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You already know how I love Japan (I wouldn’t live there for more than 10  years if I didn’t!) – but here’s an interesting list of 50 Reasons to Love Japan.

I’ve committed myself for a better health and financial control in 2013. Enlisted myself to a gym again and downloaded the You Need A Budget Personal Finance software. I’m glad I found it! You should try their 34 days trial version to see how good this is!

Talking about point of view. What a great way to see the Big Apple in a different angle.

Because some foods are better eaten together than alone. Here’s a list of the Most Powerful Food Combinations

Who knew you can create 34 Insanely Simple Two Ingredient Recipes including cake, fudge and pizza dough? Only 2 ingredients people, TWO!

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  1. bonnie walker says

    Speaking of budgeting, have you heard of Dave Ramsey? I absolutely love his book The Total Money Makeover and have given several copies to friends. My husband and I just went through his 9 week class called “Financial Peace University” at a local church. For the first time in 16 yrs of marriage we have a budget and communicate openly about our financial goals. We are currently working on our “debt snowball” to become debt-free in a few years. You can listen to Dave give excellent advice on his radio show on iHeart radio. I listen everyday.

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