently working here in Thailand and i’m planning to go in to Dubai for a Tourist/Visit, my husband’s friend will be the who will be sponsoring me on the said visa, but he don’t know what is the requirement for me because i’m already here in Thailand, please advise for what documents i need to prepare so that my application will pass. Hoping to hear from you soon, because i’m planning to go in Dubai by May, 2012. many thank’s

    • Grace says

      If you are already in Thailand, fly to Dubai from there. Don’t go back to the Philippines. All you need then is a proper tourist visa and roundtrip ticket.

  48. says

    Ms. grace, i now have my affidavit of support and i’m certain that I can obtain my visa this week. I feel so worried na po. If they decided to offload me, do I have any say in that? And if they asked for money, what other choice do I have? Where can I possibly get support inside the airport?

  49. says

    follow-up question din po.. if I have complete documents to prove my relation to my sponsor and they still decided to have me offload, is there any legal argument I can use? I’m feeling more anxious by the moment..please help..

  50. Evie says

    Why do these things ever formulated by whose government? It’s a hassle for Filipinos who struggle to seek gainful employment abroad. Grabe ang panggigipit ng gobyerno sa mga Pinoy na innovative thinkers. Do they not know that we can send more dolalrs with the Filipino ingenuity to find job even without the help of the government? Tapos pag may problema wlaa namang tulong na maaasahan. Shame on the makers of this hindrance document. Pasensya na nadala na naman ako, Mirriam :)

  51. laila says

    hi grace,

    tanong ko lng balak ko kse kunin ang brother in law ko
    as tourist visa. andito ako ngyon sa abudhabi as husband visa. pwede kya ako makaka kuha ng affidavit of support para sa kanya? ano po mga documents ang dapat nya dala bukod sa aos, para maka lusot sa imigration officer?marami nag sasabi na mostly babae daw ang hinohold ng immigration officer kesa sa lalaki.totoo po ba ito?

  52. harshad says

    i invited my gf to India frm Philippines but the immigration didn’t allowed her to board the flight b’coz they wanted the authentication letter.
    now i have the authentication letter and also the valid documents they wanted but in my invitation letter i have mention her as my friend instead of girlfriend and i also inquired this in the philippines embassy here in india..they said there won’t be any problem..
    is dat true…and also der was no form to fill up in the embassy ..they just told me to provide the notorised documents…
    is it ok..

  53. curly says

    Hi Ms.Grace!
    is there a possibility maka cross ng dubai if im here in SG as a tourist? papano proseso? pls help ASAP!
    u have a very helpful really helps! thanx a lot!

  54. Evie says

    Thanks Mark, the website address is very helpful to us. Thanks also Miss Grace, this website is really very very helpful :)

  55. Van Marcelino says

    This website is so informative, im leaving on the 20th of february on visit visa hopefully does scumbags in the immigration doesn’t bother me!

  56. dey says

    hi ms. grace,
    i want to know it’s an issue the immigration if you’ll go to dubai with a tourist/visit visa and you’re unemployed here in the phils? is it a ground to be offloaded even if you have those primary docs?

  57. Faith says

    Hello Grace,

    May employment visa na ako pero sabi nila madami daw hinihingi sa immigration sa pilipinas , pwede ba ako pumunta hong kong at dun sumakay kahit employment visa hawak ko?

    • Guest says

      Hi! Nasa dubai ka na ba ngayon?

      Same kasi tayo, may employment permit na rin going to uae.

      Plano ko na dumaan muna sa Malaysia. Kelangan din ba Roun Trip ticket ipakita ko doon sa Malaysian immigration?

      Pwede share ka naman sa akin? please…


  58. Faith says

    hello grace,

    ok lang ba same day din travel mo dubai, di mo na tatapusin tour sa singapore? magkakaproblem ba? anu mga tinatanung sa immigration at hinahanap ng immigration singapore thanks

  59. says

    Hi Grace,
    I hope you don’t mind me asking which travel agency did you use (in case you didn’t personally apply in DNRD)? I will be sponsoring a neice and a nephew anytime soon so I am like shooting for the most reliable one. Many thanks :)

      • says

        Thanks much, Grace! I’ve just spoke to Angie and I’m all good to go :) Btw, your blog is so informative and I should say you’re brilliant, really :)

      • says

        Thanks much, Grace. I’ve just spoke to Angie and I’m all good to go :) Btw, your blog is so informative and I must say you’re brilliant, really! :)

  60. kim says

    Hi Grace,

    Good Day, hope u mind if I ask u, what are the documents needed if i’m going to sponsor a friend of mind from philippines, and he is not my relative what are the necessary documents needed to submit for him to come to dubai without any hasstle?

    waiting for your response.

    Many thanks,


    • Grace says

      To get a tourist visa: Scanned copies of your friend’s passport and ID picture + money (of course). Apply to nearest travel agency.

      Affidavit of Support – copy of original UAE tourist visa, yours and your friend’s passport copies and AOS document. This can be applied at the travel agency itself with fee of 300 dhs. If direct to Phil consulate, only 100 dhs.

      Upon leaving Manila, the immigration officers will see his passport, UAE visa and AOS along with other documents to prove relationship. If not related, it could get you in trouble and the traveler should either explain well or else risk being offloaded.

      Travelers related to their sponsors usually present birth certificates to show relation…I do not know how to go about with sponsoring a non-relative as the immigration is being so stupid regarding these kind of cases.

  61. dory says

    Hi Ms. Grace, I have obtained a residence visa for my child under mother sponsorship, ask ko lang po kung need pa ng AOS authenticated by Phil. Consulate in DXB? Wala na bang hahanapin sa amin sa NAIA. Thank you in advance.

    • Grace says

      The AOS is only required for those holding tourist visas going to Dubai. Logically, they won’t be needing any additional document except maybe birth certificate of your child and yours and your passport copy, labor contract, etc. No AOS.

  62. Ann says

    I am presently working here in Dubai for 3 years.My friend who just arrived in the Philippines from Kuwait wants to visit me here. She’ll come here on a visit visa under my company’s sponsorship.
    What else does she need to avoid hassle in the Philippine Immigration.
    Thank you Ms. Grace.

  63. madz says

    i just wanna clarify if ang AOS , sa phils immigration lang required para maka-alis? pag sa ibang bansa ka manggagaling papuntang dubai hindi na required ang AOS, as long as you have a visa and round trip tickets?

  64. Jean says

    Hello Ann! Kararating ko lang din d2 abudhabi galing pinas last feb4, 2012 under friend sponsorship.. dapat maghanda ang friend mo kasi maraming tanong ang immigration na puro nonsense. dapat alam nyang lahat ng info mo. higit sa lahat tinatanong doon mga financial status. bsta lang be smart, be respectfully, palaban at magiging consistent lang sya sa mga isasagot nya dahil sa ngayon ang hirap ng friend visa.

  65. says

    Hello Ann! Kararating ko lang din d2 abudhabi galing pinas last feb4, 2012 under friend sponsorship.. dapat maghanda ang friend mo kasi maraming tanong ang immigration na puro nonsense. dapat alam nyang lahat ng info mo. higit sa lahat tinatanong doon mga financial status. bsta lang be smart, be respectful, palaban at magiging consistent lang sya sa mga isasagot nya dahil sa ngayon ang hirap ng friend visa.

  66. michelle says

    hi grace,

    dito ako ngayon sa hongkong as domestic helper kaso naterminate ako., balak ko sana pumunta ng dubai para maghanap ng work., pwde kaya ako mag exit from here in hongkong going to dubai? thank you

  67. glyza says

    Hi Grace….
    Ask ko lang po totoo po bang kailangan na po ng supporting papers like NSO pag pinsan ko lang ang mag visit visa sa akin kahit pinadaan nya sa isang travel agency?….hindi po ba automatic na pag na recieve ko na ang visit visa ko at plane ticket ay pwede na ako mka alis aside ba non kailangan ko po ba dalhin yong NSO ng nanay ko at NSO ng nanay ng pinsan ko na syang mag papa tunay na pinsan ko sya? kasi ang narinig ko po ngayon?Ano po ba dapat ang dalhin ko dto before umalis ng pinas….pero aside po that OFW na po ako dati sa Dubai through agency po tinapos ko contarct ko tapos umuwi , sa ngayon po gusto ko pong bumalik through visit visa mahihirapan po ba ang sitwasyon ko sa tingin nyo po?…
    salamat….antayin ko po reply nyo….

    • Grace says

      Yes, it is better to bring birth certificates to prove relationship. It is not automatic that just because you have a UAE visa and Affidavit of Support that immigration officials will not grill you at the airport. They are NOT kind people.

      • abhie says

        pero panu po kung tanungin ako kung nasaan ung cert of employment ko pero ala ako work d2,,,xe tlgang sa dubai sana ako hnap work pero visit visa gagamitin ko..pinsan ko din po mg ssponsor saken…on process pa lng po lahat…

  68. Bill says

    Thank you SO much for posting this. My girlfriend was denied exit this week to come visit me in Europe, even thought she had a Schengen visa, and that we had to file an affidavit with the police here for her to get the visa! How were we supposed to know she needed more documents? To leave your own country?

    The only time I have EVER heard of citizens not being allowed to leave their own country was under Communism. I understand they want to protect people, but when honest people are impacted, it is not good. And the criminals go through the backdoor. Cost me $500 to reschedule all the fligths. And we still don’t know if they will let her fly.

    I asked the Philippine Emnbassy here if they had a affidavit form I could use, they said no. So thank you so much for posting this. I need something that the jerks at immmigration will recognize. My girlfriend was crying, and even another immmigration officer said to let her go. But the one interviewin her said no — no reason, just no.

  69. sheila marie m chan says

    hi grace,
    papunta ako ng abudabhi this coming april 19 ask ko sana kung anu pang documento ang kailangan sa immgration kasi ayaw ko ng ma offload ako i have my inviattion leter coming from my husband and original tourist visa aof meron narin ako gling consulate ng dubai nka red ribbon an din ids ng hubby ko lik e pataka card and labor card company id and health card contract of my husband and and marriage contract namin attested by the ask sna kung meorn pa akong dpat dalin thanks a lot and waiting for your reply god bless!!

    • Grace says

      Those documents should be ok but I’m just curious – if your husband is here and he can sponsor you, why Tourist Visa and not “Residence Permit” (husband’s visa)?

      • Joecas says

        Hi Miss Grace.
        I was supposed to got to dubai this month. My sponsor is my uncle who used to be the same family name. They are currently processing my visa and the booking of my flight. Once it is send to me, what’s the next step I must do? Thanks for your help. :)

      • John says

        Ms. Grace what do u think I may also be offloaded my visa was process by the travel agency in UAE. I have now he original visa, but the AOS of my mom is not authenticated, I also have in hand the residence visa and passport copy of my mom… I will have my flyt ds 26 of April please enlighten me what to do, I also have in my possession my Authenticated Birth Certificate to prove my relationship to my mom… thanksss

        • Grace says

          The immigration people in Manila/Cebu need to see that the AOS is authenticated (red ribbon) by the Philippine Consulate here in Dubai.

  70. says

    hello mam Grace,i have here a residence visa from my husband sa 2oth of April na yung alis ko pa puntang dubai,do i need po bang mag attend ng PDOS at saka ano po bang kailanganin ko as requirements pa pagdating sa airport?…pls help me..

    • melchor says

      hello d2 kna po b s dubai? kc kinuha q din aswa q ng husband visa. ano b mga hiningi syo s immigration? nag attend k p b ng PDOS?

  71. Maureen says

    Hi Ms.Grace,
    I invited my father(57yrs old) & sister(11 yrs old) for a 30 days summer vacation here in Dubai. I already have visa, 2-way ticket booked at emirates airlines, affidavit of support, my visa & passport page+ my husband visa & passport pages kc i am under my husbands sponsorhip. I included a copy of my salary certificate + our authenticated marriage contract & NOC signed by my husband.
    Do i need to notarize all my documents? 1st degree family ko po sila then secondly, base sa ages nila for sure di sila magtratrabaho d2. Pero kc nung mabsa ko comments sa site na eto, d ako mapakali lalo pa flight na nila sa April 22. I went to Philippine consulate yesterday, 5th april kaso sarado dhil nga holy week & sa 10th April pa resume ng office. Prob ko po 10 days ang authentication + 3 days courier . Kailangan ba talaga ipanotaryo??may urgent processing ba ang phil consulate? Kung sa Phil. Embassy kya? How many days?please advise. Thank u so much!

    • John says

      same problem with me pa Flight na ako ng April 26, when I read this article kinabahan ako my MOM tru travel agency in Dubai process my visa and there were supporting papers like AOS, Travel Agency license, and Original Visa but the problem is the affidavit of support is not notarized/authenticated… what shall we do??? i read in some articles that notary/authentication are not compulsory pero baka ma offload ako… need advice thanksss

  72. Richard R says

    Hi Grace,

    My wife and daugther is coming here in dubai this 24th april, they already have the ORIGINAL visa sponsored by the hotel Im working in. Do they also need AOS?


    • Grace says

      Sorry I wasn’t able to answer this. I hope your wife and daughter arrived in Dubai safely.

      Just for reference for other readers, AOS is only needed if the visa is tourist or visit – residence permit holders do not need AOS.

      • Richard R says

        thanks grace….

        my wife and daughter already here in dubai and no hassle if the Visa is sponsored by the hotel and with the copy of hotel booking.

  73. nervous sis... says

    hi grace,
    i am planning to, take my elder sis on a visit visa dis coming may, while reading, i felt so nervous and worried bka ma off load din ang sis ko..can u tell me which one is better,i will let her go to HK for a visit then from there she will fly to DXB? we have complete docs, but i dont like hassles,and BULL thing from Immigration…please help me…

    you dont know how much help u are giving to each and everyone of us..INSHALLAH u will have a happy life!!!!thanks!

  74. John says

    Be smart enough
    A traveler intending to go abroad with a tourist/temporary visitor?s visa shall be subjected to:

    1. Primary Inspection
    During primary inspection, the following documents shall be required from a traveler:

    a) Passport
    b) Visa when required
    c) Roundtrip Ticket
    2. Secondary Inspection
    2.1 The Bureau of Immigration shall conduct a secondary inspection of a traveler, when deemed necessary, for the purpose of protecting vulnerable victims of human trafficking and illegal recruitment and other related offenses, through the assessment of the following circumstances:
    a) Age
    b) Educational attainment
    c) Financial capability to travel
    i. If not financially capable to travel, an authenticated affidavit of support, indicating therein the relationship within the 4th civil degree of consanguinity or affinity, together with the supporting documents, may be entertained; and
    ii. An affidavit of undertaking/ guaranty may likewise be entertained.
    2.2 Any passenger/traveler who will be subjected for secondary inspection shall be required to accomplish the Bureau of Immigration Border Control Questionnaire (BCQ) to be furnished by the Immigration Officer.

    2.3 However, the following shall automatically be subjected to secondary inspection:
    a) Travelers without financial capacity to travel escorted/accompanied by a foreigner who is not related;
    b) Minor traveling alone or unaccompanied by either parent or legal guardian without the required travel clearance from the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD);
    c) Repatriated irregular workers, in which case, travel may not be allowed without the clearance from the IACAT (generate data);
    d) Partners and spouses of foreign nationals intending to depart to meet and/or marry his/her fiancé without the CFO Guidance and Counseling Certificate;
    e) Passengers traveling to counties with existing deployment bans, alert levels and travel advisories and those in possession of a visas to the said countries; and
    f) Passengers who stayed abroad for more than one (1) year during a previous departure from the country as a tourist/temporary visitor, intending to depart for the second and/or subsequent time.
    2.4 Clarificatory questions may be propounded relating to the above-mentioned documents/purpose by the Bureau of Immigration.
    2.5 A traveler found to be misrepresenting the purpose of his/her travel as tourist shall not be cleared for departure.

  75. Dolf says

    my friend was offloaded yesterday morning in spite of having all valid required docs. (visa, roundtrip-tickets, authenticated AOS, 5 more residence stamp copies of my relatives here…. )

    theyre insisting that she my friend will not stay here in UAE as a tourist. they’re insisting that she will just stay here to look for a job. which really is true. but… the hell they care??? I have provided the affidavit of support which means i will take responsibility of her expenses, safety, food and etc… now we have to pay the “No Show / Rebooking fee” plus we’re having a hard time getting another flight with the same rate. tckets now are very expensive, ranging from P30,000 to P45,000 .. i really dont know what will happen now… we’re trying to get another affidavit of support so that on her 2nd attempt she’ll have 2 AOS, one is under my name as her friend and two will be under my aunt’s name who is a wife of her uncle. YES! we’re not just a close friend but considered a family member.

  76. madzz says

    ms.grace i am so bf’s ate will sponsor me as frend visit visa,but i heard a lot of offloaded cases.. if the immigration officer wont allow me to board my flight is it possible that i will pass it the second time around when i am rebook? and is it possible that i may not go to dubai even i have the visa? do the immigration officer have the authority to reject my visa? I’M LOOKING FORWARD IN YOUR RESPONSE!thanks in advance 😀

    • Grace says

      Sadly, even with proper documents like a valid visa, authenticated AOS and passport will not guarantee a hassle free travel. :(

      In most cases, they require that your sponsor is a relative (which is really stupid). If the sponsor is not a relative, you will have to be brave to face them and tell your reasons that they do not have the right to hold you because you are not in the NBI list, etc…

      • says

        hello GRACE,

  77. Febz says

    Hi Grace,
    I want to visit dubai this summer…confused lang poh hindi ko alam kung anong visa aaplayan ko im living here in italy permanent resident but holding a philippine passport kya kelngn ko prin mag apply ng visa..ano poh pinaka best way na gawin ko dko po kasi alam ang first step to appy,,kung visit or travel visa po ba???salamat po ng marami:-))

    • Grace says

      Do you know anyone in Dubai?

      You need someone here to apply in your behalf. You need a tourist visa and round trip tickets Italy-Dubai-Italy. Visa+ticket packages can be arranged at any travel agency here.

  78. karla says

    hi! i actually have a tourist visa now and planning to be in dxb before the 15th of may. i am not sure if i will be able to pass the immigration here since the immigration here has a lot of non-sense reqs. to the point that you will assume that they just need the pampadulas thing. i wanted to ask if i can enter dxb even if my tourist visa is not authenticated? i mean can i do manila hongkong or brunei, brunei manila ticket but from hongkong i will fly straight to dxb? is it too risky?
    hoping you can reply soon. im getting so confused and stressed out thinking of what to do.

    thank you

    • jc says

      i arrive at dubai last april 26, immigration officer didnt asked any requirements except original visa, affidavit of support, ticket back and forth, your family member residence visa and passport copy, your birth certificate, your family member departure and arrival record (asked at the airport) prepare all this thing… dapat confirmed na din ung ticket pauwi if not expect d ka makakaalis especially ur not related or d kayo magka-apelydo

    • Grace says

      Just to clarify, you don’t need to authenticate your tourist visa. What you need to authenticate or put a red ribbon on is the Affidavit of Support. You can have your sponsor bring it to the Philippine Consulate in Qusais to be authenticated at a fee of 100 dhs.

    • ilyn says

      hi ms.karla and ms.grace,
      i experienced the same in the immigration.the whole scenario there really sucks!now, i am planning to do the same, travelling to HK as a tourist and fly to dubai.Do you think it will be ok?
      Is there anyone who experienced like this? What are the requirements of HK Immigration in travelling to Dubai?
      My flight scheduled this 20th of May.
      Please help.

      Thank you so much…

  79. margaret acosta says


    hi, grace! gusto ko lang malaman kung totoo ba na ang eye scan ay nagla-last lang for 5 years? how true na after 5 years binubura na ang record ng eye scan sa dubai? pumunta ako ng dubai 5 years ago. may eye scan ako after exit ng iran that was 2007. umuwi ako pinas 2009 na may utang sa loan at c.card. im planning bumalik ng dubai gamit ang iba pangalan. mate-trace kaya ako sa airport?

    hope masagot ang tanong ko as soon as possible.

    thank you. god bless!

    • dop says

      yes that’s how EYESCAN works. they’ll be able to know that you are holding somebody else’s passport/name. in addition, you can be put in jail as you might have been reported and blacklisted since you had unpaid debts when you left UAE back in 2009. be careful.

    • Grace says

      I’m sorry I don’t know anything about the eye scan or its validity because I did not undergo it when I came to Dubai in 2007.

      But hey, there are some kind readers answering for you here. Thanks, guys!

  80. ria says

    Hi Miss Grace. I was supposed to fly yesterday for dubai. I got held off by a GROUNDS PERSONNEL from PAGS in the airport because I’m holding an evisa print out. She asked me to present the original copy of my visa. so I went back to my cousin in dbx to ask for the original copy, she told me that it’s an online visa and that’s how they release a copy of online visa. I mean does grounds personnel in any means have the right to refuse a traveller because of a scanned visit visa copy? I wasn’t able to get through the immigration by the way. I got held off at the check in counter. although I was already expecting that to happen but not in the check in counter

    • dop says

      as far as i know, ONLINE VISA is not applicable in the philippines… usually it is being issued for visa change purposes like mag eexit sa kish or oman.. o kya nmn pag ung mga nagcoconnecting flight sa hongkong or singapore. di yan ihohonor sa pinas. kc nga sobrang higpit nila satin unless otherwise maglalagay ka. how sad nmn.. sayang rebooking fee and fare diffrences. parang ung nangyari sa fren ko.. pero sana on her next attempt makapasok na cia.. kc her tourist visa is expiring very soon.

    • Grace says

      I’m so sorry to hear about your experience. I know that there are electronic visas as these are applied online but the Philippine Immigration wants the original copy – your cousin could have told the travel agency processing your visa and ticket to ask for that.

      When you travel from other countries, there are no problems. An e-visa is common sense but you know how it works in the Philippines.

      Please try to get the original visa.

      • jo says

        cousin ko po nahold sa phil immig hnnpan sya ng oec hndi nmn nagiisue ng oec ang dubai consulate kun wla kng ticket at hndi nmn ako uuwi dn ng pinas..kaso iniinsist nla n magprovide ng oec at owwa

  81. says

    anung age po ba pwedeng mag start mag work sa dubai from philippines to dubai thru agency nd po visit visa.. hindi ba talaga nila pinapriority ang 19 yrs old? o epende rin sa agency

  82. neph says

    hi gud day to you , i just want to asked what documnts should i present to the immigration officer , because my fiance wants me to visit her in dubai ,she wanted us to be married there and she will also be the one to sponsor my visit in dubai she is processing my documnts in dubai… actually we have 2 kids here in manila , i am very concious about being offloded because it will be a waste of time and money ,,,and how would that be because we are not relatives ,,, in your opinion with my case pls tell me if i have a chance topass the immigrtion personel or not… thank you…… thank you and god bless you..

  83. Honey May says

    Hi po… tanong ko lang po kung ano po ba talaga ang mga kilangan sa emmigration para po makaPASA.. kasi po ang KUYA ko ay papunta na po sana ngayon May 8, pero di po siya piayagan.. dalawa po sila tourist VISA meron po sila nito ( NSO ng sponsor, Photo copy ng passport(sponsor) and passport copy din po ng may-ari ata ng agency(di po sure kasi arabian ang nakita ko) AOS, Cert. po ng Travel agency) pero pagdating sa emmig. marami pa silang hinahanap.. pipasubmit sila ng POEA tsaka Working Visa ng sponsor….
    bakit po kaya ganun… is it really true na kelangan lang po mgbigay na pera.. na-aawa kase ako sa kuya ko:(
    salamat po ng marami..hoping for your reply…

  84. lovely says

    hi po..just wanted to ask if i still needed that affidavit of support notarized if im going along my sponsor?? and do i had to worry because my sponsor is not my relative she is sister inlaw of my sister???

    • Grace says

      What is the visa you are holding? Did you say you will be traveling with your employer. Do you have an employment permit with you?

      If you are still holding a tourist visa they may question you like: “how come you’re going to work when you have a tourist visa” and when you have an employment permit, they will still bug you with the question: “Did you go through proper channels (i.e., POEA) when you applied for this job?” etc etc

  85. Glenn says

    I also experience such stuff last April 26, 2012 at Cebu International Airport. I was sponsored for a visit visa here in Dubai, and I am fully aware of the Affidavit of Support and Guarantee made by my brother and sister-in law for securing visit visa. I was there at the airport around because my flight was scheduled at 12.30 pm, all my papers, except my plane ticket and visa were photocopy of the original.After check-in, the next step would be to pay for travel tax and terminal fee, prior immigration interview. Since that was my first time of travel, I was told to fill-up an immigration form for recording purposes.During the interview, I was told the this Affidavit of Guarantee and Support must be notarized and that immigration officer was at the helm of his arrogance.With professional distinction, I was able to rebut his point about notarization. I told him, Sir with due respect, this Affidavit of Support and Guarantee is only applicable to United Arab Emirates as a requirement for securing a visa. So in effect, it is an insult to their policies about visa’s entry if a certain country would differ or in doubt of their policies from with holding a person to travel holding their issued travel visa.Do not hesitate to rebut because if you are holding a visa duly issued by concerned country, the immigration officer cannot question your legality. It is only a question if you vouch right away to their money thing trend line of questioning. Tamang Landas!?????

    • says

      that is so true! lalo na sa NAIA… kaya to everyone dont let the immigration officers to offload you… you already have your visa so there’s already an agreement that you can go to that particular country.. :)

  86. Caris says

    Hello ate Grace, dami ko nabasang expeirence. Now this is my questions. I have cousin which is same po kami ng middlename. she’s only 22 years old, sabi ng agency dto sa Dubai kumuha ako ng AOS for her. tapos meron pa isa, bali cousin sya ng mama ko so tita ko siya wala akong kapareho sa name niya. anung ilalagay ko sa aOS ? tita padin? cguro kung nasa immigrtion npo ung tita ko pwde niya ilabas ang birthcertificate ko at ng mama ko which is middlename ng mama ko ay surname niya. pls advice me po if ano magnda gawin po thank u po.

  87. Caris says

    I’m now here in Dubai. Luckily I passed the Immigartion at the age of 19 years old. Kasi po kinasal po ako dto sa Pinas, and ung Azawa ko pumunta ng Dubai, kinuha niya po ako, pagdating sa Immigration wala po akong idea na pwdeng madeny mga documents ko. ung una nag interview sakin ang sungit, malabo daw ung marriage contract ko. tapos nahold ako, nag fill up ako ng papel, then i put only 5k for the question how much money u have? and Luckily po talaga, im on longtermvisitvisa, it means need AOS . pero hnd po nila ako hinanapan ng AOS. at wala po akong AOS, tsaka wala din po akong passport copy ng husband ko naforgot ko sa haus. Super lucky lang talaga, pag tapos ko magfill up, nawala ung masungit na nag iinterview sa akin :) at aun naka alis po ako ng walang kahirap hirap. It depends nga po yun sa mood ng IO!

  88. Rizza says

    Helo Ms. Grace, I am planning to go to Dubai soon. Pero wala akong relatives doon. Sabi ng friend ko sa Dubai, punta daw muna ako Thailand, para ang visa from Thailang to Dubai na ang pag process. Tama po ba yun?

    Thanks and God bless po. I hope to hear from you. I learned a lot from your site and sad for those people na nabiktima ng immg. Let’s just really pray for them.

  89. Rizza says

    Pupunta po ako sa Dubai as Tourist.. And base sa nabasa ko dito mahirap pag walang relatives doon, so okay lang ba na punta muna ako Thailand,,,, I’ll stay there for 1 week while ipaprocess ng kaibigan ko ang visa.

    Salamat sa answers guys..:)

  90. Fathema says

    hi ate Grace,

    nalilito kc ako . pwede po bang ung travel agency dto sa dubai ang mag ssponsor sa two cousins ko tapos ako nmn ang kukuha ng affidavit of support pra sakanila..pls help..

    • Grace says

      The travel agency will arrange the tourist visa + flight tickets but you have to fill up ans sign the affidavit of support. Most travel agencies also arrange the authentication of the AOS document by paying an additional fee.

  91. alona says

    hi! sa june 6 na ung flight ko papuntang dxb pero im worried kasi e-visa ung meron ako…sabi din sakin ng brother ko e-visa na din ung ginagamit ng employer nya na pinapadala sa agency na hawak nila dito sa pinas para sa mga pinoy na papunta dun for work…eh based sa nabasa ko dito hindi acceptable ung evisa dito sa atin…may AOS na din ako and 2way ticket…ibig sabihin eh may chance na ma-offload din ako like others?

    • Grace says

      An e-visa will put you in a very difficult situation. The travel agency/travel agent who helped you get the visa should have known better that the original visa will always be asked at the immig counters at Manila airport!

  92. alex says

    hi grace,
    kindly give me some advice regarding sponsoring my family here in UAE my visa is issue on dxb but currently assigned and working in Abudhabi.after all i process the required docs, suddenlly i notice that my profession falls under sales!. Ive had the required salary that the immigration requires for sponsoring my family. is there any reason that when i applied the said visa application will be rejected to the immigration department of dxb? cause of my profession? and if the case is that, are there any way i can still proceed to process my families visa?in any other way around?
    hope you can spare least of your time answering my inquiries?

    Many Thanks,

    • Grace says

      If you meet the required salary to sponsor a family in the UAE, it does not matter if your profession falls under the category of “sales”…unless you’re female because the immigration department allows only females from certain profession to sponsor their husband (and children).

  93. Edwin Sanchez says

    Hello Grace,

    My girlfriend who works there in Dubai wants me to visit her there, can you please tell us what do we need to do as we don’t have any idea how?

    Thanks and God Bless.


    • Grace says

      You would need a tourist visa. Your girlfriend can go to any travel agency to apply for a visa+ticket package plus the AOS. Travel agencies can arrange to authenticate the AOS in your behalf at an extra price.

      Your girlfriend would then send the original visa copy to you along with your e-ticket and authenticated AOS.

      Good luck in your travel to Dubai!

  94. mara says

    hello miss grace.. ang dmi q po sana gustong tanong kc ang dami kng q ngang nbasa about sa pagpunta ng dubai.. my cousin nman po aq ngwo2rk dn sa dubai, ask q lng po kng pwd ung birth certificate na lng nmin 2 ang ipakita at ndi na ung sa parents nmin o kya nman po khit ndi na lng nso authenticated ung sa knila. lps miss grace send me a reply asap miss grace.. thank you very much.. god bless you…

    • Grace says

      It’s better to bring birth certificates that could trace your relationship to each other through family names. If you only show yours and your cousin’s birth certificate, how can that prove you are related?

      I think it’s ok to bring the birth certificates of your parents even if it’s not authenticated by NSO just to show the connection. Better that than nothing at all and risk yourself from being offloaded.

      Good luck!

    • mara says

      hello again miss grace.. thank you po sa pagsagot sa question q dati.. tnong q lng po kng pwd ndi na authenticate ng dfa ung birth certificate ng parents nmin ng pinsan q… salamat po ulit.. god bless you…

  95. jonz says

    hello poh ms grace/readers., i am planning to go to dubai this month, pinaprocess na poh ng friend q ung visa q actually she is my brother’s fiancee, and wala poh aq work d2 sa pinas kc full time mom poh aq ng isang 3-year old baby, i wonder how is my chance of being offloaded dhil poh sa situation q na not currently employed and non relative yung sponsor, advice naman poh anyone kung anong dapat gawin para d maoffload, im really nervous about this immigration interview eh., thanks poh.,

  96. says

    hi miss grace,ask ko lang cousin ko kc mag sponsor sa akin sa dubai.kso third cousin ko sya n bago pa lang sya sa dubai.ano po bang documents kailangan ko?pra hindi po ako ma deny sa immigration.

  97. Matt says

    Hello Grace / anyone with experience.
    I’m trying to get a tourist visa for my girlfriend so we can visit UAE together. if immigration is so hard to get through here in the philipenes to go to UAE / dubai is it possible to fly to UAE from manilla to say, hong kong, or a country that we can easily get to? just stay there a day or 2 and then fly to UAE. that way when we leave manila we wont raise any more flags. the only thing with that is that we would want to have the visa ahead of time and maybe its not possible. or maybe the immigration would see the visa and ask us why we are going to hong kong when we have a visa for the UAE. could we get the visa from UAE embassy in HK relatively easily? would it be a problem to fly round-trip UAE to hk, then hk to mnl? i realize this is much more complicated. but it seems that so many people have issues with immigration, why not try to bypass some of the stupid immigration problems.

  98. melchor says

    hi! miss grace, i’ved got already a husband visa for my wife. nsend q n s kanya yung mga docs., red ribbon ng marraige cert.,labour contract, passport at residence visa copy ko. ano p kya hingin ng immig? kelangan p b mag attend ng PDOS ng wife q?

    pls…rply asap.,kc nkabook n sya s this comin 21.

  99. lani says

    hi..I have my original short term visa for dubai..i got my 2 emirates tickets also..I jst wnt to knw what else will d immigration ask from show money asked nd hw much? hw abt d bank statement of accnt..what if i dnt have it? wld it b ok that i bring wd me few show money visa has red ribbon

  100. sheila says

    hi ms grace i just want to ask about the validity of the affidavit of support from my husband issue this year is it 1 year validity or what because i m going back to abudabhi this year .and i want to know the status if i can use it again and the marriage contract red ribbon attested by the u.a.e embassy?pls let me know tnx and god bless!

  101. jhen says

    hi ms. grace, just want to ask kc po mag visit po ako s abu dhabi all expense b my boyfriend. and we already have all the required documents. ano po kaya ang chances n makaka lusot ako s immigration natin d2 s pinas… ano po kaya ung mga possiblity questons n pwede nilang itanong skin? please give me some advise.. thank you po ms.grace

  102. Princess says

    Hi Miss Grace , kung ang sponsor is only 19years old pero resisdence visa sa dubai hnd po ba un dahilan ng pag offload? thanks i need ur answer ms. Grace :)

  103. Pearl says

    Hi ms. Grace,

    June 27 po flight ko papuntang dubai..bali from hongkong to dubai..tomorrow po flight ko ng hongkong, i’ll be staying there for six days..mahigpit din po ba yong immigration sa hongkong? kasi po ang nag sponsor po sa akin is friend ko po sa dubai..pero complete na po ang papers ko, like affidavit of support na authenticated po, original visa and round trip plane tickets..kinakabahan pa din ako..

    • maileen says

      hi pearl.can i ask if u dont mind..ano nkalagy sa AOS mo since frnd mo lang ang nag apply sayu ng visa.? same kasi tau eh.but wla pa akong AOS.:(

        • maileen says

          really? then what happened po? are u in DBX now? ano ginawa mo? hndi pwede frnd diba sa AOS?
          tnks sa reply 😉

          • pearl says

            actually yong byahe ko non is Philippines – HK – DXB..pero naharang pa din ako ng immigration..yong kulang lang sa papers ko is OEC ba yon EOC something ng tita ko na nasa HK..yon hindi na ko pinayagan ng immigration umalis..binigyan nila ko list of requirements na dapat ko iaccomplish after ko ma present yon makakaalis na daw ako..pero hindi ko na din tinuloy, nakakatrauma na kasi..alam mo yong hahayaan ka lang nila don sa upuan tapos sila mag uumpukan para lang makipag chizmisan..hinanapan din ako ng sss contribution para daw mapa prove ko na nag wowork ako dito.. tapos i have this friend na nag text sa akin last week..sabi niya if when daw ako na offload kasi may friend daw siya na may kakilala daw sa immigration, pero magbabayad daw ako don sa immigation officer na kilala ng friend niya para wala na daw hassle pag umalis ulit ako..

  104. jonz says

    Hi everyone, ask koh lng po ung round trip ticket q poh for dubai as visit visa indicates il be staying for a month, pede poh ba sbihin sa immigration na 1 week lng aq sa dubai kht iba ung nakalagay sa return ticket ko?

  105. Jhonvie says

    mas safe po ba kung sabay kami ng pinsan ko haharap sa immigration sa NAIA? or magkahiwalay kami ng counters? thanks!

  106. ann dilao says

    Hello po Ms.Grace

    Itatanong ko lang po may visit visa na ako ..pero wala akong relatives sa dubai firends ko lang po ang andon.dati napo ako don..ive heard sobrang daming tanong pa sa immigration kahit kumpleto na ang papers.. ok lang po ba kung pupunta muna ako nang thailand stay there for 2 days .2 way then ung ticket ko papuntang thailand.doon nalang ako mag book nang ticket doing dubai.. hindi kaya ako tatanungin sa immigration nang thailand kung doon ako nag fly ? paswerte swrte lang kasi dyan sa imigration .. moody ung mga Oficers..pero pag naswetehan kanaman nang sobra daming tanong offload ang ending .. pls .reply me po …. thanks a lot ..ano ba ang the best na gagawin ko para safe po ..thanks again

  107. Pearl says

    to ann dilao
    kahit punta kang thailand, make sure you have your invitation from relatives or friend mo sa thailand..or may hotel booking ka..kasi ako super malas ko kahapon, i was offloaded..yan din ang plan ko kasi friend ko lang din yong nag support sa akin sa dubai..HK ang plan ko, ok na mga papers ko galing sa tita ko from HK..pero hinanapan pa din ako ng immigration ng OEC ng tita ko and sss contribution..hahaha funny diba..yeah, true yan pa swerte swerte lang talaga sa immigration..

  108. Pearl says

    kahapon yong dala kong docs, invitation letter, passport, HK ID, visa, Appointment letter ng tita ko..pero not enough pa din. ang saklap pa kasi ang passport ko natatakan na sa immigration. ang malas lang kasi my second pa pala, at don ako na harang. 3 hours ako sa immigration ang ending offloaded pa din. hehehe

  109. alex jimenez says

    Hi all,

    Just today,my brother-in-law was offloaded in our very nice NAIA airport. If you are coming to Dubai for a tourist visa, you need to have pocket money of at least $1000.

    After the immigration counter, there will be a last screening counter (for X-ray and security check), there you will be required to fill up a form declaring your pocket money and how much.
    UNfortunately my brother in law has only 15k on his pocket. The interviewer said that its not enough.In short he was offloaded.
    His travel papers are complete with AOS.

    Since when it bacame their concern if you will survive in your country of destination?Just another moneymaking trick of our corrupt kababayans…..

  110. lailah says

    hello grace, ask ko lang sana paano ako makatravel as tourist to dubai? Father ko is pure from saudi and my citizenship ko is filipino, at doon kami sa dubai magtour anong requirement ko para makapunta as tourist for 5 days!
    Thank you po sana may magreply!

      • maileen says

        hi miss so thankful i found this site..just want to ask.kasi hndi ko relatives ang nag process ng visa and ticket ko yet i alreadaOy had my flight details connecting flyt to hongkong. pano yung AOS if hndi frnd lang. ano pwede ilagy sa AOS? do i need it also? im on my visit visa.malapit na kasi ang flyt ko aug 16 so soon. hndi po ba stricto ang sa hongkong o kaya dadan ako ulit sa process like in manila?hmm im so worried po.kasi laki ng ginastos ko yet mauuwi lang sa wla.takot panaman ako mag travel lalo na pag madaming tanung..huhuhuu so nervous na.! waiting for ur reply miss grace.tnks.God bless 😉

  111. annn says

    to pearl,,
    yes ur right ..kailangan nang hotel reservation,i been in thailand twice na rin as tourist sya far wala naman silang hinanap sa aking na invitation leter from friend or relatives from thailand ..they just ask me what im going to do in thailand..i told them i will meet my fiancee totoo yon..nakapunta din ako nang indonesia that was 2010..malapit nakong ma offload .natatakan na ung passport ko sa immigration..tapos last me officer tiningnan ung paspost ko tsaka boarding pass. nag ask sila nang invitation letter .. wala akong dala.. mag kikita din kami nag bf ko sa indonesia that time makontak ko pa ung bf ko.. so i told them toto ung mga sinasabi ko ..kaya lang kulang ung pera na dala ko not enough kasi 200 dollars lang sya .. nag fill up ako nang form ilagay ko ung amoutn nag pera na dala ko …tsaka il put credit card din sa form…the officer told me .make it sure na makakabalik ka sa pinas kasi daw maraming na offload nila dahil daw sa drugs …..thanks God mabait ung officer. nakaalis ako .pero malapit na akong malate sa flight ko ako nalang inaantay .kasi matagal ako sa isang room …buti nalang … then last year 2011 punta ako nang dubai.. il used jakarta ..sana.then dubai..nakapasok na ako sa imigration .all 2way ung ticket ko manila jakarta ..jakrata manila..para makabalik ako..i have evisa then.pero dko pinakita ung visa ko ..nong natatakan na ung passport may officer tiningnan ung pasport ok na sana eh ..tanga ko kasi pinakita ko pang invitation letter ko ,arabi ung letter head don .. i tell them the truth .don ako na harang hindi talaga nila ako pinaalis .ngayon mi tatak na ung pasport ko .parang stain na sya..nagkamantsa dahil sa offload going back to dubai planing to go thailand 2way then ung ticket ko stay there for 3 days .il fly dubai… sana hindi nila ako tanungin what hapen last year.. ang taong ko lang me record kaya sila sa immigration sa name ko kung ano nangyari lastyear sa lfight ko .. then this time mag doubt ulit sila ? thats my problem.. or better il go direct manila dubai.. pswertehan din kasi yan eh .. il be in dubai many times for visit visa one time lang ako na offload .. pero nakalipad then …superstrict talaga sila ..i cant sleep na keep thinking ..nakakastress talga…hope everythings gona be fine … i hope and pray …….

    • maileen says

      hi miss ann. can i ask u if ok lang..magkano ba allowed na money dapat makita nila sa account? kasi im going there as visit visa din eh.kaso..hndi ko relatives ang nag process.kaya hndi kami kumuha ng AOS. pano kya my booking narin ako sa hotel.kaso 3days lang kasi mag stay ako sa frnd ko du un.ok lang ba ang 3days sa hotel? hndi cguro cla mag question? haist..nakaka stress talaga.i dont want to waist my effort and money.tsk…:(

  112. Pearl says

    to annn,

    ako kasi binigyan nila ko ng list nang papers na dapat kong iccomplish..after non pwede na ko makalusot..pero hindi na din ako pinayagan ng brother hindi ko na din aayusin..plano ko ngayon, agency na lang talaga para working visa na, hindi na ko magtotourist nakaka trauma na kasi..hehehe just keep on praying lang that everything will be ok..ganyan din ako na stress talaga ko s abyahe na to..kasi before ako umalis nagbasa na ko dito, kaya ayon na prepared na yong sarili na mangyayari yon sa akin..kaya hindi na ko nagulat at hindi na ko naglumpasay ng iyak sa naia..hehehe try mo lang, hindi naman araw araw malas eh..:) Goodluck

  113. annn says

    i have 2way ticket manila bangkok.bangkok manila .then i have hotel booking also .. kinailangan pa ba nang sponsor ? dati hindi nman ako hinanapan sa immigration invitation lettter going to thailand …dire diretso na …. bayad lahat .. hope hindi masayang ang lahat nang gastos .. Cross fingers ..Lots of Prayers ..tinanong kaba how much is your money ?

  114. Pearl says

    to annn,

    pag ganyan siguro na may hotel booking ka naman no need na ng invitation letter..ako kasi sponsor ako ng tita ko sa HK..kaya my invitation letter..yup, tinanong ako if how much ang dala kong money..swertehan lang din talaga, nanghaharang talaga sila lalo na pag babae at mag isa lang lang babyahe. dalhin mo na lahat ng docs na pwede mong madala..hehehe God’s will annn!!:)

  115. Princess says

    Hello everyone, ako po ung nag ask kung ok lang ba na ang sponsor ay 19 years old. Luckily, swerte po kaming nkapasok ng smooth using the Affidavit of Support from my cousin here in Dubai. Pag kakita lng dun sa (AOS) ayun , parang masyado na silang comportable na paalisin kami..

    Thanks to this Website. Thanks ate Grace.

  116. jazz says

    Eto ginawa ko to avoid any problems w/ the crocodiles in immigration. I booked a 2way tickets to Bangkok (PAL) & a 1 way ticket to Dubai from Bangkok (Thai Airways). All tickets I booked via online. Once I landed in Bangkok, I checked in right away for my flight in Dubai. No hassles.

  117. sheila says

    hi grace can i ask about the validity of affidavit of support coming from my husband ?i want to know pls if i can use it again this year tnx alot god bless

  118. alex jimenez says

    My brother in law just slapped with 2nd off-load today. Previously they demanded pocket money and he has it.They have some other requirements which is the relation between him and me (as proof of consanguinity) even papers are already attached to prove so. What’s next? Or are we missing something that they want? Maybe “lagay”

    Talagang to the max ang mga kababayan natin sa kanilang modus operandi!

  119. raquel says

    hi ms grace,
    me and my bf is planning to meet in dubai his from ksa and me from philippines what will be the requirements i need to go to dubai? we dont have sponsor we will just meet there and travel for at least one week? what should i do? please i need your reply thank you

    • Grace says

      You can go to a travel agency there in the Philippines and ask about a visa, place ticket package. Or you can inquire at Emirates Airlines as I know they are arranging tourist visa if you fly with them.

      • Jema says

        Hi miss grace can i ask po kung mahhirapan pa din ba akong bumalik ng dubai if the io see that my passport had stamp of oman nag tourist visa ako sa dubai for 3 months then nung nag expired na visa ko nag exit ako sa oman the repeated it again now im planning to go to back to the phil. Just for 1 month the babalik sana ako ulit dto sa dubai sister ko ang nag sponsor ng visa ko mag kakaroon ba ako ng problem pag bumalik ako dto ulit baka kase questionin nila yung pag exit ko ng oman

  120. alex says

    the immigration officer offloaded me last june 19..the plan was suppose to be a connecting flight since mahigpit nga ang ating immigration officer sa mga tourist visa..Una bumili muna ung friend ko ng ticket SINGAPORE-DUBAI dummy ung pabalik ng dubai-sg,tpos bumili ako ng roundtrip ticket MANILA-SG,nung nsa terminal 3 nko nagbayad nko ng lahat ng dapat kong bayaran and whatsoever pagdating sa counter sb nunng matndang babae sa immigration punta ka dun sa likod kc first tym mo tpos balik ka skin pagkatapos..ininterview nko nung immgration officer dami nia tanong sa huli tanong nia asan ung invitation mo from singapore??sbi ko huh? magtototuor lanng ako kelangan ko pb un?ksi nakalagay sa ticket ko na 2 days and 2 nyyts lang nmn ako dun,so sbi nia khit e-mail letter lang dw galing sa friend ko fr nag email nmn skin kso ung trunkline nila busy at hndi umabot sa tym ng flyt ko iniwan ako na planea at wala akonag nagawa pero naicp ko panu pla kung magttour tlaga ko nasyanng lanng ung pera..grabe ang iimmigration ntin,tpos may nakasabay pko dun na dealer ng toyota 1st tym dn at super entertaint ng mga kumag naun…palibhasa mapera,diskriminado tayo ng kapwa ntin pinoy!

    • rey says

      Mag tour ka nga tapos kailangan pa nila ng imbitasyon, anak ng tinalupang tupa naman oh. kailangan mo lang siguro ng isang libo na iipit mo sa passport, at makaalis kana. pera pera lang yan, mukhang pera kasi sila.

  121. LesterS says

    Hi Ms. Grace… Ask ko lng po ano pwde kong gawin… yung sister ko kc nasa Dubai and probably next year gus2 nya mgvisit kami ng parents at kapatid ko sa kanya… gus2 kong isama yung gf ko… sa relative lng ba pwde yung AOS? hope matulungan mo ko… thank u…

  122. maileen says

    hi there.pwede po ba mag ask about visit visa to dubai.if magkano allowed na “show money” sa account? nakaka stress..may flyt details na kasi ako so soon..hope everythings fine :(

  123. cariz says

    @maileen kung mapapatunayan mo pong relatives mo ung nag sponsor sayo at meron kang affidavit of support hnd kna cguro mag shoshow money.. pero for show money requirements 1,000 usd po ang required.

    • maileen says

      tnks sa info. yun nga probs ko kasi only my frnd.kasaby ko cya pa balik uae. galing cya dyan.just here for vacation..;(

  124. Cariz says

    Aha, basta po sis be Smart and confident na talagang bakasyon lang ang gagawin mo dito. Labasan mo sila ng mga Debit cards or credit card hnd nmn kc nila un ichecheck kung ilan ang laman, ganun kc gnwa ng mga couz ko.. About financial matters kc i-aask nila.

      • rey says

        Siguraduhin mo na may pera ka talaga at mat tutulong sayo sa dubai, kasi kung maghahanap ka ng trabaho sa dubai, isang buwan lang ang visa mo at may extension na isang buwan, tapos mag exit kana, isang buwan din po ang exit ngayon bago ka makabalik ng dubai.

  125. jerri says

    hi ms grace. i have my ticket and visit visa and my flight will be on august. i also have my aos authenticated in the phil consulate in abu dhabi. I just want to ask if I won’t be having any problems or be questioned by the immigration officers since my sponsor is not really may relative. She’s my uncle’s niece. ( my uncle is my aunt’s husband, and that aunt of mine is my father’s sister ) that’s how we are related. Will the immigration officer consider us as cousins? since we are really not related and we just considered ourselves as cousins because of our aunt and uncle.. please help me, hoping for your answer. thanks.

    • Grace says

      You can bring birth certificates/marriage contract that can trace the connection. I really don’t know what these immigration people want. They will question you if they want to question you, whether the undersigned in your AOS is a relative or not.

      Just be confident and calm – claim your right to travel. Don’t show them you are afraid. All the best.

  126. alex jimenez says


    you have to carry as much documents as you can to prove your consanguinity with your sponsor. i.e. NSO birth certificate of your aunt and your father and yours too, as well as the Marriage contract (of your aunt/uncle’s niece).You have to connect the dot….:) Plus the OEC of your sponsor.

    Regards and good luck

  127. maileen says

    Hi po miss grace..wat if po im applying directly sa travel agency for tourist visa,with out any invitaion..and i already had my visa and ticket.pano po yan? only financial statement po ba ang kailangan at yung leav letter ko sa company wer i workd currently?

  128. maileen says

    ah ok po..but i mean wen going as tourist po sa dubai..kasi po nabasa ko karamihan dito need po ng AOS. but in my case po..wla akong AOS coz direct po ako sa travel agency dun sa uae kumuha ng visa and ticket.wla akong invitation from relatives or frnd? kaya po gusto ko pong e ask if hahanapan ba akong nun sa manila imigration? and wat po ba ibang hahanapin saking regarding papers po?

    • Grace says

      Which travel agency issued your visa and ticket?? You certainly need the AOS otherwise offload. Sorry but come to think of it, even yung merong AOS na o-offload nga diba?

      • Sarah says

        mam grace , im sarah po , may question lang po me , i have indian bf which is having resdent visa sa abu dhabi , sponsour nya po me , and ok na ung visa ko flight ko po sa sept 6 2012 , im 22 yrs of age , nakapunta na din po sya d2 sa pinas , and we stayed sa hotel kasama me and ang family side ko, ok nmn po ung AOS na fiace nya ko and ipapadala nya ko tru courier ung orig visa and 2 way ticket, cathai pacific po sa terminal1 , at ask kopo ung passport copy nya at proof na nanggaling na sya d2 sa pinas kasama ako , anu po ba ang maari pang itanung sa immigration d2 sa terminal 1 salamat po, wait kopo ung reply u po plzz.. thank u

  129. rhey says

    hi people,
    flight ko na po sa 24, with AOS from my brother,two way ticket, visa and NSO docs to prove relationship with my sponsor. Just want to ask if they still need to check any docs showing my brother’s income? and do I also need to show money?

    thanks for your reply

      • rhey says

        had our flight cancelled due to typhoon in hongkong… added pressure now is calling for flight scheduling… =(

          • rhey says


            i arrived in dubai just this sunday… i did pray na hindi ako tanungin anything that would make me lie. I just give all the documents needed, the IO was very calm and polite to me. And he did say na mahigpit sila sa ngayon at itinuro pa nya sakin mga nakapila sa 2nd interview. He also told me to remind anyone I know na kung pupunta sa Dubai make sure na complete documents mo. Lalaki yung natapat sakin but then I notice yung mga babaeng IO sila yung mga sarcastic magtanong. I guess God did answer my prayer… Now getting hired here is another story.=)

  130. alex says

    hello successful akong nakalampas sa immigration via fiance visa,dala ko ang AOS at birth certificate ng anak namin,tps vinerfy lng nila ung OEC at track record ng daddy ng anak ko..muntik n nila akong harangin pero nagtaray ako dun at cnbi kong lhat tau ay my karapatang magtravel,wag kaung papasindak as long as kumpleto kau ng papel.kpg my hinanap na papel n wl kau svhin nio lang “kung aLm kong kailangan pala ng ganyan sana dinala ko para ndi nko naaabala,hindi ung kung kelan flight ko na tsaka ko nio pko paghhnapin tingin nio mabibigay ko yan??basta tapangan nio po tpos kpg tinrayan kau sumagot kau svhin nio naglilingkod kau sa bayan ginaganyan nio kmi…basta po wag kau papayag na ndi kau makakaakllis kc po masasayang ang ticket at visa nio.

      • alex says

        ok good luck basta isipin nio lang wala kayong gagawing masama at ipaglaban nyo yan sa immigration sbhin nio dun wala nmn ikaw sa criminal records kya may karapatan kang umalis..GOD bless din basta kumpleto dapat ang papel m AOS at katibayan na may kaugnayan ka sa nagbigay ng AOS m..picture na magkasama kau etc.,

          • maileen says

            An Overseas Employment Certificate (OEC) is a requirement under POEA Rules and Regulations to help ensure that Filipino overseas workers (OFWs) are properly documented and protected.
            Only OFWs are required to get an OEC. In this case, OFWs would include: work permit holders such as domestic helpers as well as S-pass, E-pass, PEP and TEP holders.

  131. alex says

    basta kumpleto dapat ang documents m katibayan na my pupuntahan ka dito.. AOS at katibayang my kaugnayan ka sa nagbigay ng AOS m..importante yan..

    • maileen says

      ok po.but in my case wla akong AOS.nka saad sa memorandum..if imnot financially capable to travel then AOS can be presented…hndi ako pwede kuha ng aos kasi wla akong relatives.only to tour and have the money to support on my own..hmmm il just try my luck..tnks so much

  132. zhang says

    hi po,. ask ko lang po if pde ko po ba sponsoran ung kaibigan ko po sa pinas?? makakaalis po kaya xa kung sakali,. sobrang higpit daw po kasi,. relatives lang daw allowed para makapag visit visa. god bless

  133. Toton says

    Hi ms. Grace! I will go to Dubai for visit visa (but planning to get a working visa when i get there), auntie ng wife ko ang mag sponsor sakin. Is there a possibility na mahihirapan ako sa interviews sa immig? Meron na akong NSO Birth certificate sa wife ko sa mother nya at sa auntie nya na mag sponsor sakin with her AOS, OEC. Including our marriage contract and my travel ticket back and forth. About the marriage contract and our birth certificates kailangan paba ipa redribbon dito sa DFA cebu? Kailangan paba magpakita ng show money converted to cash? Kasi ang wife ko ay mayrong euro account passbook, i’m planning na yun lang sana ang dadalhin ko. What can you suggest that i need to bring or to answer for them para hindi ako maoffload. Of course i won’t tell them my plans of working there but only for a visit visa just to get there. Please help me. My travel ticket is booked after ramadan, I’m so fraustrated now, hope to hear from you the soonest possible. It will much be appreciated. Thank you so much…

    • Grace says

      Don’t be frustrated. If you have all the needed documents: AOS, return ticket and original visa (pink paper) then you should be ok. Bring other supporting documents like copy ng passbook but actually this should not be needed.

      Be confident. Good luck!

  134. says


    I just want to ask something regarding to visa. If I could get a visa upon arrival in Dubai airport because I?m confuse regarding to get visa I?m working in Qatar Museums Authority as a permit clerk. I?m Filipino citizens I know all professional work are allowed to get visa upon arrival. I just want to ask if I could get visa also as per my job category.

    • Grace says

      Visa on arrival is not based on work category. It is based on nationality. If your nationality is Filipino and you are a Philippine passport holder, you are not qualified for the visit visa on arrival at Dubai airport.

      You need to apply for a tourist/visit visa before coming here.

  135. maileen says

    maam Grace just want to ask..if ever kasama ko kaibigan ko to travel kasi pa balik din cya it needed pa yung AOS? kasi sabi niya hndi na daw kasi kasama kami..;(

    • Grace says

      I honestly don’t know.

      All I know is that the immigration people at Manila airport are hard core in asking for that AOS document. If you don’t have that because your friend (who is supposed to support you here in the UAE) is with you when you travel, then I guess your friend can explain to the immigration staff — although there is no guarantee that they will go soft on you and let you go.

      As I’ve said, they are bent on making people have that AOS no matter what. Not trying to discourage you, just what I think of this situation.

      Anyone want to weigh in on this matter?

  136. Joan says

    Hello! Very informative blog. Im thankful i found this. I’ll be leaving on sat aug 11, tourist visa sponsored by my cousin. I dont know what to feel, im excited but im more if worried dahil may mga incidents na nahaharang talaga kahit ok na yun mga docs nila. Hayss. May possibility pa ba na maoffload kung yun nag invite in cousin ko(my lolo& her lolo are siblings), yun ticket ko 2way ticket purchased at the same time. may aos, i will bring 40k for pocket money, im working sa business ng family namin(trucking business) ok lang ba na ndi nko magdala ng COE? I hope you can help me. I badly need your advice. I’m leaving 4 days from now.. Kinakabahan nako, i cant sleep. Help me guys. Thanks :)

  137. Joan says

    And also, do i need to bring our birth certs, my cousin’s last name is my middle name, isn’t it enough as a proof? Thanks in advance!

  138. rowell says

    hi maam grace!i’m rowell..i just want to ask
    my fiancee is in china in a visit visa and she want to visit me here in dubai before her visa expire and i am planning to process for her visit visa it allowed for her to travel directly?is it not necessary for her to go back in the philippines?

    please answer my

  139. rowell says

    hi maam grace!i’m rowell..i just want to ask
    my fiancee is in china in a visit visa and she want to visit me here in dubai before her visa expire and i am planning to process for her visit visa it allowed for her to travel directly?is it not necessary for her to go back in the philippines?

    please..thanx and God bless!

  140. len says


    correction ko lng po kasi na gcc conuntry din ako as per i know if depend of working category kasi i have a lot of friend coming to dubai as a professional work. same as filipino and also here in qatar.

    Most travelers need to obtain a visa prior to entering the emirate. However, the good news is that the UAE authorities have taken many steps to make this process as straightforward as possible. Citizens of 39 countries – GCC nationals plus nationals of listed countries – do not require visas prior to arrival at a UAE airport. In addition, there are efficient systems in place to facilitate visitors not falling into one of the above categories.
    The kind of visa that you require for entry into the UAE depends on several different factors such as your nationality, the purpose of your planned visit and its planned duration. Please read the following carefully. Regulations do change from time to time and, whilst we do Endeavour to keep up to date, you are advised to check with your airline and regional UAE embassy or consulate on the latest information regarding types of visas, fees and the rules and regulations.
    Visa Exemptions If you are a national citizen of a GCC country you do not require a visa to visit the UAE. You will simply need to produce your GCC country passport upon arrival at the point of entry into the UAE
    Visa on Arrival
    The following categories of visitors may receive their visit visa at the airport, upon arrival:
    AGCC Residents who are not GCC nationals but who have a high professional status such as company managers, business people, auditors, accountants, doctors, engineers, pharmacists, or employees working in the public sector, their families, drivers and personal staff sponsored by them, are eligible for a non-renewable 30-day visa upon arrival at the approved ports of entry.
    National citizens of the following countries: UK (with the right of abode in UK), France, Italy, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Switzerland, Austria, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Portugal, Ireland, Greece, Finland, Spain, Monaco, Vatican, Iceland, Andorra, San Marino, Liechtenstein, United States, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Malaysia, South Korea and holders of Hong Kong SAR passports will be granted a free of charge visa for a single visit upon arrival in the UAE. It should be noted that this list may vary slightly from time to time and it is therefore best to check with your local UAE embassy or the airline that you are using to fly to the UAE.

  141. pia says

    offloaded last august 6 damn i spent so much monet and effort visa expired maasakit dun not refundable ung ticket ko so if i to rebook it and pay 5000 another visa sobrang kkadismaya wla kang krapatan n magtravel if your sponsor is friend
    oofflload ka for xure need ng oec and proof n relatives mo ung sponsor mo like ng birth certificate

  142. newbie says

    mga tanga kc yang nasa immigration n yan!mga wala ng alam mga gahaman at ganid p.kung sino p ung legal lumakad sila p ung pnahihirapan at yang mga hayup n agency n yan ang dapat nila bnbantayan.palibhasa malaki din n kukurakot nla s mga yan kya wla n pkialam.hindi nla alam ung mga dumadaan ng agency ang mlimit biktima ng human traficking.mga bobo at tanga kau nsa imigration!

  143. Joan says

    @pia awww sorry to hear that… hindi ba naiisip ng immigration yun pagod & yun money pag may hinaharang sila just because hindi kayo related ng nagsponsor? Hays! and worst, kahit na you have all the docs needed, magrelatives talaga kau ng sponsor nyo, may mga cases pa din na hinaharang nila… sad. frustrating. it’s like the decision is in their stupid hands. Looks like, when they said no, you have no choice, you will just sit in one corner & think what you did wrong. grrrrr! be considerate naman. i hope walang maging problema sa pag alis ko, my docs are complete. pinsan ko yun sponsor ko. she even sent me her driver’s license, proof daw na pinsan ko talaga sya and i will bring na rin my birth cert, in case ask nila kung cousin ko tlga sya. Ok na po ba yon? I pray na sana maging maayos ang lahat. thanks!

  144. Sarah says

    hello po, thank u po sa blog na e2 so informative po , flight ko na po this coming sept 6,2012 .. mejo nag woworried lang po aq , sa mga nababasa ko po , Ms grace fiance ko po ang mag sponsour sakin , may AOS na po me , na autentcated ng dubai consulate , nakapunta na din po sya d2 sa bansa , anu pa po ba ang maaring hingiin ng immigration d2 sa terminal 1

  145. Charis says

    Hi Sarah,

    pumunta me dto sa Dubai Last November 2011 sponsored by my foreign husband as Long Term visit visa. After namen kinasal sa Pinas, after 2months pumunta nako dto. Only Visa Passport ticket lang dala ko and marriage contract namen… Pero nakaalis ako ng walang kahirap hirap. tatanungin lng ng immigration kung anung date pumunta dto ung fiance mo at fullname ng fiance mo at ichecheck nila un sa computer. Ang nagyari sakin Na offload ako tas may pina fill up sila sakin about my details after that i go back to immigration officer then finished.. Ang Teknik pumila ka 30 mins before your flight pra ikaw ang uunahin nila.. ganun din kc ginawa ko at pinagwa ko sa mga couz ko na nag visit visa dto at ako nag sponsor. Success. !

  146. Sarah says

    salamat po Mam charis ,, complete naman po ung documents ko na katunayan na fiance ko tlaga sya then , kinakabahan lang po ako sa immgration natin ayoko [po ma offloood kakahiya naman po kase sa fiance ko na ginastusan me ng malaki , ? anu pa po ba ibang tips and all?? salamt po ng madami godbless

  147. says

    ma’am grace my tinatawag bang under age sa pag visit sa dubai..? 20 yo nako. aalis na sana ako this end of august kaso my rules daw ngayun ang imigration ng pinas below 24 yo , d pwedi umalis. e kompleto naman ang papers ko and sponsor ko..tito ko ung sponsor ansa dubai. actually tatlo kami aalis ee..ako 20 ate ko 24 n 22 yo. kaya maghihintay pa daw kami. totoo ba un?

  148. says

    ok na po sana ung visa kaso sabi ng uae emb. sakanila ok po ung mga age namen pero baak maharang kayo sa phil. imig. kaya balaki nalang kau sa susunod sabi nila mam.. so sa uae. ok lang sa pinas my rules daw na under age .(24 below) di makaka alis,.

    • Charis says

      last november 2011 ako nakaalis as visit visa 19 years old. this june 2012 nmn dumating couz ko 22 and 23 y.o nakaalis sila

  149. Charis says

    Hello Sarah,

    Usually all visit visa na ooffload… Wer in may pinapa fill up silang form about your details. After that back to immigration officer at interviewhin ka. Don’t worry if you have all documents na fiance mo sya. Don’t forget AOS from him. by the way sya din ba sponsor mo sa Visa mo? kung sya din at hnd travel agency mas mabisa yan..

  150. Sarah says

    ate charis , ung sponsour ko po sa visa is dinaan nya sa agency kase may work sya nag bayad nalang sya then may AOS napo ako , sa tingin nyo kakailaganin ko pa ng Invitation letter from him? then about sa accomodation sabi nya po is mag rrent daw sya ng flat for me , cause we both know bawal kami mag sama together specially hnd pa kami kasal , different flat ang tutuluyan namin ,

  151. Sarah says

    may pag asa po ba me makaalis ng bansa natin , almost complete na ung mga documents ko , then isa pang iniisip ko , sa tourist visa ang inilagay ng agency ang profession ko is SALES REPRESENTATIVE which is hinde naman , ewn ko bkit pinil upan nya pa un , bwal daw kase ilagay dun na student pa me , so ginawa ko kumuha me ng prroof of guarantee sa university ko na mag aaral pa ulit aq dun pag uwe q or pag tapos ng visit ko sa dubai , makakaalis po ba ako ate charis , isa pa nakapunta na si bf ko d2 , nag sama ng kami at nameet nya na ang parents ko , pinadala nya sakin ung visa nya nung nag punta sya d2 , at together with his passport copy , at kung san sya nag wowork sa dubai having residence visa … plzzz reply po asap , salamt

    • mactine28 says

      hai sarah sales representatives lng talga ang nilalagay nla sa profession mu halos lhat nman ata ganyan ang nlalagay kagaya sa akin…kng student ka sabhin mu totoo kasi mag totourist ka lng nman…sabhin mu babalik ka rin kasi nag aaral ka..ganun lng un…bsta wag ka kabahan at dapat deritso lng pagsagot mu at hindi paiba iba sagot mu magsuot ka ng parang tourist tlga…gud luck..

  152. Charis says

    Sarah, oo ganyan din nkalagay sa mga couz ko SALES REPRESENTATIVE at agency din ung sponsor sa VISA.. makakaalis k nian.. anu pla ung sinasabi mong documents n mag fiance kayo?

  153. Sarah says


    hello , complete na ung documents ko , ung mag papatunay na mag fiance kami is ung ring namin na binili namin d2 sa pinas , then ung oec nya ba un , then ung visa copy nya na nag punta sya d2 sa bansa natin ,, then may picture din kami mag kasama , ksama din dun ung parents ko . ok naba un na proof , then kumuha din me certification sa university ko , na guarantee na babalik me sa pinas for next semester ,.. sana makaalis ako ..

    ate charis give me naman ng mga tips sa terminal 1 kase me , cathai pacific pa

  154. Charis says

    cathay pacific din cnakyan ko pati mga couz ko.. karamihan sa cathay ang mga nakakaalis.. ung china airlines daw lgeng na bibigo.. sabi lng yun ng agaency sakin.. ah akala ko may paper kayo as fiance.. kc ask ko din sna kung anung process dun kc ung couz ko gsto niya invite ung bf nya for employment also.. pero pinoy din. mag susurvey pako pra ma help ko sya at pra di msyang ang pera… gwa paraan pra di maoffload……. oh completo k nmn na pla. wag ka na mag alala tips lng dun ipakita mong mdami kang pera at wag kang aanga anga dapat matapang ka makipag usap..

  155. Sarah says


    sa terminal 1 ka din ba ?? sana makaalis na tlga me ill do ma best , as far as i know , wla naman FIANCE VISA , kung gusto nya kunin ung fiace nya , dadaan sya as tourist visa then proof lang na fiance nya ung kukunin nya ,,, anyway charis ,

    how much kya ung money n kakailangan as show money 2000$ is enough?
    or i neeed 30k for cash and other sa credit card and debit card
    thank u ha , may fb kaba or ym para chat nmn tau?

  156. Joan says

    Hello kabayans! Im already here in dubai, exactly 2weeks na po ako dito. my experienced in our immigration was a nightmare. Parang sa kanila ba nakasalalay yun kinabukasan ng pamilya mo. My flight was last aug 11 at 12pm, pero dahil sa immigration, na late ako and they didn’t allow me to board. Masyado na daw malayo kami magka mag anak(i said un both loo namin magkapatid) ang priority daw nila un immediate family. ewan ko sa kanla. She didn’t even check my documents. Sobrang disappointing yun immigration officer. So, naooffload na nga ako. Pero nagparebookd ulit kami, same day 7pm flight naman, what i did was hinintay ko matapos yun duty nun immigration officer na nag interview skin, when i saw na nakaalis na siya, tsaka ako pumila ulit and another immig officer interviewed me, and i said na yun mother and yun father ng sponsor ko magkapatid. They didn’t ask for proof, good thing. Ayun, nakalusot. Grabe, swertehan na lang sa mapapatapat na immig officer na mag iinterview. Nun ok na nakapasok na ko, mag ccr sana ako, but when i saw a bunch of immig officer na makakasalubong ko, biglang liko na lang ako, baka questionin na naman nila ko, haha! Haysss.. Grabeng experience. Siguro sa mga aalis holding a tourist visa, agahan nio ang pag pasok, para hindi ganun kadami tao. Goodluck! My biggest weapon at that time, si God. :)

    • jeffrey says

      hi all,

      just wanna ask kasi ung frend ko mag sponsor skin going dubai w/ a visit visa….after reading all this comments is nag worry ako..pero i will pursue it pa din..ok naman po ang work ko dito sa pinas but then i cant suffice the need of my family…kasi po im bread winner..and besides mag college na ung dalawa sa mga kapatid ko..ok naman po nakapag ipon na ako ng money..ang worry ko lng is d naman po ba ako mahihirapan kahit kumare ko lng ang mag iinvite sakin? may kamag anak din po ako sa abu dhabi same lng kmi ng middle name…does it work kahit sa dubai ang punta ko..badly needed to go abroad na talaga this month or next month..tnx po…pls. i need ur comments…na iistress kasi ako sa mga immigration officer eh…may naka alis nb khit family frends lng ung realtionship sa visa???

  157. brentness says

    hi guys, i just stumbled upon this site. Although this site has be very helpful from aspiring OFW’s who might want to try their luck here in UAE. I suggest lets be more careful of putting too much info here, people from immigration might see this. We are all doomed. strategies must be kept secret. Careful Crocodiles in the Philippines are every where. este Lacoste pala para sosyal. Only in the Philippines.

  158. ash says

    hi guys, helpful po tlga 2ng site n e2..totoo po super traumatic ang experience sa immig. naoffload po kme ng pinsan koh last aug.21,2012..ung sister-in-law kc ng tito koh ang ngsponsor samen, sbi ng immig officer malayo n daw ang relation nmn..tapos kung totoong sales representative ang occupation nmn…nghanap cla ng supporting documents e ang naipakita lng nmn is ung marriage cert ng tito koh kaya totally offload, cnbi p ng immig officer n malayo daw ang sales represantative sa customer sales representative n work nmn..e we work in a call center company, ano sa tingin nla tawag dun?! e parang generic lng nmn ung sales representative…tapos bngyan kme ng mga ccomplituhin nmn n docs. gaya ng COE,LOA,COMPANY ID,BIRTH CERT NG SPONSOR,NG MOTHER KOH,BIRTH CERT KOH… nagparebook kme this sept.1,2012..sna makaalis n kme at wag sna kme harangen ng mga buwaya…kc ganun daw tlga hahanapan k ng butas kht completo papers mo para my mahuthutan cla =( tlgang prayers lng ang malakas n baon ntn…

  159. Sophia says

    hi grace,
    I would like to ask if ano yung mga requirements sa husband visa . need pa ba yung AOS , Roundtrip Ticket sa phil immigration airport/flight ko sa sept 13.pls inform me kung ano pa ang need ko ksi im worried baka e offload nila ako…
    i hve this ff docs;husband visa,one way ticket connecting flight in singapore,mariage contract red ribbon authenticate din ng uae,my husband passport copy,working contract,pay slip,cfo certificate..please i need ur response urgent..


    • Grace says

      AOS is only required for tourist visa holders.

      If your husband is sponsoring you on a husband’s visa, no need for AOS. You just present them the original visa, marriage contract and other documents that will support your relationship.

  160. Sophia says

    hi grace,
    i want to inquire if i need two way ticket ,my visa is husband residence vsa,my hubby get only one way ticket,pls reply asap ..

    thnkx alot

  161. Tracey says


    My good friend wants to come to Abu Dhabi to apply for work. I can not sponsor her yet because I don’t have a residence visa yet. This means I can’t supply her with an AOS. She doesn’t have any relatives here in UAE. But I suggested she book a Singapore tour package. And then come here to UAE from SG. Is that okay? Di na po ba siya hahanapan ng AOS sa Singapore? O kaya harangin dun? Please help! She plans to come here on October 1st. So I need to start processing her tourist visa asap.

  162. swapangsila says

    Hi…i was planning to find work using visit visa, but in my case ang mag e-sponsor sakin is aunt of my husband..medyo magulo because she’s using husband visa syempre maaring sasabihin nila distant na kami kasi hinde nga kami blood related. Medyo mahirap alam naman natin na ang mga buwaya magaling sila maghanap ng mali. Tanong ko po sana ano po pwedeng way para makaiwas na sa mga buwaya pwede po bang dumaan sa hongkong na hinde na nila iimbestigahan o tulad ng mga kriminal na nakakatakas hehehehhe syang din po kasi kung maglagay pa sa mga swapang na buwaya sa immigration pambili na din ng bigas sa pamilya.

  163. nicole says

    Magandang araw po.

    Ms. Grace kapag naka husband visa po tapos gusto po mag sponsor ano pa po kaya angmga kakailanganin o hahanaping dokumento ng Immigration Officer.

  164. says

    hi ,dati na pong nag wow work sa UAE for almost 4 yrs then now andito ako sa Pinas di na valid ang visa ko to UAE ngayon may employer na mag sponsor sa akin pero on Tourist visa ,pwede po ba akong mag via Thailand at dinaman kaya ako harangin sa Thailand ?

    Pls reply naguguluhan ako ,gusto kong bumalik sobrang hirap sa pinas

    • nicole says

      hi Ms. Evangeline share mo naman dito kung nakalusot o mas madali pag ganyan…….one of my friend kaaalis lang last sept. 10,2012 naglagay ng 26taw para makaalis kasi naka 3x offloaded na siya nagbayad nasiya kasi malaki narin gastos niya ka re-rebook at wala siya matuluyan sa manila….haiztt kawawa talaga tayong gusto makipagsapalaran sa ibang bansa..

      • jhackie says

        hmmmmm ganyan din ung nagyari sa sister ng friend ko para makapasa nagbayad pa xa ng 25 thousand, tinapalan n lang para d na maharang……..

  165. ally says

    .Im lleaving soon to dubai,im confused about the cfo sticker,i hve cfo green certificate,need ko bang kumuha ng cfo sticker at kailangan bang naka attach sa pasport ko..plz visa ko at residence husband visa…pls paki liwanag lng po….!
    pls reply…


  166. ally says

    Hello to evryboby
    Im lleaving soon to dubai,im confused about the cfo sticker,i hve cfo green certificate,need ko bang kumuha ng cfo sticker at kailangan bang naka attach sa pasport ko..plz visa ko at residence husband visa…pls paki liwanag lng po….!
    pls reply…


  167. nicole says

    Thank you Ms. Grace..

    re post : (from Swapangsila)
    Parang same lang kasi kami ng situation ano nga po masmagandang gawin ng tulad namin….makaka-provide po ba ng OEC ung mag ssponsor samin na naka-husband visa….Thank you po talaga….
    Hi…i was planning to find work using visit visa, but in my case ang mag e-sponsor sakin is aunt of my husband..medyo magulo because she’s using husband visa syempre maaring sasabihin nila distant na kami kasi hinde nga kami blood related. Medyo mahirap alam naman natin na ang mga buwaya magaling sila maghanap ng mali. Tanong ko po sana ano po pwedeng way para makaiwas na sa mga buwaya pwede po bang dumaan sa hongkong na hinde na nila iimbestigahan o tulad ng mga kriminal na nakakatakas hehehehhe syang din po kasi kung maglagay pa sa mga swapang na buwaya sa immigration pambili na din ng bigas sa pamilya.

    • Gondy10 says

      Sa tingin ko po pwede yun dadaan ka muna sa Hong Kong or Singapore or Thailand. Ang tanong lang ay, papayag ba sa Phils airport na 1 way lang ang ticket mo papuntang HK?

      Kasi sa totoo lang, pagdating mo ng Dubai, ang kailangan mo lang ipakita ay Visa at passport.

      1. Ang importante lang ay maka-alis ka nga pilipinas ng walang hassle, kasi pagdating mo ng Hong Kong ay passport lang naman at ticket and kailagan mong ipakita.
      2. Pero as I mentioned earlier, alamin mo rin kung required bang 2 way ticket (MNL to HK & HK to MNL) and ibo-book mo papuntang Hong Kong para makalabas ka ng bansa? At kung makakalabas ka doing this method, 100% na hindi mo na kailangan ng affidavite of support.

      • nicole says

        tnx..cguro magagawan na ng paraan ang two way ticket MNL to HK ..kakatakot lang kc baka pagdating ng HK o saan man makikidaan ganun din, pero tnx sa info malaking tulong talaga ito..

        • Joan says

          Naisip ko din yan. Kasi from my experienced, sa atin lang naman mahigpit. Nun nasa hk na kami, wala naman kami pinakita, ticket & passport lang, nun nasa dubai na, visa, & passport lang.. Sa atin lang talaga mahigpit. Swertihan na lang minsan(masakit man isipin), unless magbayad ka. Goodluck sa lahat ng pupunta dito sa dubai, i was on your shoes before. Di mapakali. Nakakawindang. Halos ndi ako kumain the whole day nun umalis ako sa sobrang kaba. don’t give up pag na offload kau, kung kumpleto naman ang mga docs nio & maprove mo sa kanla na relatives kau, ok na eh. Dko masabi na pag my work kau lulusot kasi nun time na ininterview ako, i felt na alam nia kung bat ako ppunta sa dubai. Cguro d nya ko ngawang harangin kasi complete naman docs ko. Basta galingan nio lang sa pagsagot. Wag kyo kabahan & dasal. Agahan nio pati pagpasok para ndi madaming tao & nagmamadali yun officer. ( everything i said here based on my experience when i was in the airport)

          • joana says

            Hello.. Im here in dubai and im planning to exit sa pinas while waiting for my employment visa… Will it be okay na palabasin na magtutour sa hk or bangkok beore going to dubai? Magtatanong ba sila sa hk or bangkok pag ang visa is employment visa going to dubai? Or do they just need plane ticket and passport?

  168. Glendz says

    Hi po, Im planning to go in dubai this coming october, visit visa po ako. Sister ko po ang mgssponsor sakin? ano po ba ang mga supporting documents na ipapakita ko sa immigration dito satin? tnx po

  169. Glendz says

    Need ko pa din po ba dumaan ng POEA at may kukunin pa po papers dun. Need ko pa po ba 2 way ticket kasi balak ko din po kasi mgstay dun kung mkakahanap ng work? Sana mareplyan nio po kung ano po ang ipapakita ko sa imigration. Tnx po

    • nicole says

      sa pagkakaalam ko ang mga docs ay manggagaling sa sister mo lahat, pati yong ticket alam na dun agency nalalapitan ng sister mo..

  170. Cydia says

    Hi, help nman po… Im very stress na kkaisip pero ex-abroad na po ako at 3mos na dto sa pinas so now gusto ko magtourist sa AUE sponsor ako ng friend ko and complete nrin po docs qoh.. May AOS at visa na poh ako nka booked na po ung ticket ko…. Pero stress prin kkaisip ang maaring itanong ng immigration officer..

  171. mariel says

    Hello ms. jane/readers..ask ko lng po yung sa AOS,,tita ko po mag sponsor sakin tinanung ko kung authenticated po ng phil.consulate ung AOS sabi nya no need na po pag first degree relative is it true??please help nyu nmn po ako..flight ko na po this coming october first week..

  172. Norton says

    Hi Ms. Grace and to all the readers. Nice blog! Very informative.

    Me and my friend are going to Dubai this October. Tito ko magsponsor sa akin, na kapatid ng dad ko. Siya naman tito niya magsponsor sa kanya, na pinsan ng mom niya. Ok na mga visa namin. AOS are currently on process na for authentication. By next week yata ang release. Ok lang ba kung pakita namin na sabay kami alis? Or pakita na lang na di kami magkakilala? Connecting flight yung amin, Clark to Hongkong muna then Hongkong to Dubai, via DragonAir and Cathay Pacific. Or pakita na muna kaya namin na mag Hongkong lang kami? Since di naman kailangan ng visa doon. May free 13 hours tour daw kasi ang Cathay Pacific sa Hongkong, no added cost. Wag na muna namin pakita mga visa namin going to Dubai? Hmmm? Kaso nga lang magaabala pa kami na kumuha kunwari ng return ticket going back here in Pinas, tsaka hotel accommodation and the like. Afraid of being offloaded, sana naman makalusot. I have read already some blogs and posts on forums regarding sa immigration and documents na hahanapin in case. Nakakainis at nakakapanghina naman ibang immigration officers, humihingi pa talaga ng suhol. Mga walang ya.

    “Dress and act as a tourist and talk smartly.” Yan ang madalas ko nababasa. Hahaha! :) Sabi nga ng friends ko na nasa Dubai na, wag magbasa ng mga blogs, lalo na mga comments para di masiraan ng loob, dami ko nababasa na nahaharang sa immigration, nakaka paranoid pala. Nagiging nega tuloy kami ng friend ko. May isang friend ako na lumipad lang sa Dubai last last week. Tinanong lang daw siya nung officer kung ano gagawin niya sa Dubai, kung ano trabaho niya dito Pinas, ano niya nagsponsor sa kanya, ano trabaho sa Dubai. Di naman daw hinanapan ng documents. NAIA departure niya by the way. Connecting flight din, Manila to Brunei, then Brunei to Dubai siya. May kasabay daw siya na tatlong hindi nakasakay, meaning naharang or offloaded. (Di raw niya alam ang reason) :(

    HAAAY. Pahingi naman po ng advice. Salamat!

    PS: May mga bawal bang pagkain na dalhin sa bagahe?
    Like yung tuyo, dried pusit and peanut butter? May nagrerequest kasi sa mga kamag-anak. Sa check-in baggage ba dapat ilagay? Para di makita? Or makikita din sa x-ray. First time to travel internationally. Yung friend ko na kasabay ko, nakapag Singapore na before.

  173. Grace says

    Hi everyone, the plight of tourist visa holders struggling with corrupt immigration officials in Manila is highlighted in the local news today. I wrote about it here:


  174. Cydia says

    Hello nicole,
    Kka recieve klng ng documents galing sa agency na nagprocess ng papers q sa galing sa friend ko wla ung original hndi nba kelangan un?or talagang hhanapin pa sa immigration ung original? Thanx

  175. mariel says

    hello nicole/all the readers..worried po ako kasi po ung AOS ko po is not authenticated sabi ng tita ko na daw kasi ganun din ginwa nya sa isa kong tita at anak nya kakaalis lng nila nung july.pero kasama nilang pumunta ng dubai ung tita kong ngsponsor sa kanila. sabi nila need pa daw ng resibo ng visa..and ung oec po b ok lng na iattached sa AOS khit expired../please help me..flight ko na po this coming october 7…kabado ko kasi ung AOS ko not authenticated and OEC ng sponsor ko expired po..salamat po..reply po kau please..

    • Grace says

      Why is your AOS not authenticated? Not to scare you but even people with authenticated AOS are offloaded so what does that make you? >> an easy prey for those corrupt immigration officials to find reason to offload. Sorry.

      • mariel says

        hello miss grace,,thnakyou po sa reply..un nga po ung kinakatakot ko kasi alam ko po tlga dapat authenticated.,actually tinanung ko na din po ung travel agency na kinunan ng tita ko ng visa ang sabi nya no need na daw po ipaauthenticate kasi daw po hindi nmn kami distant relative and mapatunayan ko na tlga may tita kmi,meron na po ako dito ng original nso copy ng tita ko,ako at ng mama ko,,at sabhin ko n lng din daw na may isa pa kong tita sa dubai..hay sobrang kabado ko.first time ko lng din po kasi…

  176. Cydia says

    Hi nicole,
    So pero ang sbi ng agency no need na raw ung original papers ung passport ko nlng daw kelangan.. October 2 na ung alis ko..

    • Grace says

      Which agency told you the original papers are not needed!? As far as I know and through the experiences of those who came to Dubai, the immigration people in the Philippines will look for the original copy of the visa (tourist or visit, etc), original copy of the AOS and other supporting documents.

    • nicole says

      tulad ng sabi ni ms.grace bibigyan mo lang ng pagkakataon ang Immigration Officer para ma-offload ka…Samantalang yong mga original na nga ang dala sinasabi pang hindi original pano pa kaya yang sayo?…Habang masmaaga hingiin mo na ang original bago ka humarap sa IO…

  177. Betty says

    Hello help nman poh im going to dubai as a tourist visa sponsor ng husband ko kc ndi applicable ung company nila for husband visa my problem was ndi ko pa dala ung surname nia sa passport ko kc 2014 pa ma expire passport ko and then ex abroad rin ako.. For 2yrs.. And nka attach nman sa documents ko ung marriage contract nmin pero photocopy lng… Hnapin pa kya ung original na andun sknya ngaun.

  178. jonah says

    hello miss grace
    im an OFW previously worked in jordan for 2 yrs., returned in the phils last june,.. there i met my boyfriend who is jordanian but currently working now in abu dhabi,.. after returning to phils, i’ve signed a contract to work in KSA and now just waiting for my working visa in KSA, now i have lot’s of free time,. my boyfriend ask me to visit him again in Abu dhabi,.. i’ve been there last june using a transit visa for 4 days only,..i instantly fell in love with the city, it’s really indeed sunny but romantic,. anyways, my bf will gonna process my papers to get a travel visa,.. can u tell me other requirements i might need to get there? and wat papers i need to present the IO? i just want to have some quality time with my boyfriend this coming eid al adha,.. thnx for the help in advance.. God Bless!^^

    • Grace says

      Obviously, you need a tourist visa but then with this new requirement of Affidavit of Support which most of the case a relative should sponsor for you here, I see a difficulty. I’ll email you.

    • sarah says

      Hi Jonah pareho tau ng situation and in ma case im only 22 yrs old thn ang nag sponsor sakin is may fiance … Nkalusot me sa immgrt natin last Sept 06 2012 … Pero if fiance sponsor papafil up kpa ng form sa loob. Email me para ma advixe kita….

      • m says

        Hi Sarah,

        Glad to know you are here in UAE :) I just want to know, what is that fiance as sponsor paper that they asked you to fill out? By the way, is he also a Filipino, or a foreigner?

        I am married to a foreigner for 5 years now and both of us are UAE resident visa holders for same years too. I’ve read that recently, there is a directive for immigration there implemented early this year to check whether the Filipino spouse had attended a seminar Fiancee, Spouses and Other Partners of Foreign Nationals

        Just that when we visit Pinas again, I would like to be prepared, as I’d hate nasty surprises in the airport on flight back to UAE. It could be the form they asked you to fill out is related to that new directive. With two young kids traveling with us, me getting off loaded is not an option.

        Looking forward to your reply.

        Thank you :)

        • Angelie says

          Hi M,

          Both of you naman have resident status dito sa U.A.E. so there will be no problem pabalik dito sa Dubai. I have a foreigner husband too but because of his nationality he is required to acquire a visit visa first before going to Phils., more than 5 times na kami umuwi with our kids but we did not face any problem sa immigration. Just make sure to check if your foreigner husband is required to obtain first a visit visa before going to Phils. or he can do that na upon landing in Phils.

          Hope this help ^_^

          • m says

            Hi Angelie,

            My husband and kids had taken visit visas to Pinas too when we had gone there for a visit. And yeah, we haven’t faced any issues too with immigration during those 2 trips. The last one we were there was October 2011.

            Kelan ka nga pala last na pumunta ng Pinas? From my understanding kasi is that this rule was implemented early this year, those seminars and certifications for those having foreigner spouse/partner. I reckon though too that you and I (heheh!) are not covered per se, as we are not permanent residents here (at least according to the rules in their website?)

            Duh, but we can never tell with these immigration staff!

      • says

        please need ko po ng advice mo..
        plan namin ng fiance ko mag tourist papuntang dubai.sya mag sponsor any ips para d ako ma offload.
        galing n kc ako jan in two yrs.then ung second company ko kinancel ako kaya ngayon gusto ko bumalik may chance ba or panu ko ba malulusutan ung mga bwaya sa immigration.
        appreciate your reply po anything na makakapagpalakas ng loob ko sayang kc gagastusin if d nmn makalusot,.tnx plzz email po..:) God bless

  179. sarah says

    Hello NSA Dubai na po aq thnx god nakalusot sa immgration although nag fil up me ng form fiance ko po ang kumuha skin thnx sa mga advice its really help… :))

  180. sarah says

    Gusto ko sana mag share at magbigy ng advice cause I know at I feel kung gaano ka pressure lumabas ng bansa lalo kung destination mo eh dxb …. Bali aq fiance q gumastos lhat … Very important tlga is AOS which is authenticated ng PHP embassy d2 sa embassy then then bring all documents ,atm card, show money, ung kasuotan mo importante din kase palapit kapalang sa window jinajudge kna nila …. Tamang pagsagot at eye to eye contact wag matakot isipin nyo na wla kaung gagawin masama at isipin nyo mas mataas tau sa mga officer pero sympre respect din.. At always smile.. Always be positive.. If may tinanong sil sagot ng deretso at pag may hiningi silang document wag mataranta take ur time kase pag natataranta halatang kinakabahan ka control Lang at wg ibigay lhat ng documents kung nu hiningi un Lang bigay nyo… Passport ticket visa un muna una pag may hinanap tsaka nyo pang ibgay kse pag biniagay nyo lahat at complete doxs nyp ggwa cla pqraan para humingi ng kung anu anu…

    Hehehehe goodluck gdbless and pray.

  181. sarahh says


    usto ko sana mag share at magbigy ng advice cause I know at I feel kung gaano ka pressure lumabas ng bansa lalo kung destination mo eh dxb …. Bali aq fiance q gumastos lhat … Very important tlga is AOS which is authenticated ng PHP embassy d2 sa embassy then then bring all documents ,atm card, show money, ung kasuotan mo importante din kase palapit kapalang sa window jinajudge kna nila …. Tamang pagsagot at eye to eye contact wag matakot isipin nyo na wla kaung gagawin masama at isipin nyo mas mataas tau sa mga officer pero sympre respect din.. At always smile.. Always be positive.. If may tinanong sil sagot ng deretso at pag may hiningi silang document wag mataranta take ur time kase pag natataranta halatang kinakabahan ka control Lang at wg ibigay lhat ng documents kung nu hiningi un Lang bigay nyo… Passport ticket visa un muna una pag may hinanap tsaka nyo pang ibgay kse pag biniagay nyo lahat at complete doxs nyp ggwa cla pqraan para humingi ng kung anu anu…

    Hehehehe goodluck gdbless and pray.

  182. sarah says

    Hi Jonah pareho tau ng situation and in ma case im only 22 yrs old thn ang nag sponsor sakin is may fiance … Nkalusot me sa immgrt natin last Sept 06 2012 … Pero if fiance sponsor papafil up kpa ng form sa loob. Email me para ma advixe kita….

    Goodluck sa mga paalis

    • says

      pa email nmn po ng tip kapaf fiance ay nag sponsor ng tourist visa?
      plssss .need ko po this month kc mag tourist ako to dubai..tnx a lot

    • M.A says

      Congratz Sarah, need ko dn po sna ng advice kc blak ko kc itourist visa ang girlfriend ko, ako mgsponsor as fiance..23yrs old nmn po pra s mga docs. n need. thank you..

  183. glendz says

    Hi po, I’ve already receive my visit visa and AOS, may mga proof of evidence na po me na kapatid ko ang pupuntahan ko like Birthcertificate nmin dalawa picture, xerox ng passport at ID nya and iba pa documents nia dun. Ang reason ko po kasi is kasal nia this october and may invitation po na sinend sya sakin at pprint na lng. And may mga proof din po me na may work pa me dito like coe and ID, kya lng po ang profession ko now is a clerk, ang question ko po is ang nkalagay po sa visa ko is SALES Representative nawwory po kasi me bka mgtanong sila sakin kung ano work ko at sabihin ko na clerk kung ang nkalagay nman sa coe ko is clerk. Ano po ba pede ko isagot sa knila? o wag na lng me mgpakita coe or kung pno po hanapin nila yun at makita nila?

  184. gen says

    my fiance will be coming here on december with 14 days. southtravels agency will be fixing everything. he has a USA visa and he just toured there last year. The agency is saying i may not need to get him affidavit of support here in the Dubai consulate. will you recommend me getting it?

    his tickets and hotel bookings are all under the agency. I hope you can help me thank you

  185. gen says

    he has no plans in working here… just pure tour for 14 days… we will be under southtravels agency… hay nakakatakot naman yun ibang stories… we are already spending some money here. ang weird naman na being a tourist will be this intense!! kahit usa tourist visa di ganiyan kahigpit :(

    i hope he’ll have a chance… mag totour lang talaga :”(

  186. gen says

    from manila sister! okay i will have to get an AOS… but im just his fiance… actually he’s just my boyfriend. will you think i can get that one? is it before or after getting the issued visa? i am a nurse here in a government hospital. i hope i can get one :) i just want to be with him ng christmas and new year :)

  187. rowena gonzales says

    maam pwd po mgazk lge po q cnasaktan ng alaga q 6yrs.old nd qna po kc kya pananakit nia skn.tkot dn po q may manyari mzma s kptd niang 8mons.p lng minzn tinulak nia q s hagdanan muntik n kmi mhulog ng kptd nia.zn po q pwd pumunta kung nd nla q pyagan bumalik ng agency naman po.lge q ngka2pasa s alaga q maam..nd qna po tlga kya d2..

    • Grace says

      Hi Rowena, I tried to reply to your comment via email but the email bounced. Please make sure to leave a correct email address next time.

      Asan ang parents ng mga alaga mo?? Sabihin mo sa parents!! Huwag kang magtagal dyan kung malala na ang sitwasyon. Punta ka sa OWWA sa Qusais, katabi ng Philippine consulate.

    • nicole says

      try mo din e baby talk yong bata total 6yrs palang madadala mo pa yan sa lambing..kunin mo loob nya kung ano gus2 nya sundin mo at ung ayaw nya try mong intindihin..kung hindi na talaga kaya umalis kana dyan huwag mo ng isugal buhay mo..

  188. mela says

    hello!ask lang po oct.8 na po kc ang flyt ko to cebu ang exit ko den HK den going to dubai..sales representative po ang nkalagay sa profession ko sa visa pero nurse po ako at wla ng i need to tell the immigration officers na nurse ako pag tinanong ako about my educational attainment?ang nag sponsor naman sa akin papuntang dubai is my aunt which is kapatid ng mom ko..lahat ng supporting docs available.i’m just afraid to be offloaded.pls answer me ASAP po..thanks!

  189. sarah says

    Hello mela
    Hinde q alm nu rules ng cebu officer
    Bsta qng aunty birtcert mo at nanay at aunty mo dalhin mo

    Then sa sales representative lhat gnun nllgay ng agency here ok wag u takot pati affidavit of support orig 2 way return tckets at orig visa

    • M.A says

      Hi Sarah, need ko dn po sna ng advice kc blak ko itourist visa ang girlfriend ko, ako mgsponsor as fiance..23yrs old nmn po pra s mga docs. n need. thank you..

  190. Grace says

    Hi Grace,
    It’s me…same name of yours. I’m very much worried about my situation. so, anxiety…superrrr… same with eia. the profession stated is sales representative. I’m so worried for my sis is a servant or shall we say…dh at abu dhabi. The problem is she can’t have the required docs for authentication of AOS because her employer did not give the copy of her visa and passport as requirements for authentication of AOS. In short, my AOS not authenticated. Masakit na talaga ulo ko sobrang sakitttt… please give me some tips to answer them.

    • m says

      Hi, kelan ka aalis? Dapat mahingi ng sister mo sa employer niya iyong copies ng visa and passport to process your AOS. Other than that, titignan sa consulate/embassy iyong original passport niya. It’s better to have that AOS, although there are times they do not ask for it. A sister of my friend did not have an AOS but did not have issues with NAIA immigration while coming here in UAE. The immigration did not ask her at all. But then, it’s her 2nd time to visit, and she really just came for a short vacation – that trip was her sister’s graduation and passing the nursing board exams gift for her.

  191. cris says

    hi grace, im so worried.. im only 22 and wanted to travel in dubai as tourist. is it possible i would be deny? i have lots of friends who were 22 also but there visa were approved. anu poh ba mga requirements na hihingin sa cousin ko if ever ba thru agency ang pa process nung AOS? anu po kaya mga supporting documents hihingiin sa kanya? magkasama kasi kami ng friend ko yung nag sponsor naman sa kanya yung mom nya. kailangan din bah nya ipa authenticate yung affidavit of support document? pls. grace i need answers :)

  192. Angelie says

    Hi M,

    Well, last vacation namin sa Pinas is June 2011 pa..

    With regards dun sa link na binigay mo, sa pagkakaintindi ko is required lang xa for those 1st time na aalis ng Pinas sponsored by their Foreign Fiancee or Husbands… You don’t have anything to worry, hehehehe….

    • m says

      Hello Angelie,

      Hehe, sana nga. Hindi pa naman kami dadalaw doon, pero sana lang maging klaro sila sa atin. Kailan kayo next magbabakasyon, balitaan mo ko pagbalik dito ha? 😉

      • Angelie says

        Hi M,

        Matatagalan pa siguro bago kami maka kapag-bakasyon uli sa atin :( we have diff. plan pa kasi (for our future) and going to Phils. is not an option for this coming years :(

        Ako dapat mo balitaan pag nakauwi kayo :)

        • m says

          Hi Angelie,

          Kami rin, not in at least 2 years. Last time talagang napahirapan kami sa biyahe, both ways. The kids (1 toddler 1 infant) did not let us sleep, buong byaheng parehong umiingit. Had requested for infant cot kaya nasa bandang harap e malapit din ang restroom kaya dinadaan-daanan kami (or rather, parada ng gagamit ng restroom, lol).

          Hamo, will let you know pag nakabakasyon doon. Like you we also have other plans, for the future din, and we are not sure too of visiting.

  193. AG says

    Hi! I’m going to Dubai this Nov 9 at worried na po ako kasi wl po akong AOS. Brother ko po ang ng-sponsor skin pero ang ng-process ng papers ko ay agency sa Dubai. Tpos ang brother ko ay 5 months plng ngstay sa Dubai, worried lng po ako kc bk kung ano ano itanong skin ng mga IOs pg-alis ko, tpos i-offload p ako.
    Ang nakalagay pa po sa visa ko is Sales Representative ang profession ko , pero actually Microbiologist po ako d2 sa pinas and resigned na po ako sa work ko pero meron po akong COE. wl rin po akong LOA na nakuha. ano po ggwin ko?
    Pero actually po nakapgvisit visa n rin po ako last 2010 sa qatar nmn, pero worried prin ako sa mas mahigpit daw po ang Immigration ngaun. Thank u

    • m says

      Hi AG,

      Time is still there for your brother to process AOS for you. Takes 10 working days, and sending to you via courier takes around 3-5 working days. Sa DHL, kung sa center nila na pinakamalapit mo kukunin instead of them coming to your place, mas mabilis pa. It’s better to have the docs as mentioned by our fellow Pinoys above. Sayang din kasi ang pagod at gastos, plus you don’t need the additional tension of “what ifs” dahil kulang ang supporting papers mo.

      Usually visit visas processed by agencies will either put secretary or sales representative. Pag iyong relative mo mismo ang nag-process ng visa mo, then that is the time na iyong talagang propesyon mo pwede niya ilagay. In my case though when we sponsored my mother for a visit, we had stated that she’s a housewife. In reality she’s a teacher/nurse in public school, e hindi sila basta-bastang pinapayagang umalis when they work in government.

  194. candy says

    hi ms. grace
    pupunta po ako sa dubai this November may visa na po ako narelease po yung visa ko ng sept 14 ang validity na nakalagay sa tourist visa eh Nov 14 lang, ok lang po ba yun if ang flyt ko eh sa Nov 8 pa? totoo po ba na ang start ng counting ng tourist visa eh ang paglapag ko sa airpot ng dubai? yun po kc sabi ng pinsan ko. tapos evisa po yung nakuha nya na visa so copy lang ng vis ang pinadala nya sa akin? di po kaya ako mag kaproblema nun?

    • Grace says

      Hi. The one written in your visa is the time period when you should enter Dubai. Once you arrive here, saka pa mag count ng time allowed to stay in Dubai which is 30 days for tourist visa.

  195. hersheys says

    hello po ms. grace can u help me bout my worries,, my cousin was sponsoring me going to dubai.. is that okey that we go to dubai together ,, ksi po uuwi xa dis year for vacation ,ask ko lng kung possible b kmi magksbay papnta doon kht xa ang ngsponsor skin?

    • Grace says

      I think there’s nothing to worry much that you will travel together, in fact, it could be an advantage. Just make sure you have all the required documents especially birth certificates to prove relationship.

      Good luck!

      • hersheys says

        okey thank you so much,, nwala nmn worries ko sa sinbi mo ,, ano po ba mga needs pag visit visa sa immigration,, i heard very strict daw po mga io dto stin :( nkktkot nmn po..

  196. candy says

    ms grace worried po ako sa visa ko kc naka note po dun “enjoy ur visit and leave before ur visa expires so we can welcome u again” sure po kaya na di me magkaproblema sa immigration?

  197. says

    hello po . ma;am grace pa help naman po.
    aalis na po ako.pinsan at yung asawa ng nag sponsor po samen tita ko po at ung asawa nya kapatid nang nanay nanamen.ok na ung visa,ticket.documents ano pa po ba kulang at hahanpin nila sau?shhow money myron po ba?
    pls reply..(to DUBAI)

  198. sugar says

    hi! i have my visa already. how is the format of Leave of Absence and do you know of a travel agency that books roundtrip ticket MNL DXB on nov 15-28 ? how much is the roundtrip ticket and preferable qatar airways or cathay pacific. thanks

  199. Shiela says

    Hi Ma’am Grace, this is really an informative blog and as I read all the comments below talagang nakakastress. My parents are both working in Dubai and they would want us to visit them for a vacation (about 2 weeks) this December. Ang pinoproblema ko lang po is, apat po kaming babyahe at dalawa lang kami nasa legal age: 22 and 20 and my two other brothers are still minors: 16 and 15 years old respectively. So, ang question ko po, will it be necessary to have 4 AOS for the 4 of us? Hope you could reply THANKS :(

    • m says

      hi shie,

      ask your parent/s to visit the consulate for further advise. furthermore, they might be required to fill out other forms and affidavits other than that of support for your minor siblings. check out for the downloadable forms. i think there is one for minor children not accompanied by parents.

  200. says

    hi ..
    anu po ba ung form na pini fill apan if fiance ang magsusupport ng tourist visa..any guide po para iwas offload..sana lang d ma offload.hinahanap din po ba ang OEC saka anu po mga pifill apan sa immigration to be ready lng po…
    pLs anybody n may experience sa fiance ang nag support.
    thank you
    God bless everyone

  201. Manny says

    This paper is needed by Philippine govt to legalize arguments that in times you get into trouble, wala silang paki alam…legally.

  202. jons says

    can i ask if therea a required show money going to dubai,kc fiance ko po ung magsponsor sakin ano ano po lahat ng documents at possible question ,,nxt month na po kc alis ko thanks po please do reply

  203. Jim says

    Hi may update na po ba sa successful na nakapag sponsor ng fiance nila para sa pagalis? Plano din sana ako sponsoran ng fiance ko, sana naman may makatulong sa information kung papano. Salamat sa inyo..

  204. buhAydubAi says


    actuaLLy mas madali pumunta dit0 za dubai kung nza ibang bnsa travel kau pnzmntla ppnta malaysia, thailand 0r ind0nesia then mag-apply ung sp0ns0r ni0 ng visa ni0 hbng stay muna kau dun then wait ni0 within 3 days lng pr0cess ng visit/tourist visa ni0 gling dubai.. after that buy n kau ng ticket p-dubai, hassle-free direch0 kau d2.. actually za immigrati0n d2 2-3 questi0ns lng ittn0ng za ini0.. cnu ppnthan ni0? zan kau mgzztay? 0r minzan wla cla ittn0ng ttngnan klng.. hehe per0 t0t0o un ah nde j0ke.. mhrap kc tlga pg gling kau jan za pinas.. dmi din aq kzmhan nbiktima jan za immigrati0n.. the good thing ab0ut dubai mdli mkhnap ng w0rk lalo nat kung mcpag tlga kau.. at take n0te lng kung mg-aaply kau wg ni0 titipirin ung pgpprint-0ut ng cv/resume ni0 kc mas presentable tingnan kung c0l0red ung pic ni0 at nde xer0x.. at isa pah maximum 2 pages lng kelngan u d0nt have t0 make it m0re than 3 pages nde effective un unless business direct0r 0r 0perati0n manager nah aaplyan ni0 d2.. and kung ung 30 days tourist visa ni0 eh expired nah need ni0 i-apply ng extensi0n un f0r an0ther 30 days per0 actually mer0n 10 days grace peri0d n tntwag d2 nrnig qlng yn za travel agency kc ung t0tal stay nmin d2 as visit visa kzma n extensi0n is 70 days.. kea imp0sible za 70 days eh nde kau mkhnap ng w0rk unless kung pur0 gimik lng kau..hehe nwei gn2 pr0ses0 d2.. pg nkhnap kau ng w0rk at 0kei p nmn visit visa ni0 nde mu n kelngan mg-exit pah..per0 kung p-expired n visit/tourist visa ni0 kelngan ni0 mg-exit its either in 0man, 0r kish un ung mdlas exitan ng madlang pe0ple.. pr0cessing time kc ng empl0yment visa d2 is 14 days excluding weekends.. alm0st 3 weeks mu un aantyin bg0 k mkblik d2 za dubai.. i can spare s0me ideas ab0ut kish kc dun kmi ng-exit.. za kish pgbaba mu plng ng er0plan0 kelngn mu ng mgsu0t ng hi-jab at ung mhbang dmit n available za airp0rt bwal kc mkkta ung brs0 at buh0k mu en xmpre legs pra za mga babae yan ah.. at za lalaki bwal lng mgsando.. pwede mg-sh0rt yta? nde q n kc maalala..hehe nwei at kung ppliin kau h0tel piliin ni0 za farabi.. kc accessible un za mall, beach, at lpit un za kish airline 0ffice pra 0nce n lumabaz n empl0yment visa ni0 preb0ok kna kgad ng ticket pblik za dubai.. kea if ever piliin ni0 farabi hotel.. kabayan yan muna isshare q ah.. pg may tn0ng pah kau.. willing q zgutin un alam q lng ah.. cge bestluck nlng za ini0 lhat..

  205. buhAydubAi says

    nklmtan q pla.. kelngan mu prin pla mg-exit kung ung visit visa mu nde p expired at nkaab0t za pgtp0s ng pr0cessing time ng empl0yment visa mu ang ggwin mu lng is A to A.. Airp0rt t0 Airp0rt.. meaning kung pipillin mu za kish mg-exit.. pgbba mu ng er0pln0 at nttkan n ung passp0rt mu pwede kna bumlik za dubai within that day..imp0rtnte lng kc ng-exit kah kya its up t0 u kung guz2 mu mg-stay za kish f0r 1 day.. 0r it depends din za kish airline kung may availble flight 0r seat cla that day pblik za dubai.. aun lng..hehe

  206. buhAydubAi says

    zgutin qlng,
    kung willing kah gaztuzan fiancee mu gnit0 gwin mu..
    bili kah ng t0urist visa za travel agency, za g0ld & sands travel 0r za kht zaan travel agency..
    mgbbyad klng ng 750 dirhams maximum 3 days lng mer0n ng t0urist visa ung fiancee mu.. need ng scan c0py ng passp0rt at 2 c0pies passp0rt size picture.. then afer n 0kei n ung visa bili mu nlng ng tiket p-malaysia ask kau za travel agency ng dummy ticket pblik ng pinas.. i mean ung dummy ticket nia nza mlaysia n cia zka mu blhan ng ticket ppnta dubai send mu by email ung t0urist visa nia.. gnun lng kcmple pg tlgang willing mu kunin.. kesa za pinas cia mnggling.. kc hhnapin tlga 0riginal d0cs unlike pg nza ibng bnsa kah 0kei lng kht print-0ut lng ung visa.. zna mktul0ng ng k0nti..

  207. Jim says


    Maraming salamat kabayan sa pagshare ng iyong experience. Mukha nga kasi mahirap pag fiance mo lang magsponsor sayo at hindi relative. Unless yun mga nagtatanong din sa taas baka pwede din magshare kung successful sila nakaalis.

    So mas mahal ba kapag dadaan ka muna ng ibang bansa bago ka magdubai o pwede naman kunyari pagkadating mo kunyari hongkong sakay kna din agad pa dubai? Salamat kabayan.

  208. buhAydubAi says


    kung tutuuzin prang k0nti lng ang difference..
    kc pg gling za pinas kelngan mu p i-send
    yung 0riginal t0urist visa at ppgwa kpa ng affidavit of supp0rt
    ppnta kpa philippine c0nsulate
    f0r authenticati0n lam q 10 days un bg0 m-release..
    then kelngan mu p i-send via lbc/dhl 0r etchetera..
    tp0z pg nza pinas nah d0cs kelngn pah mgpr0vide
    ng authenticated birth cert, sh0w m0ney, at kung anu-an0 pah..
    mazyad0 hassle diba..? tp0z ang ending 0ffl0ad din.. kc nde kumpiyanza ung immigrati0n 0fficer nah t0urist kah za dubai..
    kea i suggest much better tlga pg nza ibng bnza kah
    i prefer malaysia dhil mura lng ticket ppnta dun
    en xmpre bg0 mu ppthin za malaysia ung bbgyan mu ng visa kelngan appr0ved nah visit/t0urist visa nia ppnta dubai then pg nza malaysia nah cia pwede nah cia dumirech0 ppnta dubai.. prang dumaan lng tlga cia ng airp0rt ng malaysia..

    ang kelngan lng nmn za immigration ng pinas ung dummy ticket
    pblik ng pinas.. nde nman nila i-checheck un kung c0nfirm bah ung ticket mu pauwi ng pinas.. zbhin kam0 pg ngtn0ng ung immigrati0n 0fficer “ppnta aq za petr0nas t0wer/leg0 land..”
    at nde nmn kelngn ng invitati0n letter unlike za singap0re..

    then za malaysia malaya nah mkpnta ng dubai n0 questi0ns at all lal0 nah may hwak kna t0urist visa ppnta dubai..
    -za immigrati0n nmn ng dubai nde nmn tlga hnhnapan ng ticket pblik per0 hingi n din kau dummy tiket dubai-malaysia if ever libre lng nmn dummy ticket..

    -i can surely zay nah maz 0kei tlga n dumaan muna kau ng ibng bnza ppnta dubai.. w0rry-free en save pah ng time en eff0rt..

    cge aun lng kabayan..

    best 0f luck nlng..

  209. Jim says

    Ah ganun ba cge salamat. Ganun nalang din balak ko next year. Mas mura ba malaysia kesa hong kong? Tsaka sure ba un na wala na talaga tanong2 pag dun ako manggaling papunta dubai?

    Tanong ko din ok lang ba one-way lang ticket ko from malaysia/hong kong to dubai? Baka ma-question ako sa dubai bakit one-way lang ticket ko kung naka visit visa lang ako.

    Salamat kabayan.

  210. buhAydubAi says


    sureness un..actually kea nga hihingi kah ng dummy ticket the immigration officer wont confirm it either kung totoo bah bblik kah za pinas..en eventually nde k nmn kukuwesyunin ab0ut za ticket mu.. pwera nlng kung muka kah ter0rista..hehe j0ke..

    mura tlga philippines to malaysia.. then malaysia to dubai..
    or kung kbdo kah make it pinas-hongkong then hongkong-dubai.. atleast ung immigration jan za pinas nde nah mngungulit zau bkt za hongkong.. dlhin mu c mickey zbhin mu fav0rite q t0h guz2 q m-sight..hehe j0ke.. nwei dme nah nkgwa nian.. at wag wag ippkta ng ssp0ns0ran mu ung visa nia za dubai jan za immigrati0n ng pinas kundi 0ffl0ad din cia.. zyang time en eff0rt..

    cge aun lng kabayan..

    • joana says

      Hello.. Im here in dubai and im planning to exit sa pinas while waiting for my employment visa… Will it be okay na palabasin na magtutour sa hk or bangkok beore going to dubai? Magtatanong ba sila sa hk or bangkok pag ang visa is employment visa going to dubai? Or do they just need plane ticket and passport? Mahigpit ba sila?

      • Grace says

        HK or Bangkok immigration will not care what visa you’re holding going to ANOTHER country. That is none of their business.

        Your only hurdle will be to get through immigration officers in MANILA, going to HK or Bangkok. Once there, you can proceed on your trip to Dubai and show your employment visa at DUBAI airport.

    • joana says

      Hello.. Im here in dubai and im planning to exit sa pinas while waiting for my employment visa… Will it be okay na palabasin na magtutour sa hk or bangkok beore going to dubai? Magtatanong ba sila sa hk or bangkok pag ang visa is employment visa going to dubai? Or do they just need plane ticket and passport? Mahigpit ba sila?

  211. Irenea says

    Hi po, tips nmn po blak kc ako sponsoran ng fiance ko papuntang dubai as tourist. Anu po bng mga supporting docs. ang kelangan pra s immigration stn.. First tym ko kya mdyo nttkot ako, mdmi kc ako nbbsa n naoffload.. advice nmn po..thanks..

  212. Sarah says

    confuse lang pag ba na eyes scan ka sa isang bansa , ibig sabihin ba nung my record kana ??? kelan ma eexpired un????

  213. Yang says

    Hi! Grace, kailangan pa ba na iPa-authenticate sa Philippine consulate ang residence permit of my minor child? Ano po kaya ang mga requirements na kailangan ko I provide or ipakita sa NAIA immigration personnel?

  214. Yang says

    Hi Grace, umalis Kasi ako nang Pilipinas under residence visa husband sponsorship, kso nkahanap ako ng work dto sa UAE at in-transfer un husband visa ko sa employment visa. Nag aalala lng ako ksi Magbabakasyon ako next month Pinas. May mga kailangan ba ako na I provide na docs para makakalam ng OEC?

  215. luckyone says

    Hi everyone!

    Sana makatulong para sa mga confused nating kababayan. I just want to share my experience. I got offloaded last June 20, 2012 going here in Dubai and it was so stressful for me to handle everything because of one stupid reason. I have a complete documents from my sponsor like what Ms. Grace said but unfortunately, immigrations have been very tough and clever. This is my case, my friend -friend- sponsored me for a tourist visa with a relation of “FAMILY FRIEND”. Actually i really don’t know the girl and we are not related in any way. We’re not even friends and we haven’t met each other in person until now. She just gave my friend a favor so i can enter UAE. But the confusing part was the information in my VISA. She applied me for a tourist visa with a designation of SALES EXECUTIVE. Siyempre napagisip ako since i am not employed in philippines so nagbusisi ako. My friend told me that if the immigration will ask if i am working in the philippines, i will probably say yes!So i have a reason to come back in pinas and my intention going out of the country is just for a tour. Kaya I’ve came to a decision to get a company I.D from my cousin, since she is one of the HRs handling recruitment in her company i am confident that i can justify it. So everything was set and planned. Nung andun nako sa airport, i was calm and composed. Ganun dapat so the immigration will not underestimate you lalo na if your holding a tourist visa. Wala rin akong idea sa “offload” thing na yan. First you will pay on the travel tax section then you will check all your luggage in. After that u will proceed to terminal fee booth next to immigration. Note: when u are inside the immigration area, u are not allowed to use cellphone so u better be more careful inside make sure that all documents are with you. There are 12 booth inside (not sure) including OFWs booth in the left side. In my time, there was just one zigzag queue line and when u reach the frontline u will randomly queue to immigration booth so that u have no chance to choose an immigration officer. Unluckily, i got a wrong booth :( First, i gave all the documents needed. Then Question and Answer portion. First Question: Purpose of going to dubai 2. What are the places are you going to visit? 3. When are u going to come back? 4. So you are a sales executive, can i see your company ID?

    Then i showed to her. Dun na nagkaaberya because my ID is suspicious. It was obviously fresh and new. Then she told me to proceed to immigration office for interview. The lady gave me a form to fill up. I cant remember the details on that form anymore. But i only remember one question on how long I’ve been working in the company i declared. I just wrote 2 years. So that was the “stupid” thing i did. So the officer told me to bring ITR from, 2011-2012,sss,vacation leave cert. etc. Pano ko mapo produce ang ITR e hindi naman ako nagwo work talaga. So ayun bulilyaso.

  216. luckyone says

    Ibig sabihin, hahanap at hahanap ang immigration ng butas. So better be sure that u can justify the supporting documents you have. Lalo na if “family friend”, “cousin” or “aunt/uncle/niece/nephew ang relationship. Importante din ang BIRTH CERTIFICATE between the two parties. Kahit hindi naman dapat. Anyway, good luck!

  217. marc says

    share ko lang yung experience namin magkapatid last Jan 23. I am a registered OFW tapos sponsor ko yung younger brother ko. Wala akong problema kasi may OEC ako, the only problem is sa case ng brother ko. First, nagbayad sya ng travel tax, then check-in. Sa check-in counter pa lang, mukhang kaduda-duda na yung galaw ng lalaki kasi di nya alam if “irerefer” daw nya yung case namin sa “officer” (magkasama kasi kami sa flight). Tapos naghanap sya ng invitation letter which I argued na di na kailangan kasi I am personally inviting my brother to be with me in Doha. Di nya alam talaga ang gagawin nya so nag-refer sya sa isang mama na nakatayo sa sa likod. Pero talagang nag-ask sya ng invitation letter na yan, buti na lang meron pang kopya kapatid ko (naka-addressed sa Qatar Embassy) After we cleared sa check-in, nagbayad sya ng terminal fee (550). Tapos immigration na. First ibinigay ng kapatid ko yung passport at ticket. Tapos sabi ng IO, “ito lang?”. Sunod na ibinigay yung affidavit of support. Comment ulit ng IO, “ito lang?” sabay turo ng kapatid ko sa akin na kasama nya ako. Tinawag kami both ng IO at yun, wala namang problema kasi we got the same middle and family name. Ask lang ako ng IO sa akin kung kelan balik ng kapatid ko. Ayon e di lusot na sa immigration. Boarding time na. Nag checheck pala sila ng return ticket. It so happen na kinancel early yung dummy ticket ng kapatid ko. Tinawag sya at pinagproproduce ng new ticket pabalik. Buti na lang naka – BB yung friend ko dun sa travel agency sa Doha and he able to produce instant ticket. Lesson: do not cancel dummy ticket hanggat di pa nakakalipad ang airplane. Ngayon andito na kami Doha at naextend ko na rin visa nya for another 5 months.

    • Ashley says

      Why do you need to use a dummy ticket? Or why do you cancel a return ticket after arriving in Doha? Return ticket is a requirement for Filipinos to make sure that they will return to their country. You’ve said that you extended his visa for another 5 months. What’s your brother doing in Doha for 5 months or more? He’s looking for a job? Or has a job already as of this moment? This is why Philippine immigration is asking for a lot of requirements to Filipinos going abroad. If your brother will be working in Doha, he needs to secure a proper visa, not a tourist visa. If he just planned to look for a job first in Doha, then use the return ticket that the IO required to go back to the Philippines after getting that job and go back to Doha with the proper requirements. Working with a tourist visa? What will happen if Doha finds out that the brother is working in Doha with a tourist visa? He will be deported to the Philippines. And who will help him? Where are you going to run to? The Philippine embassy there in Doha. In the end, you will still need the help of your country, whom you lied to because of using fake documents. Philippine immigration is just protecting you because you will be going to a foreign country and in a foreign environment/people.

      • marc says

        Ashley, going abroad with a tourist visa is not illegal. Each person has its own reason why he wants to go abroad. Maybe for leisure, job seeking, compassionate visit, business, etc. And the fact na I am the sponsor of my brother, pababayaan ko ba sya dito pagdating nya? Ako sponsor eh. Using dummy ticket is the easiest option and economical than producing a real return ticket. However, it doesnt mean na kapag expired na yung visa ng kapatid ko, di na ako bibili ng ticket? I should because I am the sponsor. And besides, every move must have a proper planning at dapat sigurado which I did. So what if I renewed his visa for another 5 months? Immigration office nga di nagtanong. Alam kasi nila na kapatid ko sya. Matagal ko na syang di nakita at nakasama e. Bawal ba yun?
        Awareness of visa formalities and legalities is a must. Working with a tourist visa is illegal which you are correct, but it doesnt mean na di ka pwede mag-apply. Mag-apply ka sa siguradong company and let your companys’ mandoop to fix your working permit. Go to POLO afterwards and secure OWWA membership. Para ka na ring dumaan sa POEA.
        Fake documents??? nasan ang fake documents dun? All are issued by legal entities naman. “Dummy ticket” is a ticket wherein you have the option to purchase at a later date. If this is illegal then why most travel agency are issuing this kind of ticket?
        Your comment might be true to some who came here without proper education and without relative/friends, but if you have siblings, parents, relatives or friends here, I disagree.

  218. marc says

    One more thing, may nakasabayan kami sa check-in under business visit visa. Nakalusot sya sa immigration hassle free. Tinanong ko kung ano mga questions ng IO at sa check-in sabi wala naman daw tinanong. Kaduda-duda talaga. Parang may anomaly dun hehehehe.

  219. Ehrin says

    Hi i am a filipino passport holder in canada.. If i visit dubai coz my bf is based in dubai, im visiting from canada to dubai do i need the affidavit of support?

  220. Lhai says

    Hi Ms. Grace,

    Good day!

    I’m planning to visit visa my boyfriend by April. Ask ko lang what are the supporting documents required for a boyfriend/fiancee? Ano2 ung mga dapat ipresent sa IO? Tska kailangan ba tlga ng show money? minimum how much? Looking forward to your prompt reply as I am planning to book the ticket as soon as possible. Thank you so much! 😀

  221. alice says

    hi good day kailangan ko lang ng konting tulong kc may visit visa na yong anak ko 14 years old siya ang tanong is kailangan ko pa ba yong affidavit of support kong kukunin naman siya ng asawa ko sa pinas?kasi pareho kaming nandito sa dubai pareho kaming nag trabaho dto?please reply any idia anyone salamat .

  222. jho says

    Ms. grace its urgent lang pakisagot po..with tourist visa aq at me prospect employer na credentials ko with red ribbon from DFA pero hindi attested ng UAE embassy Phils…NIrequired siya ng employer…Pede ko b siya iconcern sa Philippine Consulate in Dubai..pede b dito sya malagyan ng stamp? ano ang requirements? pano ko siya pede iprocess? Kc baka matagalan pa kapag sa phils ko ginawa

  223. m says

    Jho, DHL in Philippines can do the UAE Manila embassy attestation for you. I suggest that you send via courier your school credentials having the red ribbon back to your family, and ask them to go to DHL and avail that service. DHL can process that within a week. Once your family get your credentials back, ask them to send it to you via courier as well as time is of essence. Courier from here to Philippines will be around 3 business days, DHL UAE Manila embassy stamp processing 1 week, and courier back to you another 3 days. All in all it should be completed within 2 weeks including the UAE foreign affairs attestation here plus the Philippine consulate stamping.

      • marchella says


        Mam Grace, ask po sana ako sayo. Papunta po ako ng Dubai. Kaso ang gusto ng Manager ko ay “tourist Visa”. Narelease po ang visa ko last june 24, 2013 at ma expire sya sa august 22, 2013. HIndi ko po karelatives ung mag sponsor skin. ang visa ko po ay galing sa Dhabian & travel tourism at hindi ko alam at hindi ko mabasa kung ano name ng sponsor ko dahil sulat arabi.
        para makapasa sa immigration ano p[o ba ang kailangan na documents para hindi ako maoffload?

        salamat at sanay masagot nyo po ang aking katanungan..

        • Grace says

          Sorry I am not sure what the immigration will do with people having tourist visas issued by a travel agency. Anyone having the same and can you share your story?

  224. jho says

    advise sa kin ng employer ko is to have diploma certified by the consulate and the foreign affairs..nakapunta na k sa consulate office for the stamp and paid 100 for notarial seen and noted..
    balikan ko sya after 3 days then punta n ko sa DFA Dubai.
    Ang tanong iaaccept kaya ng DFA dubai yun kung walang tatak ng UAE embassy in the Phils. Me ganito b scenario na naencounter mo? Kindly advise Ms. Grace or the others n makabasa nito..salamat

  225. jho says

    iF in case b na naidaan ko sa UAE Embassy Phils ang red ribbon ko , ano b ang kelangan ko iprocess sa DFA Dubai?

  226. jho says

    Just to give information, no choice nga ako,
    Ms. Grace, pinadala ko docs ko sa pinas..required ngforeign affairs n maidaan muna sa UAE embassy, Phils ang docs ko before nila igrant papers ko..
    Hindi kya questionable yung docs ko sa pinas kc with notary na ng Dubai Consulate. makita nla n galing n dito ang docs ko..visit visa lang ako

  227. jho says

    Another concern, if the employment visa was approved within the preexisting visa , no need ba to exit?
    Isa ba sa requirement yun red ribbon ko before aq maapply ng working visa or before aq makakuha ng contrat sa employer ko?

    • m says

      Jho, ganyan ang sistema nila, and it makes sense naman. Kasi iyong docs mo galing sa Pinas, kaya kahit may Manila DFA red ribbon kung iyong embahada nila doon sa atin e walang tatak bilang pruweba na “tunay” iyong dokumento mo at talagang may ganoon na nanggagaling sa atin, hindi nila tatatakan dito sa UAE.

      Walang problema sa UAE Manila embassy, hindi nila iyon papansinin na may Philippine Consulate Dubai noted seal na ang docs mo.

      For your other questions, on the first time you’re given an employment visa your credentials will be checked. Hence the rules of basing the salary to your degree/diploma/training. As a rule too, the certificates presented should be attested.

      You may and you may not have to exit. If I am not mistaken, there will be fees to pay so that you don’t have to exit anymore. There are rules and conditions too for that which should be met in order for you to have this option. Anyhow, be ready just in case of going to Kish or Oman – don’t worry, there are plenty of Kabayans that you’ll meet there :)

  228. Azuz says

    Hi, im going to bring my GF this May with tourist visa but without “Affidavit” form, is it possible to leave from Hongkong to Dubai with tourist visa only ? does anybody experience that! ,, pls i need your help .

  229. jho says

    Ms. Grace, employer said, hindi nmn mage cause of delay para sa working visa yung docs ko, they can wait..meaning pede nmn to follow…me job offer na. Nasa kanya n din yun approval ng working permit ..Sa ngayon hintay ko yun school credentials from Pinas…wala p q pinipirmahan anything..pano b yun sistema? ano b dpat hingen ko sa kanya? Or wait ko n makasubmit ako ng school credentials ko before ako magdemand ng contract? June 1 pa nmn start job

  230. jaz mine says

    Good day everyone.

    Anyone here na nka alis to dubai using dummy ticket as return ticket po? I have my visit visa sponsored by my sister po, i also have aos and some supporting documents from my sister, and ticket with return dummy ticket. I am living this 3rd week of May po, I am worried because IO might question my dummy return ticket. Any advise you can give to those who had/has this situation.

    Thank you Ms. Grace for this site. A piece of advise from you will be a great help and relief.

    God Bless!

  231. connie says

    hi po!
    tanong ko lang kkung anybody here na naka try na mag cross country from cebu-hk-dxb kasi yan po ginawa ko tapos nag tour package ako ng hk para maka less ng expenses tapos nakalusot naman talaga ako sa imm.cebu kasi sinabi ko tour lang ako ng hk pero noong nasa hk na ako omgeeee hinold ako dun kasi daw di ako pwede mag tour.ask ko lang kung meron na ba dito naka try na ma hold sa kasi yung passport ko ang stamp is departure pinas at arrival pinas lang.sayang yung money. if ever ba mag travel ako ulit going to dxb hindi ba ma question ang passport ko?appreciate po sa mga reply..thanks in advance

  232. gigi says

    hi, pano po ba pag magtu tour muna ng malaysia bago mag-dubai? pano po pagkuha ng tickets…malaysia (RT+hotel ba) at dubai (RT din ba)? me nabasa kasi ako na nag hk muna…cebu-hk-dubai, pagdating sa hk di raw pwede mag tour? pano nangyari yun?

    • girlie says

      hi gigi sa travel agency ka mag pa book ng ticket at hotel reservation, my tourist visa ka na rin ba? gus2 mo sabay tau, sbi ng friend q medyo mahigpit na rin ang hk at sg kya plan q sa kl un daw ang in ngaun. please pwede makuha ng cel# mo pra magsabay tau

      • gigi says

        hi Girlie, no visa yet…balak ko pa lang mag-request this year ng visit visa sa brother ko. ina-aral ko pa dapat gawin kasi ayaw ko mabulilyaso pag-alis, sayang ang panahon at pera. yung pinsan kasi ng friend ko ay na-offload pero yung kasabay nya ay nakalusot, same docs naman sila at parehas visit visa. parang di ata tumama ang sagot nya sa IO na humarap sa kanya. btw, paalis ka na ba this year, sa kl ka dumaan ha?
        ok tong blog na to, dami kong natutunan, thanks to Ms. Grace. :-)

        • girlie says

          hi cgr next week pa kc hintay q pa din ung ticket q manggaling sa sponsor q, kabado na nga aq e first time q kc mag travel ng tourist visa pero galing n q doon.

          • gigi says

            goodluck Girlie…will try to find you should i be lucky to get there. God bless po. “mingat”

          • gwynnyi says

            hi gerlie,,,inform mu naman ako pag ok ung travel mu KL to dubai…kasi parang nahihirapan din ako thinking na ang daming offloading na nangyayari,,,mag proprocess palang ako sponsor ko eh yung college closed friend ko ,,, ayaw ko din magsayang ng pera pwera lang effort hehehe … pls add me in my fb acct ,,,thank u

  233. ever says

    hi,may pinsan ako sa dubai,sya yung mag invite sakin ,,,ang tanong ko sana kung pwede ang tatay ko ang magbigay o kumuha ng AOS para sakin,at kung pwede yun ang ipresent s immigration dito?sana po may makasagot

  234. MJ says

    hello po,, ms. grace ask ko lng po,, i just came back from abu dhabi and i resigned already. i am planning to go back to dubai s tourist.. what are the requirements po pra mkbalik ako as tourist? actually meron na po akong AOS .. hhnpin po ba sa immigration ang OEC na gnamit ko before when i had my vacation last year? please acknowledge po..thank you so much

    • ycel says

      hi ms. grace …same question din po, pwd ba gamitin ang expired oec as 1 of the documents na ippresent ng relative ko as tourist visa?

  235. MJ says

    hello ms.grace, ask ko lng po,, kggling ko lng po kc ng abu dhabi and i worked there for 2 years,, may 2013 ntapos ang contarct ko then i resigned. kbblik ko lng po last july 2013 and kukunin po ako ng brother ko sa dubai as tourist, probably september 1st week ang flight ko .. may possibility po ba na ma offload ako sa immigration? ano po need ko prepare na requirements aside sa AOS, Visa, roundtrip ticket and passport? pls be advise. thanks po. GODbless..

    • Grace says

      It might be safe to bring documents to prove your relationship to your sponsor. In this case, birth certificate of your brother and your own.

  236. gigi says

    hi, tanong po sana kung paano mag-book ng flight sa kl papuntang dubai? kailangan bang magpa-book sa travel agency o hanap na agad ng available flight sa airport mismo?

  237. Kitkat says

    Hi! Alis po ako ng Dubai ngayong Aug 20 ask ko lang po kung ganun parin po ba kahigpit ung immig ngaun and ano po ba mga docs ang need ko.di ko po kamag anak ung nag visa sakin..tito po sya ng boyfriend ko. thanks!

    • lani says

      hi ms kitkat, plan ko rin by oct may visit visa sa dubai non relative rin ang mag sponsor saken close friend lang. Can u please leave here a comment pag nakarating ka na ng dubai by aug. 20 pra nman makapagprepare ako. anu po pala nakaindicate sa affidavit of suppport mo?

  238. lani says

    hi ms grace, just want to ask kng anu ba magandang isasagot sa IO since hndi nman relative ung mag sponsor sau friend lang, base kasi sa mga nabasa ko na naooffload eh pag tinatanong cla ng IO kng kaano ano ung sponsor meron isa sabi distant relative nadeny sa immigration. dba hndi nman cgro cla iissuehan ng Phil consulate sa dubai ng affidavit of support kng hndi pwede mag sponsor ang friend. hndi ba naka indicate sa affidavit of support ung relation ng sponsor sa mag totour? bakit po kailangan pa itanong ng IO kng andun nmn na.
    thanks po

    • Grace says

      That’s the problem – the Philippine Consulate just issues and issues AOS papers without saying anything. That is, if it is acceptable that the sponsor is a relative or just a friend. They only care about the fee they are receiving from the AOS applications, nothing more.

      Good luck when you face the immigration officers at the airport as you have read here, there are many who got offloaded when their sponsor is only a friend.

  239. Sarah says

    hello po ,
    ask ko lang pag ba na iSCAN kana sa ibang bansa , ibig ba sabihin nun pang long life na ung record mo sa bansa na yun???????????

    reply me ASAP

  240. gigi says

    hi Ms. grace,
    heard na RT daw need ngayon sa tickets pag pupunta ng dubai?
    me computer access na nga ba mga IO sa mga dummy tickets lang? malaki daw po kasi chances ng offloading pag dummy ticket lang ipe-present mo? kailangan daw round trip talaga ang kukuhanin mo to prove na babalik ka at di maghahanap ng trabaho, tama ba yun?
    please advise po. salamat.

  241. j10 says

    hi everyone,
    my question is same as your @gigi like now na may promo seat sale ang cebu pacific… and then hindi available yung date na gusto ko pabalik… so ang na purchase ko lang is mla-dxb…. then hiwalay na booking date na yung pabalik ko if im still waiting for seat sale for the specific return date (dxb-mla).. may issue po ba re: tickets? need talaga na both ways are purchased on same date?
    thanks in advance po:)

  242. joy says

    Good Day,

    Ms. Grace,
    Do you have any update for the new rules in visiting a friend here in UAE?
    I’ve seen one from Gulfnews just recently, “NO EXPAT WILL BE ALLOWED TO BRING FRIENDS ON VISIT TO UAE”
    Is it confirmed? I’m worried, im planning to apply my boyfriend for a tourist visa:-( Is there any possibility he can visit here if this reports has been confirmed?

    I would appreciate if you can give some advise.:-) Many Thanks.

    • Grace says

      You can always sponsor your boyfriend (or friends) through a travel agency here in Dubai. However, your problem will be the corrupt Philippine Immigration officers in Manila. They have this ridiculous rule that only blood relatives are allowed to fly out and they make the others suffer by offloading or asking for bribes (escort services).

      • Mittel says

        My boyfriend just arrived yesterday here in UAE, I’m the one who sponsored him as my FIANCE in the AOS… Just complete all the requirements. Goodluck!

        • alex says

          i want to ask ano req.hiningi sau fr the consulate or embassy para sa AOS?did they ask letter of invitation?gusto ko kcing kuni ung GF ko.thanks.

  243. joy says

    Thanks Ms. Grace :-)

    He’s planning to come by October, hopefully he won’t experience that offloading thing :-( We’ll try to provide documents as we can. What choice do we have?…
    Anyways,than you for this site it reduced my fears after reading all these. It’s a great help..Godbless All :-)

  244. Bette says

    Hi everyone., cno ba pede ko makasabay.? Visit visa din ako and my aos was applied by my cousin., (distant actually ) but we have the same last name which is so scary pa rin.. My ngtip saken na much better daw if clark to dubai mas less hassle pero upon reading this blog meron pa rin daw na ooff load kahit complete dox.:-( Now im thinking to travel to malaysia or hk first before going to dubai so i wont waste money and effort pero mas ok pag my kasabay para teamwork.. First time to travel to dubai kaya ngaun pa lng restless na ko.. Tnx sana may makasabay ako..

    • Mafe says

      Hi Bette.. I believe we’re on same situation.I’m planning to go to Dubai and visit my cousin by month of November. Just like you, this is gonna be my first time to travell overseas and I also have in mind to travel first in Singapore and Malaysia. Im fromn Cebu. I definitely would love to talk to someone whose of same situation with me.

      • Bette says

        Hi mafe.. I wish to be there in dubai this october., cousin ko din mgssponsor sakin actually distant relative ko pero pareho kme ng last name., have you started everything ba?

  245. Mafe says

    Hi Miss Grace. I live here in Cebu, single, 22 years old.I plan of going to Dubai by November 2013 to visit my cousin and her sons. She just delivered her second baby last month and I wish to see my nephews for the first time. My cousin will take all the expenses except for the plane ticket. Im incharge of the plane ticket. My saving is only 40 thousand pesos and I just recently resigned from my current employer effective on Sept.28,2013 since I will be helping my father’s campaign by October. Should this situation affect my application? By month of november I cannot declare any job. Please help.

    • Mafe says

      And please if you have free time,indicate the step by step process. Like if I should buy the ticket first or what. This will be my first time to travel overseas. More powers and God Bless

      • m says

        Will your cousin arrange for the visit visa? Will she be the visa sponsor, or she will take from tourist companies? It would be good for you to clarify these with her as there are visa packages that can be availed in Dubai. You may opt to send your ticket fee to her and she will do the rest.

        If you opt for direct flight, you’ll have ask your cousin to arrange for you an Affidavit of Sponsorship from the Dubai Philippine Consulate. You have to show that to the Manila immigration prior to boarding.

        Immigration will ask a lot of questions as it would be your first time to travel out of the country. And you’re going to Dubai. Just browse through the thread, specially the later ones and you’ll know what to prepare and what to be prepared for to avoid getting off-loaded.

        Should you decide or your cousin not to avail the AOS, then you would have to visit another country (HK, Thailand, SG), complete with return tickets and hotel bookings as a tourist, check out in their immigration if you have checked in baggage after arriving (you have to collect your check-in baggage, or else it won’t arrive with you on your next flight!), and then check in again for the actual flight to Dubai. Of course, you should not let the Manila immigration know that you’re actually going to Dubai.

        Good luck!

        • Mafe says

          Thanks m.. my cousin will take the processing of my visa. She said that I just have to buy the ticket and send it to her and she’ll take care of the rest. She also mentioned about getting AOS in phil consulate in dubai but dont exactly know what to do next. Maybe ill inform her about the packages you’ve mentioned above so we can have a guide on what to do next. Anyway, thank you for the immediate response. I’m planning to buy a two way ticket within this week and send it to her. God bless:)

          • m says

            That is good then, that she’s arranging for the AOS. The AOS takes around 10 days to process, and from the news that there are now fake black market AOS (a reason why some get offloaded), it will be better that your cousin does it herself there in Philippine Dubai consulate.

            If she’s your actual sponsor in the tourist visa, then all she needs to do is courier the original visa copy (it’s pink in color) and the AOS to you via DHL. DHL was having that visa courier package, as I did for my mother almost 3 years ago. Hopefully that service is still offered by them.

            If, however, she uses tourist agencies for your visa, they might prefer that the tickets are purchased from them as well since the tourist agency will be the visa sponsor.

            Try to discuss with your cousin, and choose the best options. Again, good luck :)

          • Mafe says

            thank you M. your advices are such of great help. ill talk to my cousin later on what we should do/. again, thank you and More powersssssss 😉

  246. Pau says

    Hi,ask ko lng po…kc nkabook ako going to dubai on sept 26 as tourist.mahigpit daw po ang phil immig pag tourist visa,so kumuha po ako ng tour package going to sg for 3 days.arrive ako s sg on sept 26 ng unaga then flight ko dubai sept 26 ng gabi.ok lng po b un? O kailngn ko tapusin ung tour ko bago ako mag exit ng singapore? And mhigpit p b sa singapore immigration pag plabas kn going to dubai?

    • Grace says

      You don’t need to stay in Singapore long. Singapore immigration don’t care when you exit their country, whether you will go back to the Philippines or get on an ongoing flight to Dubai or somewhere else.

      Good luck and please come back to comment if you have successfully landed in Dubai!

      • offlimit says

        hi ms grace..ask q lng po qng need b orig. oec ung ddalin kasi naoffload aq at un ang hinihingi sken?ang problem q bka hindi umabot ung oec ng sponsor q qng ippacourier nya p..kasi sept 22 n po ang rebooking flight q..sana mtulungan nya po aq..tnx

        • m says

          Through which courier ba niya ipapadala? Kasi mas mabilis kung instead na sa address mo, sa nearest center nila from your place niya ia-adress. Dun mo na lang collect iyong courier, tatawagan ka rin naman e, and mata-track mo rin naman ang movement ng pouch. Kung may DHL malapit sa inyo, doon na lang i-address kasi 2-3 days mo pa makukuha after nila ma-receive sa center kung sa actual address mo ise-send.

          • offlimit says

            dq lam qng san nya pindala..ung visa q kasi aramex nya pindala..pero meron nq soft copy ny oec nya..pinscan nya p rin tpos send lng skin tru email..db nila ttanggapin qng scan copy lng ung ippakita q sa kanya..ung cousin q kasi ndi p xa umuuwi ng pinas…please help..i have 4 days left n lng..b4 my flight..tnx

  247. Bette says

    Hi ms grace., juz wanna ask ., pano ung cousin ko na mgssponsor sakin walang oec., ? Since 2007 pa xa sa dubai and till now d pa xa umuuwi ng pinas.,? Would it be a big problem? And one more thing pareho kme ng last name pero super lau namin as relative kaze mga lolo pa namin ang mgpinsan.. Need ko pa ba ipakita b. cert ng both father namin or enuf na ung samin ng sponsor ko tutal naman pareho ng apelyido., thanks po..

  248. Sarah says

    ate grace please answer naman po

    ask ko lang pag ba na iSCAN kana sa ibang bansa , ibig ba sabihin nun pang long life na ung record mo sa bansa na yun???????????

    reply me ASAP

  249. lani says

    hi ms grace ,

    ask ko lng po ok lang po magtour dubai via hk ? mangagaling po ako ng hk 2 days ako sa hk then from hk – dubai , hndi mahgpit ang immigration ng hk pag dun ako mag eexit ? may naka try na po ba dto ng ganun? pls reply po sa oct 24 na po ang flight ko kasi. thanks

    • XPN says

      As long as you have a valid visa to your destination, HK Immigration will not bother to

      question you anything regarding your travel.

  250. says

    Very wonderful article provided by you, which is very helpful to online travel information UAE, Middle East-The Nation’s largest Travel, Leisure and Tourism sector business guide offering UAE nationals, residents and visitors, useful and up-to-date information

  251. rzl says

    ask lng sa inyo. di po bamahihirapan ang asawa ng pinsan ko buo sa immigration, kung ang nag-sponsor sa kanya ang ang father ko na nasa abu dhabi. anu po kailangan na ibang documents aside sa mga affidavit na yan? anu po kaya possible questions? please help… thanks

  252. says

    The other day, while I was at work, my cousin stole my iphone and tested to see if it can survive a thirty foot drop, just so she can be a youtube sensation. My iPad is now destroyed and she has 83 views. I know this is completely off topic but I had to share it with someone!

    • jeff says

      Hi Tom,

      Same here, sana din looking for makakasabay .. i booked my flight already February next year…MLA-HK-MLA then HK-DUBAI-MLA pero wala pa naman ako ticket ung papunta Dubai on process pa naman ung Visa ko..

      Wat do you think po? February, ….. :)

  253. says

    alright im back… (sorry super long heheh)
    heres an update.. thank god i passed the pinas immigration, so im here na in dubai, arrived yesterday.. i had an hr interrogation grabhehhh! so here’s the story. i had my tourist visa, ticket both ways but both ticket was purchased on a different date, my aos is sponsored by a foreign friend, and i am working as freelancer. I didnt bother to show the IOs the AOS since my sponsor is not a relative and i thought it will create a big problem so instead i told the IO that i dont know anyone in dubai. Since im not currently working obviously i have no company id to show and i have more reason not to come back as well. But the main issue that the IO was pointing at is me not surviving the dubai trip for 2 weeks based on the show money i stated in the form, though i already told her that i have a debit card. To prove that im financially capable and to prove my connections online (i mean i earn through a crowd sourcing site, so i get paid via paypal which is connected to my bank account) i prepared a bank certificate, bank statement, copies of contracts dealt with previous online clients and the copy of my online account. The IO didnt even bother to know the reason behind my travel, she didnt even suspect of me finding a job in dubai. Talagang ang point nya is to prove na hindi ako pwede mag travel dahil kulang daw money ko. Nilagay ko kasi sa form was usd1,200 (show money) then she computed the hotel expenses and food allowance, kulang nga naman hahah but i insisted na meron nga ko debit card and marami akong baon na food sa bagahe kasi nga budgeted trip to! then she asked again do you have this usd1,200 in your hand, (wala kaya) so sabi ko ulet yan nga po yung nasa debit card. IO looked at me with disbelief you can never survive 2weeks in dubai, pero i insisted pa din na laging may pumapasok na money sa card ko, yun ang purpose ng bank statement ko. Natakot akong sumagot ng oo sa show money kasi feeling ko talaga magbibilangan kami ng money literally. I also told her i was confused with the “show money” term since it was my first time to fill up such form eventhough i had previous travels in Asia. Paikot ikot lang kami so dapat talaga consistent ang sagot mo.. Dapat eye contact, yung may sindak pero may pag galang pa din hehe… so the IO said she wasn’t totally convinced (daw) but still she allowed me.. she wrote in the form “monitor arrival date based on the return ticket” (pero syempre di pa ko uuwi nun, i dnt see anything wrong kung sulitin ko ang 30days validity or mag extend pa ko, basta ba hindi ako magtatago, right??) she even attached in the filled-up form the original bank certificate, bank statement and the copy of my online account (captured by print screen), she was also asking a copy of my visa, but we were interrupted so she forgotten to ask it again… and about the ticket, since it was purchased in diff date, she asked an airline staff to check my return ticket, syempre confirmed yun hahaha (lusot), regarding the hotel – hindi naman nila ask yung OR and hindi rin nila check kung confirmed or hindi, coz i told them that my hotel booking is reservation lang talaga and payment is upon check-in, basta copy lang from website na nagpa reserve talaga ng room… that’s it.. oh and one more… since freelancer ako, i was asked kung nagbabayad daw ako ng tax… syempre hindi.. sinabi kong hindi talaga, kasi kung sinabi ko na oo, panigurado hihingi ng ITR yan, eh di lalo ako napahamak. Pati occupation ng parents and siblings tinanong, hindi nga related sa travel yung interrogation na yun, its more on your financial status, pero case to case basis din talaga =) she even wanted to see the online stuff that i do, i’m willing pero wala ko laptop and net connection, sa phone ko na lang daw, sabi ko luma po phone ko sabay tawa heheh, means hindi talaga ako nervous and im confident na papasa ako sa immigration.
    SALAMAT sa blogsite and sa lahat na nagshare ng stories nila, very helpful po talaga !! so im returning the favor by sharing my story, hope it will help someone too. Wish you luck guys, kita kits sa UAE!

    • gigi says

      hi driz,
      kailangan ba talaga round trip ang plane tickets? kung sa dxb manggagaling ang ticket, ok lang ba dummy ang pabalik o mabe-verify ng IO if it’s just a dummy ticket at one-way lang talaga ito? paki ha. salamat.

      • says

        hi gigi,
        yes pina check ng IO yung return ticket if its dummy or confirmed.
        in my case confirmed naman ticket ko since its a promo ticket ok lang na ginastusan ko.
        Wish you luck!

        • xris says

          Walang problema sa dummy ticket if its from a legits travel agency.

          Instead of paying the full amount of return ticket price, just go for the dummy one.

    • jeff says

      Hi Driz,

      May work ka na po ba jan nakuha sa UAE?

      Ask ko po if yes, nag exit ka pa din ba ng UAE para sa employment visa processing mo or hindi na? kahit d pa expire yong Toursit Visa mo need ba talaga un?

      Your response will be great of help po talaga… Salamat :)

      • xris says

        Kailangan talaga mag exit from DXB to any country ang mga tourist / visit visa holder if may employment visa na sila, may mga case na A to A lang ang sitwasyon depende kung gaano kalakas ang company na nag isyu ng employment visa sayo.

        • jeff says

          Thank you Xris,

          another tanong po,

          pag ma hire ka po ba jan, cno ung sasagot ng expenses like medical, residence visa application and other documents needed? Personal po ba un or company?

          Thank you..

          • Grace says

            It depends on the size of the company, Jeff. Some companies shoulder everything (visa, medical and exit expenses) while most only pay for your visa or visa and medical.

        • jeff says

          Additional tanong po pala,

          If mag exit sa Kish or Oman, pwede ba na bumali agad like overnyt stay lng or mga hapon, possible ba yun?just to let them know lng na nag exit ka, or need talaga na ma procesing muna ung employment visa, ma receive ko yong copy before i can go back to UAE?

          Thank you, ulit sa advice.

          • jeff says

            Ok po. Ms Grace..

            but can i apply for a visit visa again if no feedback yet from the employer once the 14 days stay in Kish Island expired? is it possible? then apply again for another job or start job hunting again?

    • says

      hi gigi,
      yes pina check ng IO yung return ticket if its dummy or confirmed.
      in my case confirmed naman ticket ko since its a promo ticket ok lang na ginastusan ko.
      Wish you luck!

  254. Lei says

    Hi, Grace and to all,

    Nakabili ako ng promo ticket sa cebu pacific kaso problema ko kasi ung cousin ko na sponsor ko gusto nya via CEBU-DUBAI, ung nakuha kong ticket MANILA-DUBAI. Ung ticket nabili ko is rebooking lang pwde hindi pwde rerouting so, ang magagamit is ung return ticket. Tapos gagawin ko sna bibili ako ng CEBU-DUBAI ticket bale di ko na lng gagamitin ung nabili kong MANILA-DUBAI TICKET. Pwde kaya na magkahiwalay ung Booking Reference # sa ticket, di kaya ako maqquestion sa immigration tapos ipaparebooking ko pa ung return ticket nabili ko kasi Sept ung flight e gusto ng cousin ko sabay sna kami papunta dun. Uuwi kasi ngayong June balik nya this July.

    Hope po masagot nyo hinaing ko. Kng sino man naka-encounter nito, pakishare lng po. Malaking tulong po un sakin.

    Thanks and God bless!


    • says

      @ lei…. ang ticket ko is magkahiwalay din ang reference number since, magkaibang date ko yun binili dahil nga promo tickets… so ang ginawa lang ng IO is pina verify yung return ticket if confirmed or no.. dahil nga marami daw kasi gumagamit lang ng dummy ticket… And kung kasabay mo pupunta pa dubai ang pinsan mo which is your sponsor… i think its more advisable, less hassle sa interview ng IO pag kasabay mo na mag fly away ang sponsor. =)
      driz´s last blog post ..Playing tourists in Dubai

      • Kareen says

        Mabilis lng ba makahanap ng work sa dubai kahit wala kang maisubmit ng employment certificate kasi nag-AWOL ka nung pagpunta sa dubai? Employed pa po kasi ako kaso di po ako nagresign pra di mahirapan mey maipakita ng company id sa immigration officer bale vacation leave lang ako sa pinas.

  255. Sarah says

    Hello po, si sarah po e2 before na po akong nag ask regarding sa mga pinoy na naooffload sa immigration lalo na fiance ko lang po kumuha sakin … thanks God at nakalusot naman me at ngaun kasal na din d2 ..

    ask ko lang po sana , kung anu procedure nang pag kuha sa parents kahit tourist lang …??
    at magkano kaya magagastos ko sana matulungan nyo po ako ulit ????

    plsss ASAP..


    • Grace says

      Hi Sarah,

      Glad to know your experience was great and congratulations.

      About having your parents come here via tourist visa, you can either apply for the ticket + tourist visa package at any travel agencies (I use Al Rais Travel, located in Al Mankhool) or you can apply directly at immigration for family visit visa which is either 1 month or 3 months. But the family visit visa has minimum salary requirement of 6,000 dirhams.

      Email me if you still have questions :)

      • Sarah says

        ufff i think this will be the problem ma salary is 5k only ms. grace then planning for 2 weeks only , pano po yan … pero ung hubby ko mas malaki salary sakin kya lang hnd nman cguro pede ang son in law ???

  256. Anne says

    Hi po! Balak ko din po magtourist sa uae kaso 2nd cousin ko lang po ang nagssponsor sakin. bday gift po kase sakin yun from my bf na nagwowork din po sa sa uae,nagtulong lang po sila ng cousin ko para maiayos mga kelangan ko pati ticket ko nadin po (with return ticket) Ok lang po ba na sabihin ko po sa immigration na nandun din po ang bf ko sa uae?at pde pong magsupport sakin. Doubt po kase ako sa sponsor ko,the fact na 2nd cousin ko lang sya.. So kukunin ko nalang mga docs nila pareho if ever. Oec,emirates id,contract etc. Employed pa po ako and mabibigay ko naman po mga docs about sa employment ko. May credit card and payroll atm din po ako. Aside sa bday gift,we r going to celebrate our 3rd yr anniversary nmin ng bf ko. Pls.sana po mabgyan nyo po ko ng payo.

    • says

      hi anne, kung doubtful ka and confident ka naman and financially capable ka para mag tour sa UAE then pwede mo na rin palabasin na tourist ka without any sponsorship? employed ka naman and with credit card. If you traveled out of the country before then its also an advantage. Case to case basis din kasi. advantage kung may kakilala ka sa uae to financially support you. pero pwede rin nila isipin na maghahanap ka din ng work at hindi tour ang pinunta mo.

      Sa case ko kasi nag doubt din ako sa sponsor ko.. since ka doubt doubt naman talaga kasi yung affidavit of support ko since hindi ko naman talaga relative. Anyway, hindi ko na lang pinakita yung document. kasi confident naman ako na papasa ako sa immigration.. pinakita ko yung bank certificate and soa but i am earning thru online, wala ko company ID (ikaw employed, more reason to come back to pinas – pakita mo lang din pati leave form mo, worst is kung pati