Unjustified ‘offloading’ of Filipino travelers

My old post: New Rule for Filipinos Traveling to Dubai discussing the pains of Filipinos traveling from the Philippines to Dubai has been getting a lot of  attention lately from people wanting to travel to Dubai but faced a lot of problems with the immigration officials in Manila.

Despite having proper documents, Filipinos still face problems at the immigration desks while exiting the country. The proper documents would include passport,  visa to enter Dubai and that Affidavit of Support (a new document imposed last Sept 2010 by the Philippine government supposedly to curb human trafficking but has been subjected to a lot of abuse and seen only as new money making scheme) authenticated at the Philippine consulate in Dubai and air tickets. But horror stories have surfaced how people are bullied into answering ridiculous questions like proving his/her relation with the sponsoring relative in Dubai (which have been proven during the notarization of the Affidavit), show money (cash on hand), ATM cards, Credit cards, certificate of employment in the Philippines, etc.

It’s worth mentioning AGAIN that: this Affidavit of Support that entails a lot of trouble to get is NOT required when one enters Dubai.

It’s not uncommon to hear stories that some travelers have resorted to paying immigration officers bribe money just to pass through the airport freely.

While I don’t condone paying these corrupt officials who trample the constitution’s RIGHT TO TRAVEL, I could not blame the people entirely. Desperate job seekers* sacrifice a few thousand pesos for a hassle-free travel out, thinking of long term greener pastures waiting for them abroad. It’s just blatantly wrong!

Today, UAE national paper Gulf News published an article about the silly ‘offloading policy‘ imposed at Philippine airports that is not only illogical but unconstitutional as well. The term ‘offloading’ itself is outrageous – this happens after you’ve checked in your bags! Sometimes even when you’re already in the pre-departure area with passport stamped cleared for travel.

Offloaded passengers have been reaching out to me via the blog post which they found in Google while searching for answers to their woes and I have answered most of their queries with the information that I know. I am glad there is an advisory as to where to formally submit the complaints, from Gulf News:


If you had been victimized by alleged corrupt officials in Philippines airports, please email the Filcom-DNE through matilynbagunu@yahoo.com or alan_1010@yahoo.com to submit the following documents:

  • Copy of boarding pass.
  • Exit stamp in the Philippines showing the control number and initials/signature of the BI officer.
  • Original passport (with bearer).
  • Sworn statement.

I really hope this issue is sorted out the soonest. It is disgusting that a country who ‘uplifts’ Overseas Filipino Workers (OFW) as the new heroes, helping the country’s frail economy with the dollar remittances coming from abroad is actually being anti-OFW with this baseless, non-sensical ‘offloading policy’.

* It’s a common knowledge that employers in Dubai entertain job seekers on tourist visa then transfer it to employment visa once they are accepted for the job.

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  1. says

    This problem was a common practice by currupt immigration officers since 2004 or even long before, we as Filipinos must not give in to this people and take action, a group of expats are now doing this and I pray and hope that the “official” in the goverment will look in to this matter.

    • Grace says

      The stupid thing is that there are surveillance cameras inside the airports that can prove all the bribery and red tape going on but no one really cares!

      I have received a LOT of emails from people wanting to come to Dubai but had traumatic experiences at the airport. One of them – her passport was confiscated, she was accused of having a FAKE exit stamp only because she refused to pay one immig official standing at the pre-departure area!

      It is outrageous and I hope and pray the Filipinos will make more noise to get attention towards this problem!!

      • priyanka says

        kahit may mga cctv kung yung mga nag babantay naman e kasabwat, wala rin tayo magagawa. once na may mag bayad sa knila, pag hahati hatian nila yun. like no sweat! :/

  2. says

    Business visa vs Philippine immigration

    What is the explanation for holding business visa holders going to qatar? All the supporting documents are legal but still they hold many filipinos in Naia. Without further explanation.

  3. ma. elma maravillas says

    just curious, is this really true? im just worried because im processing my documents to go to dubai by virtue of my boyfriend who’s there and will be the one to sponsor me….please do send me updates…thank you

    • Grace says

      Not to scare you but yes it’s true. Hundreds of Filipinos wanting to travel to Dubai are offloaded by corrupt immigration officials at the airport despite having complete documents, a valid visa to the UAE, etc.

      • GERSAN says

        sana naman po tingnan ng gobyerno ito kc my nakasabay aq na nagbayad ng php25,000 para lng mkalusot d ba cla naawa?sila lng ang kumikita…

    • GERSAN says

      oo totoo to andami nilang che che bureche na nonsense nman pagdating mo dito sa imig.ng UAE wala nmn silng msabi kse completo k ng documents…my 18 times na naoffload na nksaby ko ung iba umiiyak dahil sa pera na nagastos nila.kahit husband visa na legal na mkapasok dito sa dubai i-offload ka di nila alam ang patakran d2 gusto lng nila ng “brive”

  4. GERSAN says

    SOBRA NA ANG IMMIGRAtion natin isa aq sa na offload akla mo qng cnu cla na magcomment d ba nila alam na ung mga galing sa agency cila ang biktima ng karahasan sa mga amo anu bang klase ang gobyerno natin sa totoo lng mas safe ung visit visa na magtrabaho dito at malki sahod nila kompara sa galing sa agency dahil halos 50% ang napupunta sa kanila kaysa sa taong nagtratrabaho sana bagohin ang patakaran gusto ng mga agency sila lng ang kumikita…TO THE PHILIPPINE GOVERNMENT gumawa kau ng survey sa mga workers dito sa UAE na visit visa na nagtratrabaho sila ang maswerte at malki ang sahod umabot ng 16000 minimum to 25 thousand sahod 8hrs. compare sa mga galing sa mga agency na 700 dirhams halos 16hrs na trabaho lalo na sa mga housemaid miserable buhay nila as in HELL..bakit nyo pinipigilan kami gusto nyo lng kau ang kumita lalo na sa mga agency….PLS….HAVE PITY ON US WE JUST WANT A NICE AND SECURED LIFE FOR OUR FAMILY…

    • JANE says

      hi guys, yes its true, more safe to go there with visit visa, its very ridiculous to be interrogated by the immigration officers at NAIA terminal 1, they are crazy, trying to protect filipino from human trafficking blah blah, its them destroying the opportunities for filipino to live a better life. Talked to other department, they too are very curious why they are offloading a lot of filipino everyday at NAIA. The more thet are teaching filipinos to do their other means just to go out of the Philippines. GOVERNMENT PLEASE PITY YOUR OWN COUNTRYMEN…

  5. michwise says

    Hi, nag worry tuloy ako while reading this. My cousin will be the one to sponsor me. kaya lang pareho na kami married so di na mag kapareho yong apelido namin..kelangan ba na NSO yung birth certificate ko? then naka punta na ako ng dubai at nag trabaho last 2008 but umuwi na ako by 2009 di na ba nila uusisain yan?

  6. yancy says

    I’ve lived in UAE for 4years been in & out of the country, but that day in the airport feels like my first time. I came back to UAE from residence visa to tourist visa. So, I have with me the complete requirement with the controversial AOS signed by a friend (she declares me as her cousin). The immigration officer was not convinced of our kinship because I have no documents to prove it except for tons of pictures I presented, she even said “wala, di uubra yan”. They sent me to another immigration officer for further interrogation where i saw several kababayan. I was scared as hell & hopeless, plan A fails, buti nalang I have plan B. I presented a copy of my bf passport & visa in Abu Dhabi, i flashed our pictures in my phone & finally, i was able to convince the lady officer that he & my friend are going to support my stay in UAE. Whew what a relief! Believe it or not, they are actually imposing more lenient rules today or maybe Jan. 25, 2012 was just my lucky day.

  7. neph says

    hi ,, i just want to seek an advice hoping that you can help me , i will be visiting my girl friend working in dubai and she will be the one to sponsor my visit , how can i surpass the immigration in the naia terminal since we are not relatives, but we have two children here in the phils ,,, what documents should i present to the immgrtion officer to be allowed to board the plane and not be offloaded. thank you ….

    • says

      hi neph,

      i just arrived here last may 16 going 17 since its passed midnight. the one who sponsored my visit here is the sister of my boyfriend and it happened that we have a child so i took my daughters nso borth certificate and presented it at the immigration. hope this helps.

  8. says

    hi neph,

    i just arrived here last may 16 going 17 since its passed midnight. the one who sponsored my visit here is the sister of my boyfriend and it happened that we have a child so i took my daughters nso borth certificate and presented it at the immigration. hope this helps.

    and going back with the immigration officers, it was so true that they are harassing filipinos presenting tourist visa.. that was really inhuman.. sana ma set up kayo para mahuli na kayo… ang sasama ng ugali nila… isa kayo sa mga taong me crab mentality… those who are trying to pursue their career in dubai just need a little more money to support their family…

    goodluck nalang sa mga iba na nagbabalak magpunta here in dubai… praying hard helps a lot.. Godbless everyone 😀

    • Yna says

      What documents did you show the IO’s para makaalis ka? I am worried din, kasi nde kami married ng Dad ng baby ko. But I have with me mga supporting documents. Sabi din magdala ako ng pictures namen together and birth certificate ng baby namen plus $1k as show money (just to make sure). Is that enough? I am afraid na ma-offload ako. Since ngaun, 2013, eh mas mahigpit daw sila.. Tsk!

      • Grace says

        If ever you are cleared by Philippine Immigration to fly to Dubai, you should NEVER disclose to the immigration officers at Dubai Airport that you will be living with your boyfriend because it is illegal for unmarried couples to live together here (although so many people are doing).

        Just say you will be staying with your friend or distant relative. Just a tip!

  9. Naveen says

    Hi please advise if somebody doesnot have anybody here known and they want to come from Manila to Dubai as tourist. what all are required. I have old lady age 67 and 47 they want to visit as tourist here and they have tourist visa/place to staying Hotel booking/return ticket as they will be here for 10days maximum. Kindly advise anything else they need any other document

  10. ESY says


    I believe with your folks at age 67 and 47, immigration won’t stop them anymore since they know that they won’t be going to Dubai anymore to work and the fact that they only have 10 days of stay, 99% immigration will let them pass without a fuzz. For the documents, they just need to bring the sponsorship documents, passports, tickets, etc.. Just the basic. HTH.

  11. jelai28 says

    I just experienced this today at the immigration.
    They are requiring me for an POEA/OWWA Record of Sponsor. What is this? Is this the same as the Affidavit of Sponsorship?
    As far as I understand the advisory about this, this is applicable only for OFW’d returning back to Dubai which has been entered Dubai in the first trip as Tourist and got a working visa.
    Appreciate any response on this query.

  12. Carlotta says

    Hi all, i’ll be sponsoring my cousin to come here, because of an immediate job offer by the company i am actually working at. I already have done my affidavit of support , VISA, return ticket, etc..
    will this do? or will they require additional supporting documents aside from this

  13. says

    My wife is flying back here in Dubai on visit visa on the 17th of July as she stay’s only for the Ramadan. What could be other documents needed for her as she has done CFO seminar for marrying a foreigner with a certificate as they said will be required in the immigration.Is there any more requirements aside from the CFO certificate, marriage contract authenticated from UAE Embassy and visa? I cannot asked for affidavit of support to Phil. Consulate as I am not Filipino and our embassy don’t understand what this affidavit of support is all about where she is my legal wife. . Please help!!!

  14. Carlotta says

    I’m so happy this time!!! My cousin has already surpassed the ridiculous interrogations of the immigration officers in NAIA terminal 1… She is now at the boarding gate waiting for her flight… Prayers do work, all the time…. (July 22, 2012)… I’ll keep prayers for others who are going thru this situation.. :-)

  15. says

    Hi! Ms. Grace, I just want to inform you na ginamit ko lang po yung isang paragraph ng sinulat niyo dito para sa blog na sinulat ko. May citation po kayo doon. hehe. Thank you! If you want to read my blogpost, here is the site: http://www.mylifeaftercoffee.blogspot.com

    I just want to share my experience with the immigration. Andito na ako ngayon sa Dubai. One month na ako dito sa Dubai. Nakahanap na din ako ng work. I am just waiting for my working visa para makapag umpisa na din ako ng work. Thank you lord! :) Okay naman ang encounter ko sa immigration, muntik pa nga lang ako ma-hold buti na lang I brought my Company IDs with me. Ang payo ko lang, basta dapat muka ka lang turista pag haharap sa kanila, cool ka lang sa pag sagot at wag kakabahan. Mag pray ng mag pray! :)

    You can read the rest of my story including my whole conversation with the Immigration officer here: http://mylifeaftercoffee.blogspot.com/2012/07/off-loading-of-filipino-travelers-is-it.html#.UBKWlazxqKo

    Thank you!

    • mactine28 says

      wow bro astig ung blog site mu..amazing!! sa gaya kng na offload na…parang parehas tau ng life bro…wish me luck po..sna hnd na aq ma offload para sa second chance q….thank u for da things i known coz of u bro…..god bless..sna magkta tau pag nakalagpas aq sa immigration….

  16. says

    hi im planning to go to dubai this coming sep mag sponsor skn is ang ate ng bf ko pero ang plan namin is mag singapore muna ng 2days and then after 2days aalis ako papntang dubai from singapore, ang ticket ko s singapore is round ticket papnta at pabalik ng manila pero ang ticket ko papntang dubai is 1way lang singapore to dubai lang hnd b ko mahaharang s immigration ng singapore kng wla ako return ticket. sabi kc skn ng bf ko wla namn pakelam skn ang singapore kya hnd nila skn hahnapin ang return ticket ko my visa n ko pero hnd n ko kinuha ng sponsor letter. plss help namn po thankyou

    • JANE says

      hi, immigration officer will still try to hold you if you dont have the necessary documents like NSO Birth certificate to prove of your relationship to the sponsor, pocket money, credit card. Right, Singapore walang pakialam sa iyo, pero sa Pinas paikutin ka talaga nila. I was sponsored by my friend, pero nag kaproblema rin ako, kahit na i have been in and out of the country for tour purposes. What I heard kahit nga hotel bookings naghahanap na rin sila. They are crazy. I tried to exit sana via HK kaso immigration dito will still hold you especially kung may record ka na ofloaded ka.

    • Ly says

      Hi ms. emm,
      as fas as I know wala ng paki ang singapore immigration kung pupunta ka ng dubai – mas mabuti wag mo na lang ipakita ticket mo ng SG-DXB(DUBAI) both sa PHIL. immigration and sa Singapore Immigration . let it be na ang travel mo lang talaga is PHIL-SG-PHIL.-wag mo talaga sila bigyan ng Idea that Your going to Dubai ok. goodluck – galing na rin ako ng Dubai,June2011 ako umuwi and plano ko ng bumalik sa Sept. din-nakita ko mahigpit na talaga sa NAIA nung pag uwi ko – Just a tip- be confident and wear as if parang tourist ka lang sa Singapore! gudluck!

      • annabelle says

        Hi Ly,

        Sisingit lang po sa usapan nyo.. regarding sa comment mo na “let it be na ang travel mo lang talaga is PHIL-SG-PHIL.-wag mo talaga sila bigyan ng Idea that Your going to Dubai ok.”

        hindi kaba makuquestion ng HK immigration pag papunta kn ng dubai?

        i have the same plan kasi.. pero bangkok nman ako.. bale magkakaron ako ng round trip ticket na manila-bangkok-manila.. so dko bibigyan ng idea ung immigration ng manila na pupunta ako sa dubai..

        hindi kaya ako maquestion sa bangkok immigration pag papunta nako ng dubai?

        please reply.

  17. says

    hi jane ask ko lng hahanapan p din ako dito s immigration natin birthcertificate kaht s singapore lang ako pupunta ?mag tour ako for 2days s sg and from sg dun n ko dederetso sasakay papantang dubai hnd n b ko masisilip s sg kinakabahn lang ako bka m offlod ako dito papntang singapore >thanks jane ur message really help me alot
    still waiting for ur reply thank you

    • JANE says

      hi em! I suggest better to have documents with you, basta huwag ka lang nerbiyusin, Because of this ridiculous experienced, talking to many pinoys who got offloaded like me, maiinis ka talaga sa kanila, hanapan ka talaga ng kung anu ano, kahit kasi relatives mo na parng duda pa rin sila, I wasn’t aware din kasi na may mga ganito sa immigration coz nag tour naman ako at walang na encounter na ganito. When you reach Dubai, marami nakakaalam ng escort, para lang makaalis. Of course kung may dala kang docs to support nothing to worry.
      Good luck, hope I did give you some info. But you know the consul general of Phil Embassy knows this already, he was also my good friend.

  18. Ly says

    Hi ms. emm,
    as fas as I know wala ng paki ang singapore immigration kung pupunta ka ng dubai – mas mabuti wag mo na lang ipakita ticket mo ng SG-DXB(DUBAI) both sa PHIL. immigration and sa Singapore Immigration . let it be na ang travel mo lang talaga is PHIL-SG-PHIL.-wag mo talaga sila bigyan ng Idea that Your going to Dubai ok. goodluck – galing na rin ako ng Dubai,June2011 ako umuwi and plano ko ng bumalik sa Sept. din-nakita ko mahigpit na talaga sa NAIA nung pag uwi ko – Just a tip- be confident and wear as if parang tourist ka lang sa Singapore! gudluck!

  19. mactine28 says

    helo po mam grace i just experienced offload last aug. 09 grabe talga mga immigration officers,sobrang pahirap sa akin bugbog aq sa maraming tanong na hnd nman na kelangan.completo nman mga documents q i have my passport, orig. tourist visa b.c from NSO and AOS from the phil. consulate of dubai..cousin q po ung sponsor q actually first cousin. eh hindi cla maniwala na first cousin kami,hnd dw pwd mag sponsor pag second cousin lng is it true?,magkapatid lng kasi ng ama ung nanay ng pinsan q at ung tatay q..dba po first cousin pa din un?? taz pinapakuha pa aq ng b.c ng pinsan q from NSO to prove na we are cousins..ang dami na ngang gastos at pagod na ginugol q…haayy naku..kaya hnd umaasenso ang pilipinas kasi ang daming taong ganid sa pera…gsto nla easy money lng kaht hnd pinag paguran..

    • JANE says

      you are right, their reason is protecting us from human trafficking, and yet what is happening is actually human trafficking from them…. so ridiculous. They don’t even consider the money you spend for the ticket, and hotel bookings and the penalty for rebooking. The communication letter released by De Lima said up to 2nd consaguinity, maybe tell the immigration officer to fly with you, para maniwala. I hated them really, I spend a lot of money too, but good I am here now after my 3rd try.
      And EM, dont be afraid to answer them, show them all your documents.
      What I cannot understand, they are offloading 100s of filipino everyday, inspite of holding legal documents. Dapat and i check nila mga agency…… not those flipinos who want to go abroad and voluntarily find their own job at their own risk, at least before they get hired they know their employer. Unlike for agency, ni hindi mo sure what kind of job you really have. Householdworkers dito mas lalong kawawa, coz when they reach the affiliated agency here, very disgusting ang accomodation, and yet they let these householdworkers to travel without money and extra clothes, their reason they will be given uniform and personal things, without thinking kung magka problem dito sa visa nila sa dubai saan sila kukuha ng pang bili ng food. Gutom ang abot nila. I’ve met some household workers, getting response from them, nakakaawa sila and long hours of work. Others, they forged the expiry date of work visa, kaya pagdating dito sa Dubai airport, they have to wait for long hours bago nila makuha ang renew visa.

  20. says

    ate jane and mactine28 thanks s advice it really helps a lots sana makalusot s immigration hays grabe namn kc cla wla patamad
    hnd nla alm yng hirap n ginawa natin pra makaalis

  21. mactine28 says

    welcome em.gudluck sau!!!! tama k jn kaht aq nga eh mag tour lng talga aq dun at alang balak magwork dun..nakakatakot mag tour, despite of having all the documents needed ma offload ka parin. if mag wowork aq abroad why? dubai pa, ang liit ng sahod..kng gs2 q mag abroad tlga di better go in korea or japan…the fact that all people have the right to travel bsta complete all your documents…alam nyo para taung my criminal cases tau sa NBI bat hindi tau pinapayagan magtour kng gs2 nla d sumama cla!!!!

  22. JANE says

    Goodluck Em!, chin up to them, kaya mo iyan, as long as you have complete documents, KUng via singapore keep your ticket bound to dubai, dont let them know about it.

  23. mactine28 says

    helo guys..i have gud news,i’ve passed the immigration officer last aug. 15 and now im here in dubai ryt now… prayers so powerful talaga..basta always pray lng kay god….go to church and pray…god will listen!! gud luck guys…advice q lng dapat confident ka tlaga sa sarili mu,wag kabahan at dapat deritso ang pagsagot sa mga tanong nla and wear just like a tourist talga…ginaya q si jhonvie nagshort din aq na pmnta..hehe..its working!!

    • kathy says

      hi mactine28

      Naoofload ako yesterday…nung naoffload ka kailan ka uli nagtry and nagtanong ba sila kung pano ka naoffload? ok lang ba un magtry ulit ako kahit naoffload ka na? kasi nilagyan nila nang maliit na guhit sa likod ung passport ko sabi daw sign na un na offload ako…. thank you hoping for your response need ko po tlga umalis kasi nagresign na din ako and anlaki na nagastos :(

      • JANE says

        you can still try, who sponsored you? kung relatives mo, then just bring with you your relative NSO copy and other related nso to prove that she/he is your relative. baka hanapan ka rin ng pocket money, credit card or debit card. be smart to answer them, dress like a tourist. be careful esoecially with that ms magdali immigration officer.

        • kathy says

          hi jane thanks for the advice..actually nakapag lie ako about may employment..actually resign na ko but i said im still connected sa company ko…binigay ko company i.d ko and ayun nag double check sila…kaya naoffload ako and di ko din nakatwiran bat ako pupunta dun..kasi narattle na ko kasi nga nalaman nila na nag lie ako…and ang nangyari pa nilagyan nila nang maliit na line ung likod nang passport ko and it means daw na offload ako pag ganun…

          • JANE says

            lahat naman talaga nilalagyan nila ng red mark sa likod. kahit san kang terminal they know it. at nasa computer rin

          • kathy says

            ganun b? pero kahit ganun i can still try un nga lang nag lie ako kaya malaking question un bat ko ginawa un. siguro ill think of an alternative answer for that…sana di siya ulit maencounter ko.. ung girl na maputi na banlag,i dnt knw kung sya b binabanggit mo sa first comment mo

          • mariel says

            hello kathy,,ask ko lng po anung oras flight mo nung na offload ka?kasi blak ko din gawin ung ginwa mo kasi resigned na din ako sa work ko..pero may cert of employment ako n up to present nklagay and id..tingin mo dinouble check tlga nila?kasi may kakilala ko ganun din case saten nakalusot sya..thanks

  24. itchiro25 says

    hello po good day…magkaroon po ba ng problem kung yung husband ko ang magsponsor sa pinsan (girl)for tourist visa? at hindi po kami magka ipilyido kasi may asawa na po kami pareho…thanks for

  25. annabelle says

    hi po..
    i’m planning to go to Dubai this sept 2012 with tourist visa.
    and i’m worried bout this off-loading issue. i will be sponsored by my friend.
    My plan is to stay muna sa bangkok then dun ako sakay ppuntang dubai.
    safe po ba kung ang ipapakita ko lang ticket dito sa immigration natin is manila-bangkok-manila. ipapalabas ko na sa bangkok lang ako pupunta and will not show my tourist visa for dubai.

    hindi po ba ako maquestion sa bangkok immigration pag ppunta nako ng dubai?

    pls help.


    • JANE says

      hi , actually what I know kahit san country ka pumunta, immigration had a lot of question, mas grabe nga lang if you are bound to Dubai. I get sponsor by my friend too but was ofloaded, and they will show you the letter release to them by De Lima. So magkakaproblem ka talaga especially kung friend mo ang sponsor. When I came here finally, i heard better na magpa booking ka sa mga agency na bound to dubai as tourist, may mga connection din sila sa loob. But of course if you guys trying to go out via other country never tell the immigration na punta ka ng dubai, just show them the round trip ticket ng bangkok.

  26. Annabelle says

    Thank you Jane.
    So mas safe talaga kung ipapalabas ko na bangkok lang ako pupunta.

    May I know pano ka nakarating ng dubai if you we’re offloaded nung una?

    • JANE says

      I did pay for me to get out, coz I have spent a lot of money before I left Phil. I am not suggesting you to pay, better have it done in a legal way. Pinatataba natin bulsa ng mga hindi nakakaintindi, sila mismo ang ccause ng human trafficking. Bring all necessary documents, pocket money is being checked as well and credit or debit card. Sabi nga ng iba dress like a tourist.be confident to answer them. When I get offloaded the first time, more than an hour ko kausap ang officer, kasi talagang palagi akong nag tour and why they are questioning me? Goodluck

      • Cath says

        hi ask ko lang pano ka po nag pay para makalusot sa immigration?
        nung na hold ka may nag offer po agad? ganun? or may contact na po kau sa immigration?
        im going to dubai, this coming sept 28 na po alis ko.. kinakabahan ako sa immigration. cousin ko po ang sponsor ko, first cousin actually..
        sana makalusot..

        • JANE says

          may fixer sila sa labas, who is receiving the instruction from inside. your companion na naghatid saiyo will stay with her, and give the money once you passed the immigration. nakakatakot of course. but ang advised ko dont pay, bring the original NSO ng cousin mo to prove na magkamag anak kayo , posible bring your parents and your cousin’s parents NSO para talagang mapatunayan mo na talagang magpinsan kayo. Napilitan na lang ako magbayad coz I spend a lot already, at sa inis ko. Let us not let them do the wrong thing, sa kanila nga tayo na victimiized, and I believe coming here and finding a job by yourself is better, kasi nakikilala mo employer mo agad and you know what job you wanted. and dressed like a tourist, be smart to answer them.

          • Cath says

            yup that’s my plan.. nag request na ako ng nso birth certificate ng cousin ko and ng dad niya to prove na magkapatid ang parents namin.. takot lang ako kasi dami ko nabasa sa iba pang blog na kahit complete documents mo if trip ka nila i offload wala ka mggawa.. grabe sila!
            may i know how much did you pay para makaalis?
            so sa labas palang me transaction na para sure na hndi kana mahaharang sa loob?
            2 of my friends just got offloaded last week complete ang documents nila.. kaya lalo ako kinabahan..
            naisip ko kasi if ever magka problem i have no choice but to pay them since nandun na ako sa situation and ganun din if mag pa rebook ako ng paulit ulit marami dn maubos ko na money.. haist grabe.. sa kagustuhan natin makaalis at kumita ng malaki we have ni choice kundi bgyan sila ng pera or else wala.. thank you so much for your response.. i appreciate it.. :)

          • Cath says

            Jane do u still have the no. nun nag excort sayo?
            i got offloaded last Sept 28. grabe tlaga maiiyak iyak nako.. i have all the doucments excpet sa OEC.. wala na siya iba mahanap kaya aun nalang hinanap niya..
            nag pa rebook ako this thursday.. just incase hndi nnman ako makalusot even though meron na ako OEC ng husband ng cousin ko, i have no choice but to pay nlng.. kasi malaki na dn nagagastos namin.. kawawa nman kami ng mama ko if d ako makaalis.. hndi ko mababawi mga nagastos huhu
            please help.. thank you..

          • rona says

            Hi po
            Ijust married with an american in philippines….
            I’ve been from uae as a nanny and went home I didn’t finished my contract.

            Question is
            Madali lang po ba ako maka balik ng uae Undermy husbands visa.anopo ang dapat kongdalhin sa immigration,dadaan pa po ba ako ng agency sa pinas?
            Tnx in advance

          • angelica cabello says

            hi,panu naman po kung may mali ung birth certificate? pero may kasaman namang affidavit na nagkamali ung info? thanks

        • ash says

          hi ask ko lang po mgkano po yung binyad nyo?
          yung kpatid ko at ako n offload n kc .plz rply po kau agad kc mg tTry po ult kme tnx

  27. JANE says

    Cath I paid 30t, but a friend who introduces me to this fixer she paid her for 25t only, though my case is like a red carpet, i had to bypass immigration and go directly to xray and enter duty free area. Feeling ko that day para rin akong aatakihin sa puso sa nerbiyos. Looks like i am a criminal. You are right, immigration officer is not thinking of the money you paying everytime you need to rebook your air ticket. Pagdating mo naman ng Dubai wla naman problem, they dont even ask for your return ticket, ask lang nila san ka mag stay?

  28. Cath says

    30k? my god! that’s alot of money!!! grabe sila! kahit ma suspend sila sa trabaho okay pa din kasi ang lakas nila kumita! sana matanggal nalang sila!
    sa loob daw ng immigration if ma offload ka may lalapit daw sau bubulungan ka then mag offer sila for 6k only.. grabe kinakabahan ako.. yun ang nakakainis kasi dapat hndi nila tau pinoproblema ang dapat mmroblema niyan ay yung country na ppuntahan natin.. since meron tau lahat ng documents which give us the right to enter their copuntry dapat un mga immigration dito wala ng ek ek.. kaka high blood!

    • JANE says

      that’s why i have no p;an returning even after my contract, hated those people in the immigration. ITs them doing the human trafficking

    • NICOLE says

      Actually hinde ko na experience ang may bumulong mas mura yang 6k compare sa 25k n binigay ko sa nag “escort” sakin….may mga tao na titigan ka ikaw ung mag a-aproach sa kanila kung wari kwen2-kwen2 hanggang sa itanong mo skanila kung pwede e help ka nila dun papasok may ibibigay silang name 2 cp# dun k na makipag usap..kawawa tlaga tayo sana manlang mapansin tlga 2 ng government natin, kc imbis may baon k pang pera para sa paghhanap mo ng work dun ninanakaw n nila .:((

      • Cath says

        i got offloaded last Sept. 28.. morning ang flight ko..
        grabe yung supervisor na babae.. Marlyn ang name niya.. as in kulang nalang ibigay ko ang Diary ko sa kanya, grabe mga questions niya..
        kahit pinakita ko na lahat lahat pati BC ng cousin ko mama ko sakin and sa ddaddy ng cousin ko ayaw niya pa dn ako paalisin.. hiningi niya yung wala sakin which is yung OEC ng husband ng cousin ko since housewife lng cousin ko..
        Nicloe just want to ask, do you still have the no. nun nag excort sayo? nag pa rebook kasi ako, this thursday na flight ko.. just incase d nnman makalusot i have no choice but to pay nalang.. kasi sayang lang dn mga nagastos if d ako makaalis.. last time kasi wala ko nakita na nag offer for escort.. grabe umuwi akong luhaan.. :(
        reply ka please.. thank you..

          • Cath says

            thank you Jane..
            ask ko lng, hndi nman delikado na mahuli? or panu magging process niyan pag escort pag dating ko sa airport?

          • Grace says

            Who is this Cecil person and why is she asking for cash payment in exchange for hassle-free exit?

          • Rej says

            Jane, i tried calling cecil, but then she refused to entertain me unless u speak to her dw. Sabi ko nasa dubai kna… I came across this thread kc, iv been looking for some help kc nxt week na flight ko… Pano kaya nya ko i e entertain? Pls help… Thanks! :)

      • xoxo15 says

        Hello po.. sino po ang may contact # nang escort?? I badly need help po.. pls text me in this #09179041280.. thank you po..

    • NICOLE says

      hi..share mo naman kung ano naging experience mo sa harap ng IO ..galingnadin kc ako ng dubai last July umuwi ako kc nag karoon ng problema, now balak kong bumalik ulit ng dubai. kinakabahan ako kc d na pwedeng idahilan ang vacation kc galing palang ako dun last month ang yaman ko naman buwan buwan nag vvacation ng dubai d b?, kaya balak ko din pumasok ng tour kahit saang bansa tas dun na ako dadaan papuntang dubai….share naman po ng nagastos ninyo pag tour…kc ng pag punta ko na offload din ako 2x ako nag try kaso wala akong maipakita na OEC ng pinsan ko at hindi nya ako ma provide kaya nagbayad ako ng 25taw para s “scort”…ms. em share nman kung ano ginawa mo pagpasok mo ng SG..tnx

      • xoxo15 says

        Hello Maam/Sir;
        I am looking for an escort po, I badly need help.. I am going to Dubai, I am willing to pay.. please contact me 09179041280.. Thank you po..

    • JANE says

      nice EM, congratulations! you made it. Your next move is to find work now. Pagdating ng Dubai wla man lang problem na gaya ng Pinas. Hope you can find your job soon. God bless

      • doray says

        Ei pde niyo po ba ako iguide, resigned na dn kc ako from work at gf ko lng ng petition sakin.. pano po ba dapat ko gwin pra mklusot dn.. complete docs nman na ako, may coe, company id, visa, hotel bookings, tour packages. Masisilip pa kya yung resigned ako?

  29. elaine says

    hello everyone! sana po you can give me advice, Im 21 yrs old and im planning to go to abu dhabi ds october, pero dinescourage po ako ng friend ko na umalis from manila papuntang abu dhabi kasi nga dw po strikto na ngayon ang Immigration sa manila, so ang plan po is to stay in malaysia for 3 days tapos dun na po ako sasakay ng papuntang Abu dhabi. Travel agency po ang mag iisue sa akin ng visa, kaso kinakabahan po ako baka ma offload po ko sa malaysia, ask ko na dn po kung ano po ang requirements aside sa tourist visa? tapos assured na po ba na makakarating po ako ng abu dhabi at hindi ma offload? sana po matulungan nyo ako..salamat po

  30. drew says

    Hello, I’m 21 years old and I’m planning to go to Dubai this coming first week of November. Kapatid ko na nagwowork sa Dubai ang mag ssponsor saken. Do you think na possible pa din na ma offload ako kahit kumpleto documents na ipapakita ko?

    • Grace says

      Even if your documents are complete, there is no guarantee you’ll fly out hassle-free as long as you are leaving Manila airport and have to face those immigration officials there! Good luck.

      • jc says

        hi ms. grace…

        strict parin ba until now sa mga ngttravel ng manila direct to dubai? Im planning to go to dubai on tourist visa kc by january. its not my first time. madami nako travels before this 2014 naka 4 travels abroad ako, china malaysia, singapore and london. by january i will be unemployed pero we have a family business so ang plan ko is kunwari ako ang ngmamanage ng family business namin. anong docs kaya kylangan ko to prove na ngwwork ako sa mom ko? employment certificate lang kaya? or business permit pa ng company ng mom ko? kailangan ba sa akin mismo nakapangalan ung business or pwde naman working lang ako sa company ng mom ko? looking forward to your opinion. thanks!

  31. mariel says

    Hello po,,I’m 22 years old and i’m planning to go to dubai this coming oct.7..tita ko po ung ng sponsor sakin..ng request na din po ako ng nso bc ni tita ko at ni mama just in case na hanapin at meron din po akong show money na 500 dollars..possible po b na maoffload ako? 11:55 pm po flight ko?mas less po kaya yung case ng offload pag ganun ung oras ng flight?hehe..tsaka po ng resign na po ako sa work ko pero po may id pa po ako at nkahingi po ko ng cert. of employment na nakalgay up to present..ichecheck pa po kaya nila un..reply po please..kinakabhan po kasi ko sa pffloading issues especially pilipinos carrying visit visa going to dubai..salamat po..

  32. mariel says

    hello miss grace ask ko lng po ulit kung ung affidavit of support po d na need ipa authenticate sa phil.consulate jan sa dubai kasi first degree nmn po sponsor ko??kasi sabi d na daw need pero worriedpo ako eh,,.sana po mag reply kau..salamat po

  33. shadow says

    naoffload po ako kahapon going to dubai.. hinanapan nila ako ng OEC ng pinsan ko. ndi ko naiprovide kaya nila ako inoffload.. now.. im planning na mag tour sa SG this week.. tapoz from SG to dubai na. ano po kaya ang magiging problema kung makita nila na may record ako na naoofload.thanks

      • Grace says

        But if you purchase a return ticket Manila-Singapore-Manila and tell them you’ll just tour Singapore, no need to provide documents other than passport, return ticket and invitation letter of someone in Singapore.

  34. annabelle says

    Hi Jane,
    ask ko lang po kung ano yung OEC? i will be sponsored by my friend. kelangan ko b ng OEC nya? wla kasi nababanggit n ganun skin ang friend ko. ano po un?
    ang plan po nmin is manila-bangkok-dubai
    so prang magtour lang ako kunwari s bangkok.
    ano po ung OEC at kelangan ko po ba nun?san po hinahanap yun? sa manila airport or sa bangkok airport pag papunta nako ng dubai?

    • JANE says

      hello annabelle, oec is an overseas exit clearance, gamit ng mga ofw pag umaalis to free them from paying tax and terminal fee. actually kaya nila hinahanap to check kung sinong ofw umalis ng hindi nag process ng work sa pinas. laki ng problem nila di ba? may work na nga nag pa visit visa sa iyo pahihirapan pa mga kamag anak

    • JANE says

      hello annabelle, oec is an overseas exit clearance, gamit ng mga ofw pag umaalis to free them from paying tax and terminal fee. actually kaya nila hinahanap to check kung sinong ofw umalis ng hindi nag process ng work sa pinas.

      • annabelle says

        Thank you Jane.
        ang daming requirements..
        Sana maging successful lahat tau na mga papunta na Dubai.

        Thanks for the tips.
        God Bless :)

      • erikareq says

        HI! Need pa po original copy ng OEC? Or can it be scanned copy lang? Kasi my fiance will leave on monday na and it will take time to send him the original copy of my oec and will cost money for the rebooking of his ticket. Thank you po!

  35. mariel says

    hello..nasakin na po ung visa ko at affidavit of support pero po ung affidavit of support ko po is not authenticated..plus yung oec ng tita ko is expired na panu po kya un..

    • erikareq says

      HI! Need pa po original copy ng OEC? Or can it be scanned copy lang? Kasi my fiance will leave on monday na and it will take time to send him the original copy of my oec and will cost money for the rebooking of his ticket. Thank you po!

  36. says

    hi guys sori for late reply tlga ahh nasira kc net namin dito ngaun lang ulit naayos. from manila i went 1st to hongkong for 5days with my friends sobrang nakakaba s immigration natin para clang kakain ng tao s mga tanong nila kaht n madami kme
    conversation ko s immigration pag kbgay ko ng passport ticket and hotel accomodation
    immig:san k pupunta anung gagawin mo
    me:hk mag tour for 5days with my friends
    immig:ahh san k nag wowork dito patingin ng id tska vacation leave
    me:uniliver and then saby bgay ng documents
    immig:hnd b peke toh bka namn mag hanap k ng work dun kya k mag tour
    me:why should i need to do that. im hapi in my work and ksma ko family ko and i dont need a big salary because my mom also giving me a money every month. do u think i need to work far from them sabay smile ng malupet
    immig:ok hintayin kita bumalik dito ahh with smile and sabay tatak
    grabe sobrang kinakabahan tlga ako nung nka lusot ako nkahinga ako ng maluwag
    s hk pag bgay ko ng passport and visa ko tinanong lang kng anu pangalan ko and then tapos n tinatakan nya n yng passport ko as in wla tlga hirap sarap ng pakiramdam nung nalakusot ako pero nung asa dubai immig ako mas kinabahan ako pero wla namn cla msyado tinanong tiningnan lang ako ng matagal tas ok n

    sana nakatulong s inyo toh bsta s immigration s pinas be smart dapat sindakin nyo lang cla pag nakalusot kau madali n goodluck s pupunta dito kya nyo yan… ako eto ngaun nag hahanap n ng work puro interview nag hihintay ng tawag :)

    • mariel says

      hello miss em..ung pinakita nyu pong id at leave form ay galing po b tlga sa uniliver..? kasi po ako resigned na din po ako sa work ko..and ngpagawa lng po ako ng id sa HR pus nanguha lng din po ako ng LEAVE FORM sa HR nmin..pde na po kaya un na supporting documents.hindi namn po kaya ni vineverify? flight ko nmn is 11:55pm…reply po kau..slamat po miss em :) and goodluck po jan sa dubai..

  37. haki says

    Hi guys!

    I was reading all your comments and I just want to share my experience. I’m here in Dubai, mag 1week pa lang ako. I already have a job, so sa ngayon pinaprocess na nung employer ko yung working visa. I went here with a tourist visa, so sa mga may plan na magtourist din dito sa Dubai but planning to work, wag kayo masyadong kabahan. Oo sa umpisa nakakakaba tlga, just make sure you have your documents with you. Isang tip, pumila kayo sa Immigration Officer na mukhang mabait, for the girls, I advise you to choose male immigration officer, syempre kahit papano may respeto pa rin yang mga yan sa mga babae. So that’s what I did, I presented my passport, visa, and departure card (it is the small paper you’ll fill up while on the airport). Ready ako sa lahat ng documents, i have my id, coe, payslip, but the truth is, I’m already resigned. Just in case hanapan nila ko. First question, sino pupuntahan mo dun? I said pinsan ko (btw I also have my birth cert, my cousin’s and our parents). Hiningi nya yung docs ng pinsan ko, un affidavit of support din. Binigay ko din un birth cert nameng 2. First cousin mo? Then I said yes. Next question is “close kayo?” so i said yes. He answered back, “cge nga kelan birthday nya?” So I answered him. Tas tinanong nya lng din pangalan ng parents namen na magkapatid. he didnt asked for our parents birth cert. Tas pinakuha na sken un travel record ng pinsan ko. That’s it. Ang laki ng niluwag ng dibdib ko nun. You just really have to answer their questions without hesitations. kasi yang mga immigration officer na yan, ang trabaho nila ay mag spot kung sino nagsasabi ng totoo, kung sino mag tnt, so normal na sagutin mo mga tinatanong nila. The officer didnt even asked for my employment details. parang he doesnt care kung employed or not ako, kelangan lng nmn kasi maprove na hindi ka mag tnt dito sa dubai, na may sasalo tlga sayo pagdating mo dito. And one thing more, mas adviseable na gabi ang flight nyo, ako kasi 11:55 sa Emirates ako, if ever mag verify sila sa company, wala ng tao, unlike pag officer hours, pede tlga sila mag verify.

    So to those who are planning to work here, just be confident, chaka dress up normal, un ndi takaw atensyon. Hope this helps! :)

    • mariel says

      hello haki..congrats..flight ko na din papunta jan sa oct. 7 same tau emirates din 11:55pm..pero may malaki akong problem..haha hindi authenticated ung affidavit of support ko..sponsor ko si tita ko..hehe..pero meron din akong bc nmin dalawa at ng mama ko..sana malaksot din ako :)

      • haki says

        good luck mariel! kaya mo yan. un immigration officer na nagpalusot saken ay si Yap, R. since pareho tyo ng time, bka makita mo sya dun, dun ka pumila. bata pa sya siguro less thank 30 tas nakasalamin sya. what do you mean hindi authenticated yung affidavit of support mo? diba galing yun sa philippine consulate dito sa Dubai, parang may red ribbon din sya. kasi hiningi nya saken agad yung documents ng cousin ko. bkit hindi yun authenticated? he will also ask for empoyment proofs ng tita mo. ako kc nun cnabi nya asan mga docs ng pinsan mo, binigay ko lahat ng meron sken, tas aun ok na. pinakuha na agad travel record.

        • mariel says

          hello haki..yup hindi tlga authenticated..as in pirma lng ni tita ko nandun at tinype lng nya sa comp.,,meron ako supporting documents sakin ung birth cert. ng mama,ng sponsor(auntie) at ako..OEC,passport at visa nya..ok na kaya to haki??naguguluhan kasi ko ang sabi nila visa,tiket at passort muna ang ibigay sa IO pag may hiningi dun palng ibibigay ung hinihingi nila..worried tlga ko haki..and ung id ko sa company is Company nurse ok lng un kahit sales rep nasa visa ko??help me please…thnaks in advance..

  38. Annabelle says

    Hi Guys nandito na ako sa Dubai, finally.
    Advise ko wag kau kumuha ng flight na deretso Manila-Dubai pra di kau mahirapan s immigrations ng Manila.
    In my case dumaan muna ako sa Bangkok i stayed 3days dun then from Bangkok dun ako sumakay ppunta Dubai.
    Basta daan muna kau s ibang asian countries like SG, Bangkok or HK.

    Ska sa Clark ako sumakay papuntang Bangkokga bata pa immigration officers dun kya mukhang ndi pa gagawa ng mga kalokohan tulad ng mga taga NAIA.

    Super walang hassle..

    Goodluck sa lahat and hope swertehin tau sa Dubai.

    • haki says

      Hi Annabelle,

      Congrats! Ok sana yung advise mo na mag cross country muna, kaso mas magastos sya, diba need mo magpakita ng hotel bookings and return ticket para maprove sa immigration na babalik ka pa mula dun sa malalapit na bansa like Bangkok, SG, etc.? Mas konti gastos kasi pag direct flight. And in our case, first or second degree relative naman nmen yung nagsponsor so as long as may documents kami, makakalusot kami, in your case kasi I think friend mo lang yung kakilala mo dito sa Dubai kaya adviseable tlga na mag cross country ka, kasi di ina-allow ng immigration magsponsor un nasa Dubai kung di mo first or second degree relative. Just a thought. :)

    • jaymar says

      miss annabelle tanung ko lng po kung anu yung time ng flight nyo sa clark! dami din daw na ooffload dun! kasi balak ko hongkong! panu ba gawin ko! kumuha ako ng package tour to hongkong taz from there dun ako bibili ng ticket. ok lang ba na 1 way! pakihelp mo naman po me miss annabelle kasi nasstress na talaga ako! salamat po!

  39. mariel says

    hello po,,sa sunday na po ang flight ko,,till now worried padin ako sa AOS ko..d ko alam kung masusurpass ko ang IO..anu po b pdeng gawin..ibigay ko muna ung passport,visa at ticket ko muna..d ko muna isasama ang hindi authenticated na AOS ko or isasama ko ng ibigay sa IO ung passport,ticket at visa na nakaattached ung hindi authenticated na visa ko na may attachement ng OEC, copy ng passport ng sponsor ko,residence visa, and original nso ng tita ko (sponsor) ng mama ko pati nadin ung akin,,,hayyy natatakod pdin ako,,help nmn po..salamat :)

  40. Alex Romero says

    Hi Mariel, i’m alex, i arrived here in dubai last september 19, 2012, grabe ang higpit talaga ng immigration, they asked me to provide them, certificate of currently employed, leave of absence form, ATM payroll and health care ID like the one in Philhealth, if you have hotel reservation better to confirm that you are really booked in that hotel because they are going to verify if its true. You should have also enough pocket money at least 1000$ if they ask you if you can show that money to them just say yes, but don’t let them do that because it’s not necessary to show the money. Dalawang babae ang nagiinterview don nong ako, una palang strong personality na sila, pero wag kang matatakot, show them that you are not afraid of them, when you answering their question look into their eyes straight with confidence, you should stick on your mind that you are just going here to have a vacation and tour. Also keep on your mind that no one in airport personnel or immigration officer can hold you having complete documents such as: passport, affidavit of support with red ribbon and 2 way plane ticket… and if ever worst come to worst na hindi ka talaga nila papayagang umalis, sabihin mo sakanila na they are violating your rights to travel, base on 1987 constitution bill of rights, article 3 section 6. you should be strong when you face them. Good Luck!!!

    • mariel says

      hello alex,,thanks for the reply,,isa na nga lng prob ko kasi ung AOS ko is not authenticated..flight ko 11:55 emirates airline..tita ko mgsponsor sakin kapatid ng mama ko,,sana po matapat na lng ako sa mabait na immigration,,or sa male kasi kahit papanu may respeto un sa mga babae..thankyou :)

      • Angelie says

        Hi Mariel, bakit di pina authenticate ng Tita mo yung AOS?… isa kasi talaga yun sa requirement nila…

        good luck! hopefully makalusot ka :)

  41. jaymar says

    im planning to go dubai by visit visa, and i dont have any relatives to give me any supporting papers. the travel agency itself will be my sponsor. im afraid they gonna offload me so im planning to go to hongkong and from there to dubai. can anybody tell me how to do it. can i buy ticket to dubai from hongkong. please anybody tell me how! thank you so much!

  42. andrew says

    Hello. Itatanong ko lang po kung totoo na kapag 21 years old at visit visa ang gamit mo ay kailangan pa ng companion papuntang dubai? or kailangan may kasabay kumuha ng visit visa na matandang relatives? yun kasi yung sabi saken ng kapatid ko na andun na supposedly mag ssponsor saken.

  43. mariel says

    hello guys..nandito na po ako sa dubai nung October 8..thank GOd nalagpasan ko immigration :) thankyou po sa mga advice :) GODBLESS

  44. ArjayLT says

    Good evening po,my name is Arjay and I have a stable job here in the UAE, i’ve been reading all your comments and suggestions pero gusto ko po kasi magkaron ng sagot yung mga katanungan ko kaya naging very interesting po sakin ang website na to’ . The plan is gusto ko po sana papuntahin yung girlfriend ko dito sa UAE, but the problem is the immigration satin, wala po siyang kamag anak dito and lalong hindi pa po kami magka apelido, Plan ko sana na ibili na lang siya ng Ticket papunta Singapore (which is i have 2 cousins there) na pwede ko naman po i-ask ng invitation letter to send to Philippines for my girlfriend,along with her is yung visa dito sa UAE which is dapat nakatago. Gaano katagal po ba siya kelangan mag stay ng Singapore? at Ano pa po yung mga dapat niya dalhin na documents regarding sa plan namin 2? at Ano po yung mga risk na pwede mangyare kung sakali?kinakabahan po kasi ako dahil ayaw ko naman siyang mapahamak at magfail about our plan, but we also wanted to try for the sake of our relationship and families also. Please, sobrang maaappreciate ko po kung may makakasagot VERY THANKFUL AKO I FOUND THIS SITE. GodBless you all!

    • Charm says

      Hi ask ko lang kung pano kapag bf mo ang magsponsor sayo tpos hinahanapan ka nila na aos which is binibigay lang sa kamag anak?

  45. Margarita says

    Hi. 3days ng irregular ang sleep ko. ive been thinking alot lately kasi aalis ako on oct25. my 1st time, going to abu dhabi, and ang sponsor ko ay lady friend na fiance ng kuya ng bf ko. galing na bf ko at dad nya dun nung june-august cla and is now here in d phils. i never had pctres wid her, but ive met her during her stay here in d phils, nkakasama ko xa but due to her work not much. IO’s will surely ask for pctres. but im planning on showing them my bf’s p.port copy, his dad’s too, AOS, but i dont think NSO bc are needed. being an underground poker dealer i dnt heb id’s coz thats an illegal job, i dnt think they wil consider talking to the one managing the poker house via phone, a colonel and a friend of mine too. i just feel like im going to be uploaded. actually im already expecting it to happen. a friend wid no pictres together? im doomed! :(

  46. Margarita says

    i only have AOS, passport, and one way ticket. i will be showing them my bf’s previous entry and exit in abudhabi , and his brothers passport and visa copy. i can also show them their pctres together with the one sponsoring me in dubai wid burj khalifa in their backs. and show them that my bf and his dad is just outside the airport waiting for me to take off without any hassle. are these enough? is there anything u can advice or teach me bsides these? i dont know what to do. i should really get of by october 25, 2012. kasi bday ng kuya ng bf q ng 26oct. they promised me na mamamasyal kme, same as kung anung pnakita nla sa bf q when he was there. im just worried. im not expecting to pass them, God knows i just want to explore, have fun, and learn more around me. but i do hope i can convince them, just this once.

  47. Azuma says

    Hi po …..buti nmn may ganitong forum para makatulong sa mga aalis…flight ko po sa oct 31 visit visa sa abudhabi complete na po papers ko asawa ko po nag sponsor sakin may red ribbon na po ako ng marriage contract nmin, then OEC ng wife ko kasma na po ung mga ID nya like emirates ID nya insurance pataka , im working as a home base csr/telemarketer , hihingan pa kaya ako sa immigration na COE at ID khit sabihin ko na homebase JOB ang work ko, natatakot po kasi ako mag offload dami ko na kasi nabsa na offload kahit asawa nila nag sponsor at kumpleto ang papel may kilala po ba kayo na lawyer in case na i offload ako pwde ko twagan para masindak ung immigration …..or any tips po na para malusutan ko ung immigration grabe nmn kasi sila wlang dahilan offload ka khit complete doc’s mo help nmn po gusto ko na kasi tlga mabisita wife ko 1 month lang nmn ako dun eh then babalik din dito kasi may tatapusin pa ako project sa work eh salamat po….:)…

  48. Cydia says

    I arrived here in UAE last OCt. 6. On my side hindi nman ako nhirapan ng husto basta complete lng ung documents mo at tama lahat ng isasagot mo ung nag interview skin ay c Mrs. officer na nsa gitna tas nka salamin cia.. Tiningnan nia lng lahat ng documennts ko and asking some question about my husband. Tourist visa ako sponsor ng husband ko.. Ngaun nagwwork na ako and pinaprocess nrin ung emirates id ko and everything.. And I’m blissfull mabait ung may ari ng pinagttrabahuan ko ngaun.. Mag eexitna ako ng kish this Nov.5..
    Thank u so much for this blog Im always reading all ur comments…
    Basta pray lng and Have mercy on us!!!

  49. Azuma says

    @cydia anu po ung mga doc’s na pinakita mo sa immigration?…kailangan ko ba mag present ng COE kasi homebase job ung sakin ….anu po ba karaniwan tanong sa immigration? visit visa po ako asawa ko po nag sponsor sakin na move nga ung flight ko November 10 na po sya…tips nmn po kung anu ung dapat kong dalhin na doc’s salamat

  50. Azuma says

     @cydia anu po ung mga doc’s na pinakita mo sa immigration?…kailangan ko ba mag present ng COE kasi homebase job ung sakin ….anu po ba karaniwan tanong sa immigration? visit visa po ako asawa ko po nag sponsor sakin na move nga ung flight ko November 10 na po sya…tips nmn po kung anu ung dapat kong dalhin na doc’s salamat ask ko rin po pala kasi dati nkapag visit visa nku sa dubai then nakakuha ako ng working visa pero na canceled po sya 2008 pa po un makikita kaya un ng immigration bago n nmn passport ko eh…hindi po kaya magging dahilan ung ng pag ka offload ko baka kasi tanungin ako about dun..pasagot naman po sa mga nakaalam iniisip ko po kasi bka makita nila sa record nila na nakapg dubai nku dati using visit visa then ung company ko na releasan ako ng working visa pero na canceled din kasi umuwi din ako agad pinas ngaun nmn po sa abu dhabi punta ko magiging problema kaya un

  51. Cydia says

    Hi Azuma,
    Ung docs na dala ko original na marriage contract at the same time ung galing sa asawa ko na papers like AOS authenticated dapat then nka attach dun photocopy of my passport, ung AOs na finil upon nia taz photocopy ng passport nia.. Then ung tourist visa ko and invitation from the agency then license ng agency bsta ung galing na dto sa dubai lahat nka attach na dun sa likod… And ung tinanong skin san ako ppunta sbi ko korfakkan sharjah UAE cno ppuntahan ko sbi ko asawa ko kc ex abroad ako and twice na ako umuwe na pinas galing akong kuwait and sabay kmi umalis ng asawa ko dun cia pumunta dto sa UAE ako umuwe ng pinas kya cguro ndi masyadong questionable ung skin. taz hinanap lng ung orig.na marriage contract nmin aun pinakita ko at sabay stamp na ng boarding pass at passport ko… Cathay pacific ung plane na sinakyan ko.. Kkaawa kc may 9 passenger na offload.. Pero pag complete documents ka dont worry makaka alis ka.. Heheh and do one thing diba may nauna sau after niang makapasok ikaw na ssunod pag tinawag kna eye to eye contact mo cia kc totoo pla na tinittigan ka nila up and down… Goodluck kaya mo yan.. God is with u.. Godbless

  52. Azuma says

    nakikita ba nila yung lumang record mo, bago n kasi passport ko hahanapin pa ba nila ung lumang passport ko kasi kinakatakot ko baka pag pinakita ko ung lumang passport ko makikita nila na nag dubai nku using visit visa then ung employer ko nireleasan ako ng working visa kaso na cancel agad kasi umuwi ako pinas after 2 months 2008 pa nmn un eh makiita kaya nila un ….ung lang kinakatakot ko eh….hindi naba nila hinanap lumang passport mo ..salamat uli

  53. gringo says

    my problem is yung sponsor ko po eh yung kaibigan ng ate ko.. ano po ang mga documents na kelangan kong ibigay sa IO para makalusot.. atsaka wala ako mapakita na ID na nagtatrabaho ako dito sa Pilipinas.. may business kami ng girlfriend ko kaso nakapangalan lang sakanya.. ano po kaya magandang gawin?

  54. vash says

    na offload n ko last oct 18 dahil lang nalaan nila nA nag work na akodati sa iraq.but tagal na nun.now second try ko now.sana makalusot nA na ako At iba pa.saka totoo rude sila mAg tanong.para kang criminal kung kausapin ka.pAra silang hindi pilipino.sa lahat ng gusto punta sa dubai at mag hanap ng pag babago sa buhay goodluck aNd GODBLESS

    • juday says

      hello vash same situation ng sa akin.na offload din ako last oct 4.nalaman kasi nila na ex ofw ako from saudi.4 years ago.Goodluck sayo.balitaan mo kami pag nakalusot ka.I will try again sa oct 27.Well goodluck naman sa atin hekhekhek. Yeah you are right they are very rude asking questions.I dont know if kasama sa job description nila yun hehehehehe.

  55. Azuma says

    @juday & vash ask ko lang po kasi sabi nyo ex abroad kayo msama ba un pag ex abroad ka, ano ba ung hinahanap nila nakikita pala nila ung lumang record mo, saka ask ko rin po sana kung sino po nag sponsor sa visit visa nyo sa dubai palagay nyo kaya questionin nila ung record ko dati, nag visit visa na rin kasi ako sa dubai way back 2008 4 months ako dun saka ako umuwi pabalik dito sa pinas pero ngaun bago na passport ko natatakot tuloy ako next month na flight ko baka ma offload ako wife ko nag sponsor sakin nsa abudbahi na sya , pag nalaman nila ex abroad ka anu ba hihingin sa u saka anu mga tatanong sa u …thank u po GOOD LUCK tlga satin lahat

  56. juday says

    masam siguro para sa kanila hehehehehe.pero for me wala namang masama dun..Wag mo na algn ipakita old pasport mo para di nila malaman na nagtravel ka before.Pero wife mo naman ang mag-sponsor sayo.pwedeng dika nila diwarain hehehehe.actually distant relative ko nag sponsor sa akin.3 NSO original ang dala ko kaya nalusutan ko yun(birth cert ko,birth cet nya at marriage contract nya)nung wala na sila maktang butas sa akin,ayun nambintang na na magwowork daw ako sa dubai.Nag-insist ako na mag-totourist lang lang talaga ako.pero makulit yung IO na nag interview sa akin.matandang madiwara na babae.hekhekhek

  57. Azuma says

    @juday ok….buti pa dati nung umalis ako sponsor lang ng friend ko wla tanong stamp agad tinignan lang passport ko saka ung visit visa alis na …..ngaun ang dami tanong …sana maging ok lahat sa flight on nov 10, palagay nyo po ba sapat na doc’s na dala ko AOS galing sa asawa ko authenticated ng UAE embasy ,OEC photocopy ng passport nya emirates ID , pataka pati insurance card nya , meron na rin po ako marriage contract red ribbon na sya palagay nyo kaya sapat na yan….salamat po sa makakasagot

  58. Azuma says

    @juday thank you…malapit na pala alis mo oct 27 balitaan mo ako kung anu mangyayari baka kasi may updates na nmn sila na hindi sinsabi sa mga pasahero..salamt po tlga :) GOODLUCK & GOD BLESS

  59. kaye says

    hello ako naman ay knakabahan sa mga coments nyo.. huhuu.. papunta na rin ako ng dubai soon.. cguro mag cross country nalang muna ako.. i need advices guys

  60. Soysoy says

    Hello, sched flight ko this November 7. Pero ang sponsor ko is friend ko lang, Wala kasi ako immediate relatives sa dubai. Pinalabas namin na 2nd degree cousins kami sa AOS nmin.. Nakagawa na ako ng diagram (family tree) na mgkapatid ang lola namin mother side kasi nga di kami mgka apelyido.. Ngayon my problem is the supporting documents to prove to the IO that we are related to each other. If I’ll show to them the NSO Birth certificate of his mother and my mother (malalaman nila na iba yung middle name nila sa pgkadalaga).. kasi pinalabas ko na mgkapatid yung lola namin, so 1st cousins ang mothers namin, and 2nd degree na kami ng sponsors ko.. Please I need response sa ganitong situation gaya ng sakin..

    Additional concern, I am a freelance SEO specialist, home-based lng so I don’t have employment ID since my employer didn’t issued ID for telecommute employees.. sasabihin ko ba ang totoo that I don’t have ID, emplyment cert that i’m currently employed kasi kaka resign ko lang.. Please I need advice.. We’ll look forward sa mga response nyo..

  61. paolo says

    sponsor ko yung friend ko.. first punta muna ako ng hongkong and the from hongkong eh dun ako sasakay papuntang dubai. ang tanong ko lang po naghahanap paba ng authenticated aos ang mga IO sa hongkong?

    • m says

      Iyong AOS sa NAIA BI lang iyon. Sa HK di yon hahanapin, iyong ticket, passport, and in some cases, plus iyong visa lang ang kanilang chine-check.

    • Grace says

      Just don’t disclose to Manila immigration people that you will be flying to Dubai from HK. The HK immig will not ask for AOS, etc.

  62. candy says

    Hi ms. grace pupunta po ako ng dubai this Nov pinadala skin ng pinsan ko yung tourist visa copy kc online visa daw po kaya copy lang daw ang ipapakita ko sa immigration. di po kaya ako magkakaproblema nun?

    • Grace says

      Sino ba yung travel agent/ saan na travel agency ba ginamit ng sponsor mo? They should know by now na original talaga hahanapin ng immigration sa Manila…!

      I hope someone from the comments can answer your query kasi kung ako ang tatanungin mo, I think you have a big change of being questioned, risking yourself of being offloaded.

      • Mhitch says

        Hi Ms Grace,

        Yea I read from some other blog na na-offload kasi scanned copy lang yung Visa….

        Napaka late naman ng response ko dito…

        Sana you can answer my other messages here hehe…


    • m says

      Hi Candy, the original pink visa or copy of that will be accepted by the BI there. Online visa copy, doubtful that they would honor it.

      If I may suggest, kung kulang na ng time para baguhin iyong visa mo, mag via SG or HK ka as a tourist, and from the airports there take another flight going to Dubai. Iyong ticket and visa mo papuntang UAE dapat nakatago o kaya iyong ticket mo hindi dapat makitang Dubai ang talagang pupuntahan mo.

      Good luck to you!

    • happykards says

      hi candy! what happened to your trip to Dubai? nandyan kana ba?okay lang ba online visa at scanned copy lang ipakita? ano tinanong ng mga IOs naten sayo nung nakita nila na copy lang hawak mo? pls. reply. thank you.

  63. Darvin says

    Helo po, magtatanong lang po kung sapat na po ba yung mga document na hawak ng asawa ko.
    Yung ate nya po ay nasa Dubai na ngaun pero wala pang 1 year. DH po sya. Bale visit visa din sya noon pero ang asawa nya ang nag sponsor sa kanya. ngaun may work na sya sa dubai DH.
    ngaun po yung ate nya ang mag sponsor sa kanya. ang hawak lang po nya ay authenticated birth certificate galing sa NSO and local ng ate nya, birth certificate ng asawa ko and authenticated marriage contract namin from NSO and local, invitation letter, visit visa, passport and ticket.
    mayron pa po bang ibang hahanapin?

    • Grace says

      Hi Darvin, I hope your wife gets lucky on November 22 because that is my birthday :)

      Seriously, you asked kung anong documents pa ang hahanapin sa kanya and you said she has these: authenticated birth certificate galing sa NSO and local ng ate nya, birth certificate ng asawa ko and authenticated marriage contract namin from NSO and local, invitation letter, visit visa, passport and ticket…

      Where is the AOS?

      • Darvin says

        galing po yung AoS kay ate nya. ang wala lang po sa ate nya ay yung OEC kc nga po di pa sya nagbakasyon eh saka lang ata makakakuha ng OEC kapag may 2years na syang nagtratrabaho doon at magbabakasyon na.

      • angelica cabello says

        hi ms. grace,panu po pag may mali ung NSO ?kelangan po ba na maitama muna un?o an affidavit can do po? thanks

  64. Azuma says

    flight ko na sa 31 excited nku hope na wlang maging problema, complete nmn doc’s ko AOS,OEC ng misis ko marriage contract red ribbon na photocopy ng passport nya pataka emirates ID at insurance ID nya at sympre visit visa ung pink copy them meron din ako COE , palagay nyo ba ok na eto wla na ba ako kulang salamat po sa makakasagot…

  65. candy says

    ganun po ba yun ms grace, yun po kc sabi nila bago na daw po ngayon, hindi po kc visit visa yun tourist visa daw po yun kaya evisa, last sept 14 pa po yun na issued and validity na nakasulat sa visa eh hanggang Nov 14 po sbi po kc nila paglapag sa dubai airport dun pa lang start ng counting ng visa, paano po kaya yun? ang flyt ko ay sa Nov 10 pa. dapat po kc last sept pa ako pumunta sa dubai kaso may problema po sa family kya etong november na lang ako aalis. magtotourist lang talaga ako dun uuwi din ako andun po mga pinsan ko at tita ko. Yung pinsan ko pong lalaki ang sponsor ko.

  66. candy says

    hi m! di ba pag nagtourist ako sa SG or HK madami pang hahanapin na docs sa immigration, eh di ko naman alam paano yun tapos ala pa ko kilala sa mga lugar na yun :-(

  67. lei says

    hi guys…simula nung mag plano kami ng sister ko 2months ago na kukunin nia ko papunta dubai…naghanap na ko ng mga blog na pede kong makuhanan ng info…at nakita ko nga to…sobrang laking help nito saken…anyways, kadadating ko lang dito sa dubai nung oct 28,2012…at eto naghahanap na ng work…thanks GOD d naman ako nahirapan sa immigration…super practice pa ko hangang papunta na lang ako sa airport nagpapactice pa ko…tpos pag dating dun iba tanung saken..hehehe! about sa sis ko lang…then ayun nadinig ko na yung pinakamatamis na lagabag ng pagtatak ng “departure” sa passport ko kaya nakahinga na ko after that…complete yung papers ko at pnakita ko na relax lng ako kaya cguro naging plus point yun…yun kc yung mga nabasa ko d2 dapt relax kaya inapply ko lang…GOODLUCK sa ibang aalis kaya nyo din yan…and syempre PRAY HARD…jan lang si GOD nakikinig at tutulungan tayo… =)

  68. azuma says

    hi po sa lahat musta na kayo, andito na po ako sa abudhabi nung november 1 po ako dumating wla nmn ako naging problema sa BI nag tatanong lang sino pupunthan ko sabi ko asawa ko sabay sabi may work kba dito sabay pinakita ko ung COE ko ayun ok n sya tinatkan agad ng departure thanks GOD wlang naging problema ngaun nmn po busy ako sa paghhnap ng work sana makakmita agad bago ma expire ung visit visa ko good luck satin lahat..

  69. kat says

    i was offloaded last oct 20. grabe… napaka walang puso ng mga yan! alam sa buong lugar namen na nkaalis na ko tapos di lang pala ako papayagang lumabas. anyone who can help? i am now booked for hong kong sa thursday at plan ko na dun na lang mag exit papuntang dubai. pls give me advice. natatakot ako na ma offload uli eh. and ask ko lang sana if may record ka na po na sa airport pag offloaded ka?? pls do help me i am so desperate! Thanks a Lot po and God bless!

  70. mirri says

    Hello Grace, Im so glad I see your blog here.
    I just wanted to ask some few questions. Ang husband ko po ang mag sponsor sa sister since I am not working and my visa is a housewife visa and it shows that not allowed to work. My husband is of British National and he applied the visa at Emirates Group Headquarters in which he works. They advice him to go to Phil Consulate here in dubai to get another paper in which he did yesterday. The small Filipino guy gave him two copies of Affidavit of Support Forms and he told him that he can fill it with his information and I can fill the other form. Do you think there is any problems for my sister in Phil Immigration even if I send her all my original documents eg. (NSO) birth cert, marriage contract w red ribbon, my passport and visa page copy, my husband’s passport and visa page copy, emirates staff ID, and we even have a letter written by my husband that he will bear all expenses, food and accomodation and even our address and telephone here in Dubai. I have read some issues here that others have to bring a credit card and cash money. She doesn’t have a credit card and Im just thinking to send her some pocket money. Your help is much appreciated. Since she is coming from Negros I am worried about her when she doesnt know anyone from Manila and she is travelling alone and first time to be coming out in our country. Thank you so much and hoping to hear from you soon.

  71. loida says

    My husband went to Dubai last Oct. 7 via visit visa. Pero magwowork talaga siya doon at kausap na niya ang HR ng company. Visit visa lang binigay to expedite daw his arrival to UAE. Nag-exit siya sa Oman on Nov. 6 at bumalik siya sa UAE on Nov. 12. now, he has a work visa (or residence visa yata). Ang gusto ko kasi maging legal OFW siya, as in documented OFW. Saang office sa UAE dapat pumunta at ano ang mga kailangang documents and processes para dito? Thanks for this blog and your reply.

    • Grace says

      Advise him to go to OWWA in Qusais, katabi lang ng embassy. If going by METRO, go down at Al Qusais station and take a taxi to the Philippine consulate. It’s very near from the station.

  72. loida says

    Thanks a lot Grace for the prompt reply. Anong mga documents ang dapat dalhin? Accommodating ba ang mga tao doon? Hindi kaya pauwiin pa siya para dito mag-ayos ng papers? Natatakot kasi ako sa mga nashare dito na silang dapat tumutulong sa Pinoy ang sila pang humihilang pababa.

  73. chai says

    Hi. I’ve been reading this blog since last week. Im going to dubai next week with a tourist visa only. just wanna ask and i hope you can help me. ok lang ba kahit tourist visa lang ako at friend lang ang nagsponsor? although me employer na ako don,pero tourist visa ang pinadala kase nagmamadali sila na makuha ako, pagdating na lang daw don icoconvert ang visa ko to working visa. nagpadala sila ng original visa, round trip tix, and affidavit of support. ang worry ko lang is un friend nga lang ang magssponsor. di kaya magiging problem yun sa immig? one more thing, im a freelance designer, is it better to tell the immig the truth na im a freelancer and ill look for a better opportunity if meron or i have to ask for a dummy company na iadopt ako as their employee just in case hanapan ako ng employment? ofcourse i will ask them for a c.o.e, leave of absence letter and id. and pag tumawag din, ipapaconfirm ko na employed ako don at nakaleave lang ako so that way, di ako pagdududahan ng immig na baka di na ako bumalik. would that be better? hope anyone can help me. :) this is really stressful. my flight will be on nov.21. whew! x/

    • chai says

      and also how much ang show money na enough para sa tourist kunwari na tulad ko. :) will they really ask for that? and kung employed ako, will they really check the company? like call to confirm nga? :/

  74. says

    Philippinos trying to come to Dubai on visit-visa but with all certification required are rejected to leave the country and are
    denied their constitutional right of free travel of their joice.
    Mr. Aquino’s declaration of clean governance should be looked into. This is a shame. I am married to a philippina since 20 years
    and a partner in a local company. We use to have mostly
    philippino workers and technician but had to switch to indian workers due to the hassel in getting a philippino out of his country to work in Dubai. As a free man, and I believe all Philippinos are free as well ??? I can not understand what happened at the mainly Manila airport immigration.

  75. Yiesha says

    Hi meron Lang po akong gustong itanong? I read all the comments here..mejo kabado Ako sa flight ko going Dubai pero complete naman documents ko.ask LNG Kung tinatanung ba ng BI Kung may dala Lang pocket money?and how much? If ever tannin kailangan ba sabihin na meron?

    • Jojo says

      don’t you ever say how much you have. they don’t have the right to solicit you of that information. ako, tinanong ako if mayroon ba akong pocket money. sinagot ko na man na OO. buti hindi ako tinanong kung magkano. but if they did, i will answer na it’s personal and for security purpose i will not tell. but if they insist, then you could just make up an amount in USD. around 1500 USD. then if they will ask you to show that amount, then it’s time you tell the immigration officer that this is against the law. but i am sure they will not ask you to show the money. that would be ridiculous. the point is that if they will insist on questioning you whether you have pocket money or not, then you would have to tell an amount even though it does not exist.

  76. kristal says

    hi po. flight ko na kase mamayang gabi papuntang dubai…third cousin ko ung nagsponsor sakin.,.kaso wala akong nso birth cert to prove our relationship..since third cousin ko na nga xa..can you suggest for any other documents that can be presented aside dun? thanks for your response! i’ve got the orig copy of AOS and tickets…

  77. mark says

    hi po, advice nmn po,kc plan ko papuntahin d2 ang girlfriend ko s dubai ako ang mgsponsor s knya.. ano po kaya ang pwdeng mgng supporting docs. kng skling hanapan xa s immigration stn? kc ang ilalagay s AOS fiance nya ako.. Thank u po..

    • Jojo says

      hi mark,
      securing a tourist visa for your girlfriend with you as her sponsor is not a problem. the real problem is at the philippine immigration before departure. since the benefactor(your girlfriend) is not blood related, it would be hard for her to pass immigration even when you present the sponsorship letter, visa, passport, etc. Her being your fiance is not also valid. What we did for our friend (not blood related) last month (December) works perfectly. He made a trip to singapore with return ticket as a tourist. He was able to book a very cheap fare. His ticket is scheduled to return in 3 days but he went to his dubai flight immediately on his arrival. If he stayed there longer, he could end up spending a lot. Well, everything was all planned before he flew to sg. We already made the tourist visa to dubai, the sponsorship letter, all the tickets, and all other documents needed. Since we also have a friend in sg, there is no hassle passing the immigration.

  78. rowena says

    Na offload na po aq MAY 2011, Sister ko kumuha s akin hinhnpan aq ng eoc and show money..this is my first tym n ma deny aq.s immigration nag tourist din aq s singapore, hongkong and china lht nakpasa aq . What happeb s bansa natin gnyan nb pinas ngyun..

  79. kiko says

    hi po. magbabakasyun po ako sa dubai these coming february. i have already my passport, redribbon, visa and other supporting documents na nabanggit nio rito. Bale i have two sisters po doon na nagwowork sa dubai at yung isa yung sponsor ko. Kasama ko po papunta don eh yung isa kong sister na nag bakasyun dito. mas malaki po ba ang chance na hindi ako ma offload kasi dalawa naman po ang kapatid ko doon.? medyo kinakabahan po kasi ako andameng nagrereklamo sa immigration natin. sayang naman po kc yung gastos pag naoffload ako. Please i need your advice po.. salamat po.

    • Grace says

      Yeah it should be ok if you’re with your sister but be sure to bring birth certificates to prove your relationship just to be safe.

      Have a great trip!

  80. dwin says

    hi grace,
    nabalitaan ko kasi d2 s dubai n nahuli n daw ung nangongotong sa immigration s pinas. i’ll be sponsoring kc my gf here. totoo kaya na madali ng makaalis papuntang dubai.

    Thanks for this great thread

  81. dwin says

    ang need lang b sa pag mla spore ay ticket, hotel booking. di n ba kailangan ng show money? please advice kung ano pa ang supporting docs needed. thanks again

  82. Keri says

    Hi! Sana nakita ko na itong thread nato dati pa, edi sana meron akong idea sa kahigpitan sa immigration, edi sana nakapag-handa ako. Na-offload ako last month, ittry ko ulit this month, nag-rebook ako. sana maka-alis nako. Friend ko lang ang sponsor ko, lahat ng kelangan na docs sa kanya, hawak ko na. Hinanap kasi sa akin yung OEC nya last time, hindi ko na-provide. Pero ngayon, nasa akin na. Ang masasabi ko lang, nakaka-trauma, nakaka-depress. ang laki na ng gastos namin, pero ciempre wala naman pakialam sayo ang mga yan kahit gumapang ka pa sa hirap. Feb4 ang flight ko, magdadasal ako ng matindi.

  83. Jim says

    Hi good day, tanong ko lang kung kailangan pa ba ng AOS pag sa hong kong na manggaling to dubai? Hahanapan ba ako nun sa airport ng hong kong or sa dubai? Thanks!

    • Grace says

      NO, sa Pilipinas lang hinahanap ang walang kwentas AOS na yan..kahit pagdating mo sa Dubai, hindi yan hinahanap ng Immigration sa Dubai Airport!

  84. ben says

    hi ms. grace,

    if singapore to dubai po ba ano mga kelngan requirements n dpat ipakita s mga tga immig don? enough na po ba ang visa at tcket? or need dn don ang aos o ano mang supporting documents? sana po ay may mkasagot po ng aking concern .. thanks in advance :)

  85. :) says

    Hello Ma’am Grace :)

    Thanks for all the information.
    Pwede ko po i ask kung yung NSO Birth Certificate and OEC ng couzin ko (my sponsor) na ipapadala sa akin should be original? Please advise me asap :(


  86. Baoshin says

    Hello Guys. Nakakalungkot isipin na tayu mga pinoy pinapahirapan mangibang bansa. Kahit yung lehitimong magbabakasyun nadadali sa pinaggagawa ng mga IO na yan.

    Anyway, aalis din po ako papuntang DUBAI sa Marso. I work full time as Sales Manager ng isang Car rental business. Kaso home based work ako. Wala kaming ID syempre kasi di naman kami pumapasok sa opisina, pero I was able to secure a COE from our managing director and a work leave certificate. Ok na po kaya yun?

    Aside from that, dami akong nababasa dito na hinihinge ng IO sa NAIA yung OEC ng sponsor. yung OEC ba na kinakailangan nila, kelangan ba yung hinde expired? Sabi ng sis ko expired na yung sa kanya last Feb 16 2013. By the way last na uwi kasi nya was Dec. 2012 dito sa pinas at bumalik sya Jan 2013 na.. 1 month sya dito nagbakasyun. now yung OEC na ginamit nya yun ang ipapadala nya for proof. OK lang po kaya yun last na OEC na kaka expire lang ang papakita sa IO pag hininge? Sabi ng sis ko papadala na din daw nya pati yung orig labour contract nya para ebidensya…ng trabaho nya doon.

    Hayy ang hirap ng bumyahe ngayun…a few years ago bumyahe na ako sa UK ng tatlong beses pabalik balik, wala naman akong naging problema…nag umpisa lang talaga to nung Sept 2010.

    Pero noon pa man, ang hilig hilig na yan nila manggulat, yung mga tanong na pinagduduhan ka nila at minsan pabalang lagi mga tanong. Ngayun lang ako babyahe ulit bilang isang turista.

  87. Mike says

    Hello po. Quick question – kailangan ba ang birth certificate ng sponsor ay original/NSO? How about pag photocopy lang ng NSO? Thank you.

  88. mae says

    hi everyone.. im planning to go to dubai as tourist this march and sponsor ko ung 1st cousin ko.i have passport, visa, NSO birth cert and 2 way ticket po and other docs ng pinsan ko but i dont have his OEC kasi hindi pa siya nakauwi ng bansa since he went to dubai but he has already his residence visa now. Wala din ako work dito sa Pinas kasi kaka resign ko lang. Ano po ba ibang dalhin na docs pra patunay?enough na ba yung mga nasabi ko?salamat po

  89. Ryan says

    Ate grace question po. Andito din ako sa dubai now. Ask ko sna
    May alam kb dito n travel agency n mura magprocess ng visit visa Ksma n ang ticket. Plan ko po Kse I visit visa girlfriend ko. Tpos po if ever po b ano mgandang gwin ng gf ko pra mklabas sya ng maayos sa immigration naten sa pinas. Sana matulungan nyo po ako. Salamat ate grace.

  90. EILUJ says

    hi KERI nakaalis ka ba nung napresent mo yung OEC ng friend mo? expired ba yung OEC nya? I’m planning to go to Dubai too and ang sponsor ko friend lang. Ano pa ang mga hinanap sa yo or mga papel na hinanda mo? thank you

  91. Baoshin says

    OO nga KERI…kamusta ka na nga pala? nakaalis ka na ba? Nandyan ka na ba sa DUBAI? Ano po mga tinanong sau ng IO dito sa NAIA? paalis na ako next Thursday. Hopefully maging ok naman.

  92. EILUJ says

    hi Ms. Grace
    i’m going to Dubai next week on a visit visa sponsored by a friend. All documents needed are prepared. Do you think i will have problem with the Immigration? May naririnig ka pa ba na na-offload because on a FRIEND’S VISA LANG.
    thank you very much and God bless you :-)

  93. Ryan says

    Eiluj pde po b mtanong ano po b Mga requirements n ddalhin mo papnta dito sa dubai? Kuha LNG sna ako idea. Balak ko Kse I visit visa gf ko eh

    • joh says

      hello po sa lahat… in my case po na offload na ko 2 times sa clark at sa naia going sana sa dubai possible po kayang hindi nila ako eoffload uli pag ako mismo ang mg book sa sarili ko kukuha ako ng package tour and mag cross country ako? hoping for a reply sobrang makakatulong po ito sakin… tanx!

  94. Jim says

    Hi ano-ano na ba tinatanong ngayon sa dubai immigration? May mga nahohold pa ba dun at hindi ina-allow makapasok ng dubai?

    Okay lang ba na pag tinanong ako kung saan ako magiistay sabihin ko sa bedspace lang? Fiance ko lang kasi pupuntahan ko kaya hindi ko masabi na magsstay ako with a relative. Thanks

    • Grace says

      If you have a valid UAE tourist visa, the UAE immigration will not hold you at all. Sa Pilipinas lang ang unreasonably strict.

      You might be asked where you will be staying and if you know people here. Those questions can be easily answered.

    • m says

      Discrepancies in your visa details against your passport details will. I know, it happened to me. My name in the visa was surname first and then first name, when it should have been first name, surname. Basically the same, but for them, it should be as your passport name. Was sent to another room, asked me some more details by another immigration officer (UAE), then they asked me to pay around AED 135 to correct the visa.

  95. arlene says

    my husband is sponsoring my mum and my brother to come and visit us here in al ain as I am due to give birth in 2 and half weeks time. We already managed to sort the visa out in UAE immigration, then when we are trying to book a ticket we are told that a affidavit of support and guarantee is needed as one of the requirements in immigration in manila for the visitor to exit the country. My husband is a british and I am also holding a british passport. So we can’t see a reason why do we have to provide such document as most of the affidavit they have online stated only for a Filipino citizen. Now we are facing problem on how to resolve this things as we are really wanting our family to come and visit us especially at this time I am nearly giving birth. I hope somebody can advise me on what best to do as we have no idea what to do next.

    • m says

      Hi there. The immigration from Philippines require the Affidavit of Support as assurance that the citizens leaving the country for UAE will be taken cared of. The AOS takes 10 working days processing. You have to present 2 copies of the AOS form filled out, and two copies of the visa, and two copies too of the sponsored relative’s passport (front and back). You’ll have to attach too your passport copies and UAE residence visa page. When I gave birth 2 years ago, I did the same. My husband too is not a Filipino and he was the visit visa sponsor to my mother. Once you have the AOS, you can book the tickets, and send the original visas and AOS via DHL courier service. It may take up to 1 week if you want it delivered to your family’s residence. However, there’s another way for them to receive the documents earlier. Instead of sending it to their home address, you can courier the documents instead to the nearest DHL centre from their place. They will be called from the centre to collect the packet.

      • m says

        Since you’re about to give birth, there’s one more thing for you that you can do. Book them separates flights to HK or SG, as tourists, and from there they can fly to UAE. The HK tickets should be separate from the UAE tickets you are booking. Your family has to take care too that they do not show their UAE tickets to Manila immigration. It will be good too, if you have the option of being able to change the flight back day and time of the HK tickets. From there in HK airport, your relatives can collect their luggage (it’s not connecting flights really, so they have to check out from HK immigration and collect any of their checked-in baggage. If they only have hand carries, there’s no need to check out. ) and proceed to the counter for the HK-UAE flight. HK immigration do not ask for the AOS, just the passport and the visa. This may be more expensive as you have to book two separate itineraries, but then, for the other way, you’ll also have to spend for the AOS AED 100 each, and the courier services, some AED 300 now, if I am not mistaken. Good luck, and try to relax :)

      • Grace says

        Hi M,

        But when I applied for AOS for my father 2 years ago, the Philippine consulate did not accept my application because I am not a Philippine passport holder.

        The AOS states that “I, (name), citizen of the Republic of the Philippines”…

        They said I need to get other documents from the embassy of my new (non-Filipino) citizenship and come back. Too much hassle and honestly, I don’t think they have anticipated cases like this.

        I ended up having my father come to Dubai from another country because the embassy of my non-Filipino citizenship do not understand what documents I was asking and WHY in the first place the need for this AOS.

        • m says

          Hi Grace, how are you? I don’t know, but they are lenient at times, I think. Some of my kasabayan that time to get AOS were non-Filipino citizens, that was December 2010. I saw someone crossed-out the Filipino citizen part, but had mentioned of such and such nationality but previously Filipino citizen. Also, one or two applicants had changed that part to their new citizenship. The guy just took everything that time. Perhaps it depends who was there in the counter accepting the papers? Then that is really BAD :( Three months ago I was in the Dubai consulate and there are no much issues now of the AOS for those who were previously Pinoys but are now citizens of other countries.

  96. joh says

    hi Ms grace…
    ask ko lng if ung wife ng pinsan buo ko ang mg sponsor sakin anu anung reqiurements kaya ang pwede nilang hingin sakin? and pwede ba na sya ang mg sponsor sakin papunta sa dubai? hoping for your reply…
    thank you and have a nice day!

  97. kittykatz says

    Hello! question lang po. my flight will be from MLA-HK via Cebu Pacific. (may return ticket na kasama from HK-MLA. sympre ang irereason is HKtour) and from there will go to Dubai via Qatar airways same day flight. I have tourist visa to Dubai. hindi na kasi kami magstay sa HK. Will there be any problem kaya sa Hong kong Immigration if I will enter/exit from Hong Kong the same day? thanks!

    • Grace says

      No problem at all. Good luck! HK immigration doesn’t care where you go after you exit their country and why you only stayed for a few hours, etc. Logically, it’s none of their business.

      Safe travels!

      • kittykatz says

        so you mean okey lang na sabihin ko pagpasok palang ng HK immig na parang stopover ko yun sa HK going to dubai? thanks!

        • JM says

          hi kittykatz musta nasa dubai kna din ba?na offload knb dati a immigration before k mag HK?kc ganyan din plan ng frend ko.kaya gusto ko sana matanong kung ok b ung ganyang set up?i need help pls.salamat

        • JM says

          anong mga requirments pinakita mo s immigration ntin nung mag flyt ka s HK?kc khit mag tour s Hk ngayon ang higpit nila nakakainis immigration dito satin.pls reply thanks

      • Mhitch says

        Hello Jim and Ms Grace and everyone!!

        Alam ko nakwento mo nio exactly yung experience nio pero gusto ko lang magkaroon ng peace of mind hehe. Yan din ang plan ko. Sinabihan ako ng friend ko na more than 5 years na nakatira sa Dubai at dun na din nag asawa ng German national. Dati ko lang siya kasama sa work and siya ang mag aasikasaho ng tourist visa ko. So I am planning to book flights HK-MNL then siya na ang bahala sa HK-DXB.

        I am planning na atleast a day or 2 sa HK para sulit na din cguro yung gagastusin ko and mag file lang ako ng vacation leave para makapag present pa ako ng valid ID and COE.

        First time ko lang aalis ng bansa, and you think magiging smooth yung byahe ko? Like un pagdaan sa Immigration dito sa atin papunta ng HK? And HK to DXB?

        Eto yung mga nasa listahan kong requirements:

        -COE (notarized?)
        -Company ID
        -Credit cards
        -show money (how much kaya?)
        -Bank book? (actual passbook?)

        -Roundtrip plane tickets (HK)
        -booking details (HK)

        -Visa (pede bang scanned? Or need pa ipamail dito yung original? Kasi meron akong nabasa somewhere going to DXB na na-offload kasi scanned lang ang visa and hindi yun original)
        -Tickets (hindi ba mabubuko na dummy ricket lang un pabalik ng MNL?)
        -hotel booking
        -OEC (need ba din niya ba ito isend sa akin? Friend ko lang siya. Shes living there for more than 5 years, may asawa nang German national. Nakatira sila sa hotel kasi dun nagwwork as a manager un asawa niya pero may sarili silang bahay dun. Sa AOS naka entail kaya na may sarili na siyang bahay dun?).
        – Hmmm, what else pa kaya?

        First time!!!! First time! Feeling ko magmmukha akong tanga haha!!!

        Sobrang helpful pala ng mga information dito :)

        Anyone na din cguro who can answer will be greatly appreciated!


          • Mhitch says


            Nu ber, super late ang reply hehe. Dito ka na ba sa Dubai? Yes, wala naman akong sa immigration hehe. Muntikan lang maiwan ng airplane pa HK haha. Pero its all good.

  98. gale says

    Hi! After reading all ur posts here, kinabahan tuloy ako. My husband will leave for dubai anytime this March. Sister ko ang sponsor nya. Complete lahat requiremnts nya. Walang work si hubby pero may business kami. Ok na kaya e present yong DTI cert namin?naka name nmn kay hubby. Kasi d b, ung iba hinahanapan ng cert of leave? Ano pa kaya ang ibang docs pwd e present para di ma offload si hubby? sayang nmn kasi ang gastos although yong ticket namin, nasa 6k lang ang gastos since may frnd kami ngwork sa airline company at may free tickets sila yearly na pwd for personal use or frnd ang gagamit kaya tax lang binayaran namin.Sayang kasi ang opportunity. If ever maging success ang pag-alis ni hubby, susunod din ako agad if makakuha pa kami ng another free ticket :)) Ano po ba kadalasan question ng IO? Need ba talaga magpresent ng atm card/credit card? kasi walang ganun si hubby, passbook lang at yong konting ipon namin yon na rin ginastos namin para sa pag-alis nya kaya medyo wala na rin yong laman. Show mooney nya is 300$ lang din. Kailangn ba talagang ipakita yon? personal property na yon di ba? Need ur advice po.TIA

  99. mae says

    hello grace… hinahanap ba talaga ang OEC ng sponsor? yan lng kc ang kulang ko na doc sa mga nabanggit dito.. sana makalusot ako with no hassle.. salamat sa site na ito.its a big help:)

  100. mae says

    Ask ko lng po ko kung e verify talaga nila ung company where you worked here in Phils? resigned na kc ako pero I have with me my cert of employment stating na im working up to present, company id and leave for po.thanks

  101. JM says

    hello..na offload ako kahapon at sobrang nakaka stress yung IO sa naia.twice ako n offload kc after ako ma offload sa unang interview ko,nagpa rebooked kagad ako ng gabi para makaalis kagad ako.pero as usual offload n nman.No choice tlaga ako ngayon kung hindi patulan yung escort.kc ang laki n din ng nagastos ko.But advice sakin ng frend ko is mag HK muna daw ako,then doon ako mag exit papunta dubai.Ang prob ko nman ngaun is baka sa immigration e tanungin ako kung bakit mag tour ako s HK,lalo n yung prob ko is my maliit n tuldok s harap mean n na offload ako.Mahigpit din b sila pag cnabi mong mag tour ka s Hk?pls help. thanks

    • Grace says

      E di sabihin mo mag tour ka kasi na depress ka at na offload ka twice na! :)

      Seriously, you don’t owe ANYONE at the airport reason why you would go anywhere to tour. It’s none of their business but if they really ask, tell them WHY NOT? I’d like to see HK, what is the problem with that?

  102. A says

    Kasadating ko lang dito sa Dubai kahapon. Tinanong lang saken ng immigration kung anong work ko dito, sabi ko ako nagmamanage ng business ng kapatid ko dyan sa phil. Na siya din yung sponsor ko dito sa dubai. Ayun, hiningi niya lang yung return ticket ko tapos documents daw. Wala siyang sinabing specific document, binigay ko lang lahat ng dala ko like our birth certificates, aos, id’s niya dito sa dubai and her salary certificate.

  103. Baoshin says

    Hello. currently andito ako sa HK airport. MNL-HKG-DXB ang flight ko through Cathay Pacific. Nagtagal din ako ng mga 15 minutes sa immigration dahil chinek nila yung travel record ng sister ko na nag sponsor sakin. Tinignan kaagad yung AOS ko, pati yung UAE visa. sa tingin ko, talagang andun yung pagdududa nila, pero all this time kinakausap ko sila, nakangiti and with confidence. tinanung nila kung anong work ko dito (I’m a sales manager, yun ang sagot ko without being too bragging..hehe)then pinakita ko yung ID ko. paulit ulit yung tanong, una yung nakaupo na IO ang nagtatanong…then pinapunta ako sa opisina nila for travel record check, then pagbalik ko yung nakatayong IO supervisor naman ang nagtanong..same question..very critical mga tanong. ask pa kung anong gagwin ko dun. tinanung ko kung ilang taon na ako sa work ko. Just be confident lang..and wag kayu kabahan…saka dapat complete documents…hinde na nila hininge yung OEC ng kapatid ko. I am on my way to DUBAI in an hour from now. Good luck po sa lahat ng mga Kababayan natin pupunta pa lang ng DUBAI. GOD BLESS.

  104. mae says

    hi baoshin..have a safe travel po..congrats! tomorrow na ung alis ko papuntang Dubai..Hopefully maging smooth at successful ang pagdaan ko ng immig sa atin. Godbless!

  105. Baoshin says

    Hi Mae, thanks. Balitaan mo kami dito kung successfull. Yung sa akin, medyu daming tanong. inulit pa ng IO spervisor pag tingin ng docs ko…tinanung pa ako kung first time ko. sabi ko first time ko sa Dubai but not my first time to travel abroad. sagot naman ng immigration officer, ahh so bagong passport mo na to sir… sabi ko yes… babaeng IO and supervisor and nag interview sa akin… polite naman sila at hinde masusungit,

  106. JM says

    hi..flyt ko n nman sa monday for the 3rd time :))..goodluck sakin .sana nman malusutan ko na tong mga hayuf n taga immigration. Hindi ko kayo titigilan hanggat hindi nyo ko pinapalayas.This time try ko nman sa Clark mag exit hihihi..

  107. EILUJ says

    hi JM what time flight mo? magbabayad ka ba ng escort this time? saan ka kumuha ng escort? thank you. flight ko din sa Monday eh. Anong reason bat na offload ka? thank you.

    • JM says

      yeah magpapa escort n ako wla n kc ako choice.kc twice n ako n offload.Refer ng frend ko din s dubai yung mag esccort sakin.11am ang flight ko s clark parang n trauma kc ako sa NAia hehehe.na offload ako sa Naia kc hindi ko daw relative yung kukuha sakin,ninang ko. at napaka dami nilang tanong paikutin k ng papaikutin bandang huli naiwanan kna ng eroplano at yun nga offload k din nila.

      • jho says

        ask ko lang pano ba kumukuha n escort..offloaded ako , knuha yun 2 certificates ko, employed and resigned…makita kaya sa computer yun? try ulit magparebook, kaso sponsored by a friend ang visa ko..ano b magandang gawin…

        • JM says

          Same tayo ng situation, offload nila ako nung una ung certification ko din prob, kc gawa2 ko lng un para masabi n may work ako.ayon confirm nila ung number kung 22o hindi daw nagriring.buking ako hehehe.Tapos ayon nga kinuha din nung supervisor nila ung certificate ko,grabe sobrang stress kaya nag pa escort n lng ako.may palatandaan sila n n offload kna, kaya khit saang terminal k malalaman nila.ung passport mo lalagyan nila ng maliit n line s likod or tuldok n maliit s harap means n offloaded ka.

          • jho says

            .. me kilala ka ba na same scenario n kung san ka naoffload, dun ka din nakalusot thru escort..parang nakakaconsciuous knowing na 2nd time mo yun taz yun same faces makikita mo dun.as in no interview na

          • xoxo15 says

            Hello JM, pwede pong mag ask kung pano ma kontak ang escort po?? I badly need help po kasi.. no choice na po aq, escort nalang talaga po.. salamat po..

  108. EILUJ says

    thanks JM pwede ba ma-ask how much binayaran mo? sa Monday din flight ko and friend ko lang magsponsor sa akin,thank you.

    • Grace says

      30K!! You could have easily saved a lot of money and hassle if you opted to fly to Dubai from another country, like Singapore or Hong Kong.

      And paying a hefty sum like this will only encourage more corruption.

      How will they let people travel FREELY when they know they can ‘earn’ 30K for each person who travels to Dubai?!

      • JM says

        hi Grace d2 n ako dubai.wla n kc ako choice kaya nagbayad n ako.nanghihinayang din ako kc malaking pera nga nilabas ko kaso parang un n lng nakikita kong paraan para makaalis.Ang laki n din kc ng ginastos ko nung una p lng.Tsaka kc nga ung passport ko nilagyan nila ng tuldok n maliit at guhit s likod means khit saan terminal ako malalaman n n offload ako.

        Ask ko lng kung sakaling s HK mag exit ok lng b khit wla kng hotel n tutuluyan,i mean dun k titira s frend mo n residence ng HK. Tsaka madali b makalusot sa immigration kung kasama mo mag flyt ung taga HK n frend mo.ung isa ko din kc frend pupunta d2 un ung plan nya n gawin.Pag dating b s HK hindi kba tatanungin ng immigration nila kung bat doon k nag exit s knila,kc pag dating nya ng airort sa HK mag flyt din sya ng araw n un going to dubai.At ano b mga requirments papunta HK?pls reply thanks.

          • xoxo15 says

            Hello EM,
            same tayo I need an escort. been offloaded twice.. naka kuha ka naba nang escort?? please keep in touch.. 09179041280, Em please let me know if naka kuha ka nang escort huh.. salamat..

  109. jemheer says

    hello po, tanong ko lang po, kailangan po bang original na Affidavit of Support ang ipapakita sa Immigration upon exit sa NAIA? meron na po akong affidavit kaso sinend lang po sa akin sa email ang scanned copy, pwede na po ba yun? salamat po.

  110. Baoshin says

    Jemheer…naman…kelangan na kelangan yung original..kaya nga nag pagawa ng AOS dahil yun ang ipapakita mo sa IO dyan sa PInas…di po yan tatanggapin sa Immigration kung scanned copy lang ipapakita mo sa kanila..kasi naka Red Ribbon yung AOS mo eh…hinde yun basta bastang papel lang…

  111. jay says

    @eiluj, sana maka__ lusot ka rin sa airport natin. GOD BLESS sa inyong dalawa ni JM> happy trip!!! and welcome to DUBAI

  112. jemheer says

    salamat Baoshin! naka red ribbon pa pala yung papel na yun, akala ko pwedeng iprint lang kagaya ng eticket, so pati visit visa kailangang original din? salamat! yung sa husband ko kasi dati, print lang nya yung visa na bigay ng employer. salamat po.

    • jay says

      @eiluj, salamat at nag tagumpay ka….sa mga na_off load jan wag kau mawalan ng pag_asa. try & try at mabbawi nu rin lahat ng gastos sa pammagitan ng sipag at tiyaga. GOD BLESS TO ALL FILIPINOS !!!

      • JM says

        jho try mo mag exit s HK. kunwari mag totour ka.un sana plan ko nung n offload ako,kaso gahul n ako s oras dhil m expired n visa ko s dubai kaya napilitan ako mag escort. Much better p yun kc ma sasave mo p ung ibang pera n ibabayad mo s escort.dagdag allowance mo din un pag nasa dubai kna.3 times ako nag try bago nakalusot.sobrang nakaka stress.wag k lng mawalan ng pag asa malulusutan mo din cla.

      • JM says

        sa Clark ako nag exit,pero kung tutuusin napakalapit ko sa NAIA. ung nag escort kc sakin nasa clark ung ka kontsaba. Khit saang window k don,pwede k lumapit kc ang k kontsaba nila don is yung nag iinterview mismo.so Ung nag iinterview ang last final kung allowed k nila n makalusot.Dhil s nagbayad k ng napakalaking halaga at masaya n sila dhil may pera n sila papalusutin kna nila.mga mukhang pera taga immigration.

        • Butch says

          sir pano mo nalaman ung escort? at pano ung gagawin nila sayo? naka mamaya kasi magpaexcort kana nga eh ma scam kapa.. tskkk.. thanks

  113. Jeremy says

    I’ll be visiting Dubai next week. Tignan natin yang immigration na yan, hindi sila uubra sa kin. Wahaha.

  114. Gale says

    flight na ni hubby bukas sa abu dhabi sya daan. We are praying for the positive outcome… Complete docs naman :)

  115. Gale says

    My hubby safely arrived in Abu dhabi kanina. On his way to Dubai Marina to meet my sister there. Wala daw tinanong ang immig officer sa kanya. Tinatatakan dretso :) Thank you Lord!

  116. JM says

    sa mga na offload po d2, cno po ung plan mag exit sa HK?baka pwede sumabay frend ko.para lng hindi mahalata n mag exit kayo don,dapat grupo kayo para kunyari mamasyal lng tlaga.

    • jho says

      pano ba sistema…tru agency dto bili ng ticket? how much ang expense? nakakastress talaga buti ka pa andyan n..

    • jho says

      pakisend naman dito ng e-mail add mo. if in case mag change aq ng plan dun n lang aq inquire 0930-479-0971..kinuha ba ang certificate sa yo?

      • JM says

        jho tinext ko email add ko sayo at fb account ako.n recive mo ba?kinuha nila certificate ko kaya may record n ako s NAIA n offloaded ako :(

        • jay says

          hi, jm! musta na u ? this is jay (ex- abroad from dubai) sana mka hanap ka agad ng works jan. kinuha ko number mo dto kc may balak din aq bumalik jan asap. ttxt aq sau sakaling ma _offload aq this coming april. d ako puede mag tourist visa kc kkauwi q lang last november at hinintay ko lang ma-expired ung cancelled visa q. plan q ulit bumalik at maghanap ng bagong employer. friend visa lng ako dati…sna mkalusot pa rin. GOD BLESS

  117. jho1 says

    Pwede po ba magtanong dito, yung date po ba na nakalagay sa visit visa yun ba ung date na mgsstart din maconsume yung 1month alloted na pagstay dun??salamat

    • jay says

      no, kpag nandun kna sa pinuntahan mo. dun lang mag i_start yan date ng visa mo. at puede ka mag_extend for another 1 month . magbbayad ka 1k DH.

  118. Baoshin says


    long term visit visa ba yan nakalagay sa visa mo? mag uumpisa yung validity ng visit visa mo on your date of arrival.. yung expiration date nakalagay sa visa mo…yun yung date na dapat mkapasok ka na dto sa Dubai para di ma FORFEIT VISA mo.

  119. jho1 says

    may question po ulit ako, yung sa full name ko tama naman yung surname ko after non may D/O inulit yung surname pero wrong spelling na yung surname ko, need ko po ba ibalik yung visa ko? inask ko nman yung travel agency na nag asikaso, ok na daw yun kasi immigration sa dubai ang gumawa noted na daw yun, nag woworry ako sa immigration baka maquestion ako.salamat

    • jaz mine says

      Hi jho1 same tau ng situation regarding sa D/O sa visa. Nka alis kn po ba? Na question b ng IO ung mis spelled sa visa mo? Thanks. Godbless.

  120. says

    hi ask po sana ako if need paba ang roundtrip ticket na ipakita sa HK immigration going to Dubai? magpretend ako tourist sa HK then HK going to Dubai. PLS REPLY ASAP… need your answer po, thanks

    • JM says

      yes..khit saan kailangan mo magpakita ng roundtrip ticket mo.para maniwala sila n babalik kpa tlaga ng pinas.

      • Beata says

        Yup, importante na may dummy return ticket ka na ipapakita sa kanila pati na rin pocket money otherwise may tendency na ma offload ka rin. Just coordinate with your travel agent na dapat naka open lang ung dummy return ticket mo kasi they’ll gonna verify and check it.

  121. jay says

    @butch & kimkim, php650. to 1k+ about re_booking. always use roundtrip tickets & dont use dummy tickets kc alam ng mga b.i. yan d2 sa atin.

  122. Jim says

    @kimkim kelan alis mo? pareho tayo pa HK muna then to dubai. Next week na alis ko. 3 days kami dun sa HK with hotel booking pero sa 2nd day ko sa HK pa dubai nako. Ung ticket ko na manila to HK eh roundtrip talaga wala siya dummy ticket. Pero yung HK to dubai ko one-way lang siya, yung pabalik ko dummy ticket lang siya. Ganun din ba sa iyo? Goodluck sa satin mga kabayan.

    • denise says

      ,@Jim , san ka nag’pa’book ng hotel ? Ganun din sana gagawin ku , manila-HK-Dubai , kaso , I’ll just stay there for a couple of hours then fly to Dubai na . Pero ,andami ku din nbabasa na na’o’offload papuntang HK khit mei reservation kna sa hotel , lalu na pag solo traveller ka lng . Ask ku lng , anung airline ung binilhan mu ng ticket ? And how much lhat nagastos mu ? Balak ko kasi sa Nov. pko e . GoodLuck sau :) and sana mag’response ka o kahit sino po makabasa ng post ko . Thank you po :)

  123. Jim says

    @denise thanks, goodluck din sa iyo. Sa B P International hotel kami nagpabook. Ok lang din naman kahit within the day na dumating ka HK eh paalis ka na din pa dubai. Kasama ko father ko so mejo di ako kabado maoffload pa HK. 2nd time ko na sa HK kaso 2002 pa ata last time ko dun, mag sightseeing nadin kahit pano tutal andun nalang din. PAL kami to HK. Diko na maalala gastos ko siguro around 80k to 100k nadin lahat2 na siguro yun sa pagaayos ng papers, tix, visa.

    • jay says

      maraming job hiring sa uae at mostly filipino ang hnahanap nila. try to click more websites: DUBAI CLASSIFIEDS, DUBAI BB, DUBIZZLE.COM or EXPATWOMAN. at marami pa rin nagdi_direct hire na employer at sila na bahala lumakad sa agency para mag process ng papers mo to make it LEGAL. pati gastos sagot nila. malapit na rin ako umalis..medical & pidos lng bnayaran ko. ba _bye….!!

  124. May says


    I am sponsoring my husband back to Dubai next week. He has been to Dubai for more than 4 years and left last March 2013 as he resigned from work and now he is coming under tourist visa next week. What are the requirements he has to show to Immigration? we already have the marriage contract, my Employment contract, salary certificate, invitation letter, visa copy, AOS, 2 way ticket and planning to send the OEC since seems he will be needing it. I did not give him big amount of money since I will be sponsoring him as per AOS, only pocket money for food. I believe I have all the documents in place. Do you have any suggestions to make sure he will be arriving successfully? Pls advise. Thank you in advance!

  125. says

    what a wonderful life in Dubai, hope to be one day rich and livelong in Dubai, four season summer.It is perhaps one of the most desired places to live-in for expat families in Dubai.

  126. Jim says

    Hello andito na po ako UAE. :) natuloy naman plano namin as planned. Hong kong muna then pa dubai. Wala na tinanong sakin sa immigration sa HK at sa dubai tinignan lang visa. Long-term visit visa ako, hanap na trabaho ngaun. Goodluck din po sa iba natin kababayan, kaya niyo din yan wag masyado kabahan. Thanks din po sa site na ito. :)

  127. mimi says

    hi all..it’s nice to see we filipinos are helping each other thru this website :) anyway i’d like to ask..i decided kasi mag cross country nlng..which is better HK or SG or bangkok?? ..my kilala kc ako in SG.pro HK wala but most testimonials here has successful exit from HK-DXB

    • Grace says

      Hi, my friends and family used the Singapore route without any problems or hassles. You just need an invitation letter from them along with a copy of their S-pass because the immigration at SG will ask for it when you land there.

      Good luck!

  128. Jim says

    Hi mimi I guess that’s really up to you kung san mo gusto dumaan papunta dubai pero since may kakilala ka naman sa SG edi doon nalang. :) basta don’t give a hint sa pinas immigration na you’ll be going to dubai from SG. Good luck.

  129. mimi says

    Thank u talaga.. Cge i will just ask my friend in SG to send me an invitation letter and a photocopy of her S-pass.. anyway, kailangan bah authenticated tong S-pass maam???ty again

  130. mimi says

    Ms Grace pwde lang ba ordinary invitation lang ng friend ko in sg and copy of her spass.or invitation letter talaga from embassy?

  131. jho says

    ms grace..dit ko na ko uae,,required kc n yung diploma with attestation ng UAE embassy ..pede b ito iprocess dito mismo sa uae

  132. mimi says

    hi all.san po tayo mka bili ng traveler’s insurance?..is really neccessary po? hinanap ba kayo ng mga immigration officers nun?

      • Bile says

        Inassume daw nung officer na magtatrabaho lang daw siya dun and hindi naman talaga babalik ng pinas, apat pa naman sila siya lang hindi pinaalis nakaka disspoint, grabe sila grabe mga mentalidad ng mga yun alam nilang may sigurado ng trabaho sa magandang company hindi pa nila payagan obviously gusto nila ng raket.

  133. seven says

    hi there…

    i was offloaded also. plan ko ngaun via hk tas kuha ako tour package. makakalusot k b kahit solo traveller k lng? tour package nmn to hk ung dala mu. ticket+hotel booking+tour. mkakalusot ba un? posible din b makahingi dyan ng contact nung escort?

    • Mhitch says


      Nakaalis ka na ba? Balak ko kasi Next month, MLA to HK ako then HK to Dubai. Share ka naman ng experience mo :)

  134. says

    Fortunately, no problem with my brother, I was so nervous and tensed kasi nakalimutan ko mag bigay ng OEC as a sponsor and also wala kaming NSO birth cert but them my brother made it to exit.

    Lesson, wag mawalan ng pag asa. anything is possible.

    What we prepared:
    Confirmed tickets including return ticket
    Affidavit of Support from me (UAE)
    Original Tourist Visa from travel agency
    Certificate of Employment nya sa atin or Company ID
    Syempre Passport
    at lakas ng loob.

    Wala syang show money
    walang credit card
    Walang OEC
    walang NSO Birth Certificate.

    Ika nga swertihan talaga at dasal, now while I am writing this comments nasa eroplano na si kuya. Thanks!

  135. Bochi says

    Hi guys! I’m going to China this month. I’m worried about being offloaded. I have an invitation letter from my friends there and they have sent their IDs. My sister will sponsor me but she and I are both working here. What do you think should I do? Is it difficult to pass through them?

  136. ronald says

    salamat! ang dami ko natutunan dito. ako intay na lang ng visa at ticket sponsored by my brother sa dubai. may work na rin ako dun pagdating ko. un lang ang problema kung maoffload ako. pero sabi ng utol ko parebook lang daw nila kung mangyari man. ang papakita ko lang daw e ung copy ng passport nia at contract ata. aus na un?. magdadala na rin ako ng mga pictures namin dalawa. ala naman ako gastos kundi un pamasahe ko papunta airport at konting cash. siguro nga tiempuhan na lang sa IO. bahala na si lord kung baga. kaso ito pa tanong ko. pano kung ala work dito sa pinas?. nun last december pa kasi ko nagresign at naisipan ko magpapasok sa utol ko sa dubai. mapaniwalaan pa rin kaya ako na tour lang ipunta ko dun?.
    un lang at salamat me ganitong balitaktakan tungkol sa topic na to.
    goodluck na lang sa ating lahat na gusto mabago ang buhay sa paraang ito.
    maraming salamat ulit!

  137. grace says

    hi grace please advice mo nman ako i waas offloaded last april30,2013. sister in law ko ung sponsor ko hinanapan me ng oec wla akong ma provide tapos nung tinanong kng nsaan asawa ko nasabi ko na nsa dubai dn working as a waiter which is 3months pa lng xia dun sponsored then ng sister nya, actually hindi ko sna sasabihin na nandun din xia kaso nung natangap nya na residence visa nya sabi nya skn if ever tanungin dw xia kng saan pwd ko na sabihin nsa dubai, kaya un hinanapan me ng oec nlang dlwa which is mahirap e provide…… ask ko lng po pag nakapag provide ba cla ng oec ko at complete na ko requirements may chance bang ma offload ulit ako…. anu po ba pwde kung ipaliwanag if ever tanungin me panu cla ngkaroon ng oec e tourist dn cla nung umalis at hindi pa pauwi… plsss help thnx

  138. zero says

    hi s lhat..un dn po ang gus2 ko mlaman s OEC, kc ako ngsponsor s fiancee ko. bka hnapan xa ng OEC ko s immigration, kso tourist visa lng dn ako ng dmtng d2,my work nko 1yr plng.pnu ako mka2kuha ng OEC hnd p dn ako nka2uwi..

  139. mhai says

    hi…thanks po d2 madami aq natutunan…nsa dubai na ako..ahm bale hindi naman mahirap mga tanong nila sa immigration..tinanong lang nila ako if sino pupuntahan ko d2 at kaano ano ko sya, and then ano gagawin ko d2 tsaka kelan ako babalik ng pinas..yon lang tinanong nila..ahm bale ate ko nagsponsor sakin visit visa at complete documents din..

    • god bless says

      Mhai two way b ticket mo? Kc ako dummy lang return ticket ko alis ko na next week. Sister ko din sponsor.

      • mhai says

        @godbless opo two way ticket q pero dummy rin ata un.kc plan tlga namin ni ate pagdating q d2 hanap na agad ng work.unfortunately, wala paring work eh malapit na maexpire visa q..

        • god bless says

          Bakit po nahi2rapan ka mag hanap ng work? Ano po field ang ina applyan mo? Sna makahanap ka n before end ng visa mo. Pray lang po tayo.

  140. grace says

    mhai buti ka pa nakalusot ka, kailan ka dumating dyan wht time ka umalis kc gusto ko gabi nlng flight ko para d na cguro cla strict masyado san ka pumila babae na IO po ba?

  141. Ran says

    Na offload din po ako last May 07, 2013 kahit pa same kami ng apelyido ng first cousin ko. Sa nabasa kong sa comment ni jim na nilagyan ng orange dot yung passport nya, check ko rin yung passport ko. NIlagyan nila ng pink dot sa back part ng Important Reminders. Ano po kaya meaning nito? Dapat kaya akong magpalit ng passport? Salamat.

  142. mhai says

    @grace nung april 21 po hapon un flight ko..sa babae ako pumila at hindi rin sya nagtanong about show money kahit prepared na ako sa lahat..

  143. jaz mine says

    Ung OEC po ba kelangnan original o photocopy pwd na? Tpos dummy ticket kc ung return ticket ko. Alis n ako next week. Wala po kyang maging prob? Sister ko ang sponsor.

  144. grace says


    mhai anupo ba ang mas magandang e reason pg tinanong kung anu gagawin sa dubai….may maganda ba sabihin na mag bakasyon o magbibisita

  145. rey says

    mam, may tanong lang ako..kagaling ko lang Oman cacelled nayon working visa ko doon…balak ko uli mag hanap ng work sa Dubai kasi may kaibigan ako doon…pero plano ko via HK ako kasi alam ko mahirap mag direct dubai ngayon sa higpit ng BI….sa tingin niyo ba magiging problema yung tatak sa passport sa Oman kasi less than 1 month maski as a tourist lang ako sa HK…at ano po ba mga requirements as tourist sa HK..thank you po

  146. Ran says

    Ms. Grace, ask ko lang po kung mas mahigpit ba ang IO kung na offloaded na ko last May 7 at nilagyan nila ng pink dot ang passport ko. Tapos plan ko ulit pa sked ng flight last week ng May before mag expire ang visa ko sa June 5. Or mas ok kung mag HK na lang ako or singapore? Thanks po..

  147. grace says


    ako nga rin nag wo worry kc offloaded din ako nung april30, plan ko rin mag try ulit b4 end of the may.. kung mag hongkong ka sabay tau para may kasabay me… hehe

    • jho1 says

      kung mag hk kau dapat kilalang kilala nyo na ang bawat 1, kasi sigurado paikutin kau ng io na yan!!ganyan ginawa samin ng friend ko.kahit nga nasagot namin lahat di sila maniwal na magkainigan talaga kami halos pati biography ng friendship namin eh gsto nila ipasalaysay..tska may record na kayo sa airport malalaman at malalama nila yan.PRay lang at lakas ng loob and always smile????????

  148. smartbear says

    i was offloaded last week (bound to Dubai).. the IO asked too many questions. So now i decided to go back to my old job in Riyadh (i have all the necessary documents needed). I know na sa ofw lane na ako na Immigration ngayon but would there be a problem again with the Immigration, knowing that I got offloaded before and that they are putting mark (a line or a dot) at the back of the passport. please reply. thanks!

    • Jcrose says

      Hello.. Ano po update sa inyo? 2x na rin akong na offload but kukunin ako ng dati kong boss kaya malamang employment visa na hawak ko.. Wala na bang problema makalabas?? Thanks.

    • Jcrose says

      Hello smartbear.. How are you na? Nakabalik ka na ba ng ksa? Wala bang problema ang passport natin kahit na offloaded and may mga marks ng immigration? Tutal naka employment visa na and dadaan ng POEA. Please reply. Thank you.

  149. grace says


    pwede ba mag ask ng escort mo dun sa clark? kc ksma ko na offload last april30.. nag try offload n nman kanina, 40k na nga ung babayaran nya dun sa escort pero offloaded ulit xia knina emirates pa nman ticket nya kaya malaki na gastos nya… pls help nman kc pinakita dw sa knya ung finil upon nya b4 nung na offload xia.. at saka kulang kc xia requirements kala nya porket magbabayad na ng 40k magiging ok na pero na offload pa rin xia kanina…..

    • Grace says

      Paid 40K pesos and still offloaded?? I HOPE HE GOT HIS MONEY BACK!!

      Ano bang documents kulang siya??

      • Lou says

        Hi Ms. Grace,

        na offload ako twice. Nung monday lang ung last. we planned to go via HK but with my husband next week. Possible kaya na ma offload din kmi? sa manila ko na offload, balak nmin sa next week sa clark.
        need advice please. i am worried and stressed too much.


  150. says

    hi ! Flight ko na next week bound to dubai Kuya ko ang nagsponsor sakin. First time ko aalis ng bansa. 2 years ago na nung umuwi kuya ko dito sa pinas. May aos, nso bc namin 2, mc ng parents namin, orig visit visa, 1 way ticket lng aq pro ung pnprint q 2 way kunyari. Ask ko lang nakapag sponsor na last year ung kuya ko sa 2nd cousin namin at grabe daw mag interview ung io kasi diba 1st cousin lang ang allowed eh 2nd cousin na namin sya but fortunately nakaalis sya at may work na sya dun. Malalaman ba ng io n nkapag sponsor n ung kuya q dti? Last year nagresgn kuya q at this year lang sya nagkawork. Magkakaproblem ba ako about that? Please do help me.

    • jaz mine says

      Hi mary ann. flight ko din next week to dxb. Sister ko sponsor. Sana maka alis tayo safe and smooth.
      God bless us.

  151. says

    ask ko lang ano bng OEC ang need ipakita sa io? Overseas employment cert o ung exit clearance? Kasi ung pinsan ko ung emplymnt crt lang pnkta nya. Kylangan ko p b ng exit clearance ng kuya q? Im super duper confused! Please help me. Thanks a lot!

  152. grace says


    09491990605… pero ksama ko na offload nung april30 nag try kahapon offload ulit ksi pinakita sa knya ung papel na finil upon nung na offload kht tour hk n xia kahapon… ina sume pa rin io mag exit xia dubai… hay wlang kawala sa knila mga hayop….

  153. ran says


    Ibig sabihin pala pag na offload parang wala ng chance mag tourist/visit visa khit mag HK or SG pa. Grabe naman.

    • jay says

      noong panahon ni PGMA nka>alis ako papunta dubai thru visit visa w/my friend. ngaun panahon ni PNOY wala nang mkaalis para makapili at maghanap ng sariling trabaho sa abroad…IBINOTO NU BA ULIT SILA??? BKIT…?

  154. rose says


    im so worried were going to KL this sunday, me and my cousin for a wedding of our auntie,for only 2 days, we had invitations from both parties, but our primary sponsor is her fiancee who is malaysian, and my auntie ( filipino national), he booked our tickets also. my auntie is only the cousin of our mom and dad, and im not employed, i cant show them a financial support because my fiancee who is US citizen stopped sending.., as he passed away last feb. 13,i dunno how we cant passed as we’re not employed both…. plssss do advice me what we gonna do, our sponsored had a complete docs. which i have it on hand.

    • Grace says

      I’d say don’t worry – show the invitation letter and other stuff to prove you will just be there for a wedding. You will be ok!

  155. Ran says

    Ms. Grace, Kahit ba mag change ako ng passport kong may dot sa likod. Malalaman pa rin nilang na offload ako khit bago na ang passport number na ipapakita ko? Tnx

    • jhopay says

      hindi nila malalaman n offloaded k before kung mag change k ng passport.kc ung passport number ang kinukuha nila para m check s system nila kung offloaded k b4.Pag nag change k ng passport,syempre mapapalitan din passport number mo.

  156. Jim says

    Hello guys nakakalungkot dahil sa mga nabasa ko about offloading, lalo na yung nagbayad pa ng 40k tapos maooffload ka lang din, that’s a lot of money, pang 2 months pocket money mo na sana yun dito sa Dubai.

    Siguro for me dapat kumpleto ka lang talaga ng documents, mahirap talaga makaalis pag hindi ka kumpleto, kung kumpleto ka confident ka sa IO na wala siya dahilan for you na ioffload ka, kunin mo na pangalan niya pag ioffload ka pa din niya dahil sobra na siya hehe.

    Kung tanungin kayo ng reason edi depende siguro sa visa niyo, kung tourist edi sabihin niyo mag ttour kayo tapos pag visit visa edi may bibisitahin lang kayo hehe. Basta be confident lang, napilahan ko IO nun babae na masungit itsura tapos before sakin may 2 din siya kausap na parang nagaaway na sila na hindi nakalampas yun kausap niya, diko alam ano nangyari dun so siyempre kinabahan nko dito pako napapila pero nun turn ko na ok naman mabait din naman tanong lang kung first time ko to travel abroad kasi wala pa mga tatak passport ko kasi nagrenew na ako. (to HK lang ako nun tapos from there to Dubai pero siyempre di niya alam). Guaranteed from experience, sa hong kong at Dubai wala na arte2 pa basta may ticket ka at visa, yun lang. Tignan ka lang saglit tapos ok na!

    From my experience kasi friend ko lang pinaasikaso ko ng documents ko, (visa at tickets, dummy lang yun return tic ko). So malabo na agad ako magdirect flight from pinas to Dubai (although pwede padin naman pero risky, diko kaya i-risk mga nagastos ko na just to be offloaded).

    Yun lang sana makatulong experience ko, we all have been in the same shoes, mamamatay din ako nun sa anxiety LOL. Bottom line basta kumpleto ka documents at confident ka, wala magiging problema. Plan your flight carefully and meticulously, be prepared for anything to happen and pray. :)

    God bless and good luck to us all. :)

  157. rose says

    @miss Grace i hope everything gonna be okey thank you!!


    since u been in dubai & hk and ur passport is new., d’ time she asked u if dat was ur 1st time what is ur exact answer?, coz i been in KL & thailand last 2011 for a tour that was not strict yet, they ddn’t ask my hotel booking,only my passport and ticket dats all..IO stared at me and stamped my passport(easy huh) do i need to say i been there before?…im just tense w/ offloading issues.

    • Jim says

      hi tanong lang ng IO kung first time ko to travel abroad, sabi ko, no, second time na. Tapos sabi niya ah so bago lang passport mo? Sagot ko lang yes. Un lang hehe

  158. shane says

    hi po ms grace sna matulungan nyo po ako… na offload po ako last month, plan ko mag try ulit ngaung month… nung na offload po ako hinanapan me ng oec ng sponsor ko… ung hipag ko, at ska ung husband ko nsa dubai na rin po kso mga 2months pa lng xia work kaya ang naging sponsor ko muna hipag ko, pina pa comply me ng oec nlang dlwa if ever po meron na ako hindi po ba ako tatanungin pa bkit cla nagkaroon ng oec kc tourist nman cla nung umalis…. plsss help…

    at ska anu po ba dapat kung isagot pag tinanung me ng IO kng sinu sponsor ko? kc ang naglakad ng papers ko is agency… nbasa ko sa letter nla skn if tinanung ako kng sinu sponsor ko sasabihin ko ung name ng travel agency… tapos ung guarantor ko is ung sister in law ko… anu po ba dpat kung isagot ung sponsor ko is my sister in law? thn pls help

  159. Bile says

    May naka eperience na po ba dito ng na offload pero yung sunod niyang subok pumila nakalusot na? Pla share your stories naman po… Parang nakaka walang pag asa po kasi.

  160. shane says


    sabi ng tita ng asawa ko na nandun dn sa dubai wg dw me mawalan ng pag asa na na offload kc kasamahan nla sa bahay 1st time na offload tapos nung 2nd try nya nakapasok binigay nya lng dw lahat ng docs. at ung hinanap sa knya na papers nung kulang, sabay tinatakan na dw ung passport nya… at ska ung sponsors nun… friend nya lng, kya kng complte requirements dw wg dw kabahan…

  161. Bile says

    Magttry ulit husband ko may 23, sana naman pumasa na siya, nagpa photo copy din kami ilang supporting papers kasi hindi naman tourist visa ang hawak niya, business visa siya going qatar pero connecting flight dxb to qatar. Grabe sila complete naman ang travel documents niyapero talagang pinag pilitan ng officer na hindi na siya babalik.

  162. dre says


    Na offload po ako dahil di original dala kong birth certificates. May pinasulatan silang form na sagutan ko yung may check na parang “work na naghihintay sa dubai” sinagutan ko rin na isa pa lang trick para mahuli. Nalaman na ang purpose ko ay humanap ng work sa dubai. Ang requirements to comply na binigay nila sa akin ay employment contract, employment visa at poea clearance. Dahil may record na ko na na offload ako, yun pa rin ba ang hahanapin sa akin agad sa 2nd try ko or pwedeng iba ang ireason ko kung nag ask sila kung bakit ako na offload like yung di complete na documents? thanks po..

  163. Bile says

    Sir Dre pasagot ngopinion, sa tingin ko yun pa din ang hahanapin sayo… Kelanka naoffload? Sana may macontact na kaming reliable source sa immigration para makatulong papatulan na talaga namin kase dami na namin nagagastos… Paki contact nalang kami please. 09292417750 willing kami isend lahat ng docs na proof na offloaded yung husband ko.

  164. shane says


    ganyan dn nangyari sa asawa ko….. binigyan dw xia form na fill upon requrements dw un pag nakahanap work sa dubai…. binalik nya dw ung papers at sagot nya d na kailangan yan sir…. magbabakasyon lng ho ako…. tricks nga nila yan….

  165. akang says

    hi guys flight ko na sa thursday fiancee ko ng sponsor skin,,,
    hope n mklmpas aq sa io nten …
    ok lng kya na wlang oec yung fiancee ko kasi di p nmn sya nauwe ang oec dw kc ehh pra lng sa mga nkuwe n since 1 yr plng sya don ok lng kya un?
    hope i can pass
    but i have these ff req
    invitation letter
    atm 300 dollrs if need ng show money
    pic nmin together
    our ring
    oec of his brother
    tenancy contract
    cenomar nso nia
    affidavit from attorney,,
    what else do i need?

  166. Ran says

    Ms. Grace, offloaded po ako sa Naia at sasamahan ako ng gf ko sa Singapore via Clark Airport to visit his brother na resident na dun. Makalusot po kaya ako IO sa Clark? Stay lang cguro ako ng 1 or 2 days sa Singapore tapos Dubai na. Ano po ang mga documents na pedeng dalin or hahanapin ng Immigation Officer sa Singapore? At ano po ang documents needed sa pagpunta sa Singapore na tatanungin naman ng IO sa Clark? Thanks…

  167. Bile says

    Maraming salamat sa lahat bg stories ng naishare dito, madami kaming tips na natutunan at napag aralan namin mabuti ang kalakaran at sistema ng immigration natin. Sa wakas at naka alis na din ang husband ko kahapon… Malaking tulong ang dasal milagro talaga ang nangyari dahil almost 2 hrs na siyang naka hold sa immigration 30 minutes na lang paalis na ang eroplano at bago ang araw ng kanyang flight alam naming malabo ang kanyang paglusot dahil kapag na offload ka at binigyan ka ng listahan na kailangan mo icomply kailangan mo talaga kumpletuhin. Hindi namin yun nakumpleto pero naawa na yatasa kanya yung officer ang sabi sa kanya sa susunod hindi na kita palulusutin siguraduhin mo lang na pagdating mo doon magrereport ka sa embahada ng pilipinas. Hehe

  168. kaye says

    hi!my friend and i was offloaded,tourist sana kami to HK,magexit sana kmi to DUBAI,do you think may chance p kami kung magtry ulit kami but now direct flight na.MNL to DXB,

    thank you

  169. Lenlyn says

    Hello po!naexperience po ng step mother q n maoffload last Wednesday,she has all the supporting documents with her,even yun passport and visa copy ng 2 q pang kapatid d2,they where asking for 4 more documents pero 2 plng yun nproduce namin like my
    OEC ang yun receipt ng AOS,naparebook q na xa to flight sa Tuesday sa tingin nyo po kaya makakalusot na xa this time though kulang yun papers nya.

  170. jhopay says

    i got offloaded 4 times..but now im here in Dubai for morethan 2 weeks.grabe hirap n pinagdaanan ko sa immigration para lang makarating d2.halos hindi makatulog at makakain sa kakaisip stressful tlaga at nakaka depressed.Halos isumpa ko n tlaga lhat ng IO ng pinas dhil s hirap ng pinaranas nila sakin.Ang hirap pag hindi mo relatives ang magiging sponsor mo,tlagang haharangin k nila despite n kumpleto nman lahat ng documents mo.Nakakapagod magpa balik -balik sa airport dhil hindi mo alam kung makakalusot kna o hindi.Dumating sa point n na expired n tourist visa ko,kaya wla ako choice kung hindi kumuha ng panibago.as usual dagdag gastos n nman ng wlang kasiguraduhan kung makakaalis o hindi.Nag try ako magpa escort pero lagi sumasablay.Khit pla may escort k wla kpa din kasiguraduhan n makakalusot ka.Ang hirap p kumuha ng vacant seats s eroplano dhil laging fully booked.Hayss grabe tlaga hindi ko makakalimutan and experienced ko n to.Parang ayoko n tuloy bumalik n Pinas dhil s mga nagyari sakin.Pero hindi ako nawalan ng pag-asa araw2 ako nagdarasal n sana ibgay din sakin ni Lord ung araw n hinihingi ko s kanya and its happened nga.Yun nga lang nag pa escort p din ako, buti yung last n escort ko hindi n sya sumablay at ang bilis nya ako napalusot.Pasalamat ako kay Lord kc khit sobrang nahirapan ako makaalis n Pinas,pag dating ko d2 hindi nya ako pinahirapan maghanap ng trabaho.God is good all the time.Kaya need ko kumayod ngayon para mabawi ko lht ng ginastos ko hehehe..basta s lahat ng mga na offload n katulad ko wag kayo mawalan ng pag asa.darating din yung araw n para sayo.Keep on fighting..bawal ang sumuko.God Bless you all guys.sana makatrating n din kayo d2.

    • SJB says

      hi jhopay!nabasa ko un msg mo.pwede ba kita iemail.gusto ko na din kasi magtry magbayad n lang para makaalis na.na offload ako first time nung june 2 at sobrang sakit sa dibdib.un mga emotional pains talaga araw-araw ang hirap.akala ko kasi pag may escort sure na po.

    • Lou says

      Hi jhopay..
      Pde b mhingi number ng ng escort sau?..twicw n din me na offload,try namin mg hk ng husband ko, tpos mg1 nlng sya uuwi..just incase ma offload ulit, i will try for an escort..


  171. Jcrose says

    Good day mga Kabayan..
    Ive been offloaded 2x, first as visit visa in dubai on apr 30 ’13 and second as tourist in hk last may 15 ’13.
    The first offload was a very traumatic experience! Almost the same scenario sa mga nabasa ko dito.
    The second offload, may “escort” ako this time, pero walang nangyari, still na offload ako. May file sila ng first offload ko and pati na yung dot mark sa likod ng passport ko. And this time may star mark na!!
    Still planning to come back in Dubai. Ex OFW nga pala ako dun, more than 4 years din ako nandun.
    Magttry ako ulit makaalis anytime but employment visa na sana hawak ko. Kukunin ako ulit ng dating boss ko. Wala na kaya maging problema? I will comply all the requirements– PDOS, OEC, orig contract and working visa. Yan lang po ba ang necessary requirements??
    Please reply po. Thanks and God bless us.

    • jhopay says

      hi jcrose how about the medical cert.hindi nba yun kailangan for working visa.Actually wla ako idea ,naisip ko lng kc alam ko requirments din yun.Yung passport ko nga may check n maliit s likod tapos may maliit n dot s harapan.And yes tama ka may record n sila,kaya haharangin k tlaga nila pag tourist visa hawak mo unless magpalit k ng passport.Kaso dagdag gastos n nman at halos 1 month kna nman maghi2ntay before m realease passport mo.God Bless you Kabayan

      • Jcrose says

        Hello jhopay, yup pati medical certificate kelangan po yun, one of poea’s requirement xa. Balak kong kumuha ng new passport kaso gipit na talaga ako sa oras. Sinubmit ko na sa employer ko e para maprocess nila ang visa ko. Wala na kaya problema despite the marks sa passport natin? Color pink pa naman yung star (second offload) grrr!!

        • jhopay says

          kung employment visa n ang hawak mo, wla k ng magiging problema jan.naghihigpit sila s mga tourist visa ang hawak.

        • Ashley says

          I think may ibinibigay na requirements pag inooffload, kahit bago pa nila makita yung mark sa passport mo, pwede mo na agad sabihin na previously offloaded ka tapos dala mo na mga hinihingi nila dati. Ipakita mo lang, and if you complied on all the requirements na, iaallow ka na nila.

  172. Isabelle says

    Hi Guys,

    I need ur advice plz…
    May tourist visa uli n aq papunta dubai,, actually ive been there last February & stayed more for more than 2months & 8 days.. now po n babalik aq, im kinda afraid n ma offload,, so 2nd option namin ay pumunta muna hongkong, den dubai… Ask q lng po, wat are the things to show aside passport & roundtrip tiket (Manila-honhkong-manila) sa immigration if ur bound to hongkong? kaso wala po aq kakilala dun kaya wala po aq maipapakita n letter of invitation….

    Thanks po.

    • jhopay says

      kabayan dpat may hotel booking k din at show money n ipapakita s knila.Kung may work k nman s Pinas ipakita mo company id mo employment cert at leave cert. Masyado tlaga silang mahigpit ngayon s mga nag totourist khit papauntang HK at SG hinihigpitan n din tlaga nila ,kc alam n nila ung style n mga pinoy n ginagawang exit point ung HK at SG para maka punta s ibang lugar lalo n d2 s dubai. Tsaka wag k din magdala ng malaking bag kc pagdududahan k tlaga nila.goodluck kabayan

    • nica says

      hi Isabelle, im planning to go back to dubai too (ex ofw). yan din ang worry ko kc friend lang ang mag sponsor sa kin. kung dadaan din ako ng hongkong hindi raw advisable na mag isa lang dahil obvious. kelan ba ang plan mo pumunta? sabay kaya tayo??

        • miles says

          hi my friend ako papunta dubai via sg nmn xa by last wk ng aug after ramadan. pwd ba xang mkisabay sainyo kung cnu pu2nta ng dubai via sg..tnx

          • girlie says

            hi miles meron ka ba invitation papunta sg? sa kl kya hind na kailangan ang invitation? next week kc din ang plan q.

          • nica says

            hi miles, plan ko rin punta after ramadan. friend lang din mag sponsor sa kin, bcoz of that natatakot ako na bk ma offload kya im looking for other options. baka pwede sabay na lang kami ng friend mo…

          • Ann says

            Hi! Im thankful sa site na to. Very informative & help me a lot. I worked 3 yrs in Qatar. Last May 2013 finished contract & no plan to renew. Since my company refused to provide NOC so meaning banned for 2 yrs,not allowed to work & i decided to go back in Qatar as tourist visa sponsored by my Qatari bf.. But after i read & reviewed all the comments here, different sponsors (friends, husband, sister etc..) either complete or INC, either original/ photocopy but the ending was offloaded & only 1 problem mentioned ‘BI/IO’. Thats why im planning to go SG w/ round trip tckt then to Qatar. My question is,if still need invitation from the relative in SG even i ask a travel agency here to process the all the needs going to SG. I know ii will not show any docs about Qatar at Phil BI .. Thanks.. Good luck & God bless us all..

      • beah says

        Hi Mitch,

        Plan ko din magHK by 2nd week of Sept. From there ppnta ako DXB.. May ticket knb paHK and hotel? Ako kasi wala pa..

        Plan ko plng mgbook this week. Then un friend ko sa DXB, magpprocess ng visit visa and ticket ko HK-DXB.

        Worried lang ako bka kasi mquestion ng immig ntn dito why i will be travelling alone to HK.. :/

        • Mhitch says

          Hay nako girl, same lang tayo :(

          Hindi ba keri na sabay tayo? Sept 1 alis ko dito pa HK then Sept 14 flight ko to DXB. Meron akong travel agency sa DXB. Meron na akong ticket HK to DXB and within this month, ipprocess na yung Visa ko. Nag purchase na lang ako ng roundtrip ticket sa Cebupac then balak ko din naman na mag book ng hotel. Gusto ko din kasi isingit ang pagpasyal sa HK :)

          Employed pa ako. So I should be able to provide COE, leave form and ID. Mag isa lang talaga ako at walang invitation letter, yun lang ang worry ko. Pero other than that, I am positive naman kasi turista din naman talaga purpose ko sa HK :)

          Keep in touch.

        • Mhitch says

          *Sept 12 alis ko papuntang HK and return ticket ko is Sept 14, Cebupac, mura lang naman. Sept 14 naman flight ko papuntang DXB.

  173. liezel says

    Ms. Grace ask ko lang po next week n po flight ko papuntang dubai, ate ko po ung sponsor ko nareceive ko na yung orig. Visa, AOS, copy ng lisyensya ng agency, emirates and labor id, expired n ung oec nya. Ang prob q po mali po ung name q sa visa, i mean ung middle name ko naging surname ko at ung surname naging middle name q.pero bngyan aq ng letter from agency about dun n typo error un. Tapos mali din ung name q po sa AOS. Sbi bbgyan dw ulit aq ng letter para dun. Ask q lng if pwd scan copy lang ung letter or need na orig? Is it ok n expired n ung oec ng ate q?Hope anyone can help me.. Sana makalusot ako.

    • Ashley says

      Baka naman sobrang tagal na nya sa Dubai kaya naexpire na. Ang importante naman dun POEA compliant sya o nag-oOEC. Dun sa mga typo, as long as may mga documents ka naman siguro to prove on those typo, baka naman payagan ka din. Basta siguro lang wag naman sobrang laki nung pagkatypo. Di ba. :)

      • liezel says

        hi po! 3 days na ko dito sa dubai.. naging smooth naman ang byahe ko kala ko nga matatagalan ako sa io pero fortunately hindi naman.. wala masyado tanong.. although

        wala ako cert. of employment
        wala rin leave form
        wala show money

        ang meron lang ako

        birth cert naminng ate ko
        AOS (mali nga name ko dun)
        tourist Visa ( mali din name ko)
        letter from agency
        license ng agency

        meron din ako oec ng ate ko kaso expired na kaya diko pinakita

        • happykards says

          hi liezel! yung tourist visa mo ba electronic visa lang o original? pls reply.. meron ako lahat docs except yung original visa. e-visa lang kasi hawak ko.. thanks! :)

          • liezel says

            original visa po. need na orig yun at baka maoofload ka pa pag scanned copy. hingin mo sa sponsor mo yung scanned copy ng emirates at labor card nya.. may dala rin ako kasi nun.

  174. grace says


    alis ko na po sa martes…. kaso nagkabulutong nman me 4days n ngaun…. may tendency po ba d ako mapaalis dto sa pinas kc may chicken pox ako? o d kaya makalusot man ako dito ma ho hold n ba me sa dubai? thnx pls anyone here can reply me

    • jhopay says

      hi Grace kung ako sayo para sure ka magpa rebook kna lng para makasigurado k n wlang hassle ang pag alis mo.Dhil baka m offload k lng pag nakita nila n may bulutong ka.

      • grace says

        Hello po sa lahat… sa wakas nakarating na rin me ng dubai ng wlng kahirap hirap. Buti nlng itinuloy ko na ung flight ko tnx god at d me nawalan ng pag asa despite sa maraming sign n ayaw pa tlga me paalisin, pero d ako tumigil sa kakadasal n sna gabayan pa rin me at makaalis.. Share ko lng sa mga na offload at gustong sumubok ulit complete all the documents na pina pa comply sa inyo. Ung papel na binigay nila wg nyong iwala kc pag bumalik ko bigay nyo lng sa officer at pakita n nacomply nyo for sure makakaalis kau ng maluwag… Like me ipumila me s lalaki bingay ko pasport at boarding pass ko tinanung ako kng kailan ako na offload, d sinabi ko april 30. Tapos sabi ng officer cge man pa interview ko kau ulit pag pinayagan kau balik kau skin. Hala kinabahan n ako sabi ko dyos ko baka ma ofload n nman ako. Buti nlng mabait dn ung mgandng IO. Sabi ko agad na offload po ako last aprHgil30 tapos kinuha ung maliit n papel at ung oec ng sister in law at husband ko. Sabi nya yan d narehistro tuloy clng dlwa puro tourist worker pla clA. Kaya kau wan pag dating nyo ng dubai at makahanap agad work pa rehistro kau agad para kng mag sponsor kau sa pamilya nyo d na ooffload. Tapos binilugan ung allow sabi cge mam go na kau balik kau sa officer ulit. tuwang tuwa na po ako nung pinayagan me at nag congrats n nakangiti ung IO sa counter.

        • Ashley says

          Look, gusto lang nila na properly documented ang mga aalis ng bansa, lalo yung mga gustong magwork abroad.

          Grace, if you’re planning to look for a job dyan sa Dubai at nakahanap ka, still find a time na makabalik agad sa Pinas then secure the proper documents. Don’t forget to register sa POEA kasi kelangan ng mga OFWs yun for their safety. Goodluck sayo jan! :)

          • marc says

            Just go to Phil Overseas Labor Office (POLO). Pay the OWWA membership and have your contract verified.

  175. abi says

    Guys, help me naman. Ano po ba ang step by step procedure pag direct hire? Like yung medical, pdos etc,, kasi ipapadala na this week ang employment visa ko. Yung employment contract ibibigay pag andun na ko sa abu dhabi kasi may mga requirements na dapat ayusin na andun ako. Thanks po..

  176. Ashley says

    * It’s a common knowledge that employers in Dubai entertain job seekers on tourist visa then transfer it to employment visa once they are accepted for the job.

    Yes, but that is why the Philippine Immigration is requiring for a return ticket to Filipinos going abroad. They still need to go back to the Philippines and exit with that proper visa (working visa) and exit clearance from POEA. OFWs need to register to POEA. This is to easily track information to the OFWs: where are they located, their agency/employer, etc.. so if anything happens to them, Philippine authorities know where to find them and how to help them. Imagine if something happened to them in a foreign country and they are undocumented? In the end, the blame is still to the government of the Philippines, even if those undocumented tourist workers started it. To read more and understand more about this, visit POEA website http://www.poea.gov.ph/ and Bureau of Immigration website http://www.immigration.gov.ph/

  177. SJB says

    hi abie,un work visa mo and employment contract kailangan mo iparegister sa POEA, after nun un PDOS, then medical certificate then bayad ng fees. for more information, tawag ka din po sa POEA para hindi k magahol sa oras pag dumating na un work visa mo from agency.

    • abi says

      Dumating na yung employment visa ko lat friday pa kaso binibigay daw nila yung employment contract pag nandun na ko sa Abu Dhabi kc may requirement daw na dapat ayusin na andun ako. Ibig sabihin di ko na mapprocess sa POEA kc kulang ako ng contract? Tnx

  178. Mhitch says

    Hello Jim and Ms Grace and everyone!!

    Alam ko nakwento mo nio exactly yung experience nio pero gusto ko lang magkaroon ng peace of mind hehe. Yan din ang plan ko. Sinabihan ako ng friend ko na more than 5 years na nakatira sa Dubai at dun na din nag asawa ng German national. Dati ko lang siya kasama sa work and siya ang mag aasikasaho ng tourist visa ko. So I am planning to book flights HK-MNL then siya na ang bahala sa HK-DXB.

    I am planning na atleast a day or 2 sa HK para sulit na din cguro yung gagastusin ko and mag file lang ako ng vacation leave para makapag present pa ako ng valid ID and COE.

    First time ko lang aalis ng bansa, and you think magiging smooth yung byahe ko? Like un pagdaan sa Immigration dito sa atin papunta ng HK? And HK to DXB?

    Eto yung mga nasa listahan kong requirements:

    -COE (notarized?)
    -Company ID
    -Credit cards
    -show money (how much kaya?)
    -Bank book? (actual passbook?)

    -Roundtrip plane tickets (HK)
    -booking details (HK)

    -Visa (pede bang scanned? Or need pa ipamail dito yung original? Kasi meron akong nabasa somewhere going to DXB na na-offload kasi scanned lang ang visa and hindi yun original)
    -Tickets (hindi ba mabubuko na dummy ricket lang un pabalik ng MNL?)
    -hotel booking
    -OEC (need ba din niya ba ito isend sa akin? Friend ko lang siya. Shes living there for more than 5 years, may asawa nang German national. Nakatira sila sa hotel kasi dun nagwwork as a manager un asawa niya pero may sarili silang bahay dun. Sa AOS naka entail kaya na may sarili na siyang bahay dun?).
    – Hmmm, what else pa kaya?

    First time!!!! First time! Feeling ko magmmukha akong tanga haha!!!

    Sobrang helpful pala ng mga information dito :)

    Anyone na din cguro who can answer will be greatly appreciated!


    • Jim says

      Hi Mhitch, magisa ka lang ba bbyahe? from my experience dati:

      -COE (notarized?) = wala ako dala COE nun kahit resigned na ako
      -Company ID = same as above
      -Credit cards = may dala ako pero di naman hiningi or tinignan
      -show money (how much kaya?) = same as credit card above
      -Bank book? (actual passbook?) = wala din

      -Roundtrip plane tickets (HK) = roundtrip tickets talaga, not dummy. (PAL)
      -booking details (HK) = meron talaga booking sa hotel

      -Visa = not sure kung pwede scanned copy, yung sakin kasi original nasa akin nun, pinamail ko sa pinas
      -Tickets = HK-DXB lang talaga ticket ko nun tas dummy yun return, no prob naman sa HK yun.
      -Hotel booking = hindi naman din hiningi
      -AOS at OEC = since HK-DXB ka, no need na ito sa HK immig

      • Mhitch says


        Thanks sa reply!

        I am so worried sa dummy ticket ko. Naasikaso na ng travel agency sa Dubai yung ticket ko. Sept 14 HK to china to DXB ang route ko. Tapos dummy lang yung pabalik ko ng Pinas. Eto ang sabe sa akin sa agency “Your DXB-MNL ticket will be sent to you 12 MIDNIGHT on 14Sep2013. (This will assure the HK immigration/Check-In counter that you have a roundtrip ticket)”

        Kasi nagsesearch ako online and meron akong nabasa na nakulong na Pilipino na nag fake ng return ticket :(

        Kinaakabahan naman ako… Hehe. First kong mag travel abroad tapos solo pa.

      • Mhitch says

        Actually un sa MNL to HK ko naman actualy tickets talaga, walang dummy. Ang kinakatakutan ko lang is yung kapag paalis na ako, HK to China to Dubai, yung return ticket ko pabalik ng Pinas ang dummy. And dahil mmay layover ako HK to China, dadaan din ako ng immi no? Hays… Malapit na ang alis kooooooo… 😛

  179. mimi says

    Hi all..ahhh i’m still stuck in here sa pinas coz still waiting pa for my uae license so that i can work as a nurse there…anyway guys,i have a question na medyo malayo sa offloading topic……i’m worried about the news today about those “undocumented” ofw’s in saudi kasi….pupunta na akong dubai soonest using a visit visa sponsored by my cousin….so pag dating ko jan job hunting nah… So once ma hire na ako…the employer will process my working visa so that i can stay and work there legally??? tama ba??? is this a legal way??? accepted po ba ito ng UAE gov’t??

    • Jim says

      Hi mimi, DHA license ba iniintay mo? why not try to find an agency nalang sa pinas for a job as a nurse dito sa UAE instead of going here on a visit visa para may peace of mind ka, anyway opinion ko lang naman iyon. :)

  180. lydia says

    hi all, i’m about to go to dubai last Jun30 but was offloaded bec i don’t have any documents to support my relativity with the person who sponsored me. it was stated in my AOS that my sponsor is my COUSIN but she is just my close friend. I told the IO that she is my 3rd cousin that is why its hard to trace that she really is my 3rd cousin. I had my flight rebooked on Jul17. the IO asked if i have other relative in dubai that is upto 4th degree of consanguinity, the farthest would be 1st cousin. i dont know what to do. i dont have any relative there. im so doomed. i spent a lot of money already. i have 2 way ticket for dubai, AOS, visa, pocket money and COE. please help. thank you

  181. happykards says

    I have all the needed documents. My concern is the electronic visa (e-visa) na hawak ko. E-mail lang sa akin ng travel agency na nagprocess sa UAE. Tanong ko lang:

    1. Is it not accepted by immigration officers?
    2. Kung hindi pwede pano ako makakakuha ng original?

    Please answer this comment. Thank you. Helpful ‘tong blog na to especially those who wanted to dream big, try their luck and be successful & fulfilled..

    • Mhitch says


      From what I have read here, kung Manila Immigration, yes you need the original copy. You can ask someone from Dubai to mail it to you. LBC, Fedex?

      • happykards says

        Thanks Mitch for your response!

        Worried nako. Meron po bang nakaalis na kababayan natin who’s reading this informative blog na electronic, scanned, or photocopy lang ng Visa ang hawak?

        Please I need your replies… Wala daw original copy yon since it was processed online..(???).. I don’t know any of these things..

        HELP!!!!! :'(

        • girlie says

          hi happykards ganon din ung sa akin e-visa ang hawak q,ang advice lang s akin nang agency mganda tlga mag cross country na lang kc doon allowed s kanila ang scanned copy.

          • happykards says

            Thanks girlie.. So nag-cross country ka pa? magastos kasi ehh.. gagamitin ko nalang pocket money. balita ko kahit ibang Asian countries mahigpit na din sila.. yun nga lang no need for visa pero invitation letter naman hanap.. grabe na ‘to..di nako makatulog kakaisip. to think wala naman akong criminal record..tsk, tsk..

            Any other bloggers na e-visa po ang hawak pero this time straight nakapunta ng Dubai? (headache) >_<

        • liezel says

          orig visa po dapat.. pero may nakasabay po ako na scanned copy lang yung employment visa nya at pag dating namin sa Dubai saka pa lang nya kinuha yung Orig. employment Visa nya. kaya sya pinayagan na makakaalis kasi galing na po sa OWWA o PDOS ba yun kaya understood na valid yun. pero ang pagkakaalam ko po need n original visa ang dala mo kasi pag scanned copy maooffload ka.

  182. mimi says

    Hi all! Sino po ba mga nurses dito who passed the haad exam?? pls share ur experiences nmn po & maybe u can recommend some companies and agencies who are currently hiring nurses in Dubai…pls share po especially exam tips,job tips & the IO’s questions u encountered po…

  183. Niki says


    Does anyone have any experience on just using a scanned visa? My flight to abudhabi is on the 28th and I only have the scanned tourist visa copy. I’ll only be staying there for 3 days and have confirmed tickets to fly to London with uk visa after 3 days in the uae. I also have my confirmed ticket for my flight back to Manila by the end of August.

    I’ll only be in the UAE to see friends and have confirmed hotel accommodations for those 3 days.

    I also don’t have any AOS or OCE since I’m sponsoring my own holiday, I do have my own COE, leave forms, company ID, UK visa and sponsorship declaration from the UK. The visa for UAE was processed by a travel agency in abudhabi.

    It isn’t my first time to travel outside of the country, and have never encountered any issues in immigration before departing but it is the first time that I will be visiting the UAE.

    Do I need to secure that AOS when I don’t really have any relatives in the UAE to sponsor me?

    Any feedback would be appreciated. Thanks!

    • happykards says

      hi nikki! same concern here.. I only have a scanned visa copy. Ms. grace informed me that I should have the orig visa. But according to other bloggers, some Filipinos were allowed since the scanned visa that they have is an employment visa which was shown also to POEA and not the tourist visa.

      Please let me know of your experience since your flight schedule will be ahead of mine. Kindly post it here so that others will learn from it. Thank you.

  184. Lou says

    hi to all,

    I was offloaded twice, july 2 – bcuz my sponsor was a friend and IO didnt allow me to use that..so they gave me requirements that i must have a relative as sponsor. Good thing i have a first cousin in dubai.bad thing was i offloaded again yesterday, july 22, bcuz they told me that my AOS was fake..:( they showed me a real one, and based on what i had seen, it was really fake. Anyways, its a long story. and we handled it already. My problem now is that I am planning to book for a tour package in HK with my husband for 3days this thursday. Are there any more prob i may encounter to this plan? I am worried they will offload me again since they will know that i was twice offloaded and for those reasons above.
    Can anyone help me what should i answer and what should I do?

    Thanks a lot.

  185. abe says

    im going to dubai 2nd week of august same problem,complete documents but my sponsor is just my ninong (my fathers bestfriend), i have lots of frnds there but direct family member, that i don’t have one. im still weighing the situation if its good for me to go via SG since i have a classmate there,, but im still thinking it would not guarantee that i may not be offloaded,, other reason because i heard that they were very strict to first time travelers like me,,, the other options is to take the risk of looking for possible escorts for a hassle free boarding which i could go directly,, favorable advise would be appreciated the soonest possible.. tnxmuch

  186. lanny says


    Complete ang docs ko, pero its really hard talaga makaalis ng bansa kapag ikaw ay first time at magisa ka lang. Allowed pa ba today yung e-visa sa SG? Mahigpit na ba dun? I was planning to cross country na din papuntang Dubai.

    • abe says

      ako din nakukuha ko palang e-visa ko and im planning to go to SG first,, sino sasabay? lets try sumama sa travel agency to SG na lang

      • girlie says

        hi abe my ticket ka na ba? naghahanap kc q ng ksabay bka pwede tau magusap txt me nman heres my number 09288135737

        • abe says

          girlie,, wala pa ko ticket.. my nacontact ako na travel agency pa SG,, minimum of 2 pax cla,, baka interested ka,, buti pa yun as group cla.. wats ur email act?

  187. beah says


    Im planning to go to Dubai also. Pero plan is to go to HK first then from HK-DXB. Ask ko lang di ba ako mquestion ng Phil. immigration if i will be travelling in HK alone? If asked why ako lang, can I tell them na my friends were booked on a different flight sched (something like that)?

    Magbbook plng ako flight ticket MLA-HK-MLA and hotel. Siguro i will stay for 2days lang.

    BTW, plan ko magHK 2nd week of Sept. Baka meron pwde makasabay.. :)

    Appreciate your advises po.. Thanks! :)

    • Mhitch says


      Aalis ako sa Sept 12 papuntang HK then flight ko Sept 14 papuntang Dubai! Same lang din tayo, mag isa lang ako. Nagttry akong manghingi ng invitation letter sa relative ko kaya lang ayaw pumayag e. So magttry lang ako. Employed pa naman kasi ako at meron akong maipapakita na mga docs na magpapatunay na employed pa ako. Balak kong mag resign na lang kapag nasa Dubai na ako.

      Email mo naman ako,



  188. joanna says

    hello poh :)) naoofflod po ako last june 19 grabe nakakaistress! papunta sana kme ng macau 3 kme ng friend ko pero d kme pinayagn mkaalis dahil friend lng dw nag invite samen! guz2 nila un relatives ang magiinvite.. nilagyan pa nila ng mark sa likod ng passport ko! gusto ko sna ulit magtry nextwik kasabay ko na paalis un sis ng friend ko matagal na xa ngwowowrk sa macau at my bluecard na din xa…my possibility pa dn kya na maooflod ako?ano po ang nid n requirements kapg hndi ka ngwowowrk at nagbubusiness lng???/pkisagot po salamat….

    • abe says

      bakit ilang days ba kayo sa macau?,, if tourist ka lng nmn fr example 3 days, u nid to book for hotel reservation,, but if for wks and months pa ang roundtrip ticket mo,, maybe you really need a invitation letter notarized ng phil embassy sa macau,,

    • Mc says

      Ako din naoffload na ng IO for two times going to macau..may invitation letter na din ako sponsored by my fiancee pero d ako pinayagan pa din..nagpunta ako ng immigration office at nasabi sakin na dapat daw pla malaki ang show money mo at hotel accomodation at bank cert na malaki ang pera mo..so for now sa hong kong ang balak ko mag tour at this time kasama ko brother ko at fiancee nya..natatakot pa din ako kc may record na ako ng offloaded pero this time isasampal ko na sa kanila ang pera ko at lahat ng docs na kailngn nila,sana naman pagbigyan nila ako makalabas..

  189. Ann says

    Nkka stress nman at kinakabahn ako.. How about if mghigpit dn ang SG? Is it important an invitation form a relatives in SG? Bow about if they will refused, still possible for offload? I need answers & replies from anybody who have an idea about my problem? Thanks

  190. Lou says

    Hello everyone,

    Baka po mayron may kakilalang escort, or anyone like this sa naia..pls po pkishare nmn contacs nila..sobrang nkkfrustrate n eh..3 times nko offload even papunta hk with hotel bookings and 3days 2 night package..laki n ng gastos ko..pero gusto ko p rin tlg maka alis at mkpgwork.pls, pls, pls…..eto po number ko 09277213201…

    thank u..

    • Beah says

      Hi Lou,

      May I know bakit ka naoffload if you have hotel bookings and tour packages? Hinanapan ka ba sa immigration ng company ID or COE (just to prove na may work kang babalikan dito sa pinas)? Un plane ticket mo ba is roundtrip? May kasama ka din ba or solo ka lang?

      Just want to know lang girl.. Sana maka-alis ka na sa next try mo. Goodluck! :)

      • Lou says


        Nkita lng nila s record na naoffload nko b4. so ang sinabi ng IO sa clark, khit san daw ako mgpunta iisipin nila d didiretso ko ng dubai. sabi ko expired n ung visa ko. sabi niya d daw pde, sa naia terminal1 daw ako mgpclearance since dun ako inoffload ng twice..:(
        Please, sino may kakilala sa immigration?..sakit na sa loob, sakit p s bulsa mga ngyari…:(

        • Grace says

          Hi Lou,

          That sounds really disgusting on the part of the Philippine Immigration. You mentioned that you have a two-way ticket to HK and hotel bookings to prove you are going to HK to tour – why they still didn’t allow you to fly?

          This is unconstitutional! You need to reason out to them that EVERYONE HAS THE RIGHT TO TRAVEL and it is mentioned in the Philippine Constitution.

          Ask them – “Am I a criminal? Am I in the FBI’s hold travel list?”

          If you have the required documents to prove you are going to tour HK, they have no reason to hold you back just because you got offloaded before. This is beyond ridiculous.

          Fight for your right!

          • Lou says

            Hi Grace,

            If only we can reason out to those immigration officers..but the problem is we can’t..they will just insist what’s on their mind..they didn’t allow me bcuz their record showed that i am offloaded going to dubai..so in their mind, wherever i go outside phils, i can go directly to dubai without hassle…which is we know true..but still, they r stupid..please, if u know someone who know someone in immig, kindly help me..
            thank u so much..

          • April says

            Ms grace, yung cousin ko po gusto magpunta ng dubai may employment visa po sya pero ang advise po sa kanya mgexit sa ibang country bago sa dubai, pero unfortunately last week naoofload cya papunta SG. Pinagdudahan cya ng IO dahil tourist visa cya without hotel bookings etc. my question po ay kung sa qatar po ba cyagexit papunta dubai under family visit visa, under my sponsorship, hindi kaya cya maquestion kung mgttry ulit cya umalis after 2 weeks sya maoffload. Salamat

  191. Jared says

    hi all,

    sarap magbasa sa mga blog na to.. super nakaka relate kc ako kc isa din akong luhaan sa immigration,hehe ndi naman ako ung na offload pero ung gf ko ung na offload last may lang kaya mas masakit..sobrang pangarap ko na maksama sya d2 pero ung immigration ang humadlang sa pangarap ko na makasama sya d2.. ako lng kc nag sponsor sa kanya nun may, pinag resign ko sya sa call center tas pinaga ko sya ng faked coe at leave form,ayon sablay..na detect na faked..luckily naka vacation ako nung may kaya after nya ma offload e bumili agad ako ng ticket d2 sa abu dhabi pauwi ng manila, 2 weeks din kming nagksama ng gf ko jan kaso pag balik ko d2 para akong batang umiiyak kc sobrang lungkot..tas 3 months na let ako d2 sa abu dhabi e sobrang lungkot pa din, tas last week my nakilala ako na ka apelyido ng gf ko at willing sya na mag sponsor sa gf ko, un nga lng kht same sila ng surname e ndi sila relative pero sana umubra to sa november sa immigration.. last year lng din ako dumating d2 pero ndi ko naman na experience ung bangis ng immigration, first cousin ko kc nag visi visa sken dati last may 2012, madaming tanong ung immigration pero ndi ko masyado pinapansin tanong nila,sinasabi ko lng na basta magpinsan kmi, ndi ko kc sila pinapansin kc ok lng sken ma offload dat time kc parang ayaw ko umalis nun kc alam kong malungkot mahiwalay sa mahal pero ung immigration pinayagan nmn akong maka alis kaya e2 ngaun almost 1 and half year nko d2 sa uae pero malungkot pa din kc ang dream ko tlga e mksama d2 ung gf ko..

    • apie says


      hi. ask ko lng sna dba first cousin mdn ng sponsor sau? hnanapan kb s imigration dto ng proof of relation like orig copy affidavit of sponsor and relation gling s PHIL embasy jan sa abu dhabi? kz first cousin ko lng dn mg sponsor sken..kindly reply :) thanks…

      • Jared says

        sorry late reply,ngaun lng let ako naka pag visit d2 sa website na to..oo need ung orig copy ng affidavit of support, oo dati hinanapan ako ng proof of relationship, like birth certificate ng mama ng pinsan ko ska ng papa ko,kaso wala akong dala nun, pero ininsist ko lng na magpinsan tlga kmi, ska dat time tlga kht e offload nila ako e ok lng kc yoko din mapalayo sa gf ko kaso pinayagan din ako ng immigration nun,pero ngaun ata sobrang higpit e,try nga let ako sa november na e visit visa gf ko gami ung affidavit of support nun ka apelyido nya d2 pero ndi nya tlga pinsan,ka apelyido lng :(. sana makalusot, problema na lng e pag hinanapan ng proof of relaionship e wla kmi mapapakita, nag iisip nga ako ngaun kung anong pdeng gawin para mapaniwala nmen immigration na mag pinsan sila..baka my alam kayo e pa help naman..need ko tlga gf ko d2 kc super hirap ng long distance e :(

  192. Neriboy says

    Hi po sa lahat.. Sa sept 10 po ang flight ko for dubai.. Kaso po ung nakuha kng ticket is connecting flight pero mkkta nmn po sa iterinary na dubai ang destination ko kaso ddaan pku ng hongkong.. May AOS npo ako sponsor ako ng first cousin ko tpos my supporting docs like BC nmin tpos BC ng parents nmn, residence visa nya, pataka, tpos OEC nya as manager, my details na rn po ako ng ttrhan ko, return ticket.. My chance pa po b na ma offload ako? Salamat po

    • offlimit says

      hi..isa din po aq sa naoofload ng mga buwaya jan sa immigration, last sept. 8..connecting flight din..singapore muna then dubai..kala q nun una ok n..i was expect n mkkalusot aq..tpos bigla aq kinabhan nun pinagfill up aq sa likod ng counter…then interview by the 2nd officer..ok nman lhat ng docs q..maliban lng sa bc ng cousin at tita q..kasi cousin q ang sponsor q..meron aq bc nila but scan copy lng xa..sbi ng io need dw ng orig. nso at ndi scan o xerox lng..so un n..4:45 boarding time..and that time already 4:30 n and sobra gulo n utak q kasi alm q d aq mkkaalis dhil sa docs n hinihingi nila..so better prepare all your docs original pra sure..gudluck to your flight..pray k lng..aq rebooking ulit and try ulit my luck..gbu..

  193. Neriboy says

    Gud pm po.. As of nw po nghhntay npo ako pra mag board sa plane.. With regards sa immigration d2 naging maayos nmn po un IO ko.. Mabait po xa.. Hiningi nya lng sakn ung BC nmin ng pinsan ko den ung OEC nya tpos hinanap ung travel record ng pinsan ko.. Un lng po tpos tinatakan nya na ung passport ko na ok npo ako.. Cguro lady luck smile on me tpos have faith lng po ky LORD d po kau nya pbbyaan.. Gudluk po sa mga mag visit visa dn sa dubai na tulad ko.. This thread really helps a lot.. Btw ung mabait na IO po ay c ms Sayno..

    • Mittel says

      @ Neriboy: Hello! Ask ko lang, you mentioned about travel record, iba lang ba yan sa OEC? At si Ms. Sayno, how old is she? Na-offload bf ko kahapon. He’s going to Singapore for a tour then exit sya to DUBAI. Pinaamin sya, dahil na-trace daw ang ticket nyo to SIN na dito nabook sa Dubai. Super sama ng loob namin.. :( But he was given a list of requirements to compile..Rebook namin ulit ang ticket niya..

      • offlimit says

        @neriboy..hi ung bc b n hiningi sau orig. o ok lng sa kanya ung xerox..kasi ung case q un lng ang problem sken..sbi ng io need dw authenticated ang bc ndala kaya nya dw aq inoffload..pero ngaun ok n lhat ng bc q..nkkuha nq ng orig. from nso..rebook flight q is sept. 22..sana maging ok din ang next flight q with no hassle with the immigration..what time b ung flight mo pra nman mkita q ung io n ng interview sau..tnx

        • Neriboy says

          @offlimit ung sakn kac ung bc ko original pro ung sa cousin ko scan copy lng.. Malabo pa nga ung copy ko nun.. Nag ask lng xa kng anong name ng tatay ng pinsan ko tska nung nanay ko nung dalaga pa xa.. Tpos travel record ng pinsan ko.. Yung maganda kac dun eh ung travel date ng pinsan ko eh recent lng..

        • offlimit says

          @neriboy..buti k p…aq kasi isa p n hiningi sken ung oec ng pinsan..which hindi p xa umuuwi ng pinas..last jan. 22 lng xa umalis tru visit visa den..ano b ung oec..bkit hinihingi nila un qng hindi p nman ng eexit ung couzin q pblik ng pinas..

          • Neriboy says

            @offlimit kng gnun kcng wla oec ung pinsan mo it means na undocumented ofw xa tska iicpin ng immigration na visit visa ung pinsan mo tpos ikw visit visa dn maghhnap ka ng work.. Ung oec un ung overseas employment certificate na kkunin mo sa embassy ng phils kng ofw ka pra documented worker ka..

      • Neriboy says

        @mittel ung oec un ung prang record na registered ofw xa.. Bka nman pinakita nya ung return ticket nya na gling xang dubai? Cno b nag sponsor sa knya?

      • Neriboy says

        @ycel, sori late reply.. Ung oec dpat recent na umuwi xa ng pinas at bumalik na xa ng dubai… Makikita naman sa travel record nya kng register xa na ofw..

        • ycel says

          ung pinaka recent na uwi ko ng pinasis april 2012 pa. di pa ulit ako nagbakasyon…ok lang ba ung oec ko na un ang ipadala ko sa bro ko? tnx.

  194. Mittel says

    Hello Jim! How’s your experience last March in the immigration going to Dubai? You said fiancé mo lang sponsor mo. Ano anu mga tanong ng IO? Kunin Ko din kc fiancé Ko, kinakabahan ako though I prepared all the requirements and other supporting docs. Di Ko na kc sya kuhaan ng hotel booking, he can stay naman sa haus ng Kuya, I sent also my Kuya’s papers including tenancy contract of his flat.. My father is UAE resident also. And my fiancé’s a seaman. He’s not gonna work here. Tourist Lang talaga and our plan of applying for civil wedding sa embassy. I’m so worried and stressed na. One week ago, papadaan Ko sya sa Singapore, but he got offloaded. Na-trace dw kc na dito sa UAE nabook ang ticket nya to Singapore. Umamin sya na didiretson sya dubai. :( So yun I rebooked his ticket next week. He’ll go direct Manila- Dubai nalang with all the needed documents.

    • Macris says

      Hi Ms. Mittel what airline po ung sa fiance nio going to SG? and pinabook nio po ba sya sa UAE thru agency? or online po?

  195. ycel says


    ok lng ba ipresent ung expired oec ng sponsor? ihahatid ng bro ko ung anak ko pero my son will be on residence visa thru his dad and my bro from agency (tourist visa). my conflict ba pag ganun? thank u.

  196. Mhitch says


    Hello guys! I am here in Dubai already! After months of planning and anxiousness hehe. I arrived last Saturday night. I went to Hong Kong first on Thursday and left for Dubai Saturday morning. I only have a tourist visa. Ako na lang ang nag asikaso ng HK trip ko. I have not resigned yet from work (call center) so I was able to present company ID, COE and leave form. It is my very first time to leave the country and I am alone. Sobrang nakaka-kaba pero mas nakakapaagod. On the day I left HK, 4 flight and 4 immigration ang dinaanan ko. Akala ko connecting flight lang sa Shanghai pero nagbaba pa ng passengers sa Kunming China.

    Wala akong naging problema or further questions sa lahat ng immigration especially sa NAIA Terminal 3 and Dubai. Sa NAIA muntik lang akong maiwanan ng plane kasi ang haba ng pila pero kasi after I checked in I didn’t know na puede nang dumaan sa immigration. Pero wala naman madaming questions. Proof lang na babalik pa ako at kung may work ako. Dito sa Dubai, ni hindi ako kinausap.

    If you guys have any questions, message nio na lang ako. Lagi naman ako online e :)

    Now off to look for a job!

    • lani says

      HIi ms mhitch ,

      Next month ang flight ko sa hkparang same din po sau mag hk po muna ako for 2 days then after sa dubai na ako snce maxado po mahigit ang io sa aten dto sa pinas kaya mag hk muna ako , hndi po ba mahgpit sa hk immigration pag sa hk po ako mang gagaling papunta dubai? anu po mga docs ang hinahanap sa hk immigration and anu anu po ung mga usual questions nla? salamat po.
      pls reply po kasi kinakabahan ako baka sa hk ako ma offload sa oct 22 po flight ko to hk then oct 24 nman hk to dubai .



      • Mhitch says

        Hello Lani! Sorry for the very very late reply hehe. As I mentioned sa message ko, wala na pon gmasyadong tanong even sa HK immigration papuntang Dubai. The usual questions, where are you going? When are you coming back? Ipapakita mo siempre sa HK immi yung tickets mo HK to Dubai, may return din dapat which was dummy nga. Agency na ba dito sa Dubai ang nag asikaso ng HK to Dubai mo? Makipag coordinate ka. Kasi ako dummy pabalik ko ng Pilipinas at sinesend yun just couple of hours before ng flight mo HK to Dubai. Active ticket un and icacancel din after para hindi mag go through. Para lang just incase na mag check sa HK immi e, valid yung ticket mo na pabalik.

        Let me know if you have further questions.

  197. Mc says

    Hello guys i just want to ask help from you..last june and july i was offloaded kc daw nag work ako ng macau as tourist worker kc wala ako mapakita na clearance and others so inoffload nila ako ng two times..yung pangalawa pa kasama ko bf ko na ofw ng macau,masakit kc ako lng naoffload that time..hinayaan ko na IO kc wala tlga ako clearance na maibigay sa kanila kc hnd na ako nag work sa macau..but then my brother and his fiancee planning to go hong kong for 3days only and i want to join kc kahit papanu makakasama ko ng 3days ang bf ko sa hk kung makalusot man ako..pero natatakot ako kc sa passport ko may palatandaan na sila na naoffload ako..but now im a manager of our family business kaya gusto ko lng tlga mag tour..im afraid baka sa december maoffload na naman ako,kasama ko pa naman kapatid ko nun..i have plane ticket already and hotel accomodation,meron din ako bank cert at business permit at patunay na nag mamanage ako ng business ng father ko..my question is,enough na po ba to para makalusot ako sa immigration going hk samantalang may offload record na ako?plz help me po..sayang kc ang gastos ko..thanks

  198. Lou says

    Hello everyone,

    Sino po may kilalang escort?.. Please help po..my flight is on sunday. 3 times nko na offload.need ko po escort. please, please, please.
    Here’s my number : 09277213201

    Thanks for the help!

    • offlimit says

      hi @lou no reason nila bkit ka naoffload ng 3 times?grabe nman mga immigration n yan..db my binibgay n requirements to comply..ndi mo b un inayos..lam q un n lng dw ung ippresent mo sa knila..kasi i got offloaded din first time q..then rebook lng aq..tpos icomplete q lng dw ung requirements n hinihingi nila..

    • Mc says

      Hi lou..if you want po i can reffer to you my travel agency na makakahelp sau..kc lapit lng yung agency na un sa main ng immigration at ung agency na un accredited ng immigration..actually sa kanila ako ngayon nagpapatulong kc i was offloaded din for two times..sabi sakin sila na daw gagawa paraan para makalusot ako ng immigration..at 100% sure na makakalabas ako..kaya lng gagatos ka lng medyo malaki..actually hnd ung agency na un marami na sila pinalabas na filipino na no question sa immigration kaya dun na ako lumapit..if you want reffer po kita sa kanila..

      • Jays says

        Hi mc. San ba travel agency mo. Bk pwde email mo sakin. tweet_907@yahoo.com… ill be goin to dubai this 25th kaso dadaan ako singapore. Nag paarange ako ng tour sa travel agency. Taz from SG diretso n ako dubai. kinakabahan lng ako bka ma offload. Wala bang kelangan na ipakitang documents sa IO sa SG kung going to dubai na ko maliban sa passport,visa…ticket and return ticket.. hayyyyyy.. gudluck satin.

      • chester says

        Hi Mc. Baka pwede pwede mo ma i refer husband ko. Offloaded din sya 3x na and ang laki na nagastos namin. Nakakahinayang lang naghihinta na work sa kanya just because hindi siya makalabas, visa upon arrival kasi sya sa pupuntahan nyang country.
        Appreciate your help….thank you.

      • Rose says

        Naoffload na rin ako once. Try ko uli magparebook at magcomply sa mga required documents. Pero just to be safe pwede ba magpacheck dun sa Agency na sinasabi mo?or meron po ba na parang pwede lapitan para magpacheck kung ok na po documents ko? Thanks po

  199. Pau says

    Hi mhitch,

    Hnanapn kb ng company id sa naia? Self employed kc aq..pero meron aq sg round trip ticket,hotel voucher,show money at itinerary ng tour,sa travel agency aq kumuha ng package…

    • Jays says

      Hi mitch. Sang bansa ka going. AKo rin nagpa arrange ng tour package goin SG then from there dederetcho ako dubai. Resigned nrin ako s work kaya gagawa nlng ako cmpany id ko, leave form tska COE.. papa notaryo ko nlng rin para sakaling hingan nila ako is naka notaryo na.gudluck satin..

      • Mhitch says

        Hi Jays,

        What do you mean san bansa ako pupunta? As clearly stated po sa message ko, I went to HK first before ako tumuloy dito sa Dubai.

        • Jays says

          Thanks for d reply mhitch.humingi nlng ako coe, leave form at id ulit s pnag workan ko. Thia 25th n alis ko.sana maka lusot since 1stimer rin. Orig docs b hiningi sayo?any tips…sobrang kinkbhan n ako.hehe

          • Mhitch says

            Hi Jays,

            Oo puro original un. Tiningnan lang naman. ID, COE and Leave form. Hotel booking and return tickets. Mukhang sosyal na traveler, lol. Ayus lang yan. Huwag ka masyadong kabahan. Cool lang and dapat ready na yan lahat. Huwag ma-late sa boarding. Agahan sa terminal at mag check in agad, then immigration agad.

            Good luck!

    • Mhitch says

      Hi Pau,

      Oo, hinanap ang ID ko. When the IO learned that it is my first time to travel abroad, he asked for supporting docs na I am employed sa Phil. As stated sa msg ko po, I have comp ID, COE and Leave form. Prepared ako hehe.

  200. Jays says

    HI mhitch
    ..thanks sa advice..this wed n alis ko.. 5am alis ko..1am andun n ako s naia.. sana maging ok ang lahat. At sana smooth lng. Huhu.. bsta 1st time traveler halos may 2nd interview dw lahat eh.. grrr.. mag tourist-sosyal look dpat.haha..

  201. mc says

    Hi jay sori for the late reply..kc medyo bz..sa nippon travel agency po un..c lou nireffer ko dun at napakabilis lng pasok na sya..and now andun na ata sya dubai or sang bansa man..

    • Jared says

      hi, how much po hinihingi ng nippon?..parang gusto ko na din lang magpahelp sa nippon para makuha ko gf ko dis nov..how much po hinihingi nila?para makapag prepare nko ng pera kc plan ko dis nov ko bibilhan let ng visa at ticket gf..

  202. abe says

    hi guys..kakarating ko lang dubai kaninang mornibg.. i wanto share my experience.. first nagbook ako ng singapore for 3 dyas with hotel booking dnala ko mga ppapers and nakabackpack n malaki lang ako… basta pacguro kayo ng. hotel booking s roundtrip ticket..company id leave form..as much as pcble wag nio ilabas ang docs kapag hnd hiningi..and pls dont bring your xcredentials..ipamil nio nlng via dhl.. from there aun evisa lng gamt ko ngflight n ko papunta dubai aftr 3 days.. mag isa lang ako.. sa IO sbhin nio lang pure tour lng pakay mo.. wag mataranta

    • Jared says

      hi.. magkano bili mo ng ticket papuntang singapore including hotel booking?my plan kc let ako na kuhain gf ko dis nov..offloaded kc sya last may e..tas magkano bili nyo ng ticket na singapore to dubai including dummy ticket?

      • abe says

        sakin kasi,, rush sept 22 ako ngbook den flight ko to sg is 25 kay inabot ako ng 9k..plus 2k for SG hotel bookings for 2 nyts..ung backpacker hotel lang,,,den 27 ako sumulong ng dubai,, actually travel agent n ngackaso nun,, imbis n manilato dubai,, i ask them to book SG-dubai-manila.. Since i dont have any douments such as affidavt of support,, and oec,,ksi ninong ko lang sponsor ko,,kaya nilakasan ko na loob ko na via SG lang ako,,i dont want to take risk na mgbook manila to dubai,,since sure na maooffload ako since evisa lang hawak ko,,this blog is helpful,,ive research and prctice what will i do and ive done it right ,, be confident,, book ka separte Ph-SG-PH.. ,,although wala pong kacguraduhan na mgkakawork agad pgdating dubai..lakasan lang loob mga kabayan.

        • Jared says

          ah tnx sa info, miss abe pde add moko sa FB? e2 email add ko sa fb jared_graciana@yahoo.com or user name ko sa fb e Jared JR-Gracia para mas makapag usap po tayo,want ko tlga ng better plan dis nov ta try ko let visahan gf ko dis nov po..add moko ha?my one month kc para mas makapag isip ng better way po..

        • Mhitch says


          Ako one month na dito. Mag isa lang din ako nakibaka hehe. HK naman un una kong pinuntahan then after 3 days tsaka ako nagpunta dito.

  203. toni says

    guys pag family visit visa ba ay indi ba mahgpit ang io?at wla akong job pero my business ako,msyado bng maraming tanong pag my business ka?

  204. ann says

    hello po, Wanna help guys please help me.

    They off loaded me last Sept 27, 2013 cause they said am lying , MANILA DUBAI MANILA, I have no relatives in dubai only my friend sponsored me, but the officer didnt buy what the reason why am going to dubai. The reason was my friend will get married and yes we did lie. The lady require me to provide at least 4th degree cousin or employment visa which is not possible , that the only way i can go to dubai.
    My question po? Pwede p b ako makalis kasi po ayoko masayang ang nagastos q, My friend & I decided to try GOING TO THAILAND, CLARK BANGKOK CLARK, WALA PO AQ WORK S PIN AS,



    • abe says

      sure po na maooffload ka dn ksi my record na cla na ngtry ka pumunta ng dubai,,ungmark sa likod that means offloaded ka den ichecheck nila un sa record..the best thing you can do po is to comply with the requirements they asked and pag complete na they dont have any reson para ioffload ka uli,, msasabi ko lng po next time na my mga susubok sa dubai na walang kapamilya never take risk na magbookng Manila-dubai-manila,,unless my panglagay ka sa kanlia which is we dont encourage.. un po ang advice ko sainyo

      • ann says




        • abe says

          my kakilala ka nmn po siguro frnds or kapamilya sa asean country ,,bansang d na kailangn ng visa,, passport lang as exit point.. try nio icomplete requirements kapag pupunta ng hongkong or singapore,, invitation letter lang nmn kailangn and hotel booking.. kahit bakpacker lng,, advisable lang is 3days ,,kasi pg 4 onwards na,,msyado na maraming hnihinging req,,

  205. Grace says

    Hi everyone,

    I’m announcing the launch of my blog community forum. You can find the link of the forum at the top, in the navigation bar, just above the latest post.

    Instead of posting in the comments, you can now ask questions or post your travel success story to help others at my new community forum: http://sandierpastures.com/sandier-pastures-community-forum

    I’ll try my best to step in and answer your questions as well. See you there and please spread the news.

    Thank you always for reading my blog.

  206. Jared says

    isa din sa option ko yan ung nakahanap ako ng ka apelyido ng gf ko as willing sya mag sponsor sa affidavit kaso problema nmn pag hinanapan ng proof of relationship..

  207. marc of cebu says

    hi ma’am and sir need lng po ng help.. im planning to go dubai by visit visa this 3rd week of november 2013, and plan ko po na mag cross country cebu to hong kong then hong kong to dubai, nka resign na po ako last month from work, my question is if u can’t present any company id or wla ka ng work ma off-load ka pa rin ba kahit package tour ang kinuha mo?

    pls reply thanks and God bless

    mas maganda marami cguro maybe 2 or 3 na mag tour sa HK so need kasama plan ko 3rd week of november just email me marcneil_6@yahoo.com.ph

    • Mhitch says


      There’s a possibility kahit mag tour ka muna sa HK. Parang meron akong nabasa din dito na may tour package na siya pero wala kasing work credentials na maipakita so offloaded pa din. You have to present a proof na babalik ka pa ng Pinas. Sana nakapag request ka muna ng COE and nakapag duplicate ng ID bago ka nagresign.

  208. Janine says

    Hi, question lang po.. My sister and I will go to Dubai this November..may ticket na po kami and hinihintay nalang po namin yung visa namin..agency po sa Dubai naglakad ng visa namin..my sister works in Malaysia and complete po yung requirements nya(coe, loa,etc).. Kinakabahan po ako kasi housewife po ako, mahihirapan po ba akong umalis? Will it help kung ipapakita ko yung payslip/COE ng husband ko, proving that I have the means to travel if I want? 6 days lang po kasi kami sa Dubai, mamamasyal lang po talaga kami! Kinakabahan po kasi ako eh, baka paalisin ate ko tapos ako maiwan! Huhu!

  209. ann says

    off loaded for second time last october 24, 2013. Even we complete the requirement that IO gave.


  210. arjhay says

    It happened to my friend too! After i got her again the visa and all the supporting documents, rest assure that she can pass through the immigration hassle free kasi she’s been already in abu dhabi last year, yet we’re wrong! The immigration officer said “she went there last year as a visitor but then she got a job, and so how sure was she that the second time na pupunta xa dun na hindi xa ulit magtatrabaho…” damn! all I can say is “SO WHAT!” if magwowork xa dito sa abu dhabi, it’s so common that people come here as a visitor then will look for a job but will undergo the procedure of transferring the visa into employment. So then what’s the big deal! ayaw nilang magpaalis ng tao dahil maghahanap ng work! why! mabibigyan ba sila ng work sa pinas??? and i thought OFW’s are the bagong bayani’s of the country so why not let this people go! For all we know most of them pinangutang pa yung pinangbili ng visa and ticket tapos masasayang lang!!!! I really want to know kung sinong makakatulong satin to stop this nonsense, but sad to say di ko alam… Siguro dapat ipa Tulfo or TV patrol na to para sila na mag help to investigate this matter….=(

    • chel says


      i had been reading this post for quite sometime now. i, too, just like most of you, is planning to go to dubai. i have a descent work here in the philippines, but due to my dreams of having a greener pasture, i decided to take risks.

      i am bound to dubai in january. i don’t have any relatives there. my plan is to go to kuala lumpur and from there, go to dubai.

      in case there are any of you who’s planning to go there too on january, don’t hesitate to ping me. maybe we could be of help to each other. :)

      Godbless us all! Let’s just have faith in HIM :))

  211. marc of cebu says

    i will visit dubai this november 21 and i am planning to go to HK and from there to dubai.
    kung sino po yung balak pupunta ng Dubai from HK pwede po ba akong mka sabay.

    Thanks and good luck sa lahat

  212. trish says

    hello everyone.. may ask lang sana ako.. Im planning to go to Dubai next month and sponsor ko is aunt ko na same naman kami apelido and complete na docs namin.. bothered ako sa immig thingy kasi mahirap daw makapasok pag sasabihin mong nurse ka?totoo? advise ng iba,sabihin lng daw na nurse ang profession pero not practicing kac they have other jobs.. what do u think po?pls opinion nman po.. thank you 😀

    • XPN says

      It doesn’t matter what your professions is.

      Just prepare your orig entry visa, passport, AOS, Plane tickets, Company Id if available, sponsors OEC sometimes IO is checking randomly.

      Answer the IO questions directly without any further explanation.

      Never fall in line with the young IO’s, find the one who’s old in age. Much relax and ease to talk with them rather than the young one who’s aggressive in nature.

      And if you are a female, find a male IO cos bases on experience, dealing with opposite gender make sense most of the time.

      Most important is bring a bunch of PRAYERS!


  213. Janine says

    Hello po! Andito na po ako Dubai! Tourist visa, straight flight from Manila! Okay naman po sa Immigration. Tinanong lang kung ilang araw kami dun..tapos tinanong kung may trabaho ako, sabi ko wala.. Tinanong din ako kung maghahanap ako ng work dito sa Dubai, sabi ko ‘I dont need to work. Ayaw ng asawa ko’. (Feelingerang sosyal lang ang peg ko! Hehe!) Tapos ayun, tatak na po! Di nako hinanapan ng coe, show money, etc. sinilip lang yung visa namin. Yun na po! Madali lang po, basta pray lang po kayo! Thanks din po sa blog nyo! Sobrang helpful!

    • Jared says

      galing naman, sino nag sponsor sa inyo po?kakatuwa nmn experience mo, hehe dis nov kuhain ko let gf ko via fiancee visa lalagay ko sa AOS namin..

      • Janine says

        Friend lang po nagsponsor samin..pero di napo kami binusisi kung ano relasyon namin sa nag sponsor samin..basta sabi namin magto tour lang kami..ayun! Okay naman po! Mabait yung natapat na IO samin! :)

  214. marc of cebu says

    i will visit dubai this november 21 and i am planning to go to HK November 19 and from there to dubai.
    kung sino po yung balak pupunta ng Dubai from HK pwede po ba akong mka sabay.

    Just email me marcneil_6@yahoo.com.ph

    Thanks and good luck sa lahat

  215. Marielle says

    Hello. Guise pahelp naman any suggestions? I was offloaded last Nov 2, 2013. If I will try kasi yung SG or HK route, maghihinala na sila sakin na baka gagawin ko lang yun na exit point. Nkakastress na po knowing ang dami ko ng gastos. Anyone na may alam na pwedeng magescort or other option? Please reply. :( REPLIES will be highly appreciated. You can email me here as well mmangaliman1223@gmail.com. Salamat!

  216. Carlos says

    Why not everyone question the legality of the immigration rule requiring the illegal affidavit of support? It is fundamentally illegal since there is no law on this and it is only a department order which clearly violates the PH constitution guarantee on the “liberty of abode and travel” which “shall not be impaired except in the interest of national security (meaning you are a terrorist), public safety (you are a threat to everyone around you) and public health (you are ill with a highly communicable disease)” or upon the lawful order of the court of law. If you are stopped at immigration after you have been checked by the airline staff, then you can take the name of the immigration officer and file a complaint.

    The BI is soooo interested in implementing this department order since they make a lot of money from this. This is a fact!!! Otherwise, what do they care about what happens to you elsewhere.

    Everyone should file a petition to highlight the illegality of this order.

  217. Darwin says

    Guys gusto ko lng share sa inyo ang experience ko before going to dubai. Sa NAIA 2 ang scheduled flight ko nung december 15. Bale may sponsor ako pinsan ko. Sa Philippine airlines ang masasabi ko lang po try nyo sa PAL if you are planning to go to dubai kasi di ganun kahigpit ang mga IO sa Naia 2 lalo na kung maraming tao kc konti lng po yung cubicle ng IO dun. Nung time na ako na humarap sa IO naging oki naman po o it is just my lucky day. Unang harap mo palang sa IO strong agad ang personality nila. Yung mukhang sisindakin ka agad sa tanung nila pero wag ka papasindak just look to there eyes straight plus point yun kasi tingin nila confident, wag manginginig ang boses,huminga malalim 3x kung kinakabahan before humarap sa IO makakatulong yan, tapos isang tanong isang sagot kc less talk less mistake, kelangn strong yung personality mo, bka po makahelp din to ang ipalagay nio po sa dummy tiket nio ay maximum of 15 days ka lang kunwari sa dubai, at pinakimportante pray yan ang pinaka efffective sa lahat. Bring all the necessary documents para pag hinigi bigay agad.pero nung time ko di na ganun karami hinihingi docs. Ganito po conversation ko sa binigay ko muna tiket and my tourist visa sa IO: anung gagawin mo sa dubai? Me: papasyalan ko yung cousin ko IO: panu mo sya naging pinsan ( parang di naniwala kung magtanung kasi di na kmi magkaapelyido kasi married na pinsan ko) Me: yung father ko at mother nia magkapatid binigay ko birth certificate namin dalawa at documents ng pinsan ko. Di na hingi yung coe ko, company id at leave of absence n ginawa ko kasi resign n ko, di narin hiningi picture namin mag pinsan, tas yun nagmamadali na si IO madalian lang ang conversation kasi dami pa pila sa likod ko tas yun na po. Lahat po ng bound to dubai na nakasabay ko kahit yung iba may secondary inspection or interview sa IO nkita ko lahat sa plane. Now im here n po sa dubai 2 days na hopefully maging ok ang buhay ko dito at magstart narin ako magapply apply. Yun lang po mashare ko God Bless po sa ating lahat na naghahanap ng swerte at maayos na buhay dito sa Dubai para sa pamilya natin sa pinas.

    • nosaj says

      sir, pwede po makahingi ng copy ng COE and leave of absence mo? kopyahin ko lang. resigned na din kasi ako. if okay lang?

  218. priyanka says

    i just been offloaded last january 10, 2014. grabe ang experience ko. im with my sponsor na ha, complete papers, and all. tapos bigla na lang sinulatan nung babae ang boarding pass ko ng “offload” and pinunit. hndi daw ako pede kasi dapat kamag anak ang kasma ko papuntang UAE, e tourist visa nga ako.

    • Grace says

      How is this even fair? It’s stupid really, that if you don’t have relatives in Dubai you can’t come and tour? Did you complain this to someone/some agency/police?

    • loriel says

      Hi Priyanka,

      what happened? Kasi ganyan din sana yung gagawin namen ng boyfriend ko. UUwe ako ng july then yung plan namen is pagbalik ko dito isasabay ko na siya para at least andun yung presence ko as his sponsor. Problema is hndi ako makakapagprovide ng AOS sa knya kasi hndi pa naman kame related sa isat isa. Kahit kasama mo na yung sponsor mo hndi pa din nila pinayagan?

      Please reply

  219. Paper says

    I’m going to Dubai second week of March. My friend in Dubai will sponsor me. I’m from Bacolod and I’m planning to go to Singapore first then to Dubai. Iloilo Airpot to Singapore kasi sabi nila mas ok daw IO doon. Do I still need Invitation Letter to Singapore. I will just use Singapore as my exit. Hindi nako cguro lalabas nang airport nila. I will wait nalang nang flight ko Dubai. I just arrived from HK for vacation last Jan. 15. Do you think makapas ako sa immigration?
    I will bring my COE, company ID, no dummy tickets. Yong concern ko lang ang singapore. Baka mahirapan ako don pumasok? ANy advice? Anyone who wants to go with me para may kasabay ako.

  220. first time traveller says


    I’m planning to go to Dubai this April, my 1st degree cousin( magkapatid mom nya at dad ko) will be the who will sponsor me for my visa. It drives me crazy when I found out nah mali spelling yung middle name nya sa surname ko.. At pinagawa naming yung mom nya ng affidavit na nagpapatunay nah mag pinsan kami with notarized by the atty., at dadalhin ko rin yung bc ng mom nya at dad ko. and other possibilities docs. do I need to bring the bc of my cousin too? Enough na po ba yung affidavit as a proof ? I need some advice po. thanks :) God bless

  221. boss says

    Meron na po ba dito yung nakaalis papuntang dubai at ang sponsor nya boyfriend nya?pls share your experience po thanks..plan kasi nya ako bilan nh visit visa..pg ngtnong ba ang IO ok lang ba sabihin na ivisit ko bf ko?

  222. che says

    hi, this is my 1st time to travel. medyo kabado kasi im planning to go to dubai direct form phils this april or may, tapos friend ko lang mag sponsor saakin. which is i know complicated kapag friend lang mag sponsor. mag visit visa ako dun. complete naman ang docs ko but really nervous due to offlloading issue sa airport.
    any advice? meron bang nakakaalis recently na friend ang sponsor,. hirap naman kasi mga immigration saan na ang ating rights to travel yhough kumpleto naman ang mga papers mo diba?
    anya dvoce pls. email me ofaprincess@yahoo.com. thanks

  223. rose says

    i need help po please answer me ASAP!
    Magtra-travel po ako this coming april 15, 2014 to dubai.its my very first time to travel po
    magkikita po kame ng boyfriend ko which is holding a tourist visa rin po like me sya rin nag apply ng tourist visa ka magi-stay po sana kami don for 6days.
    ang document ko lang po passport ko, yung email copy ng hotel reservation namin at email copy ng visa ko. plus scan copy ng visa nya if needed po.
    tama lang kaya nga documents na dala ko?
    tsaka kelangan ko po ba ng show money?
    please help me! thank you in advance

    God bless,

  224. Biena says

    As most of us Filipino Overseas Workers looking for greener pastures for our family’s future, we have taken risks of coming to a place totally unsure of what will happen whether we are to succeed or not. Although admittedly, this kind of doing is wrong but we should not be judged by them as fugitives.

    Just wanted to share my husband’s experience from the Phil. IO’s. He arrived here in UAE thru a tourist visa last month, sponsored by me. We prepared all the documents required before booking his flight (eg. AOS, our marriage contract duly authenticated by DFA and UAE Embassy in Manila, and even our birth certificates) but from all this he still got questioned by the IO’s and was sent to the airport office. From there he was interrogated by three official’s asking questions that are irrelevant to his travel, maybe trying to seize some amount from my husband but eventually failed. So, they just allowed my husband to pass through. But before doing so, they confiscated his original documents (AOS with our authenticated marriage certificate) leaving his visa and passport only, still unsatisfied they have issued their so-called ‘TRAVEL MEMO’ for my husband indicating that he and I (yes, including ME) will be deported back to Philippines if he fails to return back this month. The most bothering part of it was… my husband never received a copy of it. Do they have the rights to do so? Even if I have all the legality as a worker?

  225. loriel says

    Hello! nakakalungkot and at the same time nakakainspire yung mga experienced na nababasa ko sa forum na to ( thanks to you miss grace for this blog site ) Iaapply ko din as tourist visa yung boyfriend this coming July. But the difference uuwe din ako sa july and what the agency suggested to me na pinaka safe is sabayan ko yung boyfriend ko. So nakahanap sila ng flight same as my flight talaga na pabalik ko na dito sa UAE ( I am currently working as a sales manager here in Abu DHabi ) so yung flight namen together with my boyfriend is manila to hongkong, then hongkong to dubai. Tapos magproprovide lang daw ng dummy ticket yung sa boyfriend ko in 2 weeks ( kunyare ) na Dubai to manila. So i dont know kung malaking advantage na ako mismo yung mageescort sa kanya from Philippines at sasabihin na ako yung sponsor niya. Do you think malaking advantage yung presence ko? or I should let him to travel alone papuntang hongkong then to Dubai tapos dun ko nalang siya imemeet? I can provide all the documents for him with o without my presence but the only thing that i cant provide is yung AOS kasi hndi pa naman kame related to each other.

    Please need your advice and suggestions :)

    • Mm says

      Hi! pareho po tayo ng plan isasabay ko din ang BF ko pagbalik ko Dubai pero August pa naman flight namin.. pwede ka makakuha ng AOS pero fiance ang ilalagay mo. Ganon din kasi ang gagawin ko, Pero sabi nun magpprocess ng documents hinde pa din guranteed kahit kasabay na yung sponsor kasi depende pa din sa pagsagot sa IO so swertehan pa rin talaga. Balitaan mo naman ako loriel kung ano mangyari sa flight nio ng BF mo..Maraming Salamat..

  226. Nard Flores says

    grabe naman mga nabasa ko.. paalis na ako sa july 9.. baka ma offload ako.. kasama ko naman mga bakasyunista d2 galing dubai, isasama daw ako palabas.. tanonng? ma offload kaya ako ?? kasama ko mga kamag anak ng Girlfriend ko..

  227. nita says

    my husband offload last wk,try nya uli ngaung wk kahit nagkatuldok naang pasport nya sa bandang likod,nakumpleto na rin nya ung invitation letter sa sister nya.may posibilidad pa ba uli na oofload cya,may karapatan b na ipaglaban nya ang rights nya na makapag tourist sa SG,laki na nagagastos kaya may karapatan din sya na magalit sa IO kung sakali at ma offload uli cya at wag nman sana..

  228. Anne says

    Hi po!
    Balak ko din po magtourist sa uae kaso 2nd cousin ko lang po ang nagssponsor sakin. bday gift po kase sakin yun from my bf na nagwowork din po sa sa uae,nagtulong lang po sila ng cousin ko para maiayos mga kelangan ko pati ticket ko nadin po (with return ticket)
    Ok lang po ba na sabihin ko po sa immigration na nandun din po ang bf ko sa uae?at pde pong magsupport sakin.
    Doubt po kase ako sa sponsor ko,the fact na 2nd cousin ko lang sya.. So kukunin ko nalang mga docs nila pareho if ever. Oec,emirates id,contract etc.
    Employed pa po ako and mabibigay ko naman po mga docs about sa employment ko.
    May credit card and payroll atm din po ako.
    Aside sa bday gift,we r going to celebrate our 3rd yr anniversary nmin ng bf ko.
    Pls.sana po mabgyan nyo po ko ng payo. :)

  229. mhea says

    Hi guys, Im going to qatar this august, but im planning to get a tour from manila-malaysia coz its cheaper than in hongkong. Is there anyone who has plan to go in malaysia?

  230. says

    Hi! Is anybody here who sponsored there bf and they travel with them manila – dubai? Coz I’m planning to bring my bf here, I will have my vacation this coming December and I planned to comeback here in UAE with him after new year. I’m a nurse here with license. We’re already engage and we will get married on May. I just want him to come here for our Prenup venue for our big day. You think there will be a problem with this Immigration Officer? I have all the documents needed like my contract and salary cert if ever they will ask. AOS, visit visa and roundtrip ticket for him plus my presence. Hope you guys can share their xp related to mine. Thank you and Godbless!

  231. ARBEL says

    hi po mga sir and mam.. im planning na mag visit visa sa dubai but i plan n mag travel agency muna mag tour po ako sa hongkong for 3days.. may possibility ba na ma offload pa kht magtravel agency na ako..

    and if ever po sino may contact sa inyo na mag escort para d maoffload ok lang kht na magbayad na.. patusin ko na mga kuratong sa pinas kesa ma istak-ap d2 sa pinas na hndi naman sasapat ang kita.. please sana po matulungan nio ako, e2 po email ko.. acuril.arbel@gmail.com or please contact me po kapag may kilala kau.. 09262365730 please help nop naman po ako.

  232. jannelle says

    Grabe talaga ang immigration officers sa pilipinas.
    pero based on my experience, nakalusot ako sa immigration nung oct.2013 pero hindi ko sinabi na pupunta ako ng dubai. Meron akong tour voucher (which includes booked hotel and tour) sa thailand. pinakita ko lang ung mga un at roundtrip ticket (PH-THAI-PH). Dapat di nila makita ung mga documents mo na magdudubai ka. (and kasama ko din dad ko nun) wala naman nang pake ang thailand airport kung magdudubai ka or what pero need mo parin ng dummy ticket (DXB to PH) para sure. :)

  233. rina says

    Hello po. I am planning to go to singapore this april para mag work doon pero i’ll portray as a tourist. I am 21 yrs. old and i am going there alone. 21 days po pinabook ko. May chance po ba ako ma off load kahit na may maipakita ako invitation letter, company id and coe? i really need answers. thank you

  234. jackie says

    hello po ask lang po ako advice.. i have my husband working in uae. kaso were not yet married but we have 2 kids na. balak nya ko kunin kaso hnde pa kami mag ka apelyido ano po ba requirements need to provide. and ano pp maganda reason why ako punta dun?

    may isa pa option na ung 1st cousin ng asawa ko magsponsor ano po ba dapat requirements na hinde ka offload offload.??
    thanks!! sana may makasagot sa problem ko

  235. john says

    Ask lang po, may visa po aq going to abu dhabi, SINGLE ENTRY, NEW SHORT TERM VIST SINGLE ENTRY -WORK, ang nakalagay sa visa,ang pla q dumaan muna nang singapore then mag stay doon for a couples of day,then flight na to abu dhabi,anu ba kailangan ng IO sa singapore,d kaya ma question kasi hindi naman tourist visa yan.thanks sa sasagot.May return flight from abudhabi to sg,

  236. Trey Ferber says

    Invaluable post ! I was enlightened by the facts – Does anyone know where my business would be able to grab a fillable IN Departure Card for Passengers copy to type on ?

  237. bing says

    dapat patayin yang mga walanghiyang immigration officer na yan. naranasan ko na din ang ma offload. kahit na halos mapuno na ng stamp ang pasport ko kc daming beses ko na nagtravel. wala sila maayos na explanation bakit nila ako ioffload yun pala manghihingi lang ng lagay worth 1 thousand USD. kc ang dala ko pocket money 2k USD. pinanindigan ko na hindi maglagay kaya sa huli offloaded ako. mga walanghiya nakakapanggigil sarap balatan ng buhay.

  238. says

    haysss. sobrang higpit pa din ba talaga sa immigration now? Im currently working sa travel agency dito sa UAE. May mga client kase ako na gusto mag direct Ph to Dbx. Yung isa kuya na nia sponsor nia. But unemployed sia sa pinas. So i am just worried . Tapos may cancelled visa pa sia dito sa UAE, though na clear naman. Any advice? Thankiie. :)

  239. says

    sino po makakasagot sa tanong ko….ned ko poh talaga ng sagot offload poh ako sa manila airport mag tour sna ako ppunta singapore tas x dubai sna..kaya lng offload ako…ngaun my binigay cla requirements saakin kung nakumplito ko po ba yun at sa clark ako pa book ticket makakaalis poh kaya ako..

    pls reply po kng cnu man makakasagot salamat poh…

  240. mee says

    Hi ms donna.. Meron na po ba kayo recent client na napaalis ph to dubai pero ang sponsor nya boyfriend or friend nya?any advice po..thaanks

  241. doray says

    Ms sarah, what are the docs you provided nung ngtourist visa po kayo ng husband nyo na po ngaun.. kasi same nyo po, balak ko dn po kunin bf ko. Acc po kc sa agency dito wag na dw po ideclare ung relationship nmin, sabhin niya lang dw mainly for travel lng tlga purpose niya. Ung mga docs po nea na mron na is, coe, company id, visa, roundtrip ticket at tour packages at hotel. Klngan ko pa po ba ng leave form? Resigned na po kc siya.

  242. says

    hello guys. This blog has helped me a lot. I was so worried of being offloaded. Thankfully, naging successful naman ang pakikipagtuos namin kay Immigration Officer.

    Tips lang.
    1. You have to come prepared. Bring all the necessary documents. Think of the possible documents they might ask from you.
    2. Kung anong hiningi, yun lang ang ibigay.
    3. Be confident in answering the questions. Keep your answers short and simple.
    4. Much better if agency ang nagbook or nagarrange ng flight and itinerary ninyo.
    5. If you go in group, in group din kayo pumunta sa immigration officer. At dapat group din yung pangalan sa itinerary.

    In my case, first time ko talaga to travel. So i prepared all the docus. I used my ID from the school i was teaching from. It says there that i am a part-time faculty. So since part-time lang, wala na dapat travel order. Pero i still secured one from my dean para sure. So we got a tour package going to HK. Our visas and etickets for dubai were stored in my cousin’s email. She have two email addresses just in case halungkatin ang email. We printed the docus in HK.

    We also have an early flight. Para di nila macontact yung company. Either that, or plan for a late night travel. Sa immi naman, swerte namin kasi napunta kami sa lalake. Mukhang friendly. Tska bata bata pa. He just asked me kung saan ako nagwowork. I told him the name of the school. He asked for my ID, I showed him the ID I use. He then asked me in what department am I teaching. What year? I just answered everything confidently. As for my cousin, since she’s already been to other countries, as soon as he saw her old passport, ok na soya. Then poof, we’re allowed to go.

    Were in Dubai now. 2nd day na namin. Job hunting will be the thing to do. Good luck to us. Sana nakatulong po itong post ko. Good luck po sa mga susubok pa.


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