Flamenco in Dubai

I’ve been invited by the lovely people at Millennium Airport Hotel to watch a rare event here in Dubai – a Flamenco live show with Spanish dancer Carmen Iniesta and her team – another female dancer, a singer and a guitarist.

Before that night, I’ve heard a lot about Flamenco but never seen anyone perform in front of my very eyes. It was amazing to see the pulsating beat of the dancer’s shoes against the wooden flooring and to hear the Flamenco singer singing passionately to the tune of the flamenco guitar. It’s said that some forms of flamenco dancing allow are spontaneous, unchoreographed. Inspired by the rhythm and beat of the guitar and the hand-clapping from the audience, the bailaora (female Flamenco dancer) erupts into spontaneous movement to match the mood of the song. If that was the case that night, I am thoroughly impressed.

The venue was at the inner courtyard of the hotel, al fresco. Dubai is lovely in November and what a lovely night outside it was! The food was great – Spanish, of course. I wish there were more people who knew about the event!

Here’s a video of Carmen’s flamenco dance. This is the very toned down version.

And another one of Carmen and a colleague:

As I scanned the photos and videos I took after the event then wondered why I wasn’t able to take a video of the most intense, electrifying dance routine of Carmen and then I realized, oh yes, it was because either I was busy picking up my jaw from the floor or…

I simply wasn’t there anymore. Carmen took me to another world.



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