Pin it to win it! We have a winner!

Pin It To Win It Winner

Thank you very much for waiting and I apologize for the delay in announcing the winner for the Places gone, places to be pin-it-to-win-it Pinterest contest.

I’ve been very busy with work lately (not a new thing) and once I finished work at sundown, I didn’t have the energy to work on other things (this is new).

I must take my vitamins again.

Or increase my chocolate intake. Whichever works.

Anyhow, if you’ve entered the contest and reading this blog, can you recognize this Pinterest board? Is it yours?

Pinterest contest winning board

And this –  specially LOVE the image of the lady in the hammock by the beach. I wish I was here.

Pinterest contest winning board

Guess work aside, congratulations to Jenna Osborne! I loved your entry board, it made me imagine I was actually there. A Canon Powershot Camera is on your way! Check out Jenna’s winning board and her other boards as well. It’s beautiful. You might spend a heck lot of time going through her boards and pins. That is a sweet warning.

Thank you everyone for participating! I had a great arm chair travel time!




  1. Jenna Osborne says

    Oh wow! I just saw this, that is fantastic! Thank you so much for choosing me and for the kind words!

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