February fitness update

A fitness post, after several weeks of not writing a fitness post. I’m still going to the gym 5 times a week during my lunch break, no cheating there, thank you very much. I changed my resistance training routine as I do every 4 weeks and still doing cardio on the treadmill or on the elliptical, interval style of 20 seconds sprint/20 seconds rest, for 15 minutes.

My heart wants to get out of my chest.

If a normal person has done what I’ve been doing, she’d probably lost a lot already. But this is me. With the body that holds on to fat like holding on to a comfortable duvet on a cold winter day. I’m still struggling to lose the post-baby weight, even more than a year after I popped the baby!

I still have so much work to do but last Valentine’s day, I was able to wear the dress I wanted. The one I’ve been keeping in my closet for months.

And nobody stopped to asked me when I was due.

The dress, clinging to the body like a second skin magnifies every little thing.

It’s dangerous.

And should only be worn on dark nights and when the people around are tipsy with their Valentine bubbly.

I didn’t have convenient props (a.k.a. children) to pose in front of me to hide my lady lumps so it was tough looking for things to cover the front…some walls, pulling my thin husband and hiding behind him, etc.

Anyway, thought I’d update on the fitness part since I promised accountability.




  1. says

    How are you able to go to the gym during your lunch break? I won’t be bothered during my lunch, I’ll eat and noone can stop me from doing so. :p

    Only those who have a lot of discipline can do it, I admire you. Congratulations on losing weight. :)

    • Grace says

      I go at lunch break because that is the ONLY time I can go. I have a baby so the early mornings are a no..and when the work day ends, I have to rush home or do groceries, errands, etc..lots of distractions.

  2. says

    You. Look. INCREDIBLE! In that dress, I honestly can’t tell you need to lose any more weight! You look absolutely gorgeous Grace and I’m so proud of you for doing so well with your working out :)

    Congratulations on all your progress!

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