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Daughter and dad

#42 Let her know she can always come home. No matter what. ~ 50 Rules for Dads of Daughters

How do you feel about white radish (Daikon in Japanese) used as alternative to pasta? I think I will try this Daikon fettuccine recipe to see what the rave is all about!

The man who did a 50-state marathonapalooza and other 5 Real People with Mind Blowing Mutant Super Powers.

I don’t usually fall for those fad diets that claim to work like magic but this got my attention: 3 Day Military Diet with many claiming to lose as much as 10 pounds in 3 days! It sounds too good to be true and I’m tempted to try but I can’t get past the crazy portions in one meal like, 1 cup of cottage cheese or 1 cup of tuna? How the heck can I eat all of those in one sitting!?

Amazing paper cuts but not the one with blood!

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