Looking back at year 2012

A few days back, I was tempted to write “things to look back in 2012” but I’m afraid I’d turn melodramatic. I am tired and when I am tired, I instantly turn melodramatic. I’ve been lazy recently too and I don’t know if that is because I am tired. Or I am tired because I am lazy.

That is not a tongue twister.

This year whizzed fast. I can sum up the happenings this year as: sunrise, baby, work, baby, sunset, baby and back again. I am not sure if I did anything ‘big’ to remember. I only remember being busy, busy, busy. And that is not good. I failed to stop and smell the roses. I feel I’ve missed out on things. I have not been out much to take photos. It’s the last day of the year and I’m like, what, that’s it 2012?

I went back to work leaving a small 3 month old baby behind whom I see on my very limited lunch break. I pumped milk like crazy between breaks at work. No one told me baby boys have an appetite like a lion’s. I wish I were a cow with a set of breasts and huge amount of milk supply to provide for that appetite!

I’ve been busy with work – it’s nothing new but I’m afraid I’ve come to a point where I would like to venture into something new. I don’t have the luxury to risk losing the current job so I’m going to just bear it some more and wish for the best.

My health (most importantly, my weight loss goals) has plummeted. It’s easy to say I failed this year. I say that hurling guilty feelings to myself and to chocolates. There were several attempts to clean up my act but when the festive month of December came, everything just went up in the air. No one but myself to blame so I’m eating the last cookies, chocolates and all the sinful, greasy and sugary stuff today so I can start turning on new leaf tomorrow. Right? As if! But really, I want to make 2013 my year with respect to health. I want to be healthier, stronger and leaner. 2013 is my transformation year (to which my daughter said – huh? what will you transform? You will become a boy?) I know it’s a daily quest and I need to make the commitment to my goals, daily. After baby B, we’re done making babies so all that’s left to do is to get rid of the baby weight!

The kids’ health – Pristine’s was stellar with only 2 days of absence from school so far while we had a run to the emergency for Benjamin’s allergies and a bout of baby eczema! Other than that, I am thankful they are healthy in 2012.

Blogging – I’m afraid it has taken a back seat. I tried my best to keep up but the offline life is coming up faster and faster. I initiated a Twitter chat about blogging which I immensely loved doing until I couldn’t keep it in my schedule anymore. I am sorry for ‘disappearing’. I would want to continue that next year. I’m still thankful though to be able to enjoy some perks because of blogging that included my first suhoor experience at the posh venue that is Atlantis, freebies from food to test driving luxury car to tickets at a red carpet event and fine dining and a handful of paid writing opportunities.

In all aspects of my life, I feel 2012 was a year of rushing, dashing and just generally being frantic to finish off what’s on my plate. And there had been too much on that plate.

Dr. Stephen Covey says,

The key is not to prioritize what’s on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.

I need to schedule more effectively and learn to identify the real priorities in 2013. Also, I would love to take a lot of photos. Because that is my idea of stopping and taking time to smell the roses.

So, who’s going to the gym tomorrow?




  1. says

    I was seeing myself when I was reading your post…

    Like you said, the first thing I resolved was on setting my priorities correctly.. :)

    I have made a set of resolutions that would make me a better person… and I plan to keep till the end of this year and I hope it lasts..

    All the best to you!!


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